Trying to figure out the best way to celebrate your 10-year-old’s birthday without them feeling like a little kid? By 10, many kids shift toward favoring experience-based birthday parties instead of themed birthdays. For example, they want to play laser tag or check out a sporting event instead of having cake and ice cream with superhero decorations surrounding them.

That isn’t to say your child still won’t enjoy some fun, personal touches on their special day that represent them. You could show off their favorite thing via the cake or a birthday banner in the party room. But, overall, it’s all about having fun and looking cool at this age.

Ask your kid for suggestions for things they’d like to do on their birthday. You might invite many guests or keep the group small depending on what you come up with. Not sure where to begin? Check out our list of party ideas for 10-year-old boys and girls, featuring activities and experiences for everyone.

Top 50 Activity & Experience-Based Birthday Party Ideas For 10 Year Olds

Nowadays, it seems like almost every venue offers some type of party package. Even restaurants will do a little something extra for you if you tell them you’re celebrating a birthday. You can also decide to host the party yourself, but perhaps bring in an outside professional for entertainment. Or you might simply keep things low-key, focusing on making your child feel extra special on their big day.

1. Adventure Challenge Party

Adventure Challenge Party

Image source: vitapix

Gather a group of friends and set up an obstacle course in your backyard or take everyone to an adventure park. Kids can try a ropes course, zip line, climbing wall, and other challenging tasks, either competing individually, in teams or against the clock. If you decide to do things at home, you can find various Ninja courses online or in sporting goods stores. Or get creative and make your own unique course using various items like hula hoops, old tires, wooden beams, etc.

2. Arcade


Image source: nomadsoulphotos

Have the party at a local arcade so kids can play games, test their skills, and have a blast. Many indoor game places also have party rooms or tables that you can book for your guests to enjoy food, cake, and drinks. Plan to get a certain number of tokens for everyone to use for the games. If the arcade games give tickets to swap for prizes, some party packages might also include a certain number of extra tickets.

3. Theatre Games

Theatre Games

Image source: ampak

If your 10-year-old is an aspiring performer, incorporating some theater games and activities into the birthday plan is a unique, fun idea. Guests can play improv games or attend a production, or the kids can write and perform their own play. If you have the party at a theater, you might be able to arrange a special meeting or Q&A session with some professional actors and actresses. Another option is to hire a company that brings performers to you.

4. Ultimate Picnic

Ultimate Picnic

Image source: slobo

Host your child’s party at a local park or set up an amazing spread in your backyard. You can grill, have classic outdoor games ready to go, rent a bounce house, and have a variety of snacks and desserts. Use picnic tables, spread blankets on the ground, use lawn chairs, or a combination of all of these. Kids can play, eat, run around, be loud, and have a fantastic time being together.

5. Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Image source: Jack

If you have a laser tag arena in your area, then look into booking your kid’s party there. Many offer packages with different time frames, games, and other extras. Kids and adults can play, and then all gather in your designated party room for pizza and birthday cake. Check with the venue about possible add-ons or other activities they may offer, like bumper cars, video games, or glow-in-the-dark putt-putt.

6. Rock-Climbing Gym

Rock-Climbing Gym

Image source: nazar-ab

Take your child and some of their friends to a local rock climbing gym for a birthday filled with challenges and triumphs. Kids can test their limits, get some exercise, and have a lot of fun in the process. There are also companies that can come to you and set up a rock-climbing wall on-site. Either way, you’ll have a pro there to teach kids the basics and ensure things remain safe.

7. Go To The Zoo

Go To The Zoo

Image source: kali9

Kids of all ages love the zoo, and as they get older, they can do even more, learning about the animals and participating in special presentations. You can host the party at the zoo in a designated party room or simply take a small group of your child’s friends with you on the outing. If the zoo allows outside food and drink, bring some items for a birthday picnic. If you can rent a party room, ask about food options the zoo might provide. You can also look into what times the zoo does various events like animal feedings or shows and schedule your party around those times.

