By the time kids are 11, they’re ready to do a few more grown-up activities for their birthdays. Instead of themed parties like unicorns or Pokémon, they’re more likely to prefer bowling with friends or playing laser tag. Sleepovers are still a popular choice, and for many, even hanging out at the mall can be the perfect birthday experience.

Think about your child’s hobbies and interests and some of their favorite places. These things can help jumpstart your party planning muscles. You can also ask your 11-year-old what they have in mind to celebrate their special day.

If you’re still stumped, have no fear, we have plenty of ideas to point you in the right direction. We’ve rounded up tons of kid-approved birthday activities that are sure to make a big impression. Look it over with the birthday boy or girl to figure out the best way to celebrate.

Top 50 Activity & Experience-Based Birthday Party Ideas For 11 Year Olds

If you’re throwing the birthday at home, you might opt for a backyard movie night or a painting party. Or if you want to keep the party out of the house, go to a local park or museum. There are so many options, so you just need to decide which one’s the best fit for your birthday kid.

1. Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

Image source: The Joy of Sharing

Host a masquerade ball for your child’s 11th birthday, and invite guests to come in their best costumes and masks. As a fun activity, you can also create masks at the party, like these from The Joy of Sharing. Have a costume contest, dance, and let kids mix and mingle, play games, and have a ball, literally. If you plan to have a large guest list, look into renting a local party room at a gym or rec center.

2. Tie-Dye Creations

Tie-Dye Creations

Image source: Figure8 Photos

Get colorful and creative with a tie-dye party, and make sure you can hold most of the celebration outside. You can choose a certain item to tie-dye, like T-shirts or tote bags, and have one for each guest. Or invite kids to bring their own items that they wish to recreate in colorful swirls and splashes. Set up an area before the party for everyone to hang up their masterpieces, so they have time to dry.

3. Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Image source: JackF

Book a birthday party package at a local laser tag venue for your kid and several of their friends. The establishment will have various packages to choose from, each with different options regarding how many players, time limits, etc. Many also include food, usually pizza and drinks, and you can bring in your own birthday cake. You’ll likely have a choice between doing food and cake first then playing, or playing a couple of rounds first, and ending with the food.

4. Fortnite Party

Fortnite Party

Image source: Pinterest

If your kid is into Fortnite (and many kids are by this age), check out this Fortnite-inspired party on Pinterest. You can keep things simple or go all out with décor and colors, or simply set up a bunch of snacks for kids to enjoy as they play the game together. Talk with your child and see if they would prefer to just invite a few friends over to play all day. If they typically have limits on their game time, this could be the best party for them.

5. Yoga Fun

Yoga Fun

Image source: FatCamera

You can hire a pro instructor or see about attending a Yoga class for kids and let them know you have a group coming for a birthday. Either way, the instructor will lead the kids through various poses and encourage them to push and challenge themselves. You can serve some healthy snack options, make smoothies with the kids, and even incorporate a spa activity into the mix. This is a great idea for more health-conscious kids that enjoy fitness.

6. Rock-Climbing Gym

Rock-Climbing Gym

Image source: Davidf

If your kids are into fitness but prefer a bit more of a rugged, adventurous experience, check out a local rock-climbing gym. You can give them a heads up that you’re bringing a group in for a party. Some gyms might even have a side room available that you can rent for some snacks and cake after your climbing expedition. You can also look into local companies that come to you and set up a rock wall, teaching kids the basics before they start to climb.

7. Zoo Safari Tour

Zoo Safari Tour

Image source: И3o6paжeHИЯ ПoлЬ౩oBaTeлЯЯ Tatiana

A visit to the zoo with friends is always a great way to spend a birthday. But you can also look into taking a safari tour, sometimes available at your local zoo or nearby at a wildlife center or retreat. These rides usually include traveling through open fields and areas to see free-roaming animals up close. You also will get the option to buy special food so you can feed the animals.

8. Glamping


Image source: Pinterest

Put a glamorous spin on camping with some modern glamping, setting up a sophisticated tent like this one on Pinterest. It’s all about meshing the outdoor vibe of camping with a few more comfortable modern amenities. You can set up an experience in your backyard or see if there are areas near you that offer glamping opportunities. Some companies even travel to your home with everything necessary to set up a glamping birthday for you.

