At some point, it seems like every little kid has a collection of monster truck toys they love to race, wreck, and crash. Lots of kids are fascinated with the whole monster truck world, including the live stunt shows and competitions. There are even cartoons, like Blaze and the Monster Machines, that focus on a world where monster trucks are alive with their own personalities and amazing abilities.

All of this sounds pretty cool, so it’s easy to see why lots of kids would want a monster truck birthday party. Imagine bringing the thrill of the monster truck arena to your child’s special celebration with festive decorations, food, favors, and games.

Will you throw a Monster Jam extravaganza or a Hot Wheels Monster Truck experience? Or perhaps you’ll highlight your kid’s favorite truck, like Gravedigger or Tiger Shark. No matter what revs your engine, these ideas for a monster truck birthday party are a great way to start your planning.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Finding a fantastic invitation for your monster truck birthday party has never been easier. Nowadays, you can design and create a unique, colorful invitation specific to your theme on your laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. Making your own digital invites makes it a breeze to send invitations via email, text, or event postings. Or you can download and print them at home or even send them to a local photo place to print them for you. If you’re not sure about your design skills, there are plenty of people willing to do it for you.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Invitations

Monster Truck Birthday Party Invitations

Monster Truck Birthday Party Invitations

Etsy is a top-notch place to find customizable invitations that match your theme and make a statement. Tons of sellers showcase various designs and styles, including multiple options for monster truck birthday invitations, like this one from DigitalTemplaterHD. No matter what your party focus is, there’s an invite to match. You can download and plug in your info; some sellers will handle the customizing for you, or even opt for video invites if you plan to send everything digitally.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

Does your kid imagine recreating a monster truck stunt course in the backyard for their birthday? Maybe they can’t wait to set up 3D truck décor to add lots of excitement to the main party room. Whether keeping things subtle or going all-out, monster truck decorations and supplies will help you bring your party vision to life. Scoop up tableware, balloons, backdrops, and more in tons of colors to create the ultimate monster truck vibe at your kid’s birthday.

Monster Truck Party Supplies Pack

Monster Truck Party Supplies Pack

Monster Truck Party Supplies Pack

How great would it be if you could get everything you need to set the stage for an awesome Monster Truck party in one convenient place? Well, you can do exactly that with a mega party supplies pack like this one. It comes with 152 pieces, including 16 large and small plates, cups, napkins, and utensils. You also get 15 brightly colored latex balloons, two large checkered balloons, and a fun foil monster truck balloon. Other decorations to help make your party a success are a banner, tablecloth, and cake topper, all reflecting the monster truck theme.

Monster Truck Backdrop

Monster Truck Backdrop

Monster Truck Backdrop

This five by three foot banner features three monster trucks performing daring stunts above a blazing fire in a packed monster dome. The stunning imagery is vibrant and realistic, creating the perfect backdrop for your cake table or making an exciting photo booth background. If five by three isn’t big enough for you, no problem. You have plenty of other sizes to choose from, including 7 x 5, 8 x 6, and a whopping 10 x 8. So no matter what size wall you’re trying to cover, this backdrop makes it easy to show off your monster truck theme.

Monster Truck Honeycomb Centerpieces

Monster Truck Honeycomb Centerpieces

Monster Truck Honeycomb Centerpieces

Add some vivid pops of color to your party tables with these bright honeycomb table top decorations. The honeycomb design makes it easy to set up the trucks in minutes. The set includes 6 different truck designs in yellow, purple, pink, red, blue, and green. They’re durable and measure 7.87 by 5.9 inches each. Place them on your cake table, food tables, entryway, or anywhere else you want to add more monster truck flair.

Monster Truck Balloons

Monster Truck Balloons

Monster Truck Balloons

Balloons are such an easy way to create a fun, playful atmosphere no matter what party theme you choose. These monster truck balloons are super colorful and showcase various trucks in 9 different styles. You get 36 balloons, each 12 inches, which you can hang on tables, tie to chairs, tie in trees for an outdoor party, and more. You can even hand them out to guests as an extra party favor.

