If your kid’s into Minecraft, then you’re no doubt familiar with the sandbox-style adventure game that provides as much of a social aspect as it does a video game experience. Kids build objects within a virtual world, construct places, and imagine more as they explore and navigate various game locations. And if they’re in multiplayer mode, players can communicate and play with friends, whether they’re in another room or another state.

The game has risen rapidly in popularity over the past several years, triggering an avalanche of merchandise. Stores are full of Minecraft swords, costumes, LEGOs, toy figures, books, and clothing featuring images and phrases from the game. If your son or daughter is a fan, then a Minecraft birthday party is likely in your future.

Popular color schemes for Minecraft parties are usually various shades of green, brown, and black. Then you can add various other pops of color depending on which characters or objects you want to highlight in your party décor. Talk with your kid if you’re unsure which direction to go. The odds are good that they know Minecraft inside and out and have plenty of ideas to offer. You can also check out this list of Minecraft party ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

After you pick your party theme and decide when you’re having the celebration, it’s time to write out your guest list. When you get ready to send invitations, it’s typical to use your party theme and colors in the design. Minecraft is a popular party idea, so you can find lots of options, including ready-made invites you need to fill out yourself. But it’s a lot easier (and more common these days) to design invitations on your computer and send them digitally. You can also purchase downloadable birthday invitations that you can customize and print.

Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations

Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations

Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations

If you decide to go with a digital invitation or custom design, check out Etsy. The online marketplace features hundreds of invitation styles, including video and animated options. This Minecraft invitation from DigitalSvgInvitation is one of many showcasing the video game theme. If you’re not confident in your editing skills, look for sellers who offer to handle the customization for you. Then all you need to do is download the final product and send it to your guests in any format you wish.

Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

Celebrate your child’s birthday in pixelated style with Minecraft-inspired décor ranging from balloons to tableware. Keep things simple with a few key pieces, or go all out with festive items that cover the walls from ceiling to floor. You might decide to create some DIY party pieces, order a few custom masterpieces, or purchase colorful party supplies online. However you decide to dress up your event, you can start getting some ideas for Minecraft décor right here.

Minecraft Party Supply Pack

Minecraft Party Supply Pack

Minecraft Party Supply Pack

Planning a party for kids (and the mere thought of tons of children in your house) is enough to send many parents into a cold sweat. There are a lot of things to consider, so any opportunity you have to simplify and be more efficient is always a bonus. Party packs make it easy to get what you need for your party basics. This set has all sorts of goodies to get your Minecraft groove on, including napkins, cups, plates, utensils, balloons, a banner, and a tablecloth. It even comes with 16 silicone Minecraft bracelets you can use as party favors.

Minecraft Cupcake Stand

Minecraft Cupcake Stand

Minecraft Cupcake Stand

Even if you don’t plan to serve cupcakes at your party, you can use this sturdy Minecraft cupcake stand to display other treats, décor items, or hold your party favors. It has three tiers that are durable and easy to assemble and take apart. So you can reuse it or pass it along to another friend planning a Minecraft celebration. The stand holds 24 standard cupcakes and showcases classic scenes and images from the video game.

Minecraft Balloon Pack

Minecraft Balloon Pack

Minecraft Balloon Pack

There’s something about balloons that scream party. Kids love balloons, so these Minecraft latex ones are the perfect addition to your kid’s party. You can use them for decorations, give them out with your favors, or scatter them around so they can double as a fun activity. You get 30 12-inch balloons featuring various Minecraft characters and images and the words “Happy Birthday.” The colors are green, black, red, blue, and white, making them fit with a variety of Minecraft color schemes.

Minecraft Table Centerpieces

Minecraft Table Centerpieces

Minecraft Table Centerpieces

Parties tend to have a lot of different tables. There’s a table for snacks, one for the cake, perhaps a place for people to sit and eat, and a table for party favors or gifts. Colorful tablecloths can help dress up a table, but if you want to add some real Minecraft style, try out these honeycomb centerpieces. The set comes with 7 decorations, each featuring a bright base and pixelated design.