9. Baking Competition

Baking Competition

Image source: Przemek Kios

Break out the aprons and rolling pins, put on the chef hats, and crank up the mixers. It’s time for the ultimate Bake Off — junior edition. Whether you go to a local bakery or cooking school for the activity or you host it at your home, kids will have a blast. The flour will fly, so keep this in mind if holding it in your own kitchen. Get plenty of tablecloths and have the mops and wipes ready for spills. Gather lots of fun baking supplies and challenge kids to create a specific dessert, like the ultimate cupcake or a double-decker cookie.

10. Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Image source: Vgajic

Do you have a little brainiac at home that loves to test their knowledge? If your kid and their friends are avid book lovers, into school, or obsessed with random facts, then a trivia party can be tons of fun. Have them go through several rounds of questions as they make their way toward the winner’s circle. You can read out questions or have them do it on the computer. Have prizes for the winners and make sure to provide a variety of questions to accommodate everyone’s different interests.

11. Karaoke Sing-Off

Karaoke Sing-Off

Image source: Elena Nichizhenova

Music lovers and singers never turn down a chance to show off their voices. If this sounds like your kid, then throw a karaoke bash. You can rent or buy a karaoke machine and round up some of your child’s favorite songs as well as popular hits. Another option is to find a local karaoke place that offers party options. Have kids take turns performing solo and in groups. You don’t need to worry about judging or picking a winner. Just let the kids let loose and have fun, with no pressure.

12. Visit An Escape Room

Visit An Escape Room

Image source: JackF

Escape rooms are popular ways to celebrate lots of different occasions, both for kids and adults. If you have escape rooms in your area, check out which adventures they offer and see if there’s a kid-friendly option. Make sure to verify the maximum amount of players in a room so you don’t have too many guests. For example, some experiences only have 6 people at a time, perhaps because of the room size. But others could allow up to 10 or more. Let them know you’re coming for a birthday party, and they can work out details with you that fits your situation best.

13. Flag Football Game

Flag Football Game

Image source: RichVintage

Gather supplies for kids to play flag football game either in your yard or at a local park. Bring a picnic-style lunch for everyone to enjoy, a birthday cake, and music. Let kids play a few games and then just toss around the football or play other outdoor games. It’s a great way for active-minded kids to celebrate a birthday. Plus, it keeps everyone engaged the whole time.

14. Backyard Movie

Backyard Movie

Image source: Vgajic

A movie night becomes extra special when you host it in the backyard under the stars. Set up a projector and screen or even a large white sheet. Choose an age-appropriate movie to screen, and set up lots of comfy seating options. Have movie-theatre snack favorites like popcorn, candy, and sodas, and string up some fairy twinkle lights or LEDs to add a whimsical touch. You can dim them or turn them off when it’s time for the movie to start.

15. Glow Dance Party

Glow Dance Party

Image source: Adamkaz

Get a bunch of glow supplies, like glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark hats, sunglasses, and other accessories. You can also paint some décor with Day-Glo paint and place it around the room. Next, get some black lights and set them up, so when you turn the lights out and turn the black lights on, you can have an intense, neon glow party. Crank up the music and let everyone dance and have a blast. You can also do something similar when you rent out a local party room or school gym.

16. Go Skating

Go Skating

Image source: Sergey Novikov

Have your kids’ birthday party at an outdoor skate course or a roller rink and book a party room to enjoy food and cake at the venue. Kids can roller skate, enjoy spending time with their friends, and they’ll likely give a shout-out to the birthday kid. Another option is to go ice skating if you have a rink nearby or if you live in a place where ice skating is a common activity. If your kid and their friends are into skateboarding, a local skate park is another option.

17. Slip And Slide

Slip And Slide

Image source: Nkbimages

A classic slip-and-slide provides hours of water fun for kids on a bright, sunny day. You can also add some sprinklers or an inflatable slide and have an all-out splash day. Have some extra towels and sunscreen on hand since people inevitably forget these items. Set up some food and drink tables outside to encourage wet kids to remain outdoors as much as possible. For some added fun, have a few water guns or super soakers for kids to play around with in between other activities.

18. Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQ

Image source: Kzenon

Put on a mega barbecue, complete with burgers, hot dogs, and other kid favorites. You can invite lots of guests or just a few close friends and organize some classic picnic games. Set up cornhole boards, a tug-of-war rope, bean bag toss, ladder ball, and more. Kids can play, eat, relax, and have a great time enjoying the outdoors. You can also do a similar party at a local park and rent a shelter with a grill.

19. Check Out A Baseball Game

Check Out A Baseball Game

Image source: 12019

Round up a group of your kid’s closest friends and take them to a baseball game. It could be a pro team, AA or AAA team, or your kid’s favorite local high school or college. You might even be able to let the powers that be know you’re celebrating a birthday, and they’ll toss up a special message on the scoreboard or make an announcement. Let kids enjoy ballpark classics like hot dogs and nachos, enjoy the game, and maybe catch a fly ball.

20. DIY Party

DIY Party

Image source: PIKSEL

If your kid loves to mess around in the workshop and build, a DIY party is a great way to celebrate. You can get woodworking kits at a local home improvement store that kids can work on together at your house. You could also coordinate the party with a local home store’s workshops for kids. For example, many Home Depots provide monthly workshops where kids can come and build a birdhouse or a wooden truck and other items. These workshops are typically free, but make sure you know the limit for guests.

21. Bounce Around A Trampoline Park

Bounce Around A Trampoline Park

Image source: Vasiliki

A trampoline park is always a go-to for a kid’s party, providing plenty of opportunities for active kids to let loose and have fun. There are several different kinds of indoor jump parks, and many cities have more than one you can choose from. Ask about their party packages, which usually provide a designated room where you can enjoy pizza and cake with your guests. Typically, packages provide between one and two hours of jump time and an hour in the party room.

22. Swim Party

Swim Party

Image source: FatCamera

If you have a pool or a willing family member or friend with a pool, host a swim party for your 11-year-old’s birthday. Make sure to let kids know on the invites to bring swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen. Have tables set up outside with plates, food, and napkins, and some ice chests with drinks. If you have a designated cabana or door you want people to use to go in and out for the bathroom, etc., mark it clearly.

23. Mini Olympics

Mini Olympics

Image source: Imgorthand

For competitive kids, host a mini Olympics with some popular sports like relay races, ball toss, and other activities. You can have a judging panel if you want to add an extra layer to the event, with medals for third, second, and first-place winners in each event. Use stools or wood blocks of different heights to host a mock medal ceremony after each sport. Or have the winners of each activity compete for an overall winner.

24. Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm

Image source: Dvdwinters

Take the kids to a local or nearby farm to spend a day feeding animals, riding horses, taking a tractor ride, milking cows, etc. They can go berry picking, plant some veggies, and do other farm-related activities. You can also ask the farmers if there’s a way to set up a special tour or animal encounter for your child’s birthday. If you don’t have a farm within a reasonable distance, look into potential companies that provide petting zoos that come to you.

25. Fancy Tea Party

Fancy Tea Party

Image source: Jaspe

Tell kids to come to the party dressed up in their fanciest outfits and take them to high tea at a local tea room. You can also host a tea at your house with all the trimmings, tiered serving trays, and flavored teas. Another option is flavored lemonade for those who don’t care for hot tea. Make sure to have plenty of small sandwiches, mini desserts, chocolate-covered strawberries, and scones.

26. Makeover Party

Makeover Party

Image source: Mediaphotos

You have a few options when it comes to a makeover party, usually depending on how many kids you invite. For small groups, you could have a makeup stylist come to you and give makeovers to the guests. Alternatively, take the kids to a local salon for in-house stylings. Or, even better, let everyone give makeovers to each other at your house and end everything with some selfies and snacks.

27. Snow Fun Day

Snow Fun Day

Image source: Microgen

If you live in a snowy area, you can have a sledding day, ice skating, snowball fight, and other snow activities. If you don’t live in a snowy area, recreate a snow day in other ways. You can ride cardboard mats down a hill, stand on pieces of wax paper to go ice skating on a rug, or toss around large cotton balls for a snowball fight. Have a winter clothing relay, eat snow cones, and design the party around all things snow and ice.

