Are you sitting here trying to figure out how your son or daughter is already turning six? Time goes by so fast that it can be hard to imagine that this day is already here. Now you’re planning a party for your soon-to-be 6-year-old and trying to figure out how you’re going to entertain and impress a bunch of young, growing kids.

Luckily, the kids will likely have a blast simply being with their friends, eating tasty food, and playing some games. But, you need to know what food you should serve and what types of activities are good for a bunch of mostly kindergarteners and first graders.

You’ve come to the right place because we tracked down some of the best ideas for themes, food, party favors, and games. Even better? We put them all here in one convenient place so you can take your party planning into hyperspeed and have things figured out in no time.

6th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Boys

Bugs, Batman, and birds, oh my! These are just a few of the themes you’ll find on this list of awesome birthday party ideas for 6-year-old boys. There are tons of ways you can put on a memorable party for your son when he’s turning 6. Whether it’s his favorite character, a hobby he enjoys, or his latest movie craze, ideas are everywhere.

1. Six O’Clock Movie

Six O'Clock Movie

Image source: Stayful

You can host a movie night, take kids to the movies and finish up at your house with cake and games, or just use the movies as your theme. Stayful creates an entertaining atmosphere with décor reminiscent of a movie theater, popcorn, film reels, and more. You can celebrate by watching movies or making them, which is especially fun if your kid’s a movie buff. Play some movie trivia and charades to pass the time.

2. Scooby Doo And The Mystery Gang

Scooby Doo And The Mystery Gang

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

Hostess with the Mostess shows off a groovy Scooby party featuring everyone’s favorite Great Dane and mystery-solving team of pals. The colors are bright and happy, and the characters are ones everyone knows, adults included. Decorate with images from the Scooby-Doo cartoons and movies, magnifying glasses, shoe prints, and the Mystery Machine. You can also throw in some of the more famous villains from the series and serve “Scooby Snacks” in inexpensive bone-shaped dishes or dog bowls from the dollar store.

3. Let’s Get Buggy

Let’s Get Buggy

Image source: Amy Atlas

Does your son love to spend tons of time outside searching for creepy crawly critters? If he’s into bugs and insects, then fashion a party after this one from Amy Atlas. Decorate with various fake bugs, go on a bug hunt, make bugs at an arts and crafts station, and give out bug antenna party favors. Make quirky snacks like cricket cookies, bug juice, spider web fudge, beetle burgers, and other insect-inspired names.

4. LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman

Image source: Pinterest

Here’s the perfect theme for Batman fans and LEGO junkies. This Pinterest party showcases the Dark Knight in his LEGO glory, with decorations and snacks to match. You can find party supplies featuring the hero, mix it up with LEGO creations, and even set up a build station for guests to make their own LEGO masterpieces. Use bright colors like yellows, reds, blues, purples, and greens, and throw in some other famous characters like Joker and Penguin.

5. Lightyear


Image source: Amazon

Your sons have likely already seen the new movie Lightyear, which gives some backstory on the famous Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear. It’s bound to be a favorite of your son’s a fan of Buzz or outer space, and it’s also a lot of fun with some comical characters and scenes. You can find party gear on Amazon to put on the ultimate party, whether all-out Buzz or outer space, rocket, and more.

6. Tyrannosaurus Six

Tyrannosaurus Six

Image source: Parties with a Cause

Parties with a Cause celebrates a birthday with something tons of young boys go crazy over — dinosaurs. And the ultimate king of the dinos, Tyrannosaurus Rex, takes center stage with a name change. Your active Tyrannosaurus Six-year-old can stomp and roar to his heart’s content with dino-themed décor, games, and treats. Hand out fossil eggs that kids can break up to find a surprise inside, or you can organize a dino dig activity.

7. Minecraft


Image source: Our Life is Beautiful

Minecraft is a popular 3D building video game that gives players the opportunity to build pretty much anything you can imagine. It’s spawned toys, costumes, and even a series of LEGOs. Our Life is Beautiful centers a birthday around the Minecraft world, with familiar images from the game. Square paper plates in black and various shades of green make a cost-effective, really cool backdrop. Paired with clever drink names and pixelated food labels, it sets the stage for Minecraft fun.