Hanging Minecraft Decorations

Hanging Minecraft Decorations

Hanging Minecraft Decorations

Kids will feel like they’re walking through the world of Minecraft with these hanging symbols from the game. Swords, treasure chests, pigs, creepers, gold bars, hearts, and more make you feel like you’ve jumped into your screen. The set comes with 30 swirls that you can easily hang anywhere you want to add some colorful pops of Minecraft fun. Suspend the images from ceilings, doorways, under party tents, in the trees, or on your front porch to welcome guests.

Minecraft Birthday Party Activities & Games

Yes, Minecraft is a game. But unless you’re throwing a party for your kid and just one or two friends, don’t expect them to just play Minecraft the whole time. Remember, just because your kid’s obsessed with the game doesn’t mean every guest is. Therefore, make sure to plan a variety of activities that keep everyone enthralled and having fun. You can give the games a Minecraft twist to match the party theme.

1. Pin The Tail On The Pig

Pin The Tail On The Pig

Image source: Silly Goose Gifts

One of the common features within the Minecraft world are the cute little pink pigs that roam around various pastures. Pigs provide rides to characters and tasty pork chops, and at your party, they can also provide a fun-filled game. Turn a classic party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, into Pin the Tail on the Pig. Kids take turns trying to pin the squiggly pigtails onto the poster while blindfolded. For some added fun, have a few prizes for the kids that come the closest.

2. Minecraft LEGO Station

Minecraft LEGO Station

Image source: LEGO

Here’s an activity the kids are sure to love. Since Minecraft is all about virtual building, set up a real building station with some Minecraft LEGOs. Pick up a few packs and let kids work in teams or simply spread out any type of LEGOs, so kids can imagine their own brick masterpieces. Take pictures of the masterpieces, have your own version of LEGO Masters, or just let kids kick back and build to their heart’s content.

3. Make Minecraft Slime

Make Minecraft Slime

Image source: I Heart Arts and Crafts

If you want to get a little ooey-gooey and scientific, have kids make some green Minecraft slime like I Heart Arts and Crafts. The fluffy slime recipe is super fun to play with, providing a great sensory experience. Make mason jars ahead of time with some cutouts for the creeper face so kids can take home a specialized Minecraft memento. You can also add little mini figures in the slime as an extra surprise.

4. DIY Minecraft Swords

DIY Minecraft Swords

Image source: Create Play Travel

If you had to pick one item from Minecraft that’s the most recognizable, many players would likely say the sword. Create Play Travel sets up a sword-making station at their party, so kids can create their own swords to use for some imaginative play and have as a DIY party favor. You can have kids make the actual sword. Or make the swords ahead of time and let kids color, paint, and decorate their own.

5. Minecraft Piñata

Minecraft Piñata

Image source: Crafty Mama in Me

A long-time popular party activity is hanging up a piñata full of goodies for kids to bust or break. You can opt for a pull-string version if you need a bit of a calmer approach or blindfold kids and let them take a good swing. Look for some Minecraft-themed piñatas online or at party stores, or make your own, like Crafty Mama in Me. Fill it with candy, stickers, tattoos, bracelets, keychains, and any other trinkets you want. Pass out bags to everyone after the surprises spill out so they can scoop up their treasures.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Minecraft Birthday Party

Fill your food table with yummy snacks and bites that feature a Minecraft edge, even if it’s just by adding a clever label. Serve guests a main item like pizza or sandwiches, then fill in the gaps with a couple of snacks. A good rule of thumb is something sweet, something salty, and bonus points for a healthy option, like fruits or veggies. Round out your menu with some drinks, and your guests will appreciate that they can eat and drink during the fun.

1. Minecraft Cupcakes

Minecraft Cupcakes

Image source: POP Parties Inc

You can whip up an instant Minecraft treat with some sweet cupcakes piled high with bright green frosting. Then use some Minecraft cupcake liners and toppers to add the finishing touch. Super simple. You don’t even have to bake the cupcakes. Buy a premade batch at a local bakery and simply add some green frosting on top. It’s a great way to add an extra sweet treat to your food table without a lot of effort.

2. TNT Twizzlers

TNT Twizzlers

Image source: Jennifer Maker

Kids love candy, so you can’t go wrong adding some to your food spread. These candy snacks from Jennifer Maker are the perfect nibble for a Minecraft menu, and they’re super easy to make. Or you can use them as a fun party favor. You just put a few Twizzlers together and wrap them in a customized printable. Suddenly, you have a creative party snack because Twizzlers have become the TNT blocks from the game world.

