Moana is one of the latest hits from Disney, featuring unforgettable music, fun characters, and a great story. It quickly became a favorite of many children and adults, and Moana became a new hero for young girls everywhere. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many little girls want to have a Moana birthday party. Even boys want in on the action because of Maui and his portrayal by The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

Whether filling your festivities with images and characters from the film or creating a more tropical vibe with subtle Moana references, you have lots of options. Some great color schemes for this theme are orange, pink, blue, and yellow or orange, pink, blue, and green. Incorporate some colorful flowers and lush greenery into your décor for an extra tropical vibe.

If you’re getting ready to plan a Moana birthday party, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some fantastic ideas for everything you need to make your celebration a success. You’ll find decorations, party favors, food and drink ideas, amazing birthday cakes, and more.

Moana Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Send your guests a beautiful invitation to tell them about your important party info. Not only does your invite let people know when and where to find the fun, but you can also use it to give folks a heads-up about any special activities. Party invitations also typically reflect your birthday theme and color scheme. You can opt for store-bought styles or go with the more popular method of designing or purchasing a downloadable customized invitation.

Moana Birthday Invitations

Moana Birthday Invitations

Moana Birthday Invitations

Etsy features hundreds upon hundreds of invitation styles for various themes and celebrations. Moana birthday invitations are no exception, with tons of vibrant designs to choose from, like this one from NewPrinty. Select from multiple styles featuring Maui, Moana, and other popular elements from the film. The best part is you can plug in your information to customize the invitation of your choosing and then download it to print or send out digitally. If you’re unsure about your editing skills, look for sellers who will make the changes for you.

Moana Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

The right decorations can elevate your party and help make it a huge success. They instantly put your guests in the party mood and let them know it’s time to have some fun. Create a tropical paradise as a vibrant backsplash for a marvelous Moana birthday celebration. Use bright colors, lush greens, and things like flowers, waves, and spirals to set the mood and channel Moana vibes.

Moana Tableware

Moana Tableware

Moana Tableware

Every party supply list needs some plates and napkins so guests can chow down on all that yummy party food. This tableware set contains supplies for 16 guests, including large and small plates, cups, and napkins. The pieces showcase Moana, Maui, Pua, and bright colors to enhance your party theme and add a lively vibe to your food table. Sturdy construction helps ensure food stays put and doesn’t end up on your floor.

Moana Table Centerpieces

Moana Table Centerpieces

Moana Table Centerpieces

Add splashes of color to all of your tables with these classic honeycomb centerpieces in red, blue, green, and yellow. The set includes four centerpieces in four styles, including adorable baby Moana. Get a few sets to spread out the decorations on your tables and other areas. Each piece is roughly 7.9 inches wide and 8 inches tall. They’re easy to set up, so you can have them ready to go within minutes.

Moana Birthday Banner And Cake Topper

Moana Birthday Banner And Cake Topper

Moana Birthday Banner And Cake Topper

Send a cheery message to the birthday kid with this shimmery birthday banner and cake topper set. Featuring iconic elements from the film, including Maui’s magical hook. Hang the banner above the cake table or the party entryway to greet guests. If you don’t need a cake topper, use it as an embellishment on your snack table or party favor area.

Moana Party Backdrop

Moana Party Backdrop

Moana Party Backdrop

Jazz up your cake display with a dynamic background that helps create a great visual for your theme. This large backdrop is perfect for a younger birthday kid, featuring baby Moana standing by the water. It’s available in various sizes, including 5 x 3 feet, 7 x 5 feet, and 8 x 6 feet, and it’s a great way to make a statement without much effort. Thanks to its large size and vivid colors, it does all the work for you. It can also work well as a background in a party photo booth.

Tropical Themed Table Skirt, Balloons, And Palm Leaves

Tropical Themed Table Skirt, Balloons, And Palm Leaves

Tropical Themed Table Skirt, Balloons, And Palm Leaves

This party decoration set is a great way to fill in your Moana theme with some more subtle tropical vibes. It includes a fun balloon garland with shades of green, palm leaves, and a green grass table skirt. Use the pieces to draw attention to a special area of your party, like the food table, cake table, or an activity station. The table skirt is 9 feet, and you get 24 palm leaves and 50 latex balloons.

