Toy cars, trucks, and other vehicles are popular with kids of all ages. Hot Wheels are a particular favorite, going back generations and serving as hot (no pun intended) collector’s items, even for adults. If your kid loves to line up their Hot Wheels, color code them, race them, and play with them, then they’d also love to have a Hot Wheels birthday party.

You’ll find ready-made decorations featuring the Hot Wheels logo, cars, and other imagery. Or you can get creative and put together some DIY décor or even use toy cars and trucks to create your party atmosphere. There are also tons of ideas for food, invitations, party favors, games, and more.

So if a Hot Wheels birthday party is on your horizon, then look no further. We’ve rounded up top ideas for everything you need to throw a super Hot Wheels birthday party that’s sure to get everyone revved up and ready to celebrate.

Hot Wheels Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Sending out invitations is always exciting because you’re finally making all of your plans turn into something more real. Once those invites go out, the guests know all about your upcoming event and can start getting ready to party. Your invitations should spell out the logistics, like time and place. They should also give a hint as to what your party theme and color scheme is, and if there’s anything special guests should know about.

Hot Wheels Invitations On Etsy

Hot Wheels Invitations On Etsy

Hot Wheels Invitations On Etsy

It’s a breeze these days to find excellent invitations for pretty much any theme you can imagine. A quick peek on Etsy will lead you to bunches of customizable LEGO Invitations, like this one from Maknesa. Purchase a design you can download instantly and edit yourself, or look for sellers that will handle the customization for you. There are also animated and video options available if you choose to go 100% digital.

Hot Wheels Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

When it comes to planning a party, don’t skip out on creating the right environment. Every party gets a boost when you add festive decorations to elevate your theme and amplify the celebratory vibe. Whether hanging balloons and banners or creating colorful tablescapes, prepping your party space with some Hot Wheels décor is a breeze when you see all the different available options. Check out these fabulous pieces to flex your party design muscles.

Hot Wheels Party Backdrop

Hot Wheels Party Backdrop

Hot Wheels Party Backdrop

Leave no doubt in your guests’ minds where the main attraction of the party is by using this large Hot Wheels backdrop. It features bright colors that give it a vibrancy unlike any other, with racing action that gives off an energetic vibe. The backdrop is 73.2 by 43.2 inches, so it’s able to cover a large area and make a statement. Use it behind the cake table or as a cool photo booth scene.

Hot Wheels Balloons

Hot Wheels Balloons

Hot Wheels Balloons

You can’t throw a party without balloons (well, you can, but it’s not nearly as fun). Kids will love seeing these cool Hot Wheels balloons flying high at the party. Tie them onto chairs and tables, hang them over doorways or in trees, or create a fabulous balloon bouquet on the cake table. The set comes with five large foil balloons, three showing off Hot Wheels vehicles, and two stars, one blue and one red.

Hot Wheels Party Supplies Pack

Hot Wheels Party Supplies Pack

Hot Wheels Party Supplies Pack

If you don’t know about spending tons and tons of time and money on your party setup, then consider getting an all-in-one party pack for your decorations. Not only is this a cost-effective way to gather a lot of basics, but it’s also a lot simpler. In one purchase, you can get banners, cake toppers, and more. This set comes with a colorful birthday banner, tablecloth, 20 latex balloons, 12 cupcake toppers, and a cake topper.

Hot Wheels Tableware

Hot Wheels Tableware

Hot Wheels Tableware

Once you hang up all your party pack decorations, check off the rest of your supply list with a tableware pack featuring your Hot Wheels theme. This set comes with everything you need for 16 guests. It has napkins, cups, plates, and a colorful tablecloth. It also comes with 24 birthday candles. Another option for your tableware is to go with solid colors that match your palette if you prefer to not have your theme on every item.

Hot Wheels Door Décor

Hot Wheels Door Décor

Hot Wheels Door Décor

Tell everyone where the party is with these large, bright door hangers. The banners hang vertically, making them perfect to place on either side of your party’s entry door. The pack comes with two signs, each featuring five different vehicles. It also comes with two rolls of ribbon, so you have everything you need to hang them on your porch, flanking a doorway, or anywhere else you need to add some Hot Wheels flair.

