Ask any kid if they’re excited about their birthday, and you’ll get a resounding yes. Children love birthday parties, so it makes sense that parents want to make their kid’s special day super memorable. From coming up with an awesome theme, featuring a stellar cake, or coming up with lots of fun activities, planning a party can be a lot of work.

Your five-year-old might give you some great ideas to use as a jumping-off point. But you still need to fill in a lot of blanks yourself. Luckily, we understand that a kid’s birthday party can take a lot of work. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas out there, from themes to party favors.

Instead of pulling yourself in all sorts of directions, you can find everything you need in one place, making it super convenient. Now, you can enjoy preparing for your child’s big day instead of stressing out about it.

5th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Boys

Does your son live for pizza? Or maybe he’s obsessed with sharks or can’t stop watching SpongeBob Squarepants. No matter what he’s into, there’s a party idea to match his interests.


From popular characters to unique creations, there’s a party plan for every personality. If your son is about to be five, check out these awesome themes for 5-year-old birthday parties.

1. Funky Five

Funky Five

Image source: Amazon

Throw a disco inspired birthday celebration with 1970s flair and lots of groovy accents. Kids will have a blast dancing with some fun effects like colored lights and a mirror ball. You can create an epic dance floor, have a costume contest, and let guests show off their favorite moves. You can also decorate with music notes, peace signs, tie-dye patterns, and other 1970 throwbacks. Adults will love and appreciate the blast from the past, and kids will enjoy the colorful, musical vibe.

2. Create And Celebrate

Create And Celebrate

Image source: Catch My Party

Throw a party that gives kids a chance to celebrate and flex their creative muscles. Catch My Party shows off an example of a colorful art-inspired Picasso party, with crafts, painting, and lots of imagination. You can decorate with tons of colors, paint splatters, art supplies, and a sprinkle-covered cake. Set up a craft table as one of your activities and give out mini art kits as party favors.

3. Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Image source: Pinterest

You’ve probably been to a lot of kid parties that serve pizza to hungry guests, but how about a party that’s all about the popular cheesy menu item? Check out this Pinterest party that puts pizza front-and-center, not just on the menu but on the décor too. Set up your house like a classic pizza restaurant or have the party at a pizza place. Of course, you’ll undoubtedly serve pizza, but you could also set up a café activity for guests to make their own.

4. Pokemon


Image source: Frog Prince Paperie

Get ready to “catch ’em all” like Frog Prince Paperie with a Pokémon party complete with Pikachu, poké balls, and a color palette of red, yellow, black, and white. Dress your little man up like his favorite Pokémon or Ash. You can also celebrate by featuring bunches of Pokémon, using lots more colors and various images from the cartoon. Serve poké ball cake pops, Brock’s brownies, and other tasty treats named to fit the theme.

5. Bug Out! It’s A Birthday!

Bug Out! It’s A Birthday!

Image source: The Chickabug Blog

If your son is into insects and critters, then a bug birthday is just the thing to celebrate his big day. The Chickabug Blog chooses bright orange, green, and blue as a vivid color palette, layering in insect-themed sweets, pictures, activities, and bug books. You can choose colors that work best for your party; three make a great combination. Head outside for a nature walk and bug hunt or create crazy insect costumes.

6. Five Guys Burger Bash

Five Guys Burger Bash

Image source: Beijos Events

Five Guys is undoubtedly known for its top-notch burgers and bags full of hot, delicious fries, and if your son’s a burger fan, it’s also a unique birthday theme. But you don’t have to stop there; incorporate your fave burger joint, like Beijos Events, with lots of reds, yellows, and tasty décor. Feature a burger bar with all the fixings. Guests can create their favorite burgers or sliders, making the food table part of the activities too.

7. Sharks


Image source: Project Nursery

Time for a shark attack! Only this one comes with lots of blue waves, tasty sweets, party food, and under the sea flair, like this birthday from Project Nursery. Go 100% sharks or mix in some of your other favorite sea creatures and beach décor. Play “Pin the Fin on the Shark,” hang up shark warning signs, and for more shark attack fun, throw in boats or surfboards with big shark bites taken out of them.

