Pokémon made its way from Japan to the USA in the late 1990s and quickly drew a devoted fanbase. People played the game, traded cards, collected cards and items, and continued to do so for years. Today, the world of Pokémon remains strong thanks to updated games, movies, cards, and cartoon series that have introduced it to new generations. Undoubtedly, the most famous Pokémon of all is Pikachu, but if your kid wants to have a Pokémon party, you have lots of options.

When you break it down, there are over 1,000 Pokémon across five generations. Of course, some are more popular and well-known than others, and your child likely has a favorite or two. Still, if you don’t have a specific idea in mind, you can’t go wrong with Pikachu, his devoted trainer, Ash, and some Poké balls.

If you’re planning a Pokémon party, don’t sweat it. We’ve done the research for you to find some of the best ideas for this popular theme. From decorations and supplies to food, cake, and more, you’ll find inspiration for every aspect of your party to make it a huge success.

Pokémon Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

We choose you! Send out invitations with this classic Pokémon catchphrase to let guests know you really want them to celebrate with you. Your invitations let people know the basics about your party, like where and when it is. But they also set up your party theme and give your guests an idea of what to expect when they come. A birthday invitation should feature your party’s theme and colors and provide a glimpse into your event’s overall mood.

Pokémon Birthday Invitations

Pokémon Birthday Invitations

Pokémon Birthday Invitations

If you decide to go with a custom design for your invitations, Etsy is a great place to start. There are thousands of options to pick from in all sorts of styles, like this fun one from AwesomeDesigns2000. Some sellers will even tweak their designs for you if you want a specific color or characters. Other invitations allow you to download them immediately and edit them to your liking. Choose from animated and video options if you plan to send out digital invites. Or simply print your finished product and send it to your guests.

Pokémon Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

Create a Pokémon paradise in your very own living room or backyard with the perfect decorations for your event. Choose hanging décor, garlands, banners, backdrops, cake toppers, balloons, and tableware that help accentuate and reinforce your theme. You can also DIY decorations if that’s more your style. But if time isn’t on your side, you can find many affordable options that will make your guests ooh and aah when they enter the room.

Pokémon Party Supply Pack

Pokémon Party Supply Pack

Pokémon Party Supply Pack

A party supply pack like this one is an easy way to lay the foundation for your Pokémon party. It gives you all the basics: plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths, and even a pack of birthday candles. The set is enough to serve 16 guests and features large and small plates. Pikachu takes center stage, surrounded by his pals Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. The items feature a bright blue with dark blue trim, and with the various characters, you get lots of other colors to play with too.

Pokémon Character Candles

Pokémon Character Candles

Pokémon Character Candles

If you need a little extra something special for the birthday cake, look no further. These colorful character candles are the perfect finishing touch for your cake. Plus, they can even double as a cake topper if you want to keep things simple. They feature an array of characters, including Pikachu, as well as a Poké ball. The set has four candles, and the central candle says “Happy Birthday.”

Pokémon Birthday Backdrop

Pokémon Birthday Backdrop

Pokémon Birthday Backdrop

A large backdrop is a great way to make a major impact in your party scape within moments. You simply hang it up, and then it does the rest. It serves as an excellent background for your main party area or even doubles as a photo booth. The banner is five by three feet and features Ash surrounded by some of his favorite Pokémon, including Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charmander, and more. Even Meowth from Team Rocket makes an appearance.

Hanging Pokémon Swirls

Hanging Pokémon Swirls

Hanging Pokémon Swirls

Don’t forget to include some décor from above, so you can surround guests with the Pokémon vibe. Add some festive flair to the ceiling or under door frames with these swirl decorations that feature a variety of popular characters. The set includes 12 pieces, and each cutout is approximately 5 inches wide. They’re made from heavy cardstock and include shades of blue, yellow, and pops of red as the most prominent colors.

Set Of Pokémon Balloons

Set Of Pokémon Balloons

Set Of Pokémon Balloons

Balloons are always lots of fun, and kids love them. They’re also an easy way to instantly up your game when it comes to decorations, especially when you use giant foil balloons like these. The six-piece set includes a 31-inch Pikachu, giant Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and two 18-inch Poké balls. Tie them to chairs, hang them from ceilings, or put them anywhere you need extra color and pizazz at your party.