3. Minecraft Inspired Pizza

Minecraft Inspired Pizza

Image source: Catch My Party

Pizza is a kid’s party classic when it comes to food. Catch My Party creates an easy Minecraft-style pizza by strategically placing a few squares of pepperoni. Now, you’ve instantly transformed your cheese pizza into the iconic creeper. You can either make a few large pizzas or give kids a personal pizza with some pepperoni slices so they can create their own unique creeper faces. No matter how you slice it, this is one party food that’s sure to satisfy hungry guests.

4. Minecraft Fruit Platter

Minecraft Fruit Platter

Image source: BabeJo Baker

Parents always appreciate a few healthy options on a party table, especially when the kids are likely shoveling down sugar and sweets. Luckily, a lot of kids also love fruits like pineapple, berries, and grapes. You can strategically arrange some cut fruit in the shape of the Minecraft sword like BabeJo Baker. Other options are to make the Creeper face or a Minecraft heart, etc. Serve alongside some tasty whipped fruit dip and a creative name label to make it just right.

5. Minecraft Creeper Punch

Minecraft Creeper Punch

Image source: Totally the Bomb

Totally the Bomb makes a green Creeper punch that almost looks like it’s glowing. You just need Sprite, lime sherbet, and some lemon-lime Kool-Aid drink mix. Mix up the Sprite and Kool-Aid, then serve guests a couple of scoops of sherbert in a fun Minecraft prepped glass or cup. You can use black cutouts to make the Creeper face on the glass. Pour the Sprite mixture over the top to create a tasty punch.

Minecraft Birthday Cake Ideas

Ask the birthday kid what they’d love to see on their cake. It could point you in the right direction since you’ll find lots of options for Minecraft birthday cakes. You might choose a layered masterpiece, a simple sheet cake with fun Minecraft toppers, or an easy pull-apart cake. This list is a good starting point, and you can determine if there’s something you want to attempt to make yourself or if you want to order a custom confection.

1. Minecraft Tiered Cake

Minecraft Tiered Cake

Image source: Katy’s Kitchen

A tiered cake is a fun way to make a statement at your kid’s birthday because you can do all sorts of things with it. With a few tweaks in how you decorate it or the colors you use, you can turn the same cake into a ton of different creations. Katy’s Kitchen shows off a two-tier cake with the creeper on the bottom and a TNT block on the top (making the perfect spot for the birthday candle). Serve it on a cake platter decked out to represent a ground square in the Minecraft world for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Easy Minecraft Cake Topper

Easy Minecraft Cake Topper

Image source: Cikisaa

You don’t have to break the bank on a custom cake for your kid’s birthday. A Minecraft cake topper can turn any cake into one that matches your theme. Bake a simple cake, decorate it with green frosting, and add some Minecraft touches, then place your topper of choice. If you’re the crafty type, you could even make a DIY topper if you have a particular design in mind. Otherwise, you can find lots of styles and options at party supply stores or online.

3. Minecraft Grass Block Cake

Minecraft Grass Block Cake

Image source: Eating on a Dime

If you love to bake, this could be an easy DIY birthday cake for you to make for the celebration. Eating on a Dime makes a giant cube cake to represent a grass block from Minecraft. Pile up a few layers and start frosting. If you want some extra flair on the cake, you can adorn the top with some Minecraft figures or use a cake topper. Ask your kids to be the final judge of what you should add.

4. Pink Minecraft Cake

Pink Minecraft Cake

Image source: Rose Bakes

Rose Bakes puts together a Minecraft cake for a young girl using classic Minecraft imagery but adding some light pink. Atop the cake is a game controller, also in pink. Let your daughter choose which parts of the game she loves the most so you can feature them on the cake. It might be the TNT and pigs, or she might want to cover the cake with Minecraft pixelated fruit, hearts, and treasure chests.

5. Pull-Apart Sword Cake

Pull-Apart Sword Cake

Image source: Mum Turned Mom

This pull-apart cake from Mum Turned Mom gives a unique look to the traditional cupcake creation. Using a brownie cutter pan, you can get the square shapes you need to make it look like the classic Minecraft swords. It almost looks like the sword is made out of actual pixels (except really yummy ones). Color it any way you want, serve it on a fun Minecraft-inspired tray, and then it’s all up to the kids. They just grab, eat, and go.