8. Go Fly A Kite

Go Fly A Kite

Image source: Lydia Menzies Celebrates

Here’s a great birthday theme idea for an outdoor party or one that takes place in spring or summer. Decorations are a breeze using kite tails and kites; you can even give the guests their own kites as favors. Have a kite-flying contest, decorate DIY kites, and incorporate other unique touches to make it your own. For example, Lydia Menzies Celebrates centers the celebration around flying kites on the beach, infusing things like octopuses and seashells into the mix.

9. Mad Five-ntist

Mad Five-ntist

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Do you have a budding scientist in your midst that loves doing experiments and testing out theories? Then this birthday from Kara’s Party Ideas might be just the ticket for your young Einstein in the making. Get creative using beakers and other laboratory items as décor and serving pieces. Mix up a Frosty Punch that bubbles and smokes, serve specially concocted “potions,” and let little guests wear paper lab coats and goggles to add to the fun.

10. SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Squarepants

Image source: Drevio

Dreaming about a pineapple under the sea? This popular cartoon has undoubtedly acquired a lot of attention and fans over the years, recently even becoming a Broadway musical. Drevio uses a mix of ready-made SpongeBob decorations along with printables, bright blues, and Mylar fringe to create the quirky yellow sponge’s world under the sea. You can also feature other favorite characters from the show like Patrick and Squidworth, serve Krusty Krab burgers, and play pin the pants on SpongeBob.

11. Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys

Image source: Piece of Cake

This classic nursery rhyme song might be more popular with the toddler set, but it makes an excellent title for a five-year-old’s jungle party. Piece of Cake uses yellows and greens to create a jungle birthday with monkeys as the star. But other animals make an appearance throughout the decorations and food options, with animal-shaped cookies, pictures, and more. You can also use this theme for zoo animals, a safari birthday, or even a circus celebration.

12. O-FISH-ally Five

O-FISH-ally Five

Image source: Sunshine Parties

Sunshine Parties goes with a fishing theme for this birthday, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a fun pick. Cute and clever decorations, complete with lures, fishing rods, Gone Fishing signs, and tackle boxes, provide tons of options for creating a cohesive look. You can set up a kiddie pool with magnetic fish, make goldfish cracker snack packs, and give out fishing hats to guests. If fishing isn’t your thing, this is also a great title for an under-the-sea theme.

13. Now Boarding: Gate Five

Now Boarding: Gate Five

Image source: Armelle

Here’s a clever theme for a kid who loves traveling, dreams about seeing the world, or simply adores airplanes. Armelle creates a birthday that’s all about exploring the globe, with a world map as the main backdrop. Add in planes, suitcases, and other travel-themed items to bring together a fantastic fifth-birthday celebration that will take things to new heights. As a fun touch, give boarding passes to all your guests as they arrive and let them know it’s time to depart for fun!

14. Take A Drive Into Five

Take A Drive Into Five

Image source: Catch My Party

Hot Wheels cars likely make up a large portion of every five-year-old boy’s toy collection (and pretty much every other age, too). Maybe it’s a fascination with racing, cool looking vehicles, fast cars, or all of the above, but whatever the reason, Catch My Party knows it’s a no-brainer for a boy’s birthday. You can snag some Hot Wheels decorations and use your son’s toys to help round out the décor for this party, which will surely rev everyone’s engines.

15. May The 5th Be With You

May The 5th Be With You

Image source: I Love Doing All Things Crafty

Star Wars has been around for decades, so it’s something that you could say brings generations together. The odds are high that if your son is into Star Wars, older family members also love the franchise and can share conversations about many characters and storylines. Plus, it’s just cool and lends itself to all sorts of fun decorations, from stars to spaceships and light sabers.  I Love Doing All Things Crafty creates light sabers for everyone using pool noodles — how awesome? Another name for this theme could be “Rise of the Fifth,” to play off the Rise of the Sith.