8. Monster Truck Mayhem

Monster Truck Mayhem

Image source: Nestling Designs at Home

If the majority of your son’s toys are Hot Wheels, monster trucks, Monster Jam memorabilia, and other vehicles, then check out this party from Nestling Designs at Home. Black and white checkered tablecloths and other decorations, bright greens, and purple create a cool color palette. You can give out toy vehicles as favors, let kids run a monster truck obstacle course, and set up a ramp for truck races.

9. Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles

Image source: Betty Crocker

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been entertaining kids for decades, and new movies and shows have introduced these heroes on the half shell to a new generation.  Betty Crocker shows off some ideas to create a tubular turtle party, complete with turtle cake pops, décor, and lots more. And, of course, you can’t have a ninja turtle party without the Turtles’ favorite food, pizza. You can use toppings to create turtle faces on your pizza pie.

10. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Image source: Ashlee Marie

The silly birds with attitude from the popular game Angry Birds become the stars of this party from Ashlee Marie. Put the birds’ faces on cookies, cake pops, and décor, use a fuzzy green blanket for the main tablecloth, and decorate paper lanterns like some of the iconic birds. It’s a great theme to set up a colorful, bright palette with vivid reds, blues, greens, and reds.

11. Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

Image source: Pizzazzerie

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the incredible Mr. Willy Wonka make the perfect birthday party theme. It’s all about chocolate, candy, and whimsical fun. Pizzazzerie pulls out all the stops with a bright purple backdrop, tempting treats, and a chocolate fountain reminiscent of the legendary factory’s chocolate waterfall. Set up a candy bar, let kids decorate cupcakes, and pass out chocolate bars that hide a lucky golden ticket. Or send out golden tickets as your invitations.

12. Soccer Star

Soccer Star

Image source: Simone Made It

If you have a budding athlete on your hands or he just loves playing soccer, let his birthday party show off his love of the game. Simone Made It uses green, black, and white as the color scheme, letting it stir up images of soccer fields and more. A soccer ball cake and snacks with fun names round out the menu. Kids can take things outside and do soccer drills or play a game as part of the party activities.

13. Pokémon Party

Pokémon Party

Image source: Made It, Ate It, Loved It

You can gather up lots of Pokémon décor, balloons, and banners like Made It, Ate It, Loved It to put on the ultimate Pokémon Party for your son. Send out invites that say “I Choose You!” hand out Pokémon card packs, and play Dodgeball using a large ball painted like a poke ball. Use lots of red, white, black, yellow, and some blue to bring in some Ash. You can also play Pokémon trivia or have Pokémon cartoons running in the background.

14. District 6 Police

District 6 Police

Image source: Amazon

Young kids are fascinated with rescue vehicles; fire trucks, ambulances, and police officers are always a favorite. Put on a police themed party with a name that relates it to your son’s age, like District 6 Police. You can use police car décor, sirens, police badges, hats, handcuffs, and more. Check out party supplies or Amazon for banners, balloons, tableware, and other fun supplies that can help you create an immersive theme.

15. Nautical Fun

Nautical Fun

Image source: Michelle’s Party Plan-It

Set sail for some birthday fun on the high seas with a nautical-themed party like this one from Michelle’s Party Plan-It. Red, white, and blue is a perfect color story, with blue making most of the backdrop to represent the open sea. Mesh fabric creates the look of a fishing net, and a giant anchor makes the perfect centerpiece. You can also decorate with a ship’s wheel, life preservers, lighthouses, fish, and other nautical items.

16. Super Six Celebration

Super Six Celebration

Image source: Anders Ruff

Here’s a super party idea from Anders Ruff, with classic hero décor, symbols, a city skyline, and capes and masks for all. Let your birthday boy design his own unique hero symbol to wear throughout the party. You can incorporate some of your son’s favorite heroes or keep things more general. Invite guests to show up as the hero they admire the most and play fun games like capture the flag or laser maze. (String a lot of streamers across a hallway for kids to try and make their way through.)

17. Mario And Friends

Mario And Friends

Image source: Birthday in a Box

Check out this party from Birthday in a Box that features one of Nintendo’s most popular characters, Mario. You can showcase Mario and other iconic characters from various Mario games. Decorate with question blocks, toadstools, green pipes, go-karts, or any of your favorite things from the classic franchise. You can set up a video game station for kids to take turns playing as others do different activities, like making a craft or playing party games. Like this idea? Check out some more Super Mario Brothers birthday party inspiration here!