Moana Birthday Party Activities & Games

When guests arrive, plan to organize several games or activities for them to keep them entertained. (It’s always good to give kids things to keep them engaged.) You could always hire a party entertainment company to send a character or do a performance. But there are plenty of things you can do on your own. Guests can play games, do an art activity, make crafts, or do other things that you can incorporate into your theme in creative ways.

1. Shiny Scavenger Hunt

Shiny Scavenger Hunt

Image source: JOYIN

A fan favorite in the Moana film is actually one of the villains, a giant crab named Tamatoa, who lives deep at the bottom of the ocean and adores all things shiny. This collector of trinkets sings about the joys of shiny objects as Moana distracts him so Maui can retrieve his hook. Let kids go on a scavenger hunt for Tamatoa’s shiny things by hiding various gems and coins, and similar objects around a specified area.

2. Pin Moana’s Necklace

Pin Moana’s Necklace

Image source: WOOACME

The main focus of Moana is returning the heart of Te Fiti, which she keeps in a shell on her necklace. This Pin the Necklace game gives kids the opportunity to put the shell back on Moana’s necklace while blindfolded. (Just like the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.) The game comes with the Moana poster, two blindfolds, and 24 reusable necklace pendants (using glue dots). For added fun, have some prizes for the winners.

3. Make Shell Necklaces

Make Shell Necklaces

Image source: Mom Made Moments

If you want to add a craft station to your party, check out this idea from Mom Made Moments. Guests can make their very own shell necklaces, just like Moana. Portion out all of the supplies ahead of time into individual buckets or trays. Then, each guest can sit and take their time to assemble their necklace however they wish. After they make their necklaces, have them show off their creations and snap a few pics.

4. Moana Piñata

Moana Piñata

Image source: YA OTTA PINATA

This large, colorful piñata features Moana holding her pig pal Pua. A piñata is always lots of fun at a kid’s party, and it’s super exciting when all of the goodies finally spill out onto the ground. Watch kids scamper as they try to grab as many surprises as they can. You can choose to hit the piñata or opt for a pull-string version for a bit of a calmer approach. Give everyone a bag to hold their trinkets, so they can bring them home.

5. Moana Bean Bag Toss

Moana Bean Bag Toss

Image source: TICIAGA

A bean bag toss game is a fun option for kids of all ages, and you can easily tweak it to work well for very young children or older kids. For younger kids, give them larger targets and let them stand closer. For older kids, increase the distance and make each round a bit more challenging. You can buy a ready-made bean bag game or create your own using various containers.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Moana Birthday Party

It’s hard to throw a party without food; people expect it, even if it’s just a few snacks. When you’re throwing a themed party, you can match up your snacks and drinks to Moana using some fun ideas or simply giving them creative names, like Maui’s boat snacks (chicken nuggets or mini drumsticks). Serve various snacks on colorful trays and plates to keep your vibrant theme flowing through the whole party space.

1. Heart Of Te Fiti Cookies

Heart Of Te Fiti Cookies

Image source: Paging Supermom

These simple sugar cookies get an instant Moana upgrade by Paging Supermom, who turns them into Heart of Te Fiti cookies. They showcase a pinwheel effect to make the iconic spiral and green food coloring for just the right colors. Need a timesaver? Use store-bought rolled sugar cookie dough and follow the directions on the label for rolling it out. Add a cute sign by the tray and get the perfect party treats.

2. Jell-O Water Scene Treats

Jell-O Water Scene Treats

Image source: The Jersey Momma

The Jersey Momma creates some super sophisticated-looking Jell-O treats that look more like miniature works of art than the jiggly kid’s snack. A deep blue Jell-O serves as the foundation to represent the bright blue ocean. Then you just need to crush up some vanilla wafers for the sandy shore. A sugar wafer cookie creates Moana’s boat, along with a handmade sail. They’re almost too pretty to eat, but we’re sure your guests will dig in.