16. Cowboys


Image source: Monica Padilla

Choosing a more classic theme, like cowboys, for a birthday is a great option. A classic is just that for a reason — it’s timeless, appealing, and something everyone relates to or knows about. Monica Padilla goes more with a ranch vibe for her cowboy birthday, but you can do all sorts of things with this theme. Cowboy silhouettes, lassos, cowboy hats, spurs, sheriff stars, and even pony rides all get the green light with this birthday. Or, take it in a whole other direction, and go with football if you’re Dallas Cowboys fans.

17. Avengers


Image source: Lola Lambchops

Marvel movies have taken theatres and streaming services by storm over the past several years and are still going strong. They’ve introduced some of the most famous superheroes of all time to a whole new generation and brought more unique characters into the limelight as well. Some of the most famous heroes to make the cut are The Avengers. Whether featuring a team of crusaders like Lola Lambchops or going with your son’s all-time favorite, it’s an epic party in the making.

18. Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Image source: Crowning Details

Dinosaurs are a favorite of kids and work well for many ages when it comes to a birthday party theme. The Jurassic Park movies are some of the most iconic dinosaur movies out there, and you can’t help but become obsessed with raptors, T-rexes, and everything else dino. Crowning Details puts on a Jurassic World party that features large dinosaurs, prehistoric-themed treats like dinosaur bones, and even a fossil-dig site activity. If the weather allows, set up the party outside and create a dinosaur hunt as one of your activities. It works exceptionally well if you have an area with lots of greenery, bushes, and trees.

19. Olympics


Image source: Bird’s Party

If your kid loves sports, this theme is a unique spin on your traditional sports-themed birthday. Using the international event’s symbol of the five rings as inspiration for your son’s fifth birthday, put on a bash of Olympic proportions like this one from Bird’s Party. It also gives you a ready-to-go palette, using the rings as your main color story, with vivid reds, greens, blues, yellows, and black to anchor it all. Don’t forget to set up a ring toss as one of your activities; how can you not?

20. Firefighters


Image source: Sunshine Parties Blog

Firefighters are an obsession of many, both young and old, but young boys often dream about being brave firefighters and driving fire trucks. Sunshine Parties Blog uses lots of reds, yellows, and oranges to create a super hot birthday theme — carrying the colors through the decorations and even into the food choices. To round out your birthday décor, you can also use fire trucks, flames, ladders, and similar images.

5th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Girls

If you’re planning your daughter’s birthday, you can probably get some good ideas for themes by checking out what she loves to play with or what she loves to watch on TV. These are all great places to find some inspiration for a party theme.


You can also check out our list of fantastic birthday party themes for five-year-old girls.

1. Royal Fiveness

Royal Fiveness

Image source: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

No matter how old she gets, she’ll always be your little princess. Or maybe it’s that you’ll always treat her like a queen. Either way, she deserves a royal Princess party with all of the trimmings. Twinkle Twinkle Little Party puts together a sophisticated and fancy birthday celebration perfect for her royal highness. You can use crowns, flowers, lots of silver and gold, sparkle, and anything else that inspires a regal vibe.

2. Bo-Peep Birthday Bash

Bo-Peep Birthday Bash

Image source: PatyCakes

The Toy Story movies have introduced us to many memorable and lovable characters, but the latest installment (number four) gave us a closer look at Bo-Peep. She’s a strong, driven character who is a role model to many young girls. PatyCakes puts on a Toy Story birthday featuring many of the fourth movie’s main characters, but Bo-Peep is undoubtedly front-and-center. Her clothing’s colors inspire the palette of blue and pink, and she’s showcased throughout the decor and as the main inspo for the birthday cake.

3. Hi, Five

Hi, Five

Image source: Laide Guzman

Say hello to five years old, literally, with this unique theme from Laide Guzman. Handprints symbolize giving a high five or waving hi, and the best part is that they make for easy decorations. You can always create your own personalized backdrop by letting the birthday girl use her handprint a few days pre-party to create the ultimate painting. Use lots of colors to keep this celebration bright, vibrant, and fun.

