Paw Patrol is on a roll — straight to your kid’s upcoming birthday party! If your young one loves to hang with Ryder and all the rescue pups, then why not choose a Paw Patrol theme for their birthday? The cartoon series has been a long-standing favorite for toddlers, preschoolers, and young school-age kids for many, many years. If your kid’s a fan, they likely have a favorite pup, too.

Paw Patrol lends itself to all sorts of possibilities since you can also use fire trucks, police cars, diggers, and more. It’s colorful, fun, and something that every kid is sure to recognize right away. So pick out some puptastic decorations, plan a party menu, and start thinking about all of the fun things your guests can do at the party.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, don’t sweat it. We’ve rounded up some fantastic Paw Patrol party ideas and put them all here in one easy place. Start scrolling and pick out your favorites!

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Deciding on the perfect party invitation is easier than ever with online design tools and the ability to send digital invites. You can even create animated and video options to email or text to your guests. Of course, with a popular theme like Paw Patrol, you can also find store-bought invites that you fill in yourself. But going with the download option is a lot easier than writing out a bunch of invites. If you don’t have the time to design an invitation, you can find tons of styles and options on online sites like Etsy.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitations

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitations

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitations

Run a search on Etsy for Paw Patrol birthday invitations, and it will return tons of possibilities, like this one from Raw Impressions Studio. You’ll save lots of time this way. Talented artists have already done the work for you, and all you need to do is customize, download, and get ready to party. You can even find sellers that offer to plug in your specific information and send you the final product, so you don’t even have to worry about dealing with edits.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

Whether you want to hang a few of your kid’s favorite Paw Patrol characters around the room or recreate the entire Lookout, decorations help you transform your space. Maybe you’ll DIY some unique pieces or keep things simple with a few store-bought items. Or, perhaps you want to string up tons of garlands, balloons, and more. As you’re planning your perfect Paw Patrol party, check out these ideas for how to set the scene and cover your bases.

Paw Patrol Tableware And Decor

Paw Patrol Tableware And Decor

Paw Patrol Tableware And Decor

Get everything you need to cover your party basics with an all-in-one party pack. It’s an easy way to check off several items on your to-do list at one time so you can focus on the fun. The set comes with supplies for 16 guests, including large and small plates, cups, and napkins. You also get a shield pennant banner, tablecloth, 12 candles, and a special pin for the birthday kid. The pack even comes with 24 temporary tattoos that you can hand out to guests as party favors.

Pink Paw Patrol Decorations Pack

Pink Paw Patrol Decorations Pack

Pink Paw Patrol Decorations Pack

If your daughter is itching for a Paw Patrol party, maybe she wants to have an Everest party, or focus on Liberty, Skye, or all the girl-power pups. This bright, pink party pack comes with a pink table cover, a pink Paw Patrol birthday banner, and 12 cupcake toppers. You also get a bunch of balloons that feature Skye, Rubble, Chase, and Marshall, as well as bright pink and purple and a cute paw print pattern.

Paw Patrol Balloon Garland Kit

Paw Patrol Balloon Garland Kit

Paw Patrol Balloon Garland Kit

Large balloon garlands and archways are a great way to create a dramatic entrance to your party or fashion a magnificent photo booth area. This Paw Patrol balloon arch features all the supplies you need to create a 16-foot arch or garland. It features bright yellow, red, and blue, with various sizes and styles of balloons. The balloons range in size from 5 to 18 inches, and there are also two large 26-inch bone balloons for an extra fun addition.

Hanging Paw Patrol Decorations

Hanging Paw Patrol Decorations

Hanging Paw Patrol Decorations

As Skye would say, “Let’s take to the sky!” Give your party decorations a lift with these hanging swirl decorations in tons of fun styles. The pack includes 14 pieces featuring Rocky, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Chase, and Everest. They’re easy to hang from ceilings, door frames, trees, light fixtures, and anywhere else you want some added Paw Patrol flair. The bright colors are eye-catching and are sure to bring that special something to your party decoration scheme.

Paw Patrol Balloons And Banner

Paw Patrol Balloons And Banner

Paw Patrol Balloons And Banner Bright, vivid colors make these balloons stand out in the most fabulous way. Fun shapes make an even bigger statement. This 18-pack of party fun includes 12 latex balloons printed with various character pics, including Zuma, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky. There are also five foil balloons, four shaped like some of the most popular pups around. To round out the set, you’ll also get 13 large balloons that spell out “Happy Birthday.”