Hot Wheels Birthday Party Activities & Games

Every time you need to plan a kid’s party, it’s essential to organize a few games and activities to keep everyone occupied and entertained. You definitely don’t want a bunch of bored kids on your hands; that’s when things get a little chaotic. So plan a variety of activities, preferably some high-energy and some a little more low-key. Your guests will stay engaged, have fun, and wonder what comes next.

1. Hot Wheels Piñata

Hot Wheels Piñata

Image source: Umagine

A piñata is always a fun party game, and it’s also one that’s been around for ages. This classic activity is easy to do; you just fill the piñata, hang it, then let kids take turns trying to bust it open. You can also use a pull-string piñata, which is great if the weather keeps things inside or you’re working with a lot of little kids. A Hot Wheels piñata is a great way to match this party game to your theme, and you can find various options online or in party supply stores.

2. Host Hot Wheels Races

Host Hot Wheels Races

Image source: Hot Wheels Store

If your kid’s into Hot Wheels, they might already have this race track set at home. If not, it could make an amazing birthday gift that you can use as a party game. Set it up, hand out a car to every guest, and let the races begin. (You can even let the cars double as party favors). Let the birthday kid launch the cars, and the track will tell you which lane is the winner. If you have lots of guests, hold multiple rounds, with the winners from each round facing off until you have one grand champion.

3. Tire Toss Game

Tire Toss Game

Image source: Party Loves

Give the classic bean bag toss game a Hot Wheels twist using inflatable tires like Party Loves. Or use the real thing if you have some old tires hanging around (you could even paint them if you want the colorful look shown here). Label each tire with various point scores depending on how far away they are from the toss line. Let kids take turns throwing a ball or bean bag and keep track of the points so you can name a winner.

4. Design A Car Sticker Sheets

Design A Car Sticker Sheets


When you plan a kid’s party, it’s a wise idea to have a couple of activity stations set up that can be flexible and ongoing throughout the party. Kids can visit these areas when they’re in between your main attractions or waiting for a turn, etc. A craft or art station is a popular option, and it also helps keep things calmer than if everyone was simply running around aimlessly. These race car stickers allow kids to design their own vehicles using an assortment of different decals. You could also provide pre printed car outlines and various arts and crafts supplies for kids to use to design their vehicles.

5. Make DIY Car Frames

Make DIY Car Frames

Image source: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Spaceships and Laser Beams also sets up an art station that enables kids to create their own car frames using actual toy cars. This is a great way to recycle all of those old Hot Wheels you have lying around that your kid doesn’t want anymore. You can also find cheap cars at the dollar store, thrift stores, or ask around to friends and family for any vehicles to spare. You can get the frames at craft stores or also check out thrift shops. Set everything out on a covered table with some glue and let kids choose their cars and start creating.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Hot Wheels Birthday Party

Everybody tends to gravitate to the food table at a party. Munching on nibbles like chips and fruit is a favorite for many, and it’s always nice to give your guests something to eat. You never want people leaving the festivities early because of rumbling tummies. Serve at least one main food item, a couple of snacks, and a beverage or two to round out your party menu.

1. Race Car Sandwiches

Race Car Sandwiches

Image source: Me and B Make Tea

Me and B Make Tea serves some tasty sandwiches to guests to help keep them satisfied and in the party mood. But these aren’t just any ordinary finger sandwiches. They’re mini race cars, and they’re just as delicious as they are cute. Plus, as a bonus, kids also get to eat some veggies. Make sandwiches of your choice, cut them into rectangles, and use a couple of toothpicks through the bottom to add the wheels. You can use cucumber or carrot slices, tomato slices, etc.

2. Stop Light Rice Krispy Treats

Stop Light Rice Krispy Treats

Image source: Catch My Party

Rice Krispy treats are a super popular kid’s snack, and they’re ooey-gooey and yummy as can be. They’re also really easy to make, so it’s a great way to whip up a favorite snack and save some money. Catch My Party turns simple Rice Krispy treats into traffic lights using M&Ms to match the car theme. Another option is to use a car-shaped cookie cutter to cut out fun shapes for your treats.