Pokémon Birthday Party Activities & Games

For a Pokémon party, you might assume kids will just bring their Pokémon cards and play battle or Pokémon Go. That’s certainly an option, but don’t expect it to keep kids entertained for the whole party, especially younger children. Instead, plan a few fun activities for kids to do at the party to keep the momentum going and the spirits high. You can play games, make crafts, or even do science experiments (if that’s your jam).

1. Play Pokémon Trainer Guess

Play Pokémon Trainer Guess

Image source: Ultra Pro

Pokémon Trainer Guess is a popular game you can find online or in any toy store or big-box store toy aisle. The electronic Poké ball is basically the Pokémon version of Twenty Questions. Kids think of a specific Pokémon (from the included booklet), then the ball starts asking yes or no questions to try and determine the correct answer. Kids become amazed when the toy figures it out as if it’s a robot. You can also offer a prize to anyone who can stump the gizmo.

2. Poké Ball Piñata

Poké Ball Piñata

Image source: YA OTTA Piñata

A Poké ball piñata adds a fun activity to your kid’s party that’s easy for everyone to participate in and includes some surprises for everyone. There are also other styles to choose from, like Pikachu or other Pokémon characters. Don’t forget to get the fillers and some bags so kids can take home their treasures. If you’ll be indoors or have young children, consider using a pull-string piñata to make things a bit calmer and easier.

3. Find Your Pokémon

Find Your Pokémon

Image source: Catch My Party

Here’s a creative idea for a Pokémon party game from Catch My Party. Fill a large bucket or kiddie pool with a bunch of plastic balls. Include a few hidden Poké balls inside the pile (which you can make or buy). Explain to kids that they are all in training to become a Pokémon master, and the first step is to find their Poké ball. You can hide one ball and have several kids hunt at the same time to find it first. Or you can hide several but put a Pokémon figure inside of one. The kid who finds the Pokémon wins. Another option is to have kids go one at a time, and the one with the fastest time is the winner.

4. Pokémon Pitch

Pokémon Pitch

Image source: Hayley Griffiths

Create your own Pokémon themed bean bag toss game like this one from Hayley Griffiths, or use any other colors and characters you like. You can also find ready-made bean bag games at party stores, toy stores, or online. Other options are setting up hula hoops on the ground to make targets and letting kids toss Poké balls. For younger kids, you simply move the targets closer. And offer prizes to the winners to add an extra competitive edge for older kids.

5. Make Pikachu Ears

Make Pikachu Ears

Image source: That Mommy Blog

If you feel like getting crafty, let kids make Pikachu ears like these from That Mommy Blog. You can use yellow cardstock or foam sheets, available at any craft supply store. Then markers, paper scraps, or similar items can serve to make the added details. This would be a fun activity to do early on in the party so kids can wear their newly made ears during the celebration and score some fun photo ops.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Pokémon Birthday Party

If you search online for food and drink ideas for a Pokémon birthday, you’ll find tons of options. But you also want to ensure you provide your guests with a variety of choices. In other words, not all sweets or all salty snacks, but a little bit of everything. So we searched high and low and rounded up something healthy, something sweet, and something savory, plus some beverage ideas to make everyone satisfied and happy.

1. Poké Ball Fruit And Marshmallow Tray

Poké Ball Fruit And Marshmallow Tray

Image source: Céline Chiaoui

This snack tray from Céline Chiaoui is a great way to incorporate some healthy options to your food table, using strawberries alongside some large marshmallows to create a giant Poké ball. The strip in the middle here is a piece of black licorice. But you can do all sorts of things. If you want to make the whole thing a fruit tray, use banana slices instead of marshmallows and blueberries instead of licorice.

2. Pikachu Peeps

Pikachu Peeps

Image source: Alma Carter

How clever is this idea from Alma Carter? You use regular peeps you get at Easter (you can find them online any time of year) and use edible markers to turn them into Pikachu. You can go one step further and put them on wooden skewers or cake pop sticks to make a marshmallow Pikachu pop. This treat is super easy, cute, and lots of fun, and will add a definite conversation piece to your food table.