28. Weekend Beach Getaway

Weekend Beach Getaway

Image source: Sergey Novikov

On the opposite end of the spectrum from a snow day, you can spend a day at the beach or take your kid on a weekend getaway. Since it’s their birthday, make sure the weekend is all about them, and let them choose the activities, where to eat, etc. If you’re able and willing, let them invite one or two close friends along for the trip.

29. Ride Go-Karts

Ride Go-Karts

Image source: JackF

Check around your town and nearby areas for a go-kart course or an indoor entertainment complex that has go-karts available. You can also rent a party room at the venue or nearby for cake and food. Kids can race to see who takes first place, chow down on pizza, and participate in other activities. If the go-karts are at a complex, there might also be things like mini-golf, bumper cars, or an arcade.

30. Biking Excursion

Biking Excursion

Image source: BananaStock

For kids that love riding bikes, set up a special biking excursion for your daughter or son’s big day. Have them invite a few close friends, tell them to bring their bikes and helmets, and meet up at a local trail. Pack a picnic lunch, bike together, set up a delicious picnic spread to enjoy, and play some games. Then, hop back on your bikes and head back to the meeting spot. Plan the trail based on how experienced the bikers are.

31. Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground

Image source: Oksix

An adventure playground usually has an array of activities to participate in to test your skills and push your limits. There’s typically a climbing apparatus, zipline, balancing courses, and other obstacles to overcome. You can find outdoor parks, but there are also some indoor ones as well, depending on where you live. Make sure kids know their limits and wear the proper safety gear. Don’t force anyone to do something they are uncomfortable with, but encourage them to give everything a try.

32. Backyard Campout

Backyard Campout

Image source: RichVintage

Pop up a tent in the backyard, set up a firepit, roll out the sleeping bags, and let kids camp out overnight under the stars. A backyard sleepover is tons of fun, but make sure your yard is secure, and everyone’s parents are on board with the idea. Serve popular camping staples like s’mores and roasted marshmallows. Check on kids during the night and make sure they have a way to access the inside of the house.

33. Mystery Solving Party

Mystery Solving Party

Image source: Voyagerix

Host a murder mystery dinner party for your kid and their friends. You can find mystery games in a box that will lead you through the evening, or you can create your own. Have kids each play a certain role and dress the part. They uncover clues and make observations throughout the evening to determine who dunnit. You can have prizes for the successful detectives. You can also look at local restaurants or theatre companies to see if there are any interactive murder mysteries going on that are kid-friendly.

34. See A Show

See A Show

Image source: Aerogondo

If your kid loves drama, take them to a play or musical along with some of their friends. If they have a favorite musician, check out the performer’s event schedule to see if there is a nearby concert your kids and their friends can attend. Other options are a comedy show, magic act, puppet theatre, or ballet. Choose the performance based on what your kid is really into and plan accordingly.

35. Theme Park Trip

Theme Park Trip

Image source: DIGIcal

Nothing beats a theme park for hours and hours of fun. Spend a day with your kid and their friends at a nearby theme park, ride rides, eat lots of food, and have a blast. If the closest park is a couple of hours away, consider renting a hotel room for the night and turning the celebration into a sleepover. You could also look into smaller amusement parks or a water park for a similar birthday experience.

36. Amazing Race

Amazing Race

Image source: Imgorthand

Recreate your own version of the Amazing Race for your son or daughter’s birthday. You can give them a challenge, split them into teams or pairs, and then turn them loose. How you set up the race depends a lot on where you live. The race can take place around your house and yard, or you can expand it to the neighborhood or even a broader area if you have a couple of willing parent drivers. Another option is to tell kids to bring their bikes and helmets in case the race takes them around the neighborhood.

37. Visit The Aquarium

Visit The Aquarium

Image source: Damicurdic

Rent a party room at your local aquarium to have the entire party there along with tons of sea creatures. Kids can explore the aquarium, learn about the animals, and enjoy cake and food in the designated room. You can even set up a behind-the-scenes tour or special activities. If the establishment doesn’t provide party rooms, plan to take everyone out afterward for pizza or head home for cake and food.