3. Fruit Race Cars

Fruit Race Cars

Image source: Renee’s Soirees

A healthy snack option is always a welcome sight on your party’s food table. Renee’s Soirees jazzes up a fruit platter by using apple slices and grapes to create tiny fruit race cars. Kids will get a kick out of how these tasty snacks look and won’t be able to resist eating them. To make this snack even more amazing, serve the fruity cars on a platter that resembles a race track and mix in some toy Hot Wheels cars.

4. Chocolate Car Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Car Covered Pretzels

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Chocolate-covered pretzels are a trendy and delicious party snack that blends sweet and salty flavors into one tasty snack. They’re also a snap to match any theme because you can simply use different colored chocolate melts to make your sweet coating. Kara’s Party Ideas takes it one step further with molded chocolate cars in the Hot Wheels colors. You can find chocolate molds at party supply stores in the baking aisle, so with one slight adjustment, you can create an awesome snack.

5. Hot Wheels Bottle Wraps

Hot Wheels Bottle Wraps

Image source: SHALOLY

An easy way to create a beverage to match your party theme is to go with the right color. You can always whip up a punch that matches your main party hue. Or simply use a colorful drink like Kool-Aid for the same effect. But if you’d rather not have brightly colored beverages at a kid’s party (we get it, stains) go with water bottles. They’re easy, everyone can stay hydrated, and you don’t need any cups. Then use Hot Wheels bottle wrap stickers to instantly match a basic bottle to your party theme.

Hot Wheels Birthday Cake Ideas

Everybody can’t wait to see what the birthday cake looks like when they go to a party. Typically, the cake shows off the party theme, whether it’s subtle or extravagant. Your cake decisions certainly give you an opportunity to create a show-stopping centerpiece and make a statement. But you can also keep things simple with a DIY number and themed topper. Not sure which direction to take your main confection? Check out these ideas for Hot Wheels birthday cakes to find your inspiration.

1. Hot Wheels Cake Topper

Hot Wheels Cake Topper

Image source: Paige Party Supplier

It doesn’t matter if you go with a huge, custom creation or a simple DIY cake…when you use a themed cake topper you can instantly transform your birthday cake into one that matches your party vibe. It’s easy to do and offers you some options since there are typically several styles available. You can also use cupcake toppers to tie your different treats together. Look for cake toppers that go with a Hot Wheels theme online or at party shops to make designing your birthday cake a snap.

2. Hot Wheels Age Cake

Hot Wheels Age Cake

Image source: Sarah’s Sweets and Treats

Sarah’s Sweets and Treats combines a colorful Hot Wheels cake and the birthday kid’s age into one delicious-looking birthday showstopper with this clever cake. The checkered sides resemble racing flags, and the birthday kid’s name is front and center inside the Hot Wheels logo. The green grass trim is a clever way to add color and highlight the race track. A few toy cars add the perfect finishing touches. You can create this cake for any age to match the guest of honor.

3. Bright Blue And Checkered Cake

Bright Blue And Checkered Cake

Image source: The Many Little Joys

If you have some baking and cake decorating skills, this cake from The Many Little Joys could be an excellent option. It’s creative and undeniably Hot Wheels and uses some simple fondant work and a coupe of toy cars to make a statement. You can also hand over the idea to a cake artist if you want to concentrate on other things or prefer them to add even more details and flair. The orange and bright blue are classic colors for a Hot Wheels party, and the black and white checkered pattern is another popular element for this theme.

4. Hot Wheels Track Cake

Hot Wheels Track Cake

Image source: Cake Central

This cake recreates a Hot Wheels race track using orange fondant over a wire base to make the shape. Cake Central does a great job using vibrant colors that really pop and catch the eye. Toy cars are easy toppers, and fun details abound on this festive cake. You can adjust it as needed to fit the number of guests. Cupcake toppers with racing flags also provide an easy way to add some extra details to the cake.

5. Hot Wheels Pull-Apart Cake

Hot Wheels Pull-Apart Cake

Image source: Justin New

After the entertainment and party activities, the grand finale is serving the birthday cake. By now, kids are super excited and eager to taste the anticipated treat, so why not make serving the cake a breeze with cupcakes? Justin New shows off a super vivid Hot Wheels pull-apart cake with vibrant yellows, oranges, blues, and greens. Toy cars race around the Hot Wheels logo, leaving a trail of smoke (white frosting). Other options for a pull-apart cake are recreating a car or making the birthday kid’s age with cupcakes. Frost the number to look like a race track and add a few cars to finish the look.