4. Barbie Birthday

Barbie Birthday

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

Barbie is the ultimate go-getter; she’s been everything from a vet to an astronaut and the reigning fashionista of all time. Heck, she’s even been a mermaid. Hostess with the Mostess uses the glam side of Barbie to host a makeover party that any five-year-old girl would love. Set up a nail bar for guests to get a mini manicure, do a hairstyle contest, and play dress-up. You can also prepare various outfits and accessories for girls to put on an exciting fashion show to show off their new looks.

5. Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O

Image source: The Party Muse

The famous show from the 60s and 70s got a recent reboot from 2010 to 2020. Sure, your five-year-old might not know the show, but it’s a title that many adults will recognize, and it’s the perfect name for a surfer or island-themed birthday celebration. The Party Muse puts on a colorful luau with coconut cups, surfboards, grass skirts, tropical flowers that inspire the vibrant colors, and gorgeous decorations. You can go with a more tropical vibe, a beachy resort, or any other interpretation you come up with for this flexible theme.

6. Unicorns And Rainbows

Unicorns And Rainbows

Image source: Craftiness is not Optional

The mysterious and beautiful aspects of unicorns make them fascinating creatures for people of all ages. For a super colorful birthday party, rainbow and unicorns are a popular combo that Craftiness is not Optional embraces. A layered rainbow cake is a must, with lots of unicorns, streamers, balloons of every color, and perhaps some glitter and sparkle. Aim to create a color explosion, keeping the vibrancy moving throughout the décor, food, favors, and even the birthday girls’ outfit.

7. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Image source: Everyday Jenny

Hello Kitty is a popular, cute character that makes an excellent start for a primarily pink party. Decorate with different shades of pink, Hello Kitty’s famous bow, colorful tassels, and adorable touches. Everyday Jenny keeps things elegant with gold and pearl accents and fresh roses in painted glass jars. You can put your own spin on it, passing out cat masks and bows to guests and letting the birthday girl steal the show in a bright pink tutu, pearls, and the perfect Hello Kitty bow.

8. Pancakes And Pajamas Brunch

Pancakes And Pajamas Brunch

Image source: Our Wandering Mind

When you’re talking about five-year-olds, you’re probably not ready for a sleepover, but this idea from Our Wandering Mind decides to use a sleepover as inspiration. Host a morning birthday and invite guests to come in their favorite pajamas. Serve brunch items, with stacks of pancakes as the main bite. A toppings bar featuring flavored syrups, fresh fruits, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and sprinkles makes an excellent tasty touch to round out the menu. It’s like having all the fun of the next morning without the craziness of the night before.

9. Tangled


Image source: Simple Living Mama

Rapunzel is a princess favorite among young girls; she’s brave, quirky, and the epitome of a crazy hair day. Simple Living Mama takes famous scenes and characters from the movie Tangled and uses them to create a fun-filled birthday. Yellow streamers representing Rapunzel’s long hair become a fun game as girls try to get out of the tangles. Tower cupcakes are a tall, tasty bit of sweetness, and paper lanterns resembling those from the film are the perfect decorations to keep things light.

10. Five In The Hive

Five In The Hive

Image source: Amazon

Showcase a yellow and black color palette with some bumble-bee-inspired decor for a five-year-old party that will keep them buzzing with activity. You can give your Queen Bee a celebration sweet as honey with a beehive cake, honeycomb backdrop, and yummy treats. You can let guests make bee wings and antennae as a party activity, plus they can wear them during the festivities. Use fresh flowers to create beautiful, easy decorations. Opt for things like daisies or sunflowers if you want to maintain a simple color palette.