Party Favors For A Minecraft Birthday

Although it’s not mandatory to have party favors, these days, they’re often expected. But that doesn’t mean you need to put together elaborate gifts for your guests. Even a simple trinket or themed cup with a personal thank you attached shows guests you appreciate them. Sometimes, if part of your party activities involves making a craft, the final project can double as a favor. After all, you provided all of the supplies and assistance in making the items.

Minecraft Pixel Sunglasses

Minecraft Pixel Sunglasses

Minecraft Pixel Sunglasses

Your guests will be styling with these fun Minecraft shades in bright green and blue. You get 12 pairs in the set, and they make the perfect addition to a party favor bag. Or, pass them to kids as they arrive so they can wear them during the party. They’ll have a blast posing for pics. Plus, they provide UV protection and are durable, so kids will have some sunglasses to use when they’re out and about during the day.

Mini Minecraft Notebooks

Mini Minecraft Notebooks

Mini Minecraft Notebooks

Mini notebooks are a fun party favor because they give kids something they can use. Kids can write down ideas, create stories, draw pictures, and more. The pixelated covers are the right look for a Minecraft party, and the colors keep things bright and vibrant. One set includes 48 mini notebooks in blue, green, yellow, and red. Pair them up with some Minecraft pencils or coloring kits.

Self-Inking Minecraft Stamps

Self-Inking Minecraft Stamps

Self-Inking Minecraft Stamps

Add these stamps to a larger treat box or goody bag or mix them up with some coloring kits, pencils, and crayons to create some Minecraft art kits. The self-inking style means you don’t need to deal with separate ink pads, keeping things a lot neater and easier. The set of stamps includes 24 pieces with various designs and vivid colors. Some of the images you’ll get are the Minecraft sword, heart, TNT, creeper, potion bottle, and fruits and veggies.

Minecraft Treat Boxes

Minecraft Treat Boxes

Minecraft Treat Boxes

Sometimes, you just can’t make up your mind about what to give your guests. When in doubt about your party favors, go with themed treat boxes or goody bags. These Minecraft boxes showcase some highlights from the virtual world and can hold an assortment of fun goodies and trinkets. The set comes with 24 boxes in six different designs, all in bright colors. Load them up with a few surprises or bake some cookies, and add a personalized thank you note.

Pixelated Minecraft Wristbands

Pixelated Minecraft Wristbands

Pixelated Minecraft Wristbands

Ever notice how kids seemed to be obsessed with those silicone wristbands? Maybe your child has a collection of all sorts of bands from school, sports, other parties, their favorite movie, etc. It’s something a lot of kids like to collect. So giving out Minecraft bracelets at your kid’s birthday party makes sense. You get 24 bands that you can pass out to friends, add to a goody bag, or use as piñata fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Is Minecraft a good birthday party theme for a girl?

Lots of girls play Minecraft, so there’s no reason your daughter can’t have an amazing Minecraft party. You’ll even find some Minecraft party supplies in pink and various other colors. Minecraft is typically a theme older kids pick. In other words, your child will tell you if they want the game as their party vibe. So if your daughter is team Minecraft, then go for it. Let her help with organizing and choosing décor and other features, so you know things are matching her vision.

What are the best ages for a Minecraft birthday?

Minecraft is typically best for older kids, around 7 or 8 and above. This range is generally the recommended age for playing the game, so more children in this age group will request and appreciate the theme. But there are always exceptions. For example, your three-year-old knows about the game because his big brother plays it. He loves the way the pixelated images look. He might ask for a Minecraft party, but keep in mind that most of his friends likely won’t be as familiar.

What’s the best way to plan a Minecraft party?

First things first, you need to decide when your party is going to be, then you choose your theme. Once you’re set on a Minecraft theme, it’s all about nailing down the main points. Where, what, when, and who. Will you host the party at your house or rent a place? Plan activities and crafts or hire entertainment? Make the food and cake or order them? The more outside help you plan to use, the sooner you need to make decisions and check with vendors. Send invitations out about two to three weeks ahead, and enlist some help to assist you with setting up, decorating, and cleaning up after the party.

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