8. Spa Escape

Spa Escape

Image source: lisegagne

Make this birthday a relaxing one with a spa escape for your kid and all their friends. You can visit a local spa for mani/pedis or kid-friendly face masks. Or, you can host a spa day in your own home. For an added activity, let kids mix up their own avocado or oatmeal masks to apply to their faces. Serve refreshing smoothies and healthy snacks, play soft music, and maybe you can even snag a little bit of relaxation for yourself.

9. Cake Decorating Competition

Cake Decorating Competition

Image source: invizbk

You can have a cake decorating contest at a local bakery that hosts parties or set up everything you need at home. It’s best to have your cakes already baked and ready to go. (You don’t have to have a full cake for everyone — instead, use small sizes, like smash cakes). If you’re doing it at home, ensure you have enough table space (and lots of disposable tablecloths). Gather an assortment of frostings, sprinkles, fondant, decorating tools, piping bags, and anything else kids might need for their cake creations.

10. Bowling


Image source: pixelshot

Rent out a few lanes at the local bowling alley so kids can knock down pins and chow down on pizza. You can bring decorations and a birthday cake, but you’ll likely have to get your food at the venue. Kids can bowl a couple of games together and compete for the title of champion bowler. This is also a fun activity for a small group of kids to do before a sleepover.

11. Sleepover


Image source: FatCamera

You can take kids out to eat, to a movie, go bowling, or similar activity, then end up at your house for cake and slumber party fun. Or you can host the entire sleepover at home or go to a hotel if you’d rather not have it in your house. Organize a few games for kids to play, have some movies they can watch, or they can play video games, etc. Make sure to have some arrangements for breakfast the next morning, even if it’s grabbing a couple of dozen donuts.

12. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Image source: Immortal Shots

You don’t need to live where there’s ice and snow to have an ice skating party. But you do need to be near an indoor ice rink if that’s the case. Whether outside or indoors, an ice skating party can be a blast if your kid and their friends are fans of the sport. If you’re at a rink, they might even have party rooms available. If not, you can go ice skating, then plan to continue the fun at a nearby eatery for some food and cake.

13. Pro Dance Lesson

Pro Dance Lesson

Image source: Kzenon

Does your kid love to dance like nobody’s watching? (But they really love when all eyes are on them too?) Look into dance studios that offer specialized kid classes and ask if you can book a class for your child’s birthday. They might even let you bring the cake and everything to the studio, or you can go out to eat after. Another option, if you have the space at home, is to hire a pro dancer to lead a dance class in your house.

14. Indoor Play Space

Indoor Play Space

Image source: ASphotostudio

Kids love to slide, run around, climb, and do all sorts of things, even as they get older. Having your kid’s party at a park can be a lot of fun when there’s a playground…but indoor play places offer lots of different options. Plus, you don’t need to worry about a backup plan if it rains. The venue will likely have party packages you can book that provide food, a lengthy play session, and a party host that handles everything for you. It’s an excellent way for parents to enjoy a stress-free party.

15. Outdoor Art Party

Outdoor Art Party

Image source: FatCamera

If you don’t mind a little mess (probably more like a lot of mess), consider throwing an outdoor art party. Definitely make sure you can have fun outside because this is certainly not an activity you want to do indoors. Hang up some old sheets on a clothesline, spread them on the ground (on grass is best), set up easels, etc. Have lots of brushes and washable, non-toxic paints available for kids to use. Let kids know on the invites to wear old clothes that can get covered in paint, and let everyone channel their inner artists.

16. Visit An Aquarium

Visit An Aquarium

Image source: damircudic

Dive under the sea with a birthday at the aquarium. Kids can explore underwater exhibits, see fantastic sea creatures, and do it all with their friends. Many aquariums offer birthday party options with party rooms so you can have the birthday cake and food there too. You can also look into booking a special behind-the-scenes tour for your child and their party guests. This add-on activity can make the day extra special.

17. Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party

Image source: robertprzybysz

Let kids party like rockstars with a karaoke party that allows them to cut loose and sing out loud. If you have an avid shower singer or a kid who sings nonstop, this is definitely the party for them. You can find party places that specialize in hosting karaoke parties or buy a karaoke machine, load up some of your kid’s favorite tunes and let it be the main attraction at a party in your house.