Party Favors For A Hot Wheels Birthday

After the party is over, it’s always hard to say goodbye and end the fun. If your guests are sad to leave, it’s a sign they had a great time. Keep the farewells light by passing out some fun Hot Wheels themed favors. Hand out DIY goodies or loot bags full of mini cars, notebooks, stickers, candy, and more. If you need a few ideas to get your gears turning, check out these options.

Squiggly Car Straws

Squiggly Car Straws

Squiggly Car Straws

You can add these squiggly straws to your party beverages as an extra twist and let kids take them home as a favor. Or you can simply add them to a goody bag full of treasures. They’re reusable, colorful, and a whole lot of fun. The set includes 24 straws in six designs, including bright yellow, pink, red, blue, green, and orange. They add tons of flair to your party favor table and are sure to leave guests smiling.

Hot Wheels Mystery Cars And Tattoos

Hot Wheels Mystery Cars And Tattoos

Hot Wheels Mystery Cars And Tattoos

What better way to help kids remember your amazing Hot Wheels party than with a new toy car? These mystery packs add an extra layer of fun to your party favors since kids get a special surprise when they open the pack. The set comes with 10 individually wrapped cars, each unique and hidden until someone rips open the package. Plus, you get 50 tattoos that you can divide between guests or use as piñata fillers.

Party Favors Hot Wheels Pack

Party Favors Hot Wheels Pack

Party Favors Hot Wheels Pack

If you don’t know what party favors to give your guests, go with a no-brainer like this Hot Wheels variety pack. It comes with all sorts of fun trinkets, all showing off Hot Wheels pictures and colors. The set comes with 8 mini tops, 8 maze puzzles, 8 prism viewers, 8 checkered flags, 8 flying discs, and 8 racing licenses. You can assemble all of the goodies into loot bags or boxes and hand them out to guests as they leave the party.

Fast Car Bracelet Packs

Fast Car Bracelet Packs

Fast Car Bracelet Packs

Silicone bracelets are comfortable, colorful, and a popular item when it comes to kid’s party favors. Many kids love to collect the bands, and they make it easy to match your Hot Wheels theme. These bands feature a variety of colors and fun car-related phrases, like “Ready, Set, Go,” and “Let’s Go Racing.” Slap bracelets are another popular pick. Kids love to do tricks with them and mix and match various designs. This set comes with 48 bracelets (24 slap-on ones and 24 silicone ones).

Hot Wheels Loot Bags

Hot Wheels Loot Bags

Hot Wheels Loot Bags

Goody bags are a popular way to assemble party favors, and kids love to get a grab bag full of surprises. Lot bags also make it a breeze to match any favor you want to your party theme since you can find bags with images and colors that match your theme. This set of Hot Wheels goody bags comes with 8 bags that are an ample size to hold all sorts of treats. They feature a bunch of different Hot Wheels vehicles on a bright blue background.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What are good colors for a Hot Wheels party?

Some of the most popular colors for Hot Wheels parties are bright blue, red, yellow, and orange. The first three colors come straight from the Hot Wheels logo, and the orange comes from the iconic Hot Wheels tracks. If you shop for ready-made decorations and other supplies, you’ll find these colors on most options. Of course, when you look at the various vehicles, they come in all sorts of colors, so if you want to do something out of the box, plan your party design around the colors of your kid’s favorite Hot Wheels.

What is the intended age range for Hot Wheels?

Hot Wheels sells toys for three-year-olds and older and has more advanced items for eight and up. But even teens and adults will collect the cars. As for birthdays, the most popular age range for a Hot Wheels party is between five and ten. You can certainly plan a celebration for kids younger and older, but kids in the above age range are the ones likely specifically asking for a Hot Wheel birthday.

How much does a Hot Wheels birthday party cost?

On average, parents spend roughly $400 on a birthday party they hold at home for about 15 kids. This number covers basic decorations like downloadable invitations, favors, some simple food options, the cake, and activities. But if you decide to get a few menu items catered, hire entertainment, go with an elaborate custom cake, or all of the above, the price can easily reach $600, $800, or more. Also, the more people you plan to invite, the more you’ll spend.

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