18. The Big Six

The Big Six

Image source: Love of Family and Home

If your son’s a baseball fan, use one of the sport’s legends, Christy Mathewson, as inspiration for a baseball party. Christy’s nickname was The Big Six, so it’s a perfect way to turn a sports-themed party, like this one from Love of Family and Home, into a birthday bash for your six-year-old. You can go with a contemporary or vintage flair, using pinstripe decorations, baseballs, pennant flags, and more. Serve classic arena favorites like hot dogs and nachos and play some Wiffle ball or softball outside.

19. Pick Six

Pick Six

Image source: Pinterest

Not baseball fans? No problem, you can celebrate with any sport. And if football is more your cup of tea, put on a Pick Six birthday with football flair like this one on Pinterest. Use yellow referee flags, team banners, footballs, whistles, and more for some fun, themed decorations. You can also use the colors of your favorite football team and their logo to make things a bit more personal.

20. Space Jam

Space Jam

Image source: Alejandra

We’ve covered soccer, baseball, and football, but what if your son’s heart is in basketball? With the recent reboot of Space Jam featuring LeBron James, basketball became even more popular with kids. So you can do a Space Jam birthday like Alejandra, with images and décor showcasing the film. Or just keep it basketball only. Or put a unique twist on things and make it outer space and basketball in one with some space-themed decorations thrown into the mix.

6th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Girls

You don’t have to look too far when you’re searching for a great theme for your daughter’s 6th birthday. You’ll find hints just by thinking about what she enjoys doing, the shows she watches, or even places she likes to go. Or you can just scroll down for our top picks.

1. Shopkins


Image source: Vernon Volumes

These tiny toys became a huge hit with young girls in recent years, perhaps because they’re so cute or fun to collect. If your daughter’s a fan of Shopkins, why not style her entire birthday after the little playthings, like Vernon Volumes? It certainly makes for a festive and colorful scheme, and you can even give out Shopkins as party favors or invite guests to bring their Shopkins for a swap.

2. American Girl

American Girl

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Another mega hit in the toy world recently is the American Doll franchise. You can get a doll created especially for your daughter that looks like her and even reflects her own interests and personality.  If she’s all about her American Girl, you can center her whole birthday around the famous dolls, like Kara’s Party Ideas. Or, for a twist on the theme, go with red, white, and blue and opt for a USA-inspired event.

3. Unicorn Spa Day

Unicorn Spa Day

Image source: See Vanessa Craft

Unicorns never go out of style, but you can put a big girl spin on this tried-and-true theme by making it a spa day like See Vanessa Craft. Set up a nail salon, do face masks, let girls style each other’s hair, and have an array of fancy costumes and other wardrobe selections. After girls get pampered, turn up the music and let the mirror ball shine. They can select an outfit for a birthday fashion show.

4. Target


Image source: Romper

Okay, this may seem like an unusual birthday, but if your kid loves shopping at Target (or any other store), don’t be surprised if they request a birthday paying homage to their favorite place to shop. Romper pulls out all the stops for a Target-themed party, with a red and white color palette and the Target logo everywhere. Balloons, banners, and other classic party decorations are all you need to set the mood. Set up a play store to let guests engage in imaginative play.

5. Sweet 6

Sweet 6

Image source: I Watch Them Grow

She’s not 16 yet, so you have some time before she turns Sweet 16, so for now, celebrate her Sweet 6 with a candy theme, like I Watch Them Grow. You can set up a “sweet shoppe” with all sorts of treats, like donuts, ice cream, cupcakes, and a candy bar with bags so kids can take home some of their favorite goodies. Use pastels and colorful décor featuring images of sweet treats to add to the candy shop vibe.

6. Simply Six

Simply Six

Image source: Winter Daisy

If you prefer to keep things simple, subtle, and sweet, you should definitely find inspiration in this charming party by Winter Daisy. Using a primarily white background with natural greenery and flowers as decorations, they present an elegant and sophisticated view of a 6-year-old’s party. You could also use this idea as the perfect setting for a tea party. Use tiered serving trays and beautiful teapots to serve pink lemonade, finger sandwiches, small cookies, and fruit.

7. 1960s Celebration

1960s Celebration

Image source: Grey Grey Designs

Take guests on a time travel expedition back to the groovy 1960s with a party like this one from Grey Grey Designs. Celebrate your flower child in style with bright colors, daisies, smiley faces, peace signs, and other 60’s icons. You can play music from the era, have a dance contest, and make tie-dye crafts. Invite guests to dress in costumes that reflect the 1960s and pass out hippie sunglasses or peace sign necklaces as party favors.