38. Candy Making Party

Candy Making Party

Image source: Pixelshot

Get some candy-making kits or some supplies and a simple recipe for kids to make their own candy. Not only is it a fun activity, but it provides them all with yummy treats to take home after the party. You could also look into local candy shops that might offer a workshop to small groups. Have some aprons or smocks for everyone, so clothes stay clean.

39. Science Experiments

Science Experiments

Image source: Marilyn Nieves

Hand out the safety goggles and lab coats and let kids perform some interesting, interactive experiments. There are companies that specialize in bringing science-based activities to you that will provide all the necessary supplies and knowledge to guide budding scientists through the activity. Some of them have their own venue where you can have the party if you prefer not to have a mess inside your house. If you plan to do the party on your own, make sure to pick low-level experiments that don’t require a professional or any type of training.

40. Visit A Favorite Museum

Visit A Favorite Museum

Image source: cascoly

Does your kid love history, art, science, trains, or anything else that could be showcased in a museum? Take them and their friends to a museum of their choice to explore, learn, and observe some of their favorite things. See if you can set up a tour with an employee that will cater to your group. Depending on the museum, they might have a room you can use for gifts, cake, etc. Otherwise, take everyone out afterward to a restaurant or diner, or grab some ice cream.

41. Paint Portraits

Paint Portraits

Image source: Weekend Images Inc.

Set up the easels, paint, and brushes, and invite kids to show off their art skills with an in-home painting party. If the weather is nice, hold the party outside. You can have a designated picture for kids to paint, but it would be more fun to have them stand across each other and paint each other’s portraits. Serve some yummy snacks while everyone paints so they can stay satisfied while they create.

42. Go Bowling

Go Bowling

Image source: gilaxia

Head down to the bowling alley and meet up with friends for a few games, some food, and lots of fun.  Let kids test out their skills, compete, and see who gets the highest score. Perhaps have a special prize for the winner, like some free play in the arcade or a special snack from the concession area. If you let the venue know you’re there for a birthday, they’ll typically reserve a couple of tables for you near your lanes.

43. Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree

Image source: Kzenon

Ask your birthday kid if they’d prefer to go on a shopping spree instead of having a big party. The money you would fork over on food, decorations, and a party activity could go toward some shopping fun. They could browse and pick out a few things they’ve had their eye on. Or, who knows, they might opt to simply window shop and pocket the money for a later date. If able, let them invite a friend or two along to enjoy the mall together.

44. Photo Shoot With Friends

Photo Shoot With Friends

Image source: Lunamarina

Get everyone together and say, “cheese! Hire a photographer or a photo booth company to snap some perfect photos of your daughter or son with their friends. You can also let the birthday star take tons of selfies. But add to the fun by having an assortment of costume accessories and props for kids to play around with for the pics. The pictures also double as a memorable gift for party guests.

45. Cook And Eat At A Pizza Parlor

Cook And Eat At A Pizza Parlor

Image source: ilona75

Head to a favorite local pizza parlor for a birthday meal with friends. Talk with the establishment about the possibility of hosting a pizza-making party. Kids can add sauce, cheese, and their topping choices to pizzas; then, the restaurant staff can bake the creations. Not every eatery is able to do this sort of thing, so make sure to research ahead and find out the facts. You could also opt to do your own version of this at home.

46. Ultimate Dodgeball

Ultimate Dodgeball

Image source: Monkey Business Images

It’s time to duck and cover in the ultimate game of dodgeball. Split the guests into teams and either play the game outside or at a local gym. Let the teams know how to win, and make sure to do something special for the victors. Set clear rules beforehand, especially regarding how hard you can throw the ball at someone, not aiming for people’s heads, etc. Keep things fun but safe and if anyone prefers not to play, let them become the referee or cheerleaders.

47. Go Golfing

Go Golfing

Image source: luriiSolokov

If your son or daughter aspires to be the next Tiger Woods or a future golf pro, why not incorporate the sport into their birthday? You can head to a golf course or check out a place like Top Golf or Loft 18. Depending on your kid’s wishes, you could even head to a local putt-putt course to hone their skills. Whether you opt for the real thing or a virtual golf experience, it’s undoubtedly a birthday activity that makes a hole-in-one.