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Activities & Games

Planning games and activities for a kid’s party is essential to a successful celebration. You want kids to stay entertained and out of trouble, and nobody wants bored party guests. Set up an arts and craft station for kids to make a Paw Patrol mask or go on a rescue-themed scavenger hunt. Play Paw Patrol Bingo or Pin the Pup Tag on Chase (or any of the other pups). It’s a good idea to have a few different entertainment options lined up so you can keep things flexible and always have something for everyone to do.

1. Paw Print Cornhole

Paw Print Cornhole

Image source: Fab Everyday

Bean bag toss games are super easy for younger kids to play, so it’s a great idea for a Paw Patrol party. You can set up a basic toss game using large dog dishes and bean bags, or dog balls, or even bone-shaped dog toys. Get creative! Fab Everyday creates a DIY cornhole game with a paw print cut-out for the holes and uses basic bean bags for kids to test their skills. You can also find games that you can buy if you’re not up for going the DIY route.

2. Paw Patrol Bowling

Paw Patrol Bowling

Image source: Paw Patrol Store

Another fun game for kids of all ages is bowling. Bowing is great since younger children can handle the task easily, especially since you can adjust it by moving the pins closer. A Paw Patrol bowling set makes it a breeze to match this classic game to your theme. It’s also colorful, which is sure to grab young kids’ attention. Line kids up and give everyone two tries to knock over as many pins as they can. Play for fun or up the challenge and offer some prizes.

3. Dig With Rubble

Dig With Rubble

Image source: Sarah Trujillo-Porter

Set up various stations that each represent a different pup for kids to play different activities. For example, Zuma’s station could be trying to fish things out of water, Rocky’s area could be a craft station where kids turn recyclables into works of art. Sarah Trujillo-Porter creates the perfect station for Rubble — a dig station. Fill a sandbox or kiddie pool with all sorts of toys and molds. Kids can build, dig, and scoop just like Rubble.

4. Skye Piñata

Skye Piñata

Image source: Unique Store

A piñata is always a crowd-pleaser at a party, because not only is it fun to take a swing, but there are prizes at the end! Kids love when the piñata finally busts open and all of the surprises spill out onto the floor. Then adults love to watch the mad scurry as little ones scoop up as much as they can. (Make sure to give everyone a bag to hold their treats.) Look for piñata styles that match your Paw Patrol theme, like one of the characters, a giant bone, or even a vehicle to match your kid’s favorite pup transportation.

5. Ready, Set, Get Wet Water Balloon Toss

Ready, Set, Get Wet Water Balloon Toss

Image source: Fab Everyday

Zuma’s tagline in Paw Patrol is “Ready, Set, Get Wet!” So a Paw Patrol party that takes place outside in warm weather is just screaming for a classic water balloon fight! Fab Everyday has balloons at the ready for kids to start going to town. You can also set up a game where kids line up across from each other and throw the balloon back and forth. With every catch they take one step back, continuing to toss until their balloon breaks. The last pair standing wins!

Food & Drink Ideas For A Paw Patrol Birthday Party

If the party was for actual pups, you could get away with a few doggy treats and kibble. But since you’re about to have a bunch of hungry kids (and adults) on your hands, make sure to organize a more substantial menu. Offer a main food item, some tasty snacks, and beverages to keep everyone happy. Give your food items some fun dog-themed names to tie them into your theme, and check out these ideas for some more inspiration.

1. Pup Treats

Pup Treats

Image source: Live Well Play Together

Live Well Play Together makes some tasty pup treats for their guests with some chocloate-dipped, sprinkle-covered cookies. If you know Paw Patrol, you know how much the pups love their treats (especially Rubble). If you’re not up for baking, grab a box of Scooby-Doo graham crackers (they’re shaped like bones). Or buy some pre-packaged sugar cookie dough and roll it out according to the label. Then use a bone-shaped cookie cutter to make your shapes. Using the premade dough saves lots of time since you don’t need to gather a bunch of ingredients to mix your own.