8. Barbie Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia

Image source: Pinterest

Barbie has endured for decades and has worn many hats over the years, from a doctor to an Olympic athlete and more. She definitely lets girls know they’re capable of great things, but she also has a magical side, apparent in her Dreamtopia line. This Pinterest party uses this side of Barbie, including mermaids, unicorns, and princesses, to create a fantasy-inspired party with vivid colors and lots of sparkle. If you want some more Barbie birthday party inspiration, head over here!

9. Six Ways To Sundae

Six Ways To Sundae

Image source: Dirty Dishes Messy Kisses

One way to come up with a birthday party theme is to put a spin on a classic phrase. Six Ways To Sunday, besides being a famous movie, means to get something done no matter what or try everything you can to accomplish a goal. It’s a great message to teach your kids, but at 6, keep it light with a play on words. Sunday becomes Sundae, and you can have an ice cream theme like Dirty Dishes Messy Kisses.

10. Princesses And Pirates

Princesses And Pirates

Image source: Food Equals Happy Me

Food Equals Happy Me takes pirates and princesses and puts them together into one fantastic party. It’s a great idea if your daughter really wants princesses, but you plan to have boys in attendance too. Let kids come as pirates and princesses and have accessories at the ready so that everyone can get in on the action. These accessories can also double as fun party favors. You can have a treasure hunt, play Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate, and have a jewelry-making station to create tiaras and bedazzled pirate swords.

11. Ballerina Ball

Ballerina Ball

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Put on your best tutu for this ballerina ball idea from Kara’s Party Ideas. You can use images of basket slippers, roses, and ballerinas, and decorate with soft colors and lots of tulle and fresh flowers. It’s an elegant way to celebrate your daughter’s sixth birthday. Have tutus and tiaras for guests to wear or take home as favors. This is another great theme to incorporate into a charming tea party, maybe calling it a Tutu Tea at the Ballerina Ball.

12. Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug

Image source: Amazon

Ladybug is an all-new character to the superhero scene, hailing originally from France. If your daughter hasn’t discovered this television show yet, on Netflix and now on Disney+, it’s definitely worth a watch. It’s a fun storyline, has some memorable characters, including Ladybug’s partner Cat Noir, and teaches some worthwhile lessons to young viewers. You can find décor featuring characters from the show on Amazon or use red and black polka dot decorations as the main backdrop.

13. Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Magic

Image source: Jennifer Maune

Want to put on a party that’s as colorful as can be? Then Jennifer Maune has all the inspiration you need with this bright and beautiful rainbow-inspired birthday party celebration. Your color palette couldn’t be easier — you can use any color of the rainbow, plus lots of sparkles, rainbow pictures and piñatas, and fluffy white clouds. Bring your multi-colored scheme into every aspect of the party, including the food, with vibrant macaroons, sprinkles, and a rainbow of fresh fruit.

14. Six In Space

Six In Space

Image source: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Does your daughter dream of exploring the great beyond and outer reaches of the galaxy? Let her celebrate her out-of-this-world dreams with a spectacular space-themed party. The Keeper of the Cheerios uses vibrant purples, blues, and silver against a black backdrop to create a beautiful galaxy setting. Silver moons and stars add an elegant touch, and you can carry these colors onto the cake with a shiny mirror glaze. Hang stars and planets from the ceiling for an added 3D effect.

15. Encanto Party

Encanto Party

Image source: I Made It, I Ate It, I Love It

I Made It, I Ate It, I Love It put together an absolutely stunning and immersive birthday party featuring the Disney mega-hit, Encanto. It’s a popular film that has won over adults and children with its important message, beautiful animation, and incredible music. You can bring all of this to life at your daughter’s 6th birthday with paper flowers, piñatas, paper lanterns, LED candles, and bright colors. Play music from the film, host a sing-a-long, paint colorful flowers, and have a movie showing.

16. LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends

Image source: Cakes Decor

The LEGO Friends series caters to girls with its bright colors, female characters, pets, and various settings like the pet shop, bakery, and café. If your daughter loves LEGOs, then the odds are high she’s discovered the Friends collection and has maybe even already built a few pieces. Cakes Decor puts on a birthday party that showcases this collection, and you can use your LEGO creations as decorations, set up a build station for guests, and give out mini build kits as favors.