48. Games Marathon

Games Marathon

Image source: Sergey Novikov

Bring out the board games and see how many kids can play before they can’t play anymore. It would also be fun to provide some supplies to kids so they can pair up and create their own board games. Then pairs can swap with other groups and play each other’s newly-designed games. You could also run a silent voting session to determine which pair-up had the favorite.

49. Go Hiking

Go Hiking

Image source: supersizer

Tell kids to pack up their backpacks with snacks and essentials and take them to a nearby trail for some hiking adventures. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy while on the trail, and make sure to cover basic skills before setting off on the journey. It doesn’t have to be an intense hike; you can find an easy walking trail and still have a great experience. But, it’s wise to bring a first-aid kit along with you.

50. Soccer Fun

Soccer Fun

Image source: FatCamera

For soccer fans, playing a game is the perfect way to spend a birthday. But you could also get friends together and attend a game. Another option for soccer stars is to practice and work soccer drills, which you could let kids do in your own backyard. Add fun snacks, foods, plenty of water, and hydration drinks so kids can keep up their energy.

Top 20 Food & Drink Ideas For 11th Birthday Party

11-year-olds are pretty much bottomless pits when it comes to party food, drinks, and snacks. Pretty much any food you put out on the table is going to disappear before you even get a chance to make your plate. You definitely can’t go wrong with these tasty options.

1. Chips And Dip

Chips And Dip

Image source: Joshua Resnick

Fill a couple of bowls with some of your child’s favorite chips, and serve with a few different dips. It’s a classic party snack that’s always a crowd pleaser. You can also choose warm dips like queso, spinach, and artichoke to accompany tortilla chips.

2. Chicken Tenders Platter

Chicken Tenders Platter

Image source: gerenme

Go to your favorite chicken place and order a large tray full of chicken tenders. Many restaurants have catering options that enable you to get items in large sizes, perfect for big groups. Make sure to add a few dipping sauces to your order too.

3. Pita Pizzas

Pita Pizzas

Image source: Super Healthy Kids

These easy and perfectly sized mini pita pizzas from Super Healthy Kids are a tasty alternative to standard pizza delivery. Let kids create their own for added fun and offer a variety of toppings they can use. You can also alter the sizes depending on what size pitas you use.

4. Colorful Chex Mix

Colorful Chex Mix

Image source: Club Crafted

Give a popular snack food an upgrade like Club Crafted, with added flavors and colors, creating a perfect party Chex Mix. You can choose from various hues depending on your kid’s preferences and find a bunch of different recipes online that feature the famous snack.

5. Pull-Apart Cupcakes

Pull-Apart Cupcakes

Image source: Aww Sam

Is it a cake or cupcakes? It’s both! Pull-apart cakes are tons of fun and super easy to enjoy when there’s a large group. You can create pretty much any design you can think of to match your party, like this pineapple from Aww Sam. When it’s time for cake, everyone just grabs a cupcake, pulls, and eats.

6. Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Balls

Image source: House of Nash Eats

Popcorn balls are a kid-favorite, and they are a fun addition to your party menu that’s sure to please. You can make them in different ways, using all kinds of popcorn flavors. House of Nash Eats makes colorful marshmallow popcorn balls for a sweet and salty treat.

7. Cookie Dip

Cookie Dip

Image source: Hawaii Mom Blog

Do you love eating cookie dough, even though you know you shouldn’t? Well, here’s a safe alternative that’s super good. Try out a sweet version of chips and dip using cookies with a tasty dip of their own. Hawaii Mom Blog features how to make cookie dough dip, creating the perfect pairing for all kinds of treats.

8. Mini Quesadillas

Mini Quesadillas

Image source: Haute and Healthy Living

These chicken quesadillas with avocado from Haute and Healthy Living are the perfect size for a party. They’re delicious, cheesy, and easy to grab and eat on the go so so you don’t have to stop mingling. Serve alongside some salsa and sour cream for added flavor.

9. Fruit Salsa

Fruit Salsa

Image source: Baked by Rachel

This refreshing dish from Baked by Rachel is a fun way for kids to eat fruit. And placing it inside a carved-out pineapple or watermelon is a clever way to serve this fruity dish. Kids might not mind eating it as-is, but for the ultimate snack, serve some cinnamon and sugar chips with it.