3. Pikachu Burgers

Pikachu Burgers

Image source: Unexpectedly Geeky

It’s always nice to offer your guests something that acts as a meal if you’re holding your party during dinner or lunchtime. These burgers from Unexpectedly Geeky turn a basic cheeseburger into Pikachu with just a few key additions. Olives for eyes, small pepperonis for cheeks, and Bugle chips for ears. Melt some chocolate chips to dip the tips of ears and draw the nose and mouth, or use an edible marker.

4. Pokémon Cake Pops

Pokémon Cake Pops

Image source: Liliana Mateo

Liliana Mateo creates absolutely adorable Pokémon cake pops featuring colorful characters and Poké balls. Recreate the ones here or add in your own favorites using different colored chocolate coating and details. You can make them yourself or hand the idea over to a cake artist or talented friend. These treats make great sweet snacks on your food table, but they can also work equally well as party favors for your guests.

5. Health And Mana Punch

Health And Mana Punch

Image source: That Mommy Blog

Here’s a brilliant idea from That Mommy Blog for the beverages at your Pokémon party. If you’re not up for creating some elaborate punch or extravagant concoction, no worries. Get two pitchers; fill one with red Gatorade and one with blue Gatorade. Then, create some custom labels to name the red pitcher Health and the blue pitcher Mana. Anyone who’s ever played Pokémon (or any other battle-based video game) will know exactly what that means.

Perfect Pokémon Birthday Cake Ideas

The crowning moment of every birthday party is the serving of the birthday cake. It’s also a time to grab some obligatory photos of what’s typically a major centerpiece for the celebration. Your kid’s birthday cake will likely showcase the party theme and colors and perhaps their favorite Pokémon character. You can bake your own, buy one already made, or order a custom confection from your favorite bakery. No matter which method you choose, start here for some cake inspiration.

1. Poké Ball Cake

Poké Ball Cake

Image source: Helen Campbell

This Poké Ball cake from Helen Campbell is simple and effective (but don’t think it’s easy). The fondant on this perfectly round cake is super smooth, so if you plan to make your own cake, make sure you know your skills. If you’re not a fondant master, you can always use buttercream for a similar effect (it just won’t be so super sleek). Then use fondant for the black band and button on the front. Or, even better, order a custom cake and let a pro handle it.

2. PIkachu Cake

PIkachu Cake

Image source: The Frosted Cake Boutique

The Frosted Cake Boutique puts two of the most popular, iconic parts of the Pokémon world on their cake — Pikachu and the Poké Ball. But instead of a 3D ball, they simply recreate the image on a regular cake layer; then, the top layer is Pikachu’s head. You can make the ears in several ways, either modeling chocolate or thin cookies or using cardstock on wooden dowels or toothpicks. No matter how you decide to finish it off, it’s sure to make your guests smile.

3. Electric Charge Cake

Electric Charge Cake

Image source: Cake Lounge Miami

Talk about giving your guests a real charge; this cake from Cake Lounge Miami is positively electrifying. Not only is it tall and colorful, but the lightning bolts also add a super cool gravity-defying effect. It’s sure to be a showstopper and look great in pictures. A toy Poké ball and Pikachu figure sit atop the cake, but if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can make the ball out of cake, too.

4. Jigglypuff Cake

Jigglypuff Cake

Image source: Cake Central

Jigglypuff is one of the more well-known Pokémon that’s not only cute but has quite an attitude. If your child loves the little singing Pokémon, then opt for a cake like this one from Cake Central. You start with a round cake, which you can make using a spherical cake mold, then frost or cover in fondant and add the details. For extra fun, spattering mini marshmallows around the bottom of the cake adds the perfect finishing touch.

5. Squirtle Pull-Apart Cake

Squirtle Pull-Apart Cake

Image source: Kate Rose

This cake from Kate Rose is cute and an easy idea for a pull-apart cake. If your kid loves Squirtle, this is perfect, but you could make any Pokémon’s face depending on your skills. (Or provide an image of what you want to whoever makes your cake). If you’re unsure about getting the face so smooth you can always pipe small stars instead. Plan to need at least 40 cupcakes (more if you want an even bigger cake).