11. Jump And Jive; She’s Five

Jump And Jive; She’s Five

Image source: 5m Creations

This 1950s-inspired diner party from 5M Creations is absolutely adorable and so much fun, with an iconic retro color mix of turquoise and pink, along with the classic black-and-white checkerboard. Serve traditional diner fare like hot dogs, hamburgers, and milkshakes, and set up an ice cream sundae bar with lots of toppings. Let kids dress up in their best 1950’s costumes and use decorations like records, a jukebox, and music notes.

12. Five Below

Five Below

Image source: Bird’s Party

Things get chilly (in a good way) with this Frozen birthday party from Bird’s Party. Five Below is a clever way to introduce the snow queen in her ice palace, with snowflakes and blues, whites, and silvers maintaining a cohesive color story. You can dress the birthday girl as Queen Elsa and have a snowman snack-making station (do you want to build a snowman)? Play music from the film and have a storyteller or costumed character make a surprise visit.

13. Dive Into Five

Dive Into Five

Image source: Pretty My Party

Create a stunning under the sea theme inspired by Pretty My Party using soft pastels and subtle ocean shapes. You can also go with a more vivid color palette or showcase mermaids in this versatile theme. It’s also a great name for a pool party, beach bash, or water party. For a sophisticated touch, you can decorate with shimmery scales, mermaid tails, and pearls. Or use brightly colored ocean creatures and paper lanterns to represent bubbles.

14. Pirate Princess

Pirate Princess

Image source: Party Mom Ideas

It’s a pirate party for the ages with this pirate princess party from Lee Laa Loo. Dress up like pirates, create a treasure chest full of goodies, and set up a shipwreck backdrop or island scene for a fantastic photo booth backdrop. Play Walk the Plank (a balance beam game) and have eye patches, bandanas, and swords for guests to don their best pirate gear. Pink and black make a great color combo for this party theme, and you can add a pop of any bright color as a fun accent.

15. Flying High With Skye

Flying High With Skye

Image source: Catch My Party

If your girl is into Paw Patrol, take a hint from Catch My Party and throw a high-flying party with Skye and her pal Everest. Pink and turquoise become an appealing color palette for this theme, and you can decorate using the colors and the characters. Let Skye and her helicopter take center stage on the cake or share the spotlight with some of your other favorite pups from the show.

16. Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

Image source: Pop of Gold

An Alice in Wonderland theme lends itself to a whimsical, topsy-turvy, fantastic birthday party, like this one from Pop of Gold. You can have a Mad Hatter tea party, set up a maze, decorate cookies that say “Eat Me,” and serve a punch that begs guests to “Drink Me.” If you’re able to host the party outdoors, it creates an extra layer of whimsy to the Wonderland vibe. For some extra fun, get white paper roses and let guests paint them red as one of your activities.

17. L.O.L Party

L.O.L Party

Image source: Side by Side

The L.O.L dolls are a hit with the younger girl crowd, so it’s highly likely your daughter’s a fan too. If so, why not make them the stars of your daughter’s big day, like Side by Side? It’s a great way to add lots of colors to your décor; you can set up an art station for painting or coloring, a fashion area, do make-up or nails, and so much more. A fun piñata would be a hit at this party, representing the L.O.L surprise boxes.

18. Tie-Dye Party

Tie-Dye Party

Image source: Java Cupcake

You can’t get more colorful than this groovy party theme from Java Cupcake. String up every bright color you can imagine, whether paper streamers, fabric strips, balloons, or all of the above. Use party gear featuring a classic tie-dye pattern and have fun incorporating the colorful medley into your food choices. If you’re extra brave (and have some space outside), you can even set up a tie-dye station for guests to make some of their own colorful creations.

19. Cinco de Birthday

Cinco de Birthday

Image source: Happily Eva After

Are you all about grabbing a margarita and some chips and salsa on Cinco de Mayo? You don’t have to wait till May 5th; you can live it up with this fun theme from Happily Eva After for your daughter’s fifth birthday instead. Although, bonus points if your daughter’s birthday is in May. This theme screams for lots of bright, happy colors, pennant banners, paper flowers and lanterns, a piñata, and nonstop fun. Replace the word birthday in the title with your daughter’s name.

20. Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

Image source: Amazon

This birthday theme is sure to make her special day a tale as old as time as you invite friends and family to be your guest. Decorate with all of the well-known characters from the film, and let the birthday girl dress up as Belle. A classic color combo for this theme is royal blue, yellow, and red. For an elegant touch, use red roses throughout the décor, and stacks of old hardback books add to the well-thought-out design scape.

5th Birthday Party Games & Activities For Boys & Girls

Make sure to plan a few activities for the birthday party, so kids stay engaged. Kids have fun instead of getting into mischief when there’s something to do. A birthday party for this age group is usually about two to three hours. Opting for a couple of hands-on activities or several games can help fill the time.

1. Go To A Park

Go To A Park

Image source: FamVeld

If you can, host the birthday party at a local park so kids can play on the playground, play tag, chase bubbles, and other fun outdoor games. Many parks have shelter areas or picnic tables you can rent for parties. And some even have extra attractions like a carousel or concession area.

2. Art Station

Art Station

Image source: The Party Wall

Get crafty at your party, like The Party Wall, and set up an art station for young guests. You can set up craft kits, small easels, or even paper and watercolors. It can be as simple or detailed as you prefer, and you can elect an older sibling or cousin to be in charge of helping.

3. Simon Says

Simon Says

Image source: Icebreaker Ideas

Icebreaker Ideas uses the popular game of Simon Says to get kids moving and keep them engaged. You can adapt it to fit your party theme. For example, the Fire Chief Says for a firefighter party, or Queen Elsa Says for a Frozen theme.

4. Classic Party Games

Classic Party Games

Image source: Ryan McVay

Set up a rotating game station for kids to play through that features several classic party games. You can have a Pin the Tail on the Donkey, ring toss, and an opportunity for kids to knock down bottles when they toss a ball. Kids can take turns playing all the games for chances to win little prizes.

5. Professional Storyteller

Professional Storyteller

Image source: FatCamera

Hiring a professional performer or storyteller can be a great way to add some quality entertainment to your party. Many will come for either 30 minutes to an hour or longer, depending on the package. They can tell a story, do a puppet show, or simply mix and mingle with the kids.

6. Sack Race

Sack Race

Image source: skynesher

If you’re throwing an outdoor party, make sure to plan for several games you can play outside. A sack race is lots of fun, and five-year-olds can handle it well. Make sure to play on a soft surface, though, such as grass, and clear the area beforehand of any potential hazards.

7. Face Painting

Face Painting

Image source: kidadl

You can get a pro face painter or familiarize some willing adult family members with a few techniques like some of these from kidadl. You can feature selections that go well with the theme, like animal faces for a jungle party, or sea creatures, or let them choose from a limited selection of pictures.

8. Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle

Image source: MCCAIG

Rent a bounce house or spacewalk for your party to keep kids jumping for joy (and using up their energy). You can typically rent them for a few hours, and the company will handle set-up and take-down. Or you can rent one that you inflate and take down yourself.

9. Outdoor Water Fun

Outdoor Water Fun

Image source: FamVeld

A spring or summer birthday is the perfect time to host an outdoor fun in the sun bash. Create several opportunities for some wet and wild play, including a sprinkler, a bucket full of water balloons, or some water blasters for an epic battle. You can also set up an inflatable pool for kids to splash around in or rent a small inflatable water slide.

10. Cupcake Creations

Cupcake Creations

Image source: studioroman

Pre-bake cupcakes ahead of time, but don’t decorate them. Instead, set them out on plates on a couple of tables and let everyone get their own spot. Place a variety of baking decorations, including different colored frosting, sprinkles, and cupcake picks, that kids can choose from to make their special sweet treats.

Food & Drink Ideas For 5th Birthday Party

You don’t want people to leave the party early because they’re hungry. But, a birthday party usually needs more than just the cake to satisfy guests’ appetites. You can keep it simple and order pizza or set out some cute, themed treats. Make sure to have easy-to-sip drinks to wash everything down.