10. Soccer Field Guac Dip

Soccer Field Guac Dip

Image source: Creative Healthy Family

What better way to boost a sports-based party than with guacamole art? Creative Healthy Family whips up a delicious guacamole dip that looks like a soccer field. You could do something similar for football, baseball, golf, etc. It’s a smart way to display an otherwise simple dip.

11. Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni And Cheese

Image source: The Crimson Monkey

You can never fail when you serve a big, steaming tray of macaroni and cheese at a kid’s party. (Or any party for that matter.) It’s comfort food that is timeless and always a crowd favorite. Make your own or buy a pre-made one at the store to heat up in the oven. You can also order a tray from some of your favorite restaurants.

12. Stuffed Pretzel Bites

Stuffed Pretzel Bites

Image source: The Country Cook

Finger foods are always a must at a party, and you want to make sure you have a good balance between sweet options and savory bites. These stuffed pretzels from The Country Cook are the perfect way to make it easy for kids to eat while they party.

13. Sliders


Image source: nickbiliotti

Instead of serving full burgers, put together some sliders. The smaller size allows guests to enjoy more of the food options at the party. Plus, they’re easier to eat while you’re mixing and mingling. You can also set up a sliders bar for people to build their own mini burger.

14. Mini Meatballs

Mini Meatballs

Image source: Must Have Mom

When it comes to party food, you can’t go wrong with serving small-sized anything, whether desserts or a more hearty option. Must Have Mom includes a dish of mini meatballs with toothpicks for easy serving. These bite-sized meaty snacks are the perfect quick nibble and give protein-lovers a reprieve from all the carbs on the menu.

15. Corn Dog Pops

Corn Dog Pops

Image source: Oleksandr Prokopenko

Kids love corn dogs, but once again, serving full-size foods can make it hard for guests to try out more of the delicious options on the menu. That’s why bite-sized versions of popular foods are such a great idea. These corn dog pops are just the ticket.

16. Brownie Bites

Brownie Bites

Image source: cveltri

Here’s a popular kid’s dessert snack that you can either buy at the store or make yourself. Brownie bites are irresistible and perfect for popping in your mouth when you’re enjoying a party. You can serve them plain or place a bowl of frosting alongside for people to dip their brownies.

17. Kool-Aid Ice Cubes

Kool-Aid Ice Cubes

Image source: Lil Luna

Instead of making a bunch of different drinks, try this trick from Lil Luna. Freeze up various flavors and colors of Kool-Aid in ice cube trays before the party. Then, kids will have flavorful cubes to put in their drinks, whether it’s water, lemonade, or soda. They can have fun trying out different combinations.

18. Party Punch

Party Punch

Image source: Wishes and Dishes

Mix up a colorful party punch that works for your party, like this virgin  Piña Colada punch from Wishes and Dishes. You can find tons of punch recipes that are kid-friendly online. Decide which one is just right for your event, and let your child help make it.

19. Bottled Drinks

Bottled Drinks

Image source: Fun-Squared

Never underestimate the power of simple choices, like serving bottled drinks. Fun-Squared offers a variety of different beverages for guests to choose from and also a way to mix them all together. But you can just as easily set a bunch of drinks in some ice chests for guests to grab. Think bottled sodas, hydration drinks, and water.

20. Fizzy Pink Lemonade

Fizzy Pink Lemonade

Image source: Kimspired DIY

Give kids a little sparkle when they sip with this fizzy pink lemonade from Kimspired DIY. Serve it in fun glasses or with quirky straws. It’s bright, cheery, full of flavor, and a refreshing choice for summertime or outdoor parties. But you can also serve it any time of year too!

Birthday Gift Ideas For 11 Year Old Boys & Girls

Trying to think of a really cool gift for that special 11 year old? Don’t worry one bit! We have you covered. One of the very first things to think of is what he or she is into — sports, music, arts, science? Or maybe they are more of a techy type person and love everything electronics? If you know the answer to this, then finding that unique gift will be that much easier. However, if you have no clue where to start, head on over to our gift lists, which have plenty of unique options in every category.


Top 50 Unique Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys
50 Trendy, But Totally Unique Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls


If you need some more inspiration for cool toys and gifts, make sure to check out this section. We’re sure you will find something special that the birthday boy or girl will absolutely love! Happy birthday!

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