The hit film Frozen sparked a mega fan base that inevitably led to tons of little girls dreaming of Elsa and Anna coming to their birthday parties. But if inviting the ice queen and her sister to your kid’s party isn’t in the cards (or the budget), you can still throw an incredible Frozen birthday. Whether your child’s turning one, five, or even older, you can put different spins on this ice theme that make it suitable for many ages.

You can go with decorations that feature popular characters from the film, keeping things toddler friendly. Or go for a more sophisticated vibe with an elegant blue and silver color scheme and sparkling snowflakes. For a humorous twist, you might decide to center the celebration around everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf.

And characters like Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, and the trolls are great ways to tailor the theme for a young boy’s birthday. A Frozen birthday provides versatility when it comes to how you want to plan it, making it a viable option for many personalities. These ideas will inspire you to design the Frozen party that’s just right for you.

Frozen Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Nowadays, lots of people send digital invites to party guests, making it easy to spread the word and reach your family and friends. You can invite people through email, creating a Facebook event, texting, and other means. Of course, classic printed invitations are also still very much in style. But you won’t find too many store-bought options anymore because most folks design, download, and print invitations on their computers.


If you don’t have the time or creative bandwidth to design your invites, plenty of people will do it for you. Many artists have online businesses creating various downloadable items you can customize for your needs.

Frozen Invitations On Etsy

Frozen Invitations On Etsy

Frozen Invitations On Etsy

Etsy is a digital mecca of party invitations, featuring pretty much any theme you can imagine. Frozen birthday invitations are no exception, with thousands of results like this beauty from PrettyLittleInvite. You can choose from character invites, more subtle designs featuring snowflakes, or wintry images with a few Frozen touches. Some items are ready for instant download, and you can customize them to your liking and print them if desired. Other sellers will handle the customization for you and send it once you approve the finished product.

Frozen Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

Decorating for a party is one of the best parts because you can create any world and vibe you want. For a Frozen birthday party, highlight your child’s favorite character or feature them all. Character cutouts, backdrops, and balloons are great ways to incorporate various film favorites.


Or you can create a winter wonderland and use icicles, glistening snow, igloos, and similar items. Hang snowflakes from the ceiling, use fairy lights to add magical twinkling snow flurries, and mix in lots of sparkle for that Frozen touch.

Frozen Party Supplies Set

Frozen Party Supplies Set

Frozen Party Supplies Set

This party decoration set provides an incredible jumping-off point for your Frozen birthday party. It’s a great way to get all the basics in one place. The kit highlights Elsa, Anna, and Olaf and includes supplies to cover 16 guests. You’ll get one leakproof table cover, 16 9-inch plates, 16 7-inch plates, 16 napkins, 16 paper cups, a birthday banner, and an “It’s My Birthday!” pin. Blues, purples, and whites are the primary colors in the set, providing a colorful display.

Frozen Birthday Balloons

Frozen Birthday Balloons

Frozen Birthday Balloons

Balloons are a great way to add some fun flair to your party decorations. This set of 12 foil balloons helps paint the perfect picture for your child’s birthday, with snowflakes, popular characters, and the birthday star’s age. Letters spell out “Let It Go,” and shiny blues and silvers make a big impact. You can choose from ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. The large Olaf balloon is super fun, and Anna and Elsa also make an appearance.

Sparkling Hanging Snowflakes

Sparkling Hanging Snowflakes

Sparkling Hanging Snowflakes

Create a winter wonderland with sparkling hanging snowflakes throughout your party space. The blue-green, purple, and white flakes create a vivid display and glimmer in the light. There are 20 pieces in the set, and different snowflake designs add even more visual interest. Hang them from the ceiling, above your cake table, in doorways, and more to create a dazzling effect. The durable material also makes these decorations easy to reuse. Keep them for a future holiday, New Year’s party, or a friend’s upcoming Frozen-themed birthday.

Frozen Honeycomb Table Decorations

Frozen Honeycomb Table Decorations

Frozen Honeycomb Table Decorations

Add some Frozen flair to your party tables with easy-to-use honeycomb decorations. These classic table centerpieces feature Anna, Elsa, and Olaf in purple, white, and blue colors. You get one of each character, so three total in one set. Use them to add color and incorporate your theme on food tables and the cake table. Add them to your entryway to help set the stage as soon as guests walk in the front door. Each decoration measures about 4.7 by 7.9 inches, and you can set them up in a matter of minutes.