Monster Truck Balloon Arch And Backdrop Set

Monster Truck Balloon Arch And Backdrop Set

Monster Truck Balloon Arch And Backdrop Set

Another fantastic way to make a huge impact in your party décor is with an extra-large balloon arch. It’s the perfect way to draw attention to your main focal point, which is usually the cake table or perhaps a photo station. The arch also makes a fantastic entryway piece, telling guests that the fun is about to start. It comes with a bunch of red, yellow, and black balloons, plus some checkered balloons and two large monster truck shaped ones. Also, you get a large monster truck banner that you can use with the arch or hang up separately.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Activities & Games

When you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party, that means lots of little guests are coming to the celebration. Parties should always provide some sort of entertainment, and when you’re talking about kids, it’s doubly essential to have something for them to do. You definitely don’t want a bunch of bored 8-year-olds (or toddlers!) on your hands. Therefore, plan some games and activities with a monster truck twist to keep guests engaged and the party moving smoothly. These ideas are a great way to add some fun to your birthday bash.

1. Pin The Wheel On The Monster Truck

Pin The Wheel On The Monster Truck

Image source: ANGOLIO

If you want a challenge, try to find a party theme that doesn’t have some type of pin-on game that goes with it. Even if one doesn’t already exist, you can almost always DIY a version that makes sense. For example, for this theme, it’s all about Pin the Wheel on the Monster Truck. You just need a poster with some trucks (missing a wheel of course), a blindfold, and some wheel stickers. Many games feature reusable stickers so you can play the game more than once.

2. Set Up A Monster Truck Course

Set Up A Monster Truck Course

Image source: Bedwina

If you’ve been to a monster truck show, you know that a big part of it is the various stunt courses the trucks run through. They usually perform tricks and have several obstacles they need to get around as they work toward the finish line. Set up an obstacle course in your yard for guests, and let them be monster trucks as they work their way through the course and perform various tricks and challenges. They’ll have a blast, and it’ll help them burn some energy too.

3. Pop A Wheelie Game

Pop A Wheelie Game

Image source: Parties with a Cause

Take some inspiration from a classic carnival game and set up some balloons on a board. Parties with a Cause encourages kids to Pop a Wheelie. Give kids darts to toss and try to pop the balloons (for older kids). If you have toddlers, you might want to skip the darts. Instead, you can adjust the game a bit and turn it into a version of “Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Ground.” Get balloons in any color you wish, use a Sharpie to draw wheels on them, and your game is ready to go.

4. Monster Truck Bowling

Monster Truck Bowling

Image source: Simple, Practical, Beautiful

Here’s a fun party game from Simple, Practical, Beautiful. Set up some boxes, use bowling pins from a toy bowling set, or any other lightweight objects you can find. Let kids take turns rolling a large monster truck to see how many objects they can knock down. You can also set up a toddler slide as a starting ramp to get the trucks going. It’s tons of fun, and kids will have a blast watching the trucks crash and bash. It’s up to you if you want to keep score or just let everyone play for fun.

5. Design A Monster Truck

Design A Monster Truck

Image source: Wizzley

For a more low-key monster-truck party activity, set up a craft station like Wizzley with some colors, paints, and other materials. Let kids design their own monster truck masterpieces. Alternatively, instead of drawing, set up play-doh for sculpting trucks or get some mini LEGO monster truck kits for a build station. These are great ways to add a calmer activity into the mix or as a backup for an outdoor party that suddenly needs to move inside because of weather, etc.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Monster Truck Birthday Party

Have you ever gone to a party and ended up wanting to leave early because you’re hungry? If there’s no food or drinks, guests are likely to duck out as soon as they get the chance. It’s customary (and smart) to provide your party guests with a few food options, including a main dish and some snacks, and something to drink. This doesn’t mean you have to plan an elaborate menu, but a few fun options are sure to go a long way. If you need some appetizing inspiration, check out these tasty and creative ideas for monster truck Party food.

1. Monster Truck Fruit Tray

Monster Truck Fruit Tray

Image source: Desert Chica

Fruit is likely one of the only healthy foods that kids will eagerly eat and go back for more. Add in some mini marshmallows, and you have a snack tray that kids and adults will appreciate. Desert Chica arranges strawberries, oranges, and grapes (all popular fruit picks for kids) into a vibrant, edible monster truck. Mini marshmallows add sweet details, and the whole thing provides an impressive healthy treat for a monster truck theme.

2. Dip Sticks

Dip Sticks

Image source: Playroom Chronicles

Mix up sweet and salty flavors with a monster truck twist using this fun idea from Playroom Chronicles. Chocolate-covered pretzels instantly become dipsticks with the addition of a creative name tag. Often, using your imagination to come up with clever names for your snacks is all you need to instantly turn almost anything into a food or drink that works with your theme. Pretzel sticks are easy to eat as you mingle and play, or you can wrap them up and give them to your guests as party favors.