3. Pineapple Meatballs

Pineapple Meatballs

Image source: Lil’ Luna

Little mini meatballs on toothpicks are an easy and satisfying nibble for guests to grab and eat on the go. Lil’ Luna makes meatballs with a pineapple twist to give them a tropical upgrade. You can make homemade meatballs or use frozen ones if you’re in a time crunch. They’re perfect for a side dish or appetizer, and you can give them a fun name like Maui’s Meatballs or Coconut Pirates.

4. Tropical Sliders

Tropical Sliders

Image source: The Soccer Mom Blog

Kids love sandwiches, and they’re super easy to grab and eat at a party. These sliders from The Soccer Mom Blog are ideal for a Moana party, with a tropical vibe and tasty bite. They feature ham, cream cheese, and pineapple on a small roll, with a perfect blend of sweet and savory. Since they’re small, plan to make enough for guests to have two or three (remember the adults at the party will want to eat too).

5. Moana Water Bottle Wraps

Moana Water Bottle Wraps

Image source: OPhnoeix

If you don’t want to worry about cups, ice, and pouring drinks at your party, go with bottled water or other bottled beverages. Here’s a super easy way to make something simple, like a water bottle, match your party theme. These water bottle wraps fit around and stick directly onto the bottle, giving your ordinary water a bit of Moana flair. So grab some packs of water and start wrapping.

Marvelous Moana Birthday Cake Ideas

If you don’t have anything else at a birthday party, you have to have a birthday cake. And the cake usually serves as a showpiece for the celebration, reflecting the party theme, colors, and birthday kid’s name. You can bake your own sweet masterpiece, order a custom creation that you design, or keep it simple with a store-bought Moana cake. Mix it up and buy a cake, but add your own flair with some personalized decorations, or bake a cake and use a cake topper to tie it into your theme.

1. Moana Waterfall Cake

Moana Waterfall Cake

Image source: ezeBreezy

This stunning cake from ezeBreezy features a gorgeous waterfall, bright flowers, and Moana and Maui standing proudly atop the falls. Surrounding the cake are some yummy Pirouline cookies, adding an extra sweet treat to this magnificent masterpiece. Crushed-up cookies add a sandy surface, and the characters at the top are simply Moana character figures. Or, if you’re super talented and artsy (and motivated), sculpt your figures using modeling chocolate. You do you.

2. Colorful Moana Cake Topper

Colorful Moana Cake Topper

Image source: OPhnoeix

If you don’t have the bandwidth to bake a cake but don’t want to spend the bucks for a custom job, you can meet in the middle. Buy a cake with colorful frosting from your favorite bakery and add a vibrant Moana cake topper, like this one from OPhnoeix. You can find various toppers in different styles, so shop around to find one that fits your unique party theme. You can also use play figures to add some extra pizazz.

3. Two Moana Cakes In One

Two Moana Cakes In One

Image source: Sweet Tooth

Can’t decide what kind of cake to make? Why make a choice? Instead, go with a double design like this cute cake from Sweet Tooth. It highlights the sand and shore on one side and the bright blues of the ocean on the other. Piped rosettes create the swirling waves, and Pirouline cookies wrap around the opposite side. Add some characters on top for extra measure, and you have one fantastic-looking birthday cake.

4. Moana Meets Goddess Cake

Moana Meets Goddess Cake

Image source: Rebecca’s Cakes

This brilliant cake from Rebecca’s Cakes is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so rich, with saturated blues and greens, bright pops of red, purple, and pink, and details that look like you’re watching the movie all over again. The cut shape at the top of the cake creates perfect movement, making it look like the waves are in motion. Once again, character figures add the perfect finishing touch to create a spectacular Moana cake.

5. Moana Easy Pull Apart Cake

Moana Easy Pull Apart Cake

Image source: Monique

Most of the time, people serve the birthday cake toward the end of the party; it’s sort of like the grand finale. But after hosting a kid’s party, you might not feel like cutting a cake. That’s why pull-apart cakes are so appealing. Sing Happy Birthday, then let everyone grab a cupcake and start eating. This Moana pull-apart cake from Monique features blue and green frosting on top of cupcakes to create the land and ocean. Then, a few cookies create Moana’s boat, and some toy figures add the finishing touches.