18. Costume Contest

Costume Contest

Image source: Sergey Novikov

It doesn’t need to be Halloween to have a costume contest. It’s a great idea any time of year, especially if your child and their friends love to create different costumes. You can even challenge people to design and make their own outfits for the contest instead of going with store-bought options. For added fun, take everyone out for pizza or hamburgers in costume or have them put on an improv show as their characters.

19. Watch A Sporting Event

Watch A Sporting Event

Image source: ferrantraite

Check out the schedules for local sports games in your area and consider scheduling your child’s birthday party during a game. Bring kids to the stadium or ballpark, chow down on classics like hot dogs, nachos, and cotton candy, and cheer for your favorite team. Have face paint so they can show their team spirit, or let them design and create posters before the game. It doesn’t have to be a pro team, either. Many 9-year-olds might have a local high school whose football or basketball team is a big deal to them.

20. Crafting Extravaganza

Crafting Extravaganza

Image source: Lordn

A crafting party is an outstanding way to celebrate for artists, creators, dreamers, designers, and kids with big imaginations. You can have some guided crafts if you want. But things really get amazing when you let kids come up with creations all on their own. Provide basic supplies like glue, scissors, and tape, and then throw in a bunch of craft materials. You can use fabric and paper scraps, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom poms, and more. Recyclables are another great addition, including empty cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, and other odds and ends.

21. Robotics Party

Robotics Party

Image source: Pro-Stock Studio

If your kid is into engineering and science, let them build some robots with their party guests. You can purchase a few STEM robotics kits for kids to work on together at the party. Depending on what you choose, they can work on individual units that they get to take home or work as a group to make a large robot for the birthday kid. (If you choose the latter, consider putting “instead of gifts” on your invites). Or, you can hire an outside company that brings all the necessary components and knowledge to your home. They can guide kids through the process, answer questions, and teach them various concepts.

22. Movie Night

Movie Night

Image source: vgajic

You can get really creative when it comes to movie nights, or you can keep things simple. Friends can gather at your house to watch a movie and have fun munchies. Or, you can go to a movie theater that serves food or see if they have a party room you can use for the cake. Another fun option is to set up a projector outside and enjoy a movie night under the stars. Pop some popcorn, have movie theater candy classics, comfy places to sit, and add in some fun props that coincide with the film.

23. Escape Room

Escape Room

Image source: JackF

Do you have a little detective living under your roof? Does your kid love to do puzzles and solve mysteries? You can invite people over to play an escape room in a box game. Or, if you have an escape room venue in your area, book a room for the party. Remember that many of these locations only provide sessions for a maximum number of people. Some only go as high as 6, but others could be open to 8 or 10 people. So talk with the company to decide which mystery would be the best for your party.

24. Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

Image source: oksanashufrych

No matter where you go these days, you’re likely to find a trampoline park or several nearby. They have fast-become popular places for kids and adults to play, blow off steam, and even get in a great workout. You can book a party room at a jump place and have all your guests jump, run, climb, and play to their hearts’ content. Then your party host will help round everyone up into your designated party room for pizza, cake, and drinks.

25. Attend A Concert

Attend A Concert

Image source: egon69

Music lovers would enjoy attending a concert of their favorite artist along with some of their closest friends. It makes a great birthday gift and celebration, all in one fun package. You can sweeten the deal with a fun dessert shop after the event or let the kids sleep over afterward. Grab some dinner before the concert, or arrange to have everybody meet at your place ahead of time for pizza.

26. Pool Party

Pool Party

Image source: Imgorthand

Summertime birthdays open the doors to all sorts of added party options. You can set up some fun water play in your yard with sprinklers, water balloon fights, an inflatable water slide, etc. Or, if you have a pool, throw a pool party with food and snacks outside. You can also look into renting some pool time at a local rec center for your kid’s birthday. If you’re a member, they often offer discounted rates.

27. NERF Party

NERF Party

Image source: Sergey Novikov

Set up a spy-style party with NERF guns and blasters and other accessories, and place various obstacles throughout your yard. Give kids a mission and place them on opposing teams to try and battle their way to victory. For example, you can set up a special prize or treasure hidden somewhere in your yard. Kids have to attempt to reach it without getting hit. (Be prepared to referee) If the weather’s warm, make it a super soaker party.