3. Chocolate Donut Spare Tires

Chocolate Donut Spare Tires

Image source: Jeni Ro Designs

Kids are always looking for something sweet on the food table, so don’t disappoint them. Jeni Ro Designs gets clever with simple chocolate donuts. Pile them up in a fun way, like loaded up on the back of a monster truck or on a “Pit Crew” tray. You can also use fun labels to add an extra touch. Other treats that can become spare tires are chocolate-covered Oreos, fudge stripe cookies, and similarly shaped treats.

4. Corn Dog Hand Tools

Corn Dog Hand Tools

Image source: Parties with a Cause

Parties with a Cause serves a popular kid favorite, corn dogs, and simply refers to them as hand tools to fit the truck theme. These meals on a stick are a great option for a kid’s party since they’re easy to eat without a lot of hassle. Serve some condiments alongside, and feel free to give them some clever names as well, like WD-40, lubricant, etc. For extra effect, serve the corn dogs and sides in a toolbox.

5. Coolant


Image source: Pinterest

Not sure how to match a drink to a monster truck party? It’s easy! You can label it with any type of car or truck words you can think of. This bright green soda goes in a dispenser labeled Coolant. It’s a great color choice for a monster truck theme, especially if Gravedigger is the main focus. You can also set up a refueling station with options for Diesel or Gas or Motor Oil, etc.

Monster Truck Birthday Cake Ideas

You can have lots of fun choosing a cake for your kid’s monster truck birthday party. Go with a crumbly chocolate cookie coating over chocolate cake to recreate the arena’s dirt track. Or build a 3D monster truck confection. Whether you bake your own masterpiece or hire someone to make your design a reality, the options are endless. If you prefer to keep things simple, opt for a colorful monster truck cake topper or use some of your kid’s favorite monster trucks on top of a store-bought cake.

1. Monster Truck Cake Toppers

Monster Truck Cake Toppers

Image source: Cake Supply Shop Celebrations

Using cake toppers is an excellent way to turn an otherwise simple cake into a perfectly-themed creation with minimal effort. If you’re a baker, but not so much a cake artist, then a monster truck cake topper set can be a great way to save some money in your party budget. Bake a delicious cake, use chocolate frosting to represent the dirt of the monster dome and place your toppers to create the scene.

2. Colorful Monster Truck Tiered Cake

Colorful Monster Truck Tiered Cake

Image source: Hayley Cakes and Cookies

If you have a bit more wiggle room in your budget and plan to have a large guest list, a tiered cake is a great choice. It provides plenty of cake and allows for all sorts of wow factors. Hayley Cakes and Cookies creates a stunning monster truck cake in bright primary colors. The large base is a giant wheel, and other monster truck elements decorate the rest of the design. Sitting atop the cake is a Blaze action figure, but you can use any figure you desire. Or have the cake creator design something unique out of fondant or modeling chocolate.

3. Monster Dome Cake

Monster Dome Cake

Image source: Life Anchored

When you think about it, a monster truck cake is the perfect theme for getting away with a messy cake. It can be all dirt, crumbs, and mashed-up deliciousness. Life Anchored shows off an off-centered tiered cake that creates levels for traveling monster trucks. The trucks appear to be rushing around the layers as they crush cars and throw dirt up on their tires. (Yummy crumbled cookie dirt, of course.) This one is a relatively easy option if you already have some baking skills and want to make the cake yourself.

4. Pull-Apart Monster Truck Cake

Pull-Apart Monster Truck Cake

Image source: Cake Central

You can’t go wrong with a pull-apart cake. Kids love cupcakes, and it makes it super easy to give everyone their share within a few seconds. Cake Central designs a large monster truck pull-apart cake using a mix of regular-sized and mini cupcakes. Arrange the cupcakes according to your preferred design and pipe on frosting using a star tip for the dotted effect. The bright red cake board makes the truck really stand out, and you can accessorize the look with some toy cars or checkered flags.

5. 3D Monster Truck Cake

3D Monster Truck Cake

Image source: Jessica Harris Cake Design

Jessica Harris Cake Design shows off an incredibly impressive 3D monster truck cake. A 3D cake is undoubtedly super fun if you can pull it off. But if you don’t have the necessary skills, there are plenty of talented cake artists that are willing to create one for you. But here’s a secret! Under this tasty-looking truck is a lot of rice krispies! Here, they use the truck as a giant topper. But you can also opt to have a larger 3D truck where the truck is actually made of cake. In other words, you have plenty of options, so let your imagination run wild.