Garlands, Banners, And Pom-Poms With Frozen Color Scheme

Garlands, Banners, And Pom-Poms With Frozen Color Scheme

Garlands, Banners, And Pom-Poms With Frozen Color Scheme

When you choose a theme that involves a popular film and characters, sometimes it’s nice to mix and match your décor. In other words, instead of everything being obviously Frozen-related, use more versatile items as your main setting. This 30-piece set of pom-poms, banners, garlands, and more are ideal for a Frozen birthday party. The light blue, teal, purple, and silver colors are spot-on and offer just the right amount of sparkle. You can then layer in various characters or images from the film to achieve just the right amount of Frozen features.

Frozen Birthday Party Activities & Games

Planning a few activities for party guests is a must. Not only does it add entertainment options to your event, but it also helps keep kids occupied and engaged. You can have one main feature, like a bounce house that’s open during the whole party. Or choose a few games or crafts that go with your theme, and make sure to have everything you need ready before guests arrive. You’ll want to plan enough activities to fill at least ¾ of your party time. The rest of the time will go toward eating, singing happy birthday, having cake, etc.

1. Pin The Nose On Olaf

Pin The Nose On Olaf

Image source: Eazyco

How can you have a Frozen themed birthday without playing Pin the Nose on Olaf? It’s a no-brainer and easy to play for kids of all ages. You can buy a premade game like this or make one just as easily. All you need is a picture of Olaf, some carrot cut-outs, and a blindfold or scarf for the players. You could also put your own spin on it, like Feed Sven a Carrot, and use a picture of Sven instead.

2. Frozen Bean Bag Toss

Frozen Bean Bag Toss

Image source: GoSports

Playing bean bag toss is another popular party game, whether you go with a game of cornhole or a simple toss activity. You can buy a Frozen themed bean bag game that’s easy to set up and comes complete with eight bean bags. Each hole is worth a different amount of points, so keep track so you can declare the winners. Or, set up your own version with plastic buckets and call it a Snowball Toss.

3. Make Blizzards In A Jar

Make Blizzards In A Jar

Image source: The Country Chic Cottage

If a craft or art activity is more your style for a party, check out this easy-peasy sparkly idea from The Country Chic Cottage. Let kids make their very own blizzards in a jar with just a few basic supplies. If you’re on a budget, this is the craft for you. All you need is some blue tissue paper glitter, scissors, and small glass jars. (Start asking friends and family to save their baby food jars a couple of months before the party.)

4. Create DIY Play Snow

Create DIY Play Snow

Image source: Two Sisters

Here’s another fun DIY activity for your Frozen birthday party from Two Sisters. Kids can make play snow and create snowmen and other fun shapes. The perfect name for this activity is “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” You’ll need cornstarch and shaving cream, and some silver glitter to add that all-important sparkle. If you don’t want kids to make the snow, make it ahead of time and freeze it. Take it out a few hours before the party; the bonus — it will feel cold, adding to the snow effect.

5. Frozen II Snowflake Catch Game

Frozen II Snowflake Catch Game

Image source: Cardinal Games

There are also store bought games that can go with your theme and add entertainment options. Kids will get a kick out of this Snowflake Catch Game that makes them a part of the fun. Guests get to take turns wearing special Olaf hats as their teammates try to toss a ring on Olaf’s hair. The team that catches the most snowflakes wins. You can add in extra challenges by making the children wearing the targets spin, bend up and down, etc.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Frozen Birthday Party

There always needs to be something to eat and drink at a party. You can have lots of fun coming up with food and drink ideas for a Frozen birthday. Even simple pretzel sticks can get a revamp and become Olaf’s arms, or you can serve melting snowmen (vanilla ice cream). Here are some delicious treats that go perfectly with a Frozen theme, and they’re sure to be a hit with kids and adults.

1. Icy Blue Trifles

Icy Blue Trifles

Image source: Mom Endeavors

These kid-friendly trifles provide an elegant look to your food table. Mom Endeavors lays out how to make the simple dessert with whipped cream, blue gelatin, marshmallows, and some simple candies. The individual servings make them easy to serve as a fun party snack or dessert. They’re also a chilled, cool treat, which is the perfect vibe for a Frozen party. Have plastic spoons at the ready, so kids can dig in without the wait.