28. Check Out A Museum

Check Out A Museum

Image source: Monkey Business Images

Visiting a local museum that caters to your child’s interests creates a learning opportunity and birthday party in one. It might be a science museum, a local history museum, or perhaps a military park. Talk to the museum about the possibility of bringing a group there for a birthday party. Some museums have party rooms available, especially ones geared more toward kids. If not, they might offer a special tour, and you can go out after to a restaurant to enjoy food and birthday cake.

29. Attend A Cooking Class

Attend A Cooking Class

Image source: studioroman

If your son or daughter loves to experiment in the kitchen, hire a pro chef to conduct a cooking class for their birthday. Some chefs will come to your home with the necessary supplies and ingredients. But, if you don’t have the space (or just don’t want the mess in your kitchen), you can look into local cooking classes. Some options are if you happen to have cooking schools in your area, or some restaurants will offer occasional courses. You might also be able to set something up at a local community college that offers a culinary program.

30. Minute-To-Win-It Olympics

Minute-To-Win-It Olympics

Image source: Gemutlichkeit

Minute-to-win-it games come in all different forms, but they have one thing in common. You need to complete them in a minute or less to win, and the fastest person becomes the champion. You can let kids compete against each other or simply challenge them to finish tasks within one minute. Some examples are stacking plastic cups in a specific configuration or trying to blow a ping-pong ball across a surface using a drinking straw. To ramp up the challenge, have kids attempt some of the games blindfolded.

31. Have A Campout

Have A Campout

Image source: Dusan Atlagic

You can go camping with your family for your child’s birthday and let them invite one or two friends along. This could be ideal if your kid prefers a more intimate celebration and loves to camp. You can rent a cabin or a tent site, or if you have a camper, that’s another option. If going to a campground isn’t in the cards, host a sleepover, but let the kids camp out in the backyard overnight. Tell stories around a campfire, roast marshmallows, go for a hike, grill burgers, and let your child guide the activities.

32. Organize A Farm Visit

Organize A Farm Visit

Image source: Fertnig

A day trip to a farm provides all sorts of activities that can be an excellent birthday celebration for many kids. Especially if your child loves animals, let them invite a few friends and visit a nearby farm. You can feed animals, pick berries or produce, learn how various products are made on the farm, ride a tractor, and get a tour of the facilities. Let the owners know you’re coming for a birthday visit to see if you can arrange a unique activity or tour.

33. Do Some Science

Do Some Science

Image source: EdvanKun

Various companies provide science activities and experiments they will do at your house or a location of your choice. They’ll bring everything necessary to teach kids and guide them through a predetermined experiment. If your child loves science, then this idea is a winner. There are also places that you can go to and book a session if you would rather not hold the party at home. For extra fun, have lab coats and safety goggles for all the participants to take home. (Outside companies will likely require the kids to wear safety items and provide certain things.)

34. Paintball Party

Paintball Party

Image source: JackF

Kids love to get messy, be competitive, and run around, so paintball becomes a no-brainer. But, for many places, kids need to be at least 10 to play paintball, and often older is better. But, you can create a kid-friendly paintball party using throwable paintballs instead of guns. You can find various ways to make the balls online, like water balloons with paint. Make sure to hold the party outside, use washable paint, and give the kids a heads-up to wear old clothes.

35. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Image source: Tobkatrina

Scavenger hunts are an excellent way for kids to work together and engage in healthy competition. Give kids lists of items they need to find by a specific time. They must go and seek out the objects and return to a set location once they’ve completed the list. Cater the lists to go with where you are for the party. Some items can be virtual — like a picture of yourself with a stuffed animal, a pic of a ladybug, etc.

36. Magic Show

Magic Show

Image source: anyka

Hire a magician to come and amaze your child and their friends. Or see a show at a local theater. If you’re attending a show, if you let them know you’re there for a birthday, they might be able to arrange a little extra fun. For example, giving your kid a birthday shout-out or calling them up on stage to participate in the performance.