2. Paw Patrol Puppy Chow

Paw Patrol Puppy Chow

Image source: The Mom Creative

Pick up a few large dog bowls at the dollar store to use for your food table. Instantly, you have some fun themed containers to match your party and completely kick your tablescape up a notch. The Mom Creative fills a colorful bowl with a snack mix featuring a yummy assortment of sweet and salty favors. Fill your bowls with the snack mix of your choice and label it “Puppy Chow” for a creative, cute twist.

3. PUP-aroni Pizza

PUP-aroni Pizza

Image source: Frugal Coupon Living

Pizza is always a great go-to for a kid’s party. It’s simple, easy, and you can be pretty sure everyone will eat it. Frugal Coupon Living creatively makes regular pepperoni pizza a Paw Patrol-worthy food choice with a quick name change. PUP a roni pizza will keep everyone well fed and smiling. Make your own, let kids add toppings to personal pizzas, or order from your favorite local pizza place if you want to keep things super simple.

4. Pawprint Fruit Platter

Pawprint Fruit Platter

Image source: Suburban Wife City Life

Including a healthy snack choice is always appreciated by the adults in the group, and lots of kids love to eat fruit. Therefore, a fruit platter is a great way to add some tasty and healthy choices to your party menu. You can easily redesign a fruit platter to fit pretty much any theme by laying out the fruit in different patterns. Suburban Wife City Life places delicious blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries in the shape of a giant paw print.

5. Doggy Toilet Water

Doggy Toilet Water

Image source: Catch My Party

Here’s a beverage idea that is sure to have everyone giggling. Fill a canister with blue soda or Powerade and label it “Toilet Water.” Catch My Party serves it alongside some bright cups and a cute label. You might have a few kids saying “ewww,” but they’ll do it with a chuckle. Another easy beverage idea is to serve bottled water and decorate the bottles with Paw Patrol label wraps. Or serve any drinks you want in some Paw Patrol tumblers that can double as party favors.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas

Every birthday party needs a birthday cake, no matter what shape or size it is. You can go with a sheet cake, tiered cake, pull-apart cake, cake pops, you name it. But no matter what style you choose, your cake should reflect the party theme and colors and be a main highlight in the celebration. Whether you decide to show off your baking skills and make your own sweet masterpiece or let someone else do the honors, the cake is usually one of the main priorities on a party to-do list.

1. Paw Patrol Cake Toppers

Paw Patrol Cake Toppers

Image source: Cake Topper

These cute figures make perfect Paw Patrol cake toppers that you can use to turn any cake into one that matches your party theme. The flat design makes them perfect for lining the sides of a tiered cake. If you’re on a tight budget, cake toppers are a great way to get a themed cake at an affordable price. You can purchase a cake from your local grocery shop bakery or make your own, then top as you see fit.

2. Dog Bone Logo Cake

Dog Bone Logo Cake

Image source: Farmington Bakery

Farmington Bakery creates a large sheet-style cake in the shape of a dog bone, featuring the Paw Patrol Logo. This would also work as a pull-apart cake. You can use various round cakes to create the design, or use a bone-shaped cake pan to make things super easy. If you want to add a bit more height, make two layers using a bone-shaped pan. Decorate with the logo, pipe on paw prints, or use toppers to add your kid’s favorite pups to the top of the cake.

3. Tiered Paw Patrol Cake

Tiered Paw Patrol Cake

Image source: Cake Central

This tiered Paw Patrol cake from Cake Central features colors that really pop and shine. It showcases some of the most iconic colors you see for a Paw Patrol party: red, blue, and yellow. Fondant decorations and sculpted Paw Patrol characters add the perfect finishing touches. The yellow band between the two layers turns into a dog collar, and a birthday message on the cake board helps tie everything together.

4. Paw Patrol Lookout Cake

Paw Patrol Lookout Cake

Image source: Lil’ Miss Cakes

If you’re intent on making the cake a real showstopper, you might be planning to order a custom creation (unless you have the skills to do your own thing). If you decide to go with a massive masterpiece, check out this idea from Lil’ Miss Cakes. The pups’ lookout tower gets a redesign in cake form with layers upon layers of delicious cake and fun decorations. The rescue pups surround their hangout, and the birthday kid’s name is displayed prominently on top.

