Barbie has set fashion trends and paved the way for young girls to follow their dreams since 1959. She’s undoubtedly withstood the test of time, with generation after generation knowing her name and getting to know her diverse group of friends. Today, many young girls still ask for a Barbie birthday party. Two years after Barbie made her debut, her counterpart Ken followed, opening up a whole new set of possibilities.

A Barbie party can be all sorts of things. You can make it a fashion party, a makeover party, or perhaps even style it after a specific Barbie. For example, if your daughter is also interested in a beach theme, why not go with Malibu Barbie? Does your kid want to do an art party? You could opt for Color Reveal Barbie. There are mermaid Barbie, princess Barbie, doctor Barbie, astronaut Barbie…the list goes on and on.

In other words, the only limits for your Barbie party are within your imagination. Narrow it down to your child’s favorite Barbie character or keep it broad and showcase a wide range of styles. You can start here with our list of Barbie birthday ideas to get your wheels turning.

Barbie Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Before you can have a party, you need to send out invitations so you have some guests. The invitation lets your guests know what they can expect at your party, typically reflecting the theme and colors. Of course, it also needs to give guests important information, like where, when, and what the party is, and RSVP details. You can still find the old-school invites in party stores where you have to write all your information by hand. But today, most people go with digital invites or downloadable designs that they can email, text, or print.

Barbie Birthday Party Invitations

Barbie Birthday Party Invitations

Barbie Birthday Party Invitations

Check out Etsy for a ton of different Barbie party invitations that can fit your specific theme. All sorts of designs are available, ranging from classic Barbie to more modern takes on the famous doll. You can go with some fun pink prints like these from PistolPrints, use a more subtle silhouette, or find something totally glitzy. Many sellers let you purchase and download instantly; then, you can edit and adjust as you see fit. Or you can find sellers that handle all the work for you, so all you have to do is send the invitations to your guests.

Barbie Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

Will you create a pretty-in-pink Barbie party or go with glam and glitzy décor? Is Barbie going to take center stage, or do you want to showcase all of her friends or a specific doll? Since Barbie brings all sorts of options, it’s a good idea to narrow down your choices first to have a more focused goal when you make your decorating decisions. If you need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling, check out these ideas as a starting point.

Princess Barbie Backdrop

Princess Barbie Backdrop

Princess Barbie Backdrop

This vintage-inspired Barbie backdrop measures just under 6 x 4 feet and creates an eye-catching statement piece. Set it up behind your cake table or as a show-stopping scene for your party entrance. It’s also useful if you want to set up a photo booth for your guests. The black, white, and pink are a classic Barbie color scheme, and there are pops of sparkle throughout that add some extra flair. Using a large piece like this one is a great way to make a huge impact with a tiny bit of effort.

Barbie Balloon Arch Kit

Barbie Balloon Arch Kit

Barbie Balloon Arch Kit

This Barbie balloon arch kit is packed with tons of balloons to create an impressive balloon garland for your party. It’s a pretty white, pink, and rose-gold color scheme that serves as a great complement to many other Barbie décor items. The set includes four 18-inch latex balloons, 85 10-inch latex balloons, and 35 5-inch latex balloons. You also get two 22-inch disco ball foil balloons and a giant pair of pink lips.

Barbie Tableware Supplies

Barbie Tableware Supplies

Barbie Tableware Supplies

One of the things that turn up on every party supply list is tableware. You need a way to serve all your yummy party food and drinks; typically, people want the plates and other pieces to match the party theme. A party pack that includes plates, napkins, and cups is an easy way to get everything you need and ensure it works well with your theme. This set is enough for 16 party guests, including napkins, pink cups, and plates featuring Barbie and some of her pals. You also get a large tablecloth and 24 colorful birthday candles.

Barbie Party Decorations Pack

Barbie Party Decorations Pack

Barbie Party Decorations Pack

If you don’t want to devote a lot of party prep time to figuring out decorations, then a party supply pack like this one is the way to go. You get a whole bunch of decorating items in one convenient pack, and it’s a great way to lay a solid foundation for the rest of your décor. This set features a large Barbie happy birthday banner, festive and colorful balloons, a cake topper, and cupcake toppers.