37. Roller Rink

Roller Rink

Image source: LightFieldStudios

Have a skating park at the roller rink, complete with skate time, skates, birthday cake, and food. They likely have party plans that provide different timed sessions and certain food items. You can bring in your own cake, and you might even be able to rent out the rink for an hour or so if you prefer a private party. Some places offer special rates for certain slower times, for example, if you have the party on a Monday-Thursday night, etc.

38. Mega LEGO Building

Mega LEGO Building

Image source: sonjam1000

Bring out the LEGOs for an ultimate creating and building party that lets kids use their imaginations and show off their skills. Kids can work together to make structures or have their own version of LEGO Masters in your living room. Make sure you have enough LEGOs to go around and set up separate stations if people opt to work on individual masterpieces.

39. Take A Trip

Take A Trip

Image source: Comstock Images

Instead of throwing a party, ask your child if they’d prefer to go somewhere special. You can take the money you would spend on a big birthday bash and put it toward a fun vacation. It could be a weekend getaway to their favorite place or exploring a new city none of you have been to. Let your child participate in the planning and choosing, and deciding on the destination. If willing and able, let your kid invite a close friend for the experience.

40. Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Image source: THEPALMER

You can visit a  farm or stables that offer horseback riding services and arrange for a session for your group. Let them know it’s mostly kids and their ages, so you make sure to find a place that can accommodate you. The handlers will make sure to choose horses that are a good fit for the kids, whether beginners or seasoned riders. You can go on a horseback ride, tour the stables, and might be able to set up a chance for kids to brush or feed the horses.

41. Painting Class

Painting Class

Image source: Weekend Images Inc.

Have kids meet at a sip-and-paint or paint-the-pottery-type place for a birthday painting session. You can also hire a professional artist to come to your home to lead kids in creating a specific artwork. If you opt for the latter, the pro will bring all the necessary supplies. You can provide fun snacks and treats for kids to nibble on while they paint. If you go to a specific venue, ask them about their rules for bringing snacks and drinks.

42. Go To A Fancy Restaurant

Go To A Fancy Restaurant

Image source: Latino Life

Have everyone get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant. Depending on your budget, you can keep it just the family or have your child invite one or two close friends. Tell the host or hostess you’re there to celebrate a birthday, as many restaurants will do something special or provide an extra dessert. Let your kid get a taste of being a grown-up for their special day.

43. Puzzles And Games

Puzzles And Games

Image source: Alina555

If your kid wants to enjoy a more casual, laid-back party with friends, invite people over to have a night filled with board games and jigsaw puzzles. Let kids bring their favorite games, and have lots of munchies on hand for kids to snack on as they play. If you want, let your kid’s friends stay over and play into the wee hours of the morning. Make sure to have some breakfast options ready for the next day if you decide to turn things into a slumber party.

44. Visit A Water Park

Visit A Water Park

Image source: JLBarranco

Kids can get wet and wild at a water park for their birthday by splishing and splashing at a water park. They can tackle huge waterslides, wave pools, tube rides, and more while enjoying spending time with their friends. You can bring food and the cake with you and have it at a table or rent a room if available. It can be a party for a large group, or you can keep it small with just a few close friends.

45. Ride Go Karts

Ride Go Karts

Image source: JackF

Zoom through your kid’s birthday at the go-kart track and let kids race and compete for the racing crown. You can find outdoor and indoor go-kart courses, so search for one near you. Many also include extra activities like laser tag, bumper boats, or an arcade if they’re in an entertainment complex. Book a party package so you can also get a designated area for kids to eat together.

46. Sports Training Camp

Sports Training Camp

Image source: FatCamera

Aspiring athletes and sports fans can bring the game to their birthday with a training camp session. A baseball or football camp or other sports practice facility can offer group sessions to kids to practice their skills and learn more about the game. Book a session for your child and their friends, and arrange to enjoy some food and cake when the session is over.

47. High Tea

High Tea

Image source: PeopleImages

Dress in your fanciest clothes and go to high tea with finger sandwiches, fruit and cheese, mini cakes, scones, and flavored teas. Bring your child and their friends to a tea room, or host an elegant tea party at your house. If the weather is nice, set up fancy tables and chairs for a sophisticated garden party.