5. Chase Pull-Apart Cake

Chase Pull-Apart Cake

Image source: Cupcakes Frenzy

Cupcakes Frenzy creates a pull-apart cake that looks like Chase, undoubtedly one of the most popular Paw Patrol pups. But you can apply this idea to whichever pup is your child’s favorite. Arrange the cupcakes as needed, then use frosting to design and recreate Chase, Marshall, Skye, or any other character. Pull-apart cakes are fun at kids’ parties since they make serving the cake so easy, and kids love cupcakes. But if you would rather not do a pull-apart, you can also find Paw Patrol pup cake pans that provide frosting instructions.

Party Favors For A Paw Patrol Birthday

After the party is over, ease the goodbyes with some fun favors to match your theme. You can bake some homemade goodies, create DIY crafts for your guests, or fill goody bags with Paw Patrol items. To personalize your mementos, attach a thank you note letting your guests how how much you appreciate them. Set the favors up on a table near your exit so everyone can grab a souvenir on their way out the door.

Paw Patrol Character Masks

Paw Patrol Character Masks

Paw Patrol Character Masks

Party guests will have a ball dressing up like their favorite pup with these cute Paw Patrol party masks. They make great favors, but hand them out at the start of the festivities instead of at the end. Then kids can wear them throughout the celebration ,and you can snag some super adorable photo opportunities. The pack includes 16 masks, featuring Rubble, Chase, Skye, and Marshall. It also comes with an “It’s My Birthday” pin for the guest of honor.

Paw Patrol Cups

Paw Patrol Cups

Paw Patrol Cups

Serve your party drinks in these cute plastic Paw Patrol tumblers to add to the themed décor. Kids can take them home after as an extra gift. You can also opt to fill them with fun treats and surprises and hand them out after the party. They make a usable alternative to the customary gift or loot bag. The pack comes with 12 16-ounce cups, and they’re top-rack dishwasher safe, so parents will love them too.

Paw Patrol Play Packs

Paw Patrol Play Packs

Paw Patrol Play Packs

Let guests get creative with these artsy party favor sets. The Grab-and-Go kits include coloring books, crayons, and stickers in individual packs, making it easy to pass them out as favors. You can hand the kits out on their own or include them with other trinkets if you want to give a larger favor. These creative play packs could also work as an activity at the party if you decide to set up an art station.

Paw Patrol Silicone Bracelets

Paw Patrol Silicone Bracelets

Paw Patrol Silicone Bracelets

Add these brightly colored silicone bracelets to your party gift bags, use them as piñata fillers, or hand them out as guests arrive. They come in vivid colors, including green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple, and there are 36 bracelets in a pack. The design is an engraved pawprint and the words, “You are pawsome.” They’re comfy, waterproof, and lots of fun.

Finger Puppets With Paw Patrol Characters

Finger Puppets With Paw Patrol Characters

Finger Puppets With Paw Patrol Characters

These mini finger puppets are super cute and kids will love playing with them to act out their favorite Paw Patrol stories. The set comes with 10 puppets, including Zuma, Skye, Rubble, Chase, and Marshall. You can give them out as a set or break them up to include a puppet with other goodies in a loot bag. There’s also another set available that features the same pups as above, plus Tracker, Everest, Ryder, and Sweetie. The puppets are waterproof, so kids can use them in the bath for some bath time story action.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do Paw Patrol characters go to birthday parties?

You likely can find several party entertainment companies that have Paw Patrol characters available. But look for names like Rescue Pup or similar aliases. If you don’t have a company near you, nearby ones might be willing to come for an added travel fee. If you do plan to hire entertainment, call ahead at least six months before to get a good idea of how much notice the company needs for booking. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 or more depending on how many characters and how long you want them at the party.

What ages are best for a Paw Patrol birthday?

Paw Patrol is geared more toward kids between two and four, but there are a few five and six-year-olds that still love the show. Take a cue from your child. If they still love Paw Patrol and want it to be their party theme, then go for it. But if they don’t specifically ask for a theme and they’re over four, it’s probably best to choose another option since some kids might consider it more for “little kids.”

What are good color schemes for a Paw Patrol party?

The primary colors you’ll see for a Paw Patrol party are red, blue, and yellow. These primary colors make up the main logo and elements of the show. So lots of the decorations available for the theme will showcase these colors along with white. However, depending on your kid’s favorite pup, you might go with more of a green and gray color scheme (if they love Rocky) or a pink and white color scheme for Skye.

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