Dinosaurs have fascinated kids for decades, centuries even. Boys and girls love acting like dinosaurs, learning about them, digging for fossils, and trying to name as many magnificent prehistoric beasts as possible. If this sounds like something your kids are into, then a dinosaur birthday is the perfect way to celebrate their latest trip around the sun.

It doesn’t matter if your child is 1 or 13; dinosaurs work as a party theme because you can do it in so many ways. Little kids might love more cartoony, colorful versions of pterodactyls, triceratops, and other dino friends. Older children might prefer a bit more of a grown-up vibe, so Jurassic World and more realistic dinosaurs might be the way to go. You can also focus more on paleontologists, fossil digs, or a prehistoric jungle setting.

If your son or daughter wants to have a dinosaur party, ask them to share some ideas of what they’re picturing. This way, you can narrow down your options and make sure you’re on the right track. It’s time to roar and stomp like a dinosaur with these brilliant birthday ideas.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Sending out invitations is a critical part of any birthday celebration. It’s how you let your guests know when and where the party is and also clues them in on the theme. Since invitations include all this important information, you need to start putting together a rough party plan first. You’ll also want to decide on the colors for your party scheme so you can incorporate them into your Invitation design. You can likely find pre-made invites for a popular theme like dinosaurs. But nowadays, people trend more toward custom invitations you can design and download.

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Etsy is a popular place to find customizable designs and invitations for all sorts of birthday themes, including dinosaurs. Some styles focus on colorful dino images tailored to younger kids, like this one from paper and ink design co. Or you can look for designs that feature your child’s favorite Dinosaur, like an all-T-Rex party or stegosaurus soiree. If Jurassic World is your goal, you’ll find plenty of those too. Use the various filters to find options that fit your specific theme. You can download some on the spot and edit them yourself or have the seller add your unique info.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

When you’re planning a party, decorations are a significant part of your to-do list. In addition to banners, balloons, and other décor, you also need things like plates, cups, table covers, and napkins. You can find all these basic supplies in various styles that work for a dinosaur theme birthday. Online shopping makes getting everything you need to set the scene easy. You’ll find dinosaur backdrops, cupcake toppers, balloon shapes, and anything else you can think of to create the perfect party setting.

Dinosaur Party Pack And Balloons

Dinosaur Party Pack And Balloons

Dinosaur Party Pack And Balloons

This party pack is loaded with tons of fun decorations and supplies to create a colorful and bright dinosaur party. You get balloons, hanging decorations, a birthday banner, foil dinosaur shaped balloons, latex balloons, and so much more. There are 104 pieces total, including a cake topper, cupcake toppers, tablecloth, and stickers you can use for extra decorations or to give out with your favors. It’s a great design for a younger kid’s dino birthday celebration.

Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers And Stand

Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers And Stand

Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers And Stand

Set up a sweet centerpiece with this dinosaur cupcake stand and complementary cupcake toppers. The 24 toppers feature 12 different dinosaurs, and the three-tier stand has a cool Jurassic Park vibe. But you don’t need to use them just for cupcakes. Use the toppers to set up a dinosaur scene on your cake. Or use them as food markers for other various snacks and drinks. You can also use the stand to hold your party favors or create a decorative display for your main table.

Mega Party Pack Of Dinosaur Decorations

Mega Party Pack Of Dinosaur Decorations

Mega Party Pack Of Dinosaur Decorations

This balloon garland set includes a sparkling green Mylar fringe backdrop, letter balloons that spell Happy Birthday, and fun dinosaur and tree-shaped balloons. You can mix and match them in different ways to create a stunning backdrop for your party. Set it up behind the cake table and use it to snap some amazing photos of your kid’s special day. The green and gold color scheme gives off a jungle vibe that’s easy to play off of with other various décor items.