1. Build Your Own Burger

Build Your Own Burger

Image source: Hadley Designs

Hadley Designs features a burger bar with all the trimmings so guests can make their favorites. You can opt for full-size patties or do sliders, have a selection of popular toppings, and tweak as needed to fit your theme. Make sure to provide utensils for people to construct their burgers to keep things hands-free.

2. Unicorn Popcorn

Unicorn Popcorn

Image source: Hostess at Heart

Putting a spin on a popular party snack is a great way to make it fit your theme, like this unicorn popcorn from Hostess at Heart. You can also create your own unique popcorn blend by mixing in things like chocolate chips, M&M’s, peanut butter cups, and anything else that sounds delicious.

3. Fruit Kabobs

Fruit Kabobs

Image source: Chocolate Covered Katie

Serving some healthy options on the food table is always a welcome reprieve from the sweets and treats. And kids love fruit, so present it in a creative way, like these fruit kabobs from Chocolate Covered Katie. If you want to keep things extra sweet, you could always add some chocolate dipping sauce or drizzle.

4. Veggie Cups

Veggie Cups

Image source: Pinterest

Another healthy snack that adds a lot of crunch to the menu is fresh veggies. Vegetable platters are popular stand-bys for parties but don’t necessarily make kids flock to the front of the food line. But when you serve up some delicious veggie cups complete with dip, it will be a different story.

5. Sandwich Wheels

Sandwich Wheels

Image source: Tornadough Alli

Move over tried-and-true finger sandwich triangles — these sandwich roll-ups from Tornadough Alli will fly off the snack platter. They deliver the same easy grab-and-go quality of traditional finger sandwiches in a pretty, flavor-filled bite. Make a few kinds to appeal to different taste buds and appetites. You can even make some peanut butter and jelly rolls.

6. Pancake Stacks

Pancake Stacks

Image source: Miam Miam and Yum

Whip up some mini pancakes and create little towers topped with fresh fruit, like these cute bites from Miam Miam and Yum. You can also thread some tiny flapjacks on skewers with fresh fruit in between for an easy-to-carry party snack. Serve alongside some sweet syrup, honey, jams, confectioner’s sugar, and other popular pancake toppings.

7. Meat And Cheese Tray

Meat And Cheese Tray

Image source: Rose of Sharon

You’ve probably come across lots of meat and cheese trays at parties, but the classic platter needs a bit extra for a kid’s birthday bash. Rose of Sharon conquers the challenge by featuring a superhero symbol using meat and cheese and some fruit. It’s an idea you can use for many themes, simply arranging the individual food pieces to represent a particular picture.

8. Order Pizza

Order Pizza

Image source: EdvanKun

It doesn’t get much easier than letting someone else do the cooking. When it’s time for the party, call up your favorite pizza place and order enough pies for everyone. Don’t get too fancy with toppings. Most kids will be perfectly happy with the basics, like pepperoni and plain cheese.

9. Themed Lemonades

Themed Lemonades

Image source: This Worthey Life

Lemonade is a refreshing beverage that many kids and adults enjoy. Serving some at your kid’s birthday will surely be a winner, especially if you give it a little twist like This Worthey Life. Find a lemonade recipe that works well with your theme, or simply serve it in themed cups or rename it with a customized label.

10. Customized Capri Suns

Customized Capri Suns

Image source: Cartoon Invites

Speaking of customized labels, give your average juice pouches a facelift with some personalized party labels, like these from Cartoon Invites. You can include an image that works with your theme, your child’s name and age, and your party colors. Or, design your own to print at home and attach a label to each juice pouch.

5th Birthday Party Favors / Treat Bags

Giving your guests a little something to say thank you when they leave is a nice gesture. Party favors are also fairly common when it comes to kids’ parties. You can fill a cup with some sweet treats, create a DIY favor with a personal touch, or buy ready-made goodies and trinkets.