17. Scientific Six

Scientific Six

Image source: Catch My Party

We absolutely can’t get enough of this super vibrant science birthday from Catch My Party. Oversized images of beakers, microscopes, and more set the stage against a vivid backdrop of purples, reds, greens, and more. You can create a special potion (ice cream punch) for guests, serve science-themed snacks (like chemistry cookies shaped like test tubes), and more. You can even look into local event pros in your area that bring age-appropriate science experiments to you.

18. Woodland Fairy Party

Woodland Fairy Party

Image source: Inspired by This

If your daughter wants a bit more fantasy for her birthday, check out this whimsical and charming outdoor party from Inspired by This. The woodland fairy theme is perfect in this beautiful outdoor setting, but you could do it equally well in a lovely garden space. Or simply hang some flowy decorations and fresh flowers in your backyard. Set up your tables tea party style and have fairy wings and sparkles for all of your guests.

19. L.O.L Surprise

L.O.L Surprise

Image source: Everything Sweet

The L.O.L. Surprise line of toys makes for an extra colorful birthday bash, and it’s even more perfect if you’re throwing your daughter a surprise party. Everything Sweet uses bright pink, purple, and aqua color scheme, which comes straight from the toy’s packaging. Carry the colors throughout your decorations, food, and tableware, and decorate with the L.O.L dolls. Give out mini grab bags full of various surprises as part favors so guests won’t know what to expect.

20. Turning Six With Snow And Glitz

Turning Six With Snow And Glitz

Image source: Creative Juice

Frozen is a popular birthday theme for young girls, whether they’re two or six, but by six, you’ll want to give it a bit more elegant spin. So add extra sparkle and glitz like Creative Juice, with a beautiful turquoise, white, and silver color scheme and sophisticated decorations. The cake is simple white with lots of silver sparkle, and guests can wear tiaras and princess dresses. Beautiful paper fans and circles with glittering emblems and Elsa’s silhouettes make a huge statement but are easy to do.

6th Birthday Party Games & Activities For Boys & Girls

The average kid’s party lasts for about two to three hours, and you’ll want to have more plans than cake and ice cream. To keep kids engaged and having fun, make sure to prep a few games and activities or hire a pro to tell stories, do magic, or organize a craft activity.

1. Balloon Race

Balloon Race

Image source: Magriet Otter

Blow up some balloons and set up a balloon race, like Magriet Otter. Kids place the balloon between their legs and try to walk or run to the finish line without dropping or popping it. It’s hysterical to watch and fun to play. Make sure to have lots of spare balloons to replace ones that go boom.

2. The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava

Image source: Amazon

Who hasn’t imagined the floor is lava and tried to jump across various things without touching it? It’s even become a tv show. It’s also a game that provides stepping stones and a spinner to play the ultimate game of lava floor. To really make kids giggle, have the adults play a round too.

3. Jewelry Making Station

Jewelry Making Station

Image source: Beading Buds

If you’re hosting a princess party, Barbie, spa or glam theme, or a similar idea, then a jewelry-making station, like this one from Beading Buds is a no-brainer. Kids can create necklaces or bracelets using various supplies, and their accessories can also double as their party favors.

4. Guess How Many In The Jar

Guess How Many In The Jar

Image source: Resident Events

Here’s a popular party game from Resident Events. Fill a large jar with candy and have guests guess how many pieces are inside the container. The person with the closest guess wins a prize. After the game, you can dump the candy into a bowl for guests to munch on and enjoy.

5. Indoor Bowling

Indoor Bowling

Image source: Playground Professionals

Playground Professionals reminds us that classic indoor games can become fantastic party activities, like indoor bowling. Kids will have a blast testing their skills and enjoying some healthy competition as they try to knock down the pins. You can usually find different styles of the game too, like bug bowling, monster bowling, etc.

6. Puzzle Hunt

Puzzle Hunt

Image source: Amazon

Find a giant floor puzzle that works with your party theme and turn it into a fun and interactive activity at the birthday party. Hide different pieces throughout the space and have kids go on a puzzle hunt. Once they find all the pieces, they work together to complete the puzzle.

7. Animal Guests

Animal Guests

Image source: kali9

If you’re having a woodland theme, zoo or jungle party, or a general celebration, hiring a company that brings a petting zoo to you can be a success. Kids will love to interact with the different animals and learn about them, and you don’t have to worry about setting anything up.