Sparkly Pink Table Runner

Sparkly Pink Table Runner

Sparkly Pink Table Runner

Just because you’re throwing a Barbie party doesn’t mean everything has to feature Barbie’s face or specific imagery. Sometimes, mixing in more general pieces is a great way to anchor your theme, plus you can use the supplies for future parties. For example, this sparkly pink table runner is a great way to add a glimmering pop to your tablescapes and bring a little sophistication to your celebration. If you’re striving for a more elegant party vibe, this is a great option to add over white linen tablecloths.

Barbie Birthday Party Activities & Games

Don’t skip the entertainment when you’re planning your party. Trust us, you don’t want to find yourself in a room full of kids with nothing for them to do. Luckily, you don’t have to spend tons on party games or activities. You can DIY some ideas or find affordable options online or at party stores. It’s a good idea to plan a few different fun things for guests to do. Then you’re never at a loss of how to entertain and occupy your young guests.

1. Make Your Own Accessories

Make Your Own Accessories

Image source: BDBKWYW

Barbie knows how to dress, and she also knows how to accessorize. She has necklaces, earrings, bracelets, purses, and other fun embellishments to add some extra flair to her outfits. Pick up some jewelry-making kits that you can use to create an accessory design station. Invite guests to design and make their own necklaces or bracelets during the party. The great part is they can take their creations home, so it’s like a party favor too!

2. How Many Shoes?

How Many Shoes?

Image source: A View Into Our Lives

Everyone who knows Barbie knows that she has a ton of shoes. She’s a fashion icon, after all, and there’s a different pair of shoes to go with every outfit. Ken also has his fair share of shoes. A View Into Our Lives decided to use this to their advantage to come up with a fun Barbie-themed party game. Fill a jar with a bunch of doll shoes from Barbie and Ken and invite guests to guess how many shoes are in the jar. Kids can jot down their guesses, and the person who comes closest without going over wins a prize.

3. Pin The Bow On Barbie

Pin The Bow On Barbie

Image source: Pinterest

This cute DIY version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game is just right for a Barbie birthday. Guests take turns trying to Pin the Bow on Barbie, and the closest to the correct spot wins the game. You could also do things like Pin the Earrings on Barbie or choose one of Barbie’s friends to be the main focus if your child has a doll they prefer.

4. Barbie Fashion Show

Barbie Fashion Show

Image source: FatCamera

Get a clothing rack and hang a bunch of fancy dresses that you can round up ahead of time at thrift stores or from friends and family. Add a table with a bunch of glitzy accessories, and a trunk full of fun shoes, boas, hats, and purses. Let guests mix and match various pieces and set up some mirrors so they can see their ensembles. Once everyone is all dolled up, have them walk a runway, play some music, and take lots of pictures. Everyone will love the fashion show vibe and kids will have a blast trying out different styles.

5. Have A Makeover Party

Have A Makeover Party

Image source: mediaphotos

You can add a makeover element to your fashion show party or let it be a standalone activity. Pair girls up and let them do each other’s make-up (best for older girls) or set up a nail salon area. You could also have a hair station and let everyone try out funky hairstyles. Other options are to hire a makeup artist to come and give makeovers to the guests (this works well for a smaller guest list since it can take some time). For younger girls, let them do their own makeup and provide simple, limited cosmetic kits which they can keep after the party.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Barbie Birthday Party

Even if you’re throwing a party on a tight budget, you need to have some sort of food and drinks for your guests. Hungry guests often translate to guests that aren’t having a good time or that are eager to leave because they need to go find something to eat. So plan to have a few snacks and if it’s lunch or dinner time, some type of meal items like sandwiches, pizza, or hot dogs. Your guests will thank you, and they’ll want to stay since their bellies are satisfied.

1. Barbie Silhouette Sandwiches

Barbie Silhouette Sandwiches

Image source: Made by a Princess

You can’t get much easier making Barbie themed party food than these cute sandwiches from Made by a Princess. Simply make the sandwiches of your choice, whether peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, turkey, or anything else you desire. Then, use a Barbie silhouette cookie cutter or sandwich cutter to make your Barbie shapes. You can also use other complementary cutouts like hearts or bows, and make each type of sandwich a different shape.

2. Pink Rice Krispies

Pink Rice Krispies

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Another easy way to create a snack to match your party theme is to change up the color. Kara’s Party Ideas shows off a classic sweet treat, Rice Krispies, with a pink makeover. A slight color change makes all the difference in fitting this easy snack into your Barbie theme. You can use any color you want to match your specific scheme and add some fun extras, like sprinkles or edible glitter, if you want a bit more glitz.