2. Elsa’s Party Punch

Elsa's Party Punch

Image source: A Night Owl Blog

You can whip up this refreshing beverage from A Night Owl Blog within five minutes with just a handful of ingredients. Serve it from a large drink dispenser or regular pitcher and pour it into Frozen themed cups. Other fun beverage ideas are ice cream floats or milkshakes with whipped cream topping to look like snow and blue and silver sprinkles to add the iconic sparkle. In a pinch? Blue Gatorade or Powerade can give a similar look.

3. Olaf Floating In Jello

Olaf Floating In Jello

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

This idea from Kara’s Party Ideas adds a comical spin to your Frozen themed party food. It’s everyone’s favorite snowman, enjoying some relaxing time in a pool…of Jello. It’s just like when the friendly snowman dreams of basking in the sun, relishing in the joys of summer. You could also serve individual cups of blue Jello with a few mini marshmallows and call them Olaf’s Puddles. Or vanilla ice cream with a few strategically placed toppings can be a melted snowman.

4. Frozen Ombre Rice Krispy Treats

Frozen Ombre Rice Krispy Treats

Image source: Two Sisters

Rice Krispy treats are a popular staple when it comes to sweet treats at kid parties. Even many adults find them irresistible, with their buttery goodness and ooey-gooey marshmallow yumminess. And let’s face it, they’re super easy to make. Even these ombre style ones from Two Sisters keep it simple but add that little something extra with the colorful layers. The colors instantly make these classic treats into a Frozen themed party food.

5. Sven’s Snacks Or Olaf’s Noses

Sven's Snacks Or Olaf's Noses

Image source: Juanmonino

If you like to have some healthy options on your party menu, veggies and fruits are a win. Serve up some carrot and celery sticks with some dip and call it “Sven’s Snacks.” Or get individual bags of baby carrots and label them “Olaf’s Noses.” If you have a fruit tray, get a marshmallow dip and call it “Snow.” Taking a simple food item and giving it a creative name is an easy way to turn pretty much any food into one that fits your theme.

Fantastic Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas

Whether you choose a cake that features Queen Elsa, lovable Olaf, silly Sven, or one full of glittering, sparkly snowflakes, you have lots of choices when it comes to your Frozen birthday cake. You could even get literal and serve ice cream cake at the party for an extra frosty surprise. Not sure which way to go with your sweet centerpiece? These cake ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to finding a perfect party cake.

1. Frozen Cake With A Crown

Frozen Cake With A Crown

Image source: Name Birthday Cakes

Here’s an elegant cake from Name Birthday Cakes that you could pull off easily with some basic baking and decorating skills. It’s a simple layer cake frosted in an icy blue and topped with a toy tiara. Candied or gum paste snowflakes dot the sides (you could buy some pre-made) and an image of Elsa takes center stage on the front. You can find sugar sheets at various craft and bakery supply shops that feature various characters and images.

2. Comical Olaf Cake

Comical Olaf Cake

Image source: Catch My Party

Let Olaf take the cake, literally, with this idea from Catch My Party. The tiered cake represents the three sections of the snowman’s body, only Olaf’s holding up the top tier, his head. The cake showcases a classic scene from the film and is just fun to look at. Make it any flavor you want, or have a different flavor for each layer. The feet can be cake, cake pops, or even just two large marshmallows.

3. Ice Castle Cake

Ice Castle Cake

Image source: Delectable Cakes

Delectable Cakes features an elegant sparkling cake that creates a beautiful centerpiece for a Frozen party. It’s Elsa’s Ice Palace, with clear blue ice shards and a dusting of snow and frost. The one here only has one side, but you could go all around if you so desired. Choose from any flavors you want since the main decorations here are the hardened sugar pieces. This one might take some time, but it certainly makes a big impact and offers something unique.

4. Easy To Do Elsa Cake

Easy To Do Elsa Cake

Image source: My Kids Lick the Bowl

If your daughter loves Queen Elsa, then a doll cake like this one from My Kids Lick the Bowl might be your best option. The birthday girl will flip to think her favorite character is made of cake. You can use a regular toy Elsa doll as the centerpiece (tip: don’t use your daughter’s favorite toy). The surprise here is this cake is an ice cream cake! How perfect is that for a Frozen birthday? But you can also go with regular cake if you prefer.