48. Video Game Truck

Video Game Truck

Image source: anastassiyavinogradova

Host a video game marathon for avid gamers with multiple consoles and televisions. You can rent a video game truck or bus from gaming companies specializing in bringing the action to your driveway. Kids can lounge in swanky style as they play some of their favorite games.

49. Play Around At An Amusement Park

Play Around At An Amusement Park

Image source: ymgerman

Go to a nearby amusement park or carnival with a group of your child’s friends to celebrate their birthday. They can eat junk food, ride rides, play booth games for prizes, and enjoy each other’s company. If you visit the park at night, consider letting your kid’s friends come over after to sleep over.

50. Go To The Beach

Go To The Beach

Image source: FatCamera

Take a trip to the beach for some fun in the sun and sand. Have a sandcastle competition, bring a frisbee or football, grill out on the beach, and splash in the waves. Let your kid invite a couple of friends for a beach blast and if able, rent a nearby hotel room so they can carry the party over to the hotel pool.

Top 20 Food & Drink Ideas For 10th Birthday Party

It doesn’t matter how old the birthday kid is; lots of tasty food options are always an excellent idea for a party. Serve some crowd pleasers like pizza and chicken tenders mixed in with some of your child’s favorite things. Offering a variety is sure to make everybody’s taste buds smile.

1. Hot Dog Bar

Hot Dog Bar

Image source: vvmich

Hot dogs are an easy, budget-friendly food option for a kid’s party. You can set up a hot dog bar with all sorts of yummy condiments and toppings so kids can have some fun creating their favorite kind of dog. Include some popular basics, but make sure to throw a few inventive options into the mix too.

2. Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni And Cheese

Image source: Lynne Mitchell

You can never go wrong with mac ‘n cheese when it comes to kids, no matter their age. It’s easy and delicious, and you can have tons of it without breaking the bank. Make your own, or grab a large pan size from your favorite eatery.

3. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes

Image source: waymoreawesomer

Here’s another affordable party food that is filling and a kid favorite. Have a big pot of it ready-to-go and buns available so kids can put together their own. Or you can dish them out and serve them when it’s time to eat. You can also have a few extra items like cheese, lettuce, etc.

4. Slushy Fruit Salad

Slushy Fruit Salad

Image source: Taste of Home

This refreshing slushy from Taste of Home is a great option for a summertime party, picnic, or any other outdoor event. It’s cool, delicious, and easy to make. And since you can make it ahead of time, it doesn’t need to cut into your party fun.

5. Pizza


Image source: Photography by Tonelson

You can never have a list of kid’s party foods without adding pizza to it. Of course, you can serve pizza in a ton of different ways. You can have mini pizzas, pizza bagels, make your own, or have the kids create their own cheesy varieties. Or, you can keep things really simple and order out for delivery.

6. Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders

Image source: EzumelImages

Chicken tenders are another staple when it comes to kid’s parties. They’re easy to make if you want to do your own, or you can get them from your favorite chicken place. Many places provide large platters of tenders for parties and other events. Serve them with a variety of dipping sauces.

7. Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

Image source: Taste of Home

Rice Krispie treats are a classic snack for kids, thanks to their sweet, ooey-gooey taste and texture. Taste of Home puts a different spin on this timeless favorite, combining it with another popular treat, Oreos. Whip some up the day before the party to have them ready to go when guests arrive.

8. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Image source: Ozgur Coskun

You can make your own chocolate-covered pretzels, buy them already made, or let kids create their own at the party. No matter how you get them, they’re the perfect combination of sweet and salty, making them a big hit as party food. They’re also a great option for a party favor if you want to give something to kids to take them with when they go.

9. Flavored Sodas

Flavored Sodas

Image source: estefaniavizcaino

Soda is probably one of those drinks that you encourage your kid to have once in a while. But when it’s party time, soda can become a real special treat. Especially when you use flavored syrups to make some sweet concoctions. You can make a few preset flavors or set up a soda bar for kids to create their own.