Party Favors For A Monster Truck Birthday

Send your guests off with a smile when you give them a fun monster truck-themed party favor as a special souvenir. Whether it’s a homemade treat, a DIY gift, or a bag full of goodies, kids love getting surprises. Plus, it makes saying goodbye and ending the festivities so much easier when your guests get to take home a piece of the party. You don’t have to sweat figuring out the perfect favor. We’ve got you covered with these monster truck treats and trinkets that are sure to make everyone happy.

Monster Truck Party Gift Bags

Monster Truck Party Gift Bags

Monster Truck Party Gift Bags

Fill these vibrant monster truck gift bags with stickers, candy, bracelets, toy trucks, and any other trinkets you like. They’re durable and hold lots of fun goodies. Kids will have a blast opening their grab bags and discovering all of the surprises inside after the party. The set comes with 16 bags featuring four different colors and styles. Line them up on a table as people leave the celebration to give everyone a colorful farewell.

Monster Truck Toys

Monster Truck Toys

Monster Truck Toys

When kids go to a birthday party; usually it’s the birthday kid that gets all the toys. But this time, it’s the guests’ turn to get in on the toy action. What kid wouldn’t love to get a toy when they go to a birthday party? These friction-powered mini monster trucks are sure to delight your young guests. There are 6 trucks to a pack, featuring bright orange, purple, green, blue, red, and pink designs.

Monster Truck Party Favors Kit

Monster Truck Party Favors Kit

Monster Truck Party Favors Kit

Too many choices out there for party favors? Not sure which ones to pick? Well, the perfect solution is to offer your guests a variety. This monster truck-themed party favor pack is a great way to give kids a little bit of everything, including bracelets, keychains, sticker sheets, and more. There are even mini monster trucks in the pack. Altogether the set includes 110 individual pieces to mix and match as you see fit.

Squiggly Monster Truck Straws

Squiggly Monster Truck Straws

Squiggly Monster Truck Straws

A popular party favor for kids of all ages is a squiggly straw. What can we say? There’s just something about these twisty, reusable straws that gets kids excited. The best part is you can use them at the party for your beverages and simply tell kids to take them home as a special memento. They come in five different styles with colors that pop, including purple, yellow, blue, green, and red. And you get 25 straws in one pack.

Monster Truck Self-Inking Stamps

Monster Truck Self-Inking Stamps

Monster Truck Self-Inking Stamps

Give guests a favor that will help them leave their mark, literally, with these self-inking stamps. Kids can use the stamps to make fun designs, add details to their favorite monster truck drawings, and more. You can even use them to decorate plain paper goody bags or tablecloths. The stamps come in bright, vivid colors, and the self-inking design means there’s no need for messy ink pads. The pack includes 24 stamps, featuring 12 fun monster truck designs, like trucks, checkered flags, and traffic cones.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How much should you budget for a Monster Truck party?

If you plan to throw the party at home, on average, parents spend about $400 on their kid’s birthday party. But that number can vary depending on how elaborate you plan to make the celebration. If you’re sticking with simple decorations and activities, a few food items, the cake, and perhaps planning to DIY some items, $400 can do the trick. But if you want to order custom décor and a custom cake and are planning on catering the party, the cost will rise. The best option is to be realistic with what you’re willing to spend, then plan your party to fit that magic number.

Are Monster Jam and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks the same?

Once upon a time, Hot Wheels produced Monster Jam trucks. However, in 2018, toy company Spin Master took over the Monster Jam line, and Hot Wheels started its own series of monster trucks. Therefore, when you’re looking up nearby monster truck shows, you’ll see Monster Jam and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live — two different shows. Although for your kid’s party, this might not matter; it could. For example, if your kid’s obsessed with Grave Digger or Alien Invasion, those are Monster Jam trucks. But if they love Bigfoot🄬 or Tiger Shark, those are from the Hot Wheels franchise.

How long does it take to plan a Monster Truck birthday party?

No matter what theme you choose for your kid’s party, it’s worth starting to plan a couple of months ahead. However, you don’t need to start doing the bulk of the work until a few weeks before (like buying your decorations and ordering food). For example, you want to decide on your theme, colors, and time and location at least two months before the party. This gives you plenty of time to design and order invitations so you can send them out a few weeks before the big day. If you plan to hire any professionals (decorators, entertainment, cake), contact them about six months before your party month to get an idea of how much notice they need.

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