5. Frozen Snow Globe Cake

Frozen Snow Globe Cake

Image source: My Cupcake Addiction

This stunning cake from My Cupcake Addiction looks impressive, but no, that’s not a sugar globe. Although if you have those kinds of mad skills, go for it. The cake is the base, with Frozen figures and a glass bowl on top to create the snow globe effect. Fondant snowflakes add just the right touch. This particular cake uses a large cupcake tin for the base. You’ll likely need more cake if you’re having lots of party guests. So, let this be your centerpiece and pair it with some festive, themed cupcakes.

Party Favors For A Frozen Birthday

People love getting to take home a little something special from a birthday celebration. Sometimes it’s a sweet treat or maybe a bag of goodies, stickers, or snazzy costume accessories. You can buy party favors to keep things easy or make your own if you’re feeling creative. Or combine your favor with one of your activities and let guests make their own, like painting a picture or making jewelry. Check out these fun Frozen-themed favors if you want to send your party guests home with the perfect souvenir.

Frozen Coloring Book And Sticker Packs

Frozen Coloring Book And Sticker Packs

Frozen Coloring Book And Sticker Packs

This set of 15 art packs include coloring books, crayons, and stickers with a Frozen theme. Kids will love getting this special surprise when it’s time to say goodbye. It’s perfect as is, or you can mix them with other assorted goodies into loot bags. The set features three different books, so you’ll have some variety to offer. Each individual play pack has four crayons, a coloring book, and 25 stickers.

Light-Up Frozen Snowflake Wands

Light-Up Frozen Snowflake Wands

Light-Up Frozen Snowflake Wands

These light-up wands feature motion-activated sounds that make them great for dress-up and imaginative play. The snowflake design makes them ideal for a Frozen party and provides a magical favor that will excite your young partygoers. True, they are on the pricier side when it comes to party favors since you only get two to a set. But if you’re going all out or only plan to have a few guests, these mementos can be a real wow factor.

Frozen Goody Bags And Fillers

Frozen Goody Bags And Fillers

Frozen Goody Bags And Fillers

This set of Frozen 2 trinkets comes with everything you need to create 12 treat bags filled with fun items. You get 12 Frozen goody bags with Elsa and Anna on them. Then, to fill the bags, you get 12 wooden pencils, 12 self-inking stampers, 24 stickers, and 16 tattoos. There’s also a special pin for the guest of honor. Or you can offer it as a prize for one of your party games.

Frozen Character Straws

Frozen Character Straws

Frozen Character Straws

These squiggly character straws feature fun characters from Frozen II and bright, vibrant colors. You can either give them to guests to use in their party cups and let them take them home afterward or simply hand them out at the end. You can also combine them with other items if you plan to give out grab bags or goody boxes. The set includes 24 straws featuring 6 different characters and colors.

Frozen Tumblers And Character Cups

Frozen Tumblers And Character Cups

Frozen Tumblers And Character Cups

Another fun, classic party favor is a themed cup or tumbler. These bright tumblers add a festive touch. You can have the favors double as your drink cups at the party; just let guests know they can take them home after the event. Or, fill cups with candy and stickers and let everyone take one on their way out. The set includes six 16-ounce cups with lids and straws and features licensed characters from Frozen II.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Should I have a character come to my Frozen birthday party?

Hiring a professional party character isn’t necessary, but it can undoubtedly add to the magic for younger children. You’ll likely see companies advertising things like Ice Queen or Snow Princess to represent the popular Frozen characters. Performers might come and mingle, lead a sing-along or story time, do face painting, or even give a performance. It can cost you an extra $100 to $200 or more, depending on the company and activities involved and how long you want the character to stay at the party.

Does it make sense to throw a Frozen birthday party in the summer?

Although Frozen parties are a popular choice for winter birthdays, they can still be an option for summertime. One of the best ways to make it work is to add some references to Olaf wishing for summer. Serve melted snowman treats, hand out sunglasses, and set up a kiddie pool for some fun splash time like Olaf dreams about in the movie. But when it comes down to it, if Frozen is what your kid is into, you can set up a winter wonderland anytime. After all, it’s not like you need to use real snow.

What are popular color scheme ideas for a Frozen birthday party?

Some of the most popular color schemes for a Frozen birthday party are shades of blue and silver, purples and silvers, or a combo of the two. Other top color picks are teal, aqua, white, and iridescent shades like opal or pearl. Most of the color inspiration comes from Elsa and Anna’s key outfits and the overarching theme of ice and snow. You can mix and match pretty much any of these to make a smashing color story for your Frozen birthday.

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