10. Milkshakes


Image source: sandoclr

Instead of ice cream with the birthday cake, serve some tasty milkshakes. You can get clever with flavors, blending in things like cookies and candy bits. Or you can keep it classic with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate options. Don’t forget the whipped cream on top!

11. Donuts


Image source: AJEL

You don’t need to reserve donuts for the morning after sleepovers. They’re tasty anytime, especially when you can serve a variety of fun flavors and colors. You can even have plain donuts with separate toppings and icing so kids can build their own. Donut holes are another popular option for easy bite-size nibbles.

12. Nachos


Image source: Cesar Okada

Make a huge platter of nachos for kids to share, or put out some bowls of chips and queso. You can also set out some bowls of other toppings and let kids make their own nachos. Use things like diced tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, shredded chicken, bean dip, etc.

13. Finger Sandwiches

Finger Sandwiches

Image source: Rustycanuck

This timeless party food has been around for ages, and for good reason. Finger sandwiches are incredibly easy to make yourself, and you can make pretty much anything you want. So go with some of your child’s favorites as well as popular standbys. Don’t feel like making them? Many local groceries and eateries have finger sandwich platters you can buy.

14. Fruit And Cheese

Fruit And Cheese

Image source: Adventure_Photo

Fruit and cheese platters are a big hit at parties, no matter what age the birthday boy or girl is. You can set up a tray with a variety of cheeses and delicious kid-favorite fruits like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple. Place some small cups or plates nearby so kids can grab a few at a time.

15. Pancakes


Image source: DAPA Images

If you’re hosting a sleepover, pancakes make a great breakfast choice in the morning. You can make big ones, mini ones, have toppings, or even create pancake and fruit kabobs. But, even having mini pancakes for a daytime party makes a great addition to the menu.

16. Mini Desserts

Mini Desserts

Image source: Hreni

It’s always fun to add some extra sweet options to enjoy at a party in addition to the cake. An assortment of miniature desserts is tasty and irresistible for kids and adults. You can have petit fours, cheesecake squares, cake pops, and other small treats. These bite-sized desserts are a fancy treat, and kids will love the variety.

17. Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet

Image source: jenifoto

Another sweet addition to a party that kids go crazy for is a candy buffet. Select some of your child’s favorites and other candy classics and create the ultimate spread on a colorful table. Have bowls or bags available for kids to put their candy choices in and enjoy on the go.

18. Two-Tone Drinks

Two-Tone Drinks

Image source: Simplistically Living

For a colorful twist to your party beverages, check out these two-toned drinks from Simplistically Living. You can create them using a variety of colors to add a vivid splash to your menu. Garnish the glasses with some colorful fruit or quirky straws. Make sure you get clear cups to serve them in so kids can see the coolness factor.

19. French Fries

French Fries

Image source: Kraivuttinun

You can’t go wrong with French fries when it comes to kids. Almost every kid eats French fries, and you’ll find them on practically every kid’s menu across the globe. Make or buy a huge pan of fries for kids to chow down on happily. (Don’t forget the ketchup.)

20. Spinach And Artichoke Dip

Spinach And Artichoke Dip

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Another popular restaurant favorite that lots of kids and grown-ups love is spinach and artichoke dip. You can buy it from your favorite eatery or the store or make your own and serve it with chips, pita bread, or thin, toasted bread. Make sure to keep the bowl on a warmer, so it stays nice and melty.

Birthday Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Boys & Girls

You know that feeling when you get another birthday invitation and have no clue what to get them for a gift? We totally get it and want to make this process super simple and stress free! It’s tricky enough finding something cool and unique for your own kid, let alone for another 10 year old.


There are tons of options from games to toys, sports gear, clothes, make-up and beyond. But, you don’t have to let the overload of choices overwhelm you. We already did the digging and research to round up 50 of the best gifts for 10 year old boys and girls this year.


You can find our gift list for 10 year old girls here: 50 Unique Toys & Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls and for boys: 50 Of The Hottest Toys & Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys.


So, no matter what your kid or the birthday boy/girl is into, you’ll undoubtedly find something that excites them. Whether you’re shopping for a budding athlete, avid reader, science fan, or art lover, our gift lists have something for everyone.

Dan Wiener
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