Party Favors For A Pokémon Birthday

Tell your guests exactly how much you appreciate them with a special souvenir from the party. Party favors are a great way to say thank you to those who came to celebrate with you. It can be something you make or bake or buy fun items to hand out to guests or create festive grab bags. For a quick and easy favor option, fill treat boxes and loot bags with Pokémon cards, stickers, candy, and other items.

Poké Ball Treat Boxes

Poké Ball Treat Boxes

Poké Ball Treat Boxes

Don’t have a lot of time to spend on figuring out a themed party souvenir? These Poké ball inspired treat boxes make it a breeze to give your guests a party favor that matches your theme. You can fill them with candy, homemade goodies, or small trinkets like bracelets, stickers, or toy Pokémon figures. The set includes 24 boxes that you can put together in a few seconds and fill with the goodies of your choice.

Pikachu Pop-It Keychains

Pikachu Pop-It Keychains

Pikachu Pop-It Keychains

Kids love pop-its of all shapes and sizes. They’re irresistible and also useful, helping kids focus, relieve stress, and calm nerves. Even adults find them helpful and pretty fun too. These small pop-it keychains feature Pikachu shapes and vibrant colors. The attached ball chains make it easy for kids to clip them onto backpacks or anywhere else they want to add a dash of personality. The set comes with 12 pieces featuring four different styles.

Pokémon Wacky Straws

Pokémon Wacky Straws

Pokémon Wacky Straws

Add these straws to some Pokémon drinking cups and serve your guests in style, then let them keep the cup and straw. Or you can fill cups with candy or other surprises and top them off with a straw for a super awesome favor. The set includes 25 squiggly straws featuring 10 different designs that showcase popular Pokémon and the Poké ball. They also come in tons of bright colors, making them a shoo-in to add some extra vibrancy to your party.

Pokémon PEZ

Pokémon PEZ

Pokémon PEZ

These favors are sure to look familiar to lots of folks, no matter what your age. People have been collecting PEZ dispensers for decades, so this is truly a case of — gotta catch ’em all! Kids still love these things. You get 12 individually wrapped dispensers, and each comes with its own packs of PEZ candies. Give them out solo, add them to a goody bag, or offer them as prizes. The set features some of the original Pokémon favorites, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and of course, Pikachu.

Mega Pokémon Party Favor Pack

Mega Pokémon Party Favor Pack

Mega Pokémon Party Favor Pack

When in doubt, go with the mega party favor pack, filled with all sorts of goodies boasting the Pokémon theme. This set includes 48 classic party favor pieces that you can use to assemble a variety of goody bags for your guests. There are 8 flying discs, 8 mini clackers, 8 tops, 8 maze puzzles, 8 whistles, and 8 rulers. Depending on your guest count, you might want to pick up a couple of packs if you prefer everyone to get the same thing, or your can mix and match and fill in the gaps with candy and stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What are some ways to throw a Pokémon party for girls?

There are lots of girls that are just as into Pokémon as boys. Several of the movies and series feature female trainers as main characters. If your daughter is a Pokémon fan, simply ask her what her favorite parts of the franchise are and let that set the tone for your party. It might be Jigglypuff, Misty, or even Ash and Pikachu. It’s all about what makes your child happy on their special day.

What colors are best for a Pokémon party?

Some of the most popular colors for a Pokémon party are yellow, red, white, and black. These colors come mainly from Pikachu and the Poké balls. But you can also find other colors like blue and purple, depending on what Pokémon are featured in your décor items. If you can’t find something to fit your particular color scheme (say your child has an unusual Pokémon favorite), you can always select solid-colored plates, napkins, and tablecloths to help supplement some other Pokémon decorations or create some DIY décor.

Do Pokémon come to birthday parties?

Depending on where you live, there are some party companies that have a few Pokémon characters, primarily Ash and Pikachu. If you’re looking for a different character, it might be more difficult. You can call several months (or more) before your event to ask around. You could also see if any friends or family members are willing to play the part if you can round up the right costume. Professional characters usually mingle with guests, take pictures with kids, and some will perform or assist with certain activities.

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