Dinosaur Party Dinnerware

Dinosaur Party Dinnerware

Dinosaur Party Dinnerware

Serve your party food and drinks in dino style with this durable dinnerware set for up to 24 guests. The plates and napkins feature several dinosaur skeletons and silhouettes in oranges, blues, and greens, all on a dark green background. You get 144 pieces in all, including 24 plates, 24 napkins, 24 cups, and 24 each of forks, knives, and spoons. Pair them up with a solid color table cover so the designs on the dinnerware really pop.

Dinosaur Shaped Birthday Banner

Dinosaur Shaped Birthday Banner

Dinosaur Shaped Birthday Banner

This birthday banner is super cute, with a dino head, body and tail surrounding the happy birthday letters. The dinosaur is even ready to have some fun, wearing a festive party hat. The banner is a bright green, which works well with many dino-themed party color palettes. It is 108 inches long and approximately 11 inches tall. The set comes with brads so you can attach the legs, hat, and tail of this T-Rex party animal.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Activities & Games

Kids are loaded with nonstop energy and are constantly looking for things to do. Going to a birthday party is a big deal, and kids expect to have lots of fun. That means it’s up to you to plan some activities and games that will entertain (and occupy) your young guests. When you’re throwing a themed party, it’s typical for the activities you choose to reflect the theme in some way. It can be an art project, science experiment, game, professional entertainer, bounce house, etc. Here are some fun dino-themed ways to ensure your guests have a blast.

1. Dino Shooting Game

Dino Shooting Game

Image source: ABERLLS

Invite your guests to go on a dinosaur hunt with this foam dart dino shooting game. It’s a great activity for older kids (five and up), and you can let kids team up or compete one on one. The target features several different dinosaurs and comes with 2 dart blasters and 40 foam darts. Mesh netting behind the targets makes it easy to keep track of the darts and prep for the next round of players.

2. Pin The Tail On The Dinosaur

Pin The Tail On The Dinosaur

Image source: Beistle Store

A classic party game never goes out of style, and that’s why the popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey game has so many different versions. For a dino party, all you need to do is change it to Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur. You can buy it with everything you need, or you can easily make your own if there’s a specific dino your child wants to have. This set comes with an 18 by 21 ½” poster, 12 dino tails, and a blindfold.

3. Make Dinosaur Fossils

Make Dinosaur Fossils

Image source: Raising Veggie Lovers

Kids will have a blast making their very own dinosaur fossils using this easy technique from Raising Veggie Lovers. All you need are flour, salt, used coffee grounds, brewed coffee, and assorted toy dinosaurs. Mix it up, mold it around the dino, and let kids take it home to have fun digging out later. You can also make them ahead of time and let kids break out the dinos at the party using small paint brushes, plastic chisels, and similar tools.

4. Triceratops Toss

Triceratops Toss

Image source: Lexi Borja

Here’s a fun game with a dinosaur twist from Lexi Borja. Triceratops Toss takes the classic ring toss game and gives it a prehistoric spin with a cute triceratops painted onto a poster board. Three plastic cones become the dino’s horns. Kids take turns trying to ring the horns to score points. If you’re making your own, paint it any color you want to match your decor. You can use rings from another toss game, diving rings, or even make your own out of sturdy pieces of rope and tape.

5. Go On A Dino Dig

Go On A Dino Dig

Image source: Fireflies and Mudpies

Setting up a dino dig like this one from Fireflies and Mudpies is a no-brainer for a dinosaur party. Go as simple or elaborate as you want, depending on your budget and tolerance for mess. (If you can do it outside, all the better.) Use a large sandbox or set up several plastic storage bins with sand. Hide toy dinosaurs, fossils, and other goodies, and let kids use small brushes and shovels to explore. Hide a special dinosaur and have a prize for the person who finds it.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Dinosaur Birthday Party

Make sure your guests don’t go hungry or thirsty, and add some themed snacks and refreshing beverages to your celebration. An easy way to make food match your dinosaur theme is to simply give items a creative name, like Stegosaurus Sandwiches or Brontosaurus Bites (brownie bites). When it comes to your party menu, you can keep it simple or put together a major spread. Just make sure to have enough to go around and keep plenty of napkins at the ready for messy fingers and hands.

1. Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

Image source: Food Lovin’ Family

Food Lovin’ Family shows off a super easy way to feed your party guests at a dinosaur birthday — classic dino nuggets. These shaped chicken bites are the perfect finger food to go alongside a few snacks. If your party is at lunch or dinner time, serve them up in place of pizza as your primary menu item. You can also set up a condiments bar for dipping with things like ketchup, honey mustard, ranch, and BBQ sauce.

2. Dino Bone Pretzels

Dino Bone Pretzels

Image source: Table and a Chair

Your craft and activity table isn’t the only place for dinosaur fossils. You can have them on your snack table, too. Serve some sweet and salty dino bones like these tasty nibbles from Table and a Chair. A few pieces in a cupcake liner make it easy for kids and adults to grab a snack and keep partying. You don’t even have to make anything, you can buy yogurt covered pretzels and raisins and simply serve them up in style.

3. Prehistoric Punch

Prehistoric Punch

Image source: Simplistically Living

You can pretty much serve any type of party punch you want and label it Prehistoric Punch or Raptor Punch like Simplistically Living. Go with a mix of colas and lemonade, or create a frosty green punch with sherbert and soda. Even green Gatorade works if you’re running short on time but don’t want to compromise on creativity. Pour into dino cups and serve your punch from a large dispenser or pitchers, or use a punch bowl for drinks with more substance.

4. Dinosaur Dirt Cups

Dinosaur Dirt Cups

Image source: Made to Be a Momma

Crushed-up Oreo cookies layered between chocolate pudding makes a super delicious, easy dessert. These yummy dirt cups from Made to Be a Momma get a dino twist by simply adding a toy dinosaur on top (which can double as a party favor). Serve to guests with a spoon so they can go for a dig that will surely satisfy their sweet tooth. If the party guests are older children (five and up), you can even let them assemble their own dirt cups.

5. Fruit-Filled Dinosaur Watermelon

Fruit-Filled Dinosaur Watermelon

Image source: Heather Stewart

Add some healthy options to your party menu with fresh fruit. Kids love fruit, especially when you serve it in a fun way, like this watermelon stegosaurus from Heather Stewart. Look closely, and you’ll notice the watermelon is simply balancing on an upside-down glass bowl. Paper or craft foam makes the head, tail, and legs, and sweet, juicy fruit kabobs create the colorful plates on the dino’s back. Guests can pluck out a kabob for an on-the-go snack.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ideas

You don’t want to phone it in when it comes to the birthday cake. It’s one of the main components of a birthday party, and it’s one that lots of people are eager to see. Why do you think so many people take pictures of birthday cakes? If you’re going with a dinosaur party, you’ll want a cake that fits the theme, whether it’s a 3D dinosaur, jungle-inspired tiered beauty, or a captivating dino landscape. But you don’t have to bust your budget on crazy custom cakes. You can also use fun dinosaur cake toppers and similar items to make a big statement.

1. Easy Triceratops Cake

Easy Triceratops Cake

Image source: The Exploring Family

What if it’s not in the budget to order a custom cake, but you want something a little more unique then dino cake toppers? If you have a younger child, impress them with this cute triceratops cake from The Exploring Family. Bake the layers with any cake flavor you desire, then cut the various shapes to construct your dino. Add frosting in colors that complement your party theme, and use marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate chips, and decorating sugar to add details.

2. Dinosaur Dig Sheet Cake

Dinosaur Dig Sheet Cake

Image source: Sprinkle Bakes

This chocolate sheet cake from Sprinkle Bakes is a unique twist on a dinosaur birthday cake. The best part is you could make this easily yourself with a few tweaks. If you don’t want to deal with the chocolate molds to make your own skeleton, simply get toy pieces or use the actual molds for a similar effect. Then, when it’s time to serve, just set them to the side before cutting the cake.