8. How Low Can You Go?

How Low Can You Go?

Image source:

Classic party games are a great way to pass the time at lots of events. A kid’s party is the perfect place to set up several games and let your guests rotate through the action. Limbo lets kids see how low they can go, whether with a purchased game or you can just use a broom or long stick. You can also play games like pin the tail on the donkey, bean bag toss, and Simon Says.

9. Build A Bug

Build A Bug

Image source: The Art Dream

The Art Dream shows how to create cute bugs and insects out of different easy-to-find materials. It’s a great craft for an insect party, but you can take the same idea and use it for multiple themes. The idea is to have an art-and-crafts table set up where kids can gather to make a pre-planned craft or item.

10. Hired Entertainment

Hired Entertainment

Image source: Mordolff

If you don’t want to think about the entertainment and activity side of things, hire a pro. You can find party companies that provide themed characters, like princesses and action heroes. Or you can hire a magician, clown, face painter, storyteller, musician, and other performers that can provide entertainment at the party.

Food & Drink Ideas For 6th Birthday Party

Whether serving simple finger foods, satisfying sweets, or refreshing drinks, you always need an appetizing menu for a party. You can keep it simple and order a few pizzas, or go all out with themed treats that will delight all kinds of taste buds. These are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza Pinwheels

Image source: Jen Around the World

Everyone expects to find pizza at a kid’s party, but these pizza pinwheels from Jen Around the World are a pleasant surprise. Kids and adults can pop a few without having to slow down the playtime fun. If you’re trying to stick to all finger foods, these are a great way to keep pizza on the menu.

2. Chicken Nugget Sliders

Chicken Nugget Sliders

Image source: A Mom’s Take

Move over burger sliders; here comes a chicken nugget version from A Mom’s Take. Mini buns with tomato, lettuce, some cheese, and a chicken nugget create the perfect little sandwich for party guests to enjoy. Make enough for each guest to at least be able to snag two or three.

3. Hot Dog Bites

Hot Dog Bites

Image source: Lil Luna

Instead of serving full-size hot dogs, Lil Luna creates some mini pigs in a blanket hot dog bites. It’s easy for kids to grab a few of these on their plate, take a nibble, and keep playing. Adults appreciate having some options of smaller bites, too, in case they prefer to mingle and walk around.

4. Cheesy Animal Crackers

Cheesy Animal Crackers

Image source: Hello, Wonderful

You can put out some bowls of goldfish crackers, or you can create your own cheesy animal bites like Hello, Wonderful. It puts a cute spin on a classic snack food, and kids will love seeing the different animals they end up with on their plates.

5. Cookie Fudge

Cookie Fudge

Image source: Something Swanky

Mix up some fudge with a twist like this Cookie Monster Fudge from Something Swanky. You can use different colors to work with your party scheme if blue isn’t a good fit. It’s two sweets in one, and it’s certainly a tasty addition to your dessert table.

6. Funny Fruit

Funny Fruit

Image source: Fork and Beans

Fruit is a great choice for a kid’s party. Lots of kids love to eat apples, strawberries, and other healthy fruits. But, you can make them a bit more enticing by presenting them in a fun way like Fork and Beans. Create funny faces, various shapes, or animal creatures in fruit form.

7. Cupcake Cones

Cupcake Cones

Image source: With Blonde Ambition

Get the look of ice cream without worrying about it melting with these tasty cupcake cones from With Blonde Ambition. They’re super fun to eat, and you can decorate them with any color frosting or sprinkles that work well with your theme. You can also use food coloring to change up the cake batter, so the inside of the cone is a colorful surprise.

8. Veggies And Dip

Veggies And Dip

Image source: Savory

Tired of getting kids to eat their veggies? You won’t have any trouble when you put together a vegetable and dip platter that looks like something fun, like this lion from Savory. You can make a superhero emblem, robot, monster, rocket ship, or anything else you can imagine.

9. Bug Juice

Bug Juice

Image source: Casa Sonrisa

Jazz up a lemonade or punch with some festive colors and props like this Bug Juice from Casa Sonrisa. It’s a creative way to make sure guests stay hydrated. You don’t have to call it Bug Juice; you can apply the same concept to your beverages of choice and give them any name and color you like.

10. Drinkable Dessert

Drinkable Dessert

Image source: Use Your Noodles

Use Your Noodles shows that desserts aren’t just for eating with these sweet-looking and great-tasting drinks. You can choose a recipe and colors that fit your theme. Or simply give your drinks a creative name that works well with your party scheme, like Purple Potion or Rocket Fuel.