1. Birthday Bots

Birthday Bots

Image source: Maria Milnik

These cute robot snacks from Maria Milnik make the perfect party favors for guests to enjoy long after the birthday fun ends. These robots would work for science birthdays, space themes, and Star Wars, but you don’t have to make just robots. You can mimic the same idea to match various themes, creating snack creations that work with your party.

2. Handmade Games

Handmade Games

Image source: Balancing Home

Give your guests something a bit more personal with a DIY game like this Tic-Tac-Toe set from Balancing Home. It’s cute, thoughtful, and designed to take on the go, making it the perfect travel game. It’s a favor that kids can keep using, and parents will appreciate that it has a purpose.

3. Candy Butterflies

Candy Butterflies

Image source: All Things Simple

Don’t want to just toss some candy in a cup or loot bag? (Although, there’s nothing wrong with that). Give your party favors a bit more character like All Things Simple, transforming these candy rolls into beautiful, shimmery butterflies. You could also make fairies, angels, dragons, and any other creature that reflects your party theme.

4. Mini Magnetic Drawing Boards

Mini Magnetic Drawing Boards

Image source: Amazon

If you’re not one for DIY party favors, check out these mini magnetic art boards from Amazon. Kids will love drawing pictures over and over again, and they don’t take up a lot of space. They’re a great favor option for an art or creation party.

5. S’mores Kits

S'mores Kits

Image source: Covet by Tricia

Here’s a fabulous favor idea for a camping theme or outdoor party. Covet by Tricia provides guests with everything they need to make some ooey gooey s’mores at home. It’s a great way to remind your guests later of all the fun they had on your birthday.

6. DIY Sweet Treats

DIY Sweet Treats

Image source: Michael Hunter

Do you enjoy baking? If so, party favors can become as easy as 1-2-3 just by whipping up some of your favorite dessert treats. You can make rice krispie treats on sticks, cake pops, decorated cookies, or chocolate-covered pretzel sticks. Wrap them up creatively in a container that showcases the theme, and you’re all set.

7. Little Squishies

Little Squishies

Image source: Amazon

Little squishies are fun to squeeze and smoosh, and they can even be a bit of a stress reliever too. They’re also a kid favorite, so giving them out to young guests as a thank you for coming to the party is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

8. Mini Flashlights

Mini Flashlights

Image source: A Thrifter in Disguise

Give your guests something that will help them always be prepared, like A Thrifter in Disguise. Mini flashlights are a practical gift that kids will be thrilled to get. You can hand them out solo or put them in goody bags with other fun surprises.

9. Clever Candy Containers

Clever Candy Containers

Image source: Tasha Connors

Mixing up some trinkets and treats in clever containers is a fun favor idea that’s easy to pull off. For example, Tasha Connors uses popcorn boxes, which are great for a circus or movie birthday theme. You could also find cups with certain characters or treat boxes shaped like a firetruck, etc.

10. LED Bracelets

LED Bracelets

Image source: Amazon

Shine some light on your party favor selection with these fun LED bracelets that spin and glow. You can buy them in multi-packs to keep things affordable, and kids will love how they look. They’re great for colorful themes, magical parties, superhero themes, and many more.

Birthday Gift Ideas For 5 Year Old Boys & Girls

Finding a unique gift for 5 year olds can be challenging as they get older (and more opinionated)! You don’t want to show up to the party empty-handed, so then what do you get? Obviously, you want it to be something that gets them excited and hopefully is parent-approved too. But should you go with board games, action figures, STEM toys, art kits, or something else?


With so many options flooding toy aisles and online retailers, choosing a great gift can become overwhelming. It can become awfully tempting just to give them a gift card and call it a day. But don’t do this, unless you have no other choice!


See our top 50 gift ideas for 5 year old boys here. If you’re looking for our girls gift list, head on over here!


Kids this age love unwrapping presents, so if you’re looking for a cool toy, make sure to check out our gift lists. You can find some pretty awesome ideas that you would have never thought of. Whether you’re shopping for a boy or a girl, we got you covered! We have all the bases covered, so head on over to our lists and let us know what you think!

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