3. Fruit And Veggies Dress

Fruit And Veggies Dress

Image source: Vegetable Fruit Carving

Move over doll cake; there’s a new edible Barbie dress around, and it’s a much healthier version. Vegetable Fruit Carving shows off a variety of different Barbie dolls decked out in carved watermelons, orange slices, and more. It’s a clever way to serve some healthy snacks to your guests, and who knows, you might even get kids to eat some vegetables. If you’re not sure about your carving skills, you can cut a watermelon in half and turn it upside down to create a dress-shaped base. Then use toothpicks or similar items to connect various other fruits and create the intricate dress pattern of your choice.

4. Barbie Cake Pops

Barbie Cake Pops

Image source: This Crafty Mom

Cake pops are always a popular party food snack because they’re fun to look at and even more fun to eat. Plus, they’re easy to nibble on the go, so kids can enjoy a snack without having to slow down too much. This Crafty Mom makes different shades of pink cake pops and places some Barbie pics on top. You can use cupcake toppers, DIY some decorations, or just make colorful pops and add some sparkle, no toppers needed.

5. Barbie Popstar Punch

Barbie Popstar Punch

Image source: Michelle P

Michelle P creates an easy Barbie beverage with some wrap labels and fun colors. This pink popstar punch is great for a music-themed Barbie party, but you could tweak the name to fit your particular theme. Color the punch if you need to, or use fruit punch, pink lemonade, etc. Then print out or purchase some bottle wraps to add the finishing touch. Some colorful squiggly straws add to the fun and can also serve as a party favor.

Brilliant Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Snacks are one thing, but the birthday cake is something else entirely. It’s the main dessert for your party, but it’s also the grand finale. The birthday cake is often a showstopper, taking center stage and signaling to your guests that the party is about to come to an end. It should reflect your theme and colors, but how you create your cake is up to you. Go simple with a fun cake topper, or order an elaborate custom confection that makes people’s jaws drop. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of the perfect Barbie birthday cake.

1. Pretty In Pink Cake

Pretty In Pink Cake

Image source: SKYCOOOOL

Pink is undoubtedly a popular color for Barbie celebrations, so a cake that reflects that is sure to be a pleaser. A sparkly, luxe cake topper set featuring Barbie can instantly turn any cake into a Barbie-themed masterpiece. Order a tall, pink cake and add this Barbie topper set to make it a match for your party. Add some fun touches like extra flowers, sparkles, sprinkles, and more in various shades of pink with some pops of gold.

2. Perched Barbie Cake

Perched Barbie Cake

Image source: Hayley Cakes and Cookies

Here’s a different take on the classic Barbie doll cake from Hayley Cakes and Cookies. Instead of Barbie’s dress becoming the cake, she sits prettily on top of a simple layer cake embellished with pink and red hearts. Around the rim are beautiful, bright roses, and Barbie’s dress is piped on meticulously. Use your child’s favorite Barbie doll as the centerpiece for the cake, or surprise her with a new doll.

3. Vintage Inspired Barbie Silhouette Cake

Vintage Inspired Barbie Silhouette Cake

Image source: Blue Sheep Bake Shop

If you’re going with a vintage Barbie theme, then this cake from Blue Sheep Bake Shop is a perfect fit. It features the classic pink, white, and black color scheme with Barbie’s vintage silhouette at the center of the cake. The bright pink really makes everything stand out, and sparkling details create a sophisticated and elegant finishing touch. The black stripes around the side are also very sharp, delivering an upscale vibe. And the pink candy balls give Barbie’s necklace a fun 3D effect.

4. All Tied Up With A Bow

All Tied Up With A Bow

Image source: Adrienne & Co. Bakery

Adrienne & Co. Bakery creates a Barbie cake that draws inspiration from one of Barbie’s pretty bow dresses. It’s all in pink with white ruffled trim and a beautiful big pink bow front and center. If you don’t want so much pink, you can use different colors for the hearts, cake base, or even the bow. It’s a great design that you can add your own personal style to with a few color changes or extra embellishments.

5. Barbie Face Pull-Apart Cake

Barbie Face Pull-Apart Cake

Image source: Cynthia’s Custom Cakes

Kids get really excited when it’s time to eat the birthday cake, and sometimes they’re practically jumping out of their shoes waiting for you to cut the cake. But why wait? Opt for a pull-apart cake instead, like this Barbie face cake from Cynthia’s Custom Cakes. The great thing about this style is if you need more cupcakes, you can simply make Barbie’s hair bigger. You can also change the colors if your birthday star wants one of Barbie’s friends to be the star of the show.