6th Birthday Party Favors / Treat Bags

It’s always a struggle to get kids to leave a party. But the prospect of a fun party favor on the way out can help get them out of the door without lots of fuss. You can make DIY goodies, put together personalized treats, or keep it simple with store-bought trinkets and prizes. Attaching a thoughtful note to say thank you is always a nice touch but not necessary.

1. Lollipop Plants

Lollipop Plants

Image source: Pinterest

These cute and colorful treats are a great favor idea for a sweets theme, Willy Wonka, candy party, rainbow theme, and many more. You can even go a step further and personalize the flower pots. Or make decorating the planters an activity kids can do at the party.

2. Personalized Popcorn

Personalized Popcorn

Image source: Loving Life as a Lindeman

Loving Life as a Lindeman mixes up some colorful rainbow popcorn to add a personalized touch to these festive party favors. A snack to go is always an easy party favor that everyone can enjoy. You can create different colored popcorn to match your party colors and theme.

3. Wind-Up Toys

Wind-Up Toys

Image source: Amazon

You don’t have to be a baker or crafting guru to come up with great party favors. Kids will be just as happy to receive a fun and quirky trinket like these playful wind-up toys. You can find animal ones, fantasy creatures, or even chattering teeth and eyeballs.

4. Specialty Headbands

Specialty Headbands

Image source: At Home with Zan

Costume accessories are a popular party favor and a way for kids to really get immersed in the party theme. At Home with Zan uses shimmery unicorn horn headpieces for the perfect party theme match. But you can also do ball antennas for a space or bug party, construction hats, superhero masks, etc.

5. Art Buckets And Smocks

Art Buckets And Smocks

Image source: Catch My Party

Art parties have become a popular addition to the party scene for kids and adults. A Picasso party filled with painting or a paint splatter bash becomes complete when guests receive their own art smocks and artist kits like these on Catch My Party. They can continue creating long after the party’s over.

6. Popsicles To Go

Popsicles To Go

Image source: Pinterest

Are you throwing a summer birthday or a pool party? These classic popsicles make great mementos, especially since you don’t have to worry about freezing them first. Kids can take them home and pop them in their freezers to have a refreshingly cool snack on a hot day.

7. Age Cookies

Age Cookies

Image source: Baking Lab

These LEGO cookies from Baking Lab show off the birthday kid’s age and make a tasty thank you gift. Iced cookies are a timeless party favor, but if you’re not sure how to decorate them, you can showcase your kid’s age in honor of their special day.

8. Themed Bags

Themed Bags

Image source: Pinterest

Life gets busy, and it can undoubtedly get in the way of your party planning. If you’re on a tight schedule or need to round up some last-minute favors, grab some bags that match your theme. Fill them with candy, stickers, small toys, pre-packaged snacks, or other assorted goodies.

9. Toy Critters

Toy Critters

Image source: Amazon

Little animal or bug creatures are an excellent fit for lots of party themes, including jungle, farm, insects, zoo, and more. Kids love playing with them and can enjoy trading with other guests or creating some imaginative play scenarios using their newly acquired critters.

10. Surprise-Filled Water Bottles

Surprise-Filled Water Bottles

Image source: Little Blue’s Room

Nowadays, many kids need to bring water bottles to school, so giving them one as a favor is fun and functional. To make it extra sweet, you can fill the bottles with snacks, sweets, or other treats, like these bottles put together by Little Blue’s Room.

Birthday Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys & Girls

Planning a birthday party is a big endeavor, no doubt about it, but don’t forget to wrap up the perfect gift. Whether shopping for your own child or someone else, you want their present to be something they’ll remember (in a good way). If you’re searching for a gift for someone else’s child, you also need to make sure it passes the parent test.


Luckily, there are tons of options out there nowadays for enriching and entertaining kid’s toys. Plus, 6-year-olds can also benefit from things like sports gear, books, jewelry, bedroom décor, and more. But, one of the main problems with so many choices is — which one(s) do you choose?!


Don’t get overwhelmed by the boundless items overflowing off of toy aisle shelves. You can simply check out our 6 year old boy gift list here and our girls gift list here for some inspiration. We’ve rounded up all of the top picks for this year to make your shopping experience a lot easier — enjoy!

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