Party Favors For A Moana Birthday

When it’s time to bid your guests farewell, give them a little something special to say thank you. You can create some DIY surprises, bake some homemade goodies, or keep it simple with a few Moana treats and trinkets. Place your favors on a table near your party exit so guests can take one on the way out. For an added personal touch, you can put a little note on each one with a special message.

Moana Squiggly Straws

Moana Squiggly Straws

Moana Squiggly Straws

This set of 24 squiggly straws features 6 different characters atop the brightly colored straws. You’ll get 4 of each kind, including Moana, Baby Moana, Pua, Maui, a coconut pirate, and Hei Hei. Let kids take one as they leave the party, or add them to a drink cup full of goodies to give your favors a boost. The straws are washable and reusable, making them useful items that kids can use again and again.

Moana Play Packs

Moana Play Packs

Moana Play Packs

It’s always fun to get a favor that you can use. Give your kids a creative surprise with these party play packs that include Moana coloring sheets and stickers. The set contains 15 sets, and each set has one coloring book, 4 crayons, and 25 stickers. Use them strictly as favors, add them to a larger goody bag, or have them out as an activity at the party and let kids start coloring them there.

Moana Treat Bags

Moana Treat Bags

Moana Treat Bags

Can’t decide what favor to give your guests? Pick out a few small items and create some goody bags for partygoers. You can use character bags like these, and you’ll instantly have a favor that matches your Moana theme. This set includes 50 bags, so you should have more than enough for your party with some to spare. And they’re roomy, so you can fill them with lots of goodies, like candy, stickers, and other small treasures.

Character Keychains

Character Keychains

Character Keychains

These super cute keychains are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Kids can put them on their backpacks, purses, or anywhere else they want to add a bit of personality. They’re made of soft PVC rubber and include some of the most loved Moana characters, including Maui, Hei Hei, Pua, and Moana. The set comes with 25 keychains in five different styles, all featuring bright, eye-catching colors. Pass them out after the party or clip them on a goody bag for your guests.

Moana Themed Pencils

Moana Themed Pencils

Moana Themed Pencils

For school-age children, themed pencils are always a fun addition to your party favors. (They definitely make doing homework more fun.) Put pencils in a loot bag with other mementos or pair them up with a mini drawing pad or notebook if you prefer to give a more substantial party souvenir. The pack comes with 24 wooden pencils (two 12 packs), each featuring vivid colors and Moana characters.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What’s a good age for a Moana birthday party?

Little kids love Moana, but so do older girls. It can work well for babies through 12-year-olds. If your older child wants a Moana party, let them participate in the planning if you’re worried about things drifting too far into “little-kid land.” Plus, you can always go with a more subtle tropical flair and pepper in a few small Moana references if you want things to maintain a more grown-up feel. For babies and toddlers, focus on baby Moana and then shift to older Moana for older children.

What is a Tamatoa party?

If you’re searching for ideas for a Moana party, you might come across a Tamatoa party. If you’re scratching your head, it’s actually a Moana party, too; it simply focuses on a particular character from the film, Tamatoa. He’s the giant crab that lives at the bottom of the sea and loves to collect treasures. (The same crab that has Maui’s hook). A Tamatoa party features the giant crab front-and-center and might even use some blacklight to mimic the creature’s solo number in the film. This would be a good option for a boy that wants a Moana-themed party.

How long does it take to plan a Moana birthday party?

A Moana party doesn’t need to take longer to plan than any other kid’s party. Get your idea together a couple of months ahead of time, and nail down your colors and specific theme so you can send out invitations one month before your event. Aside from ordering a cake or food (which you’ll need to consult the professional’s timeline), you can pick up decorations and other supplies a week or so before and start putting everything together. An exception would be if you plan to hire a party entertainment company. Depending on the time of year, they might book up quickly, so prepare to book them up to 6 months ahead of time or more.

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