Party Favors For A Barbie Birthday

It’s always sad to hear that the party’s over, but giving your guests a little something to say thank you helps ease the pain. Okay, so it might not be that dramatic, but kids love getting some goodies to take with them after the festivities. Give everyone a grab bag full of surprises, like stickers, candy, bracelets, and other trinkets. You can also DIY favors or offer homemade treats in themed boxes with a personal message from the birthday kid.

Pink Heart Glasses

Pink Heart Glasses

Pink Heart Glasses

Everyone will feel like a fashionista, diva, or rock star when they put on these pink heart glasses. They’re the perfect accessory to create that special something for an outfit or to strike a pose for a photo. The set comes with 8 pairs of rimless glasses. The large size will make kids feel like they belong on the runway or taking part in a high-end fashion shoot. Add them to a party favor bag or give them out as guests arrive.

Cosmetic Play Sets

Cosmetic Play Sets

Cosmetic Play Sets

Little girls love playing dress-up and putting on make-up just like their moms or big sisters. These cosmetic kits are a great favor if you plan to do a Barbie makeover party. You can give them out as solo gifts or add them to a larger goody bag of treats. Let kids do make-up at the party and use their own kit (it keeps things nice and germ-free). The 12-pack features butterfly and crown-shaped kits that hold different colors of non-toxic washable make-up. Each kit also comes with a small double-sided applicator.

Barbie Coloring Packs

Barbie Coloring Packs

Barbie Coloring Packs

If you plan to have some art activities at your party, an art-centered favor is a great idea. These coloring books and sticker packs are a fun way to let kids keep their imaginations going after the celebration comes to a close. You can also set them out at the party as an activity or incorporate them into a loot bag. The whole package includes 15 activity sets. Each set features a mini coloring book, four crayons, and 25 stickers. There’s also a Barbie door hanger for the birthday child.

Barbie Drinking Cups

Barbie Drinking Cups

Barbie Drinking Cups

Cups are a great way to incorporate your theme into your favor. All you need are cups that showcase images from your main party theme, in this case — Barbie. The set includes 8 16-oz cups featuring Barbie with her unicorn pal. You can use the cups for your party beverages and let everyone know they get to take their cup home. Or you can fill cups with candy and other goodies to create a dedicated party favor.

Rainbow Glitter Putty

Rainbow Glitter Putty

Rainbow Glitter Putty

Silly putty is just one of those things kids love (and adults don’t always understand). They keep little hands busy, fascinate children, and provide an interactive, sensory experience. These glitter putty cups come in a bunch of bright sparkly colors, including pink, blue, yellow, green, and red. The various shades make them a perfect fit for a vibrant and colorful Barbie party. You get 48 cups in one set, so there’s likely enough to give everyone a couple of different colors.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What do you wear to a Barbie themed party?

If you want to turn the Barbie party into a bit of a costume event, go for it. You can tell guests to wear their most glamorous dresses or fashionable outfits. You could also make it a pretty-in-pink party and have everyone wear their favorite shade of the rosy color. Whatever you decide to do with outfits, make sure to include a note on your invitation so guests have a heads-up. You don’t want anyone to show up unaware that they could have dressed up or worn a costume.

How do you organize a Barbie birthday party?

Once you choose your party date, you should decide on your specific theme a few months before. Your first step is designing the invitation to reflect the colors and theme so you can send it to your guests a few weeks ahead. Next, decide on your cake and entertainment options. If you order a custom cake, check with the bakery or cake artist to see how much time they need. Provide them with the necessary information and any drawings or design references.

If hiring entertainment or a performer, some companies require booking many months in advance, so plan accordingly. When it comes to decorations and supplies, you can gather that a week before the party and start making your food a few days before. If you plan to order food, check with the caterer or grocery to determine their timeline. Depending on how much you need to order, they might need a few days’ notice to prepare everything on time. 

Do you have to use pink for a Barbie birthday?

Pink is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors when you think of a Barbie party, but it isn’t your only option. For example, if you go with Malibu Barbie, you might choose green, blue, orange, and yellow. Mermaid Barbie might call for purple, green, and blue. Or you might do a black, white, and red theme or something totally different. Let your kid’s favorite Barbie dictate your color scheme, and don’t assume you have to use pink for it to work.

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