3. Cake Toppers For Dino Cake

Cake Toppers For Dino Cake

Image source: GooParty

Maybe you don’t feel like making a cake but don’t want to buy an expensive custom job. Or maybe your decorating skills are out of practice. This 19-piece set of precious dino cake toppers from GooParty makes it a breeze to create a stunning and colorful themed cake. Use them to create a dinosaur jungle landscape on the cake of your choice (whether store-bought or homemade). You can use them on sheet cakes, cupcakes, tiered cakes, or more. There are several dinosaurs, various leaves, a volcano, and trees to help you create a variety of designs.

4. Stegosaurus Cake

Stegosaurus Cake

Image source: de la crème

This sweet, subdued stegosaurus cake from de la creme is a perfect option for a young child’s dinosaur birthday, think ages 0 to 3. The soft, monochromatic color palette keeps things calm and relaxing, and it also adds a bit of sophistication to this typically wild theme. The bottom layer resembles a tree stump, evoking imagery of a dinosaur forest long ago. If you don’t need such a big cake, you can get the same feeling using a cake stand with a similar tree-bark style.

5. Jurassic World Cake

Jurassic World Cake

Image source: Catch My Party

This cake from Catch My Party showcases the Jurassic World universe with the movie’s iconic logo front and center. This would be a great pick for an older kid’s dinosaur birthday. A large toy dinosaur on top makes a big statement in the simplest of ways. The drip effect is also lots of fun and adds a unique touch. You could even do something similar and create more of an erupting volcano vibe atop the cake.

Party Favors For A Dinosaur Birthday

Send your guests off with a special memento of your amazing dinosaur party with some unique and fun favors. Fill treat cups with candy or trinkets, let kids make a dino to bring home, or hand out dinosaur-themed toys. You can find tons of dinosaur-themed goodies online or at party supply stores, making this part of your party planning to-do list quick and easy. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with some dinosaur-shaped cookies or a loot bag filled with dino surprises.

Dinosaur Bubble Wands

Dinosaur Bubble Wands

Dinosaur Bubble Wands

These colorful bubble wands are a great favor idea for a spring or summertime party. Let kids blow and chase bubbles as part of the party fun, or spread them out on a table for everyone to take with them when they leave. This set includes 32 mini wands featuring 8 different designs and bright, vivid colors that really stand out. You can mix them into goody bags with other items or give them out solo with a cute thank-you note.

Dinosaur Treat Cups And Fillers

Dinosaur Treat Cups And Fillers

Dinosaur Treat Cups And Fillers

This mega pack of supplies features a colorful assortment of dino-inspired trinkets that you can use to create exciting party favors. Included are 12 cups with dome lids and 12 squiggly dinosaur straws. Use the cups to hold a selection of the other goodies. You’ll also get 12 each of stamps, dino figures, rings, keychains, slap bracelets, and 3D stickers. There are also 12 thank you tags so you can let your guests know how much you appreciate them.

Dinosaur Pop-Its

Dinosaur Pop-Its

Dinosaur Pop-Its

Give kids a gift that’s irresistible with these rainbow dinosaur pop-its. Even adults get a little obsessed with these stress-relieving poppers. But there’s a little something extra. These pop-its glow in the dark! The set comes with one giant T-Rex pop-it and four medium-sized pop-its. You can give out the smaller ones as favors and let the large T-Rex be for the birthday kid or give them out as prizes for your party games.

Create-A-Dinosaur Stickers

Create-A-Dinosaur Stickers

Create-A-Dinosaur Stickers

These clever sticker sheets allow kids to design and create all kinds of silly dinosaurs. Plus, the stickers are reusable, so they can try out different looks and let their imaginations soar. The set includes 24 sheets featuring various facial features and props, like headphones, sunglasses, and bowties. Kids will have a ball coming up with the coolest and craziest dinos they can dream up. They make great favors but can also be a fun filler activity for your party.

Miniature Dinosaur Toys

Miniature Dinosaur Toys

Miniature Dinosaur Toys

What kid doesn’t like getting new toys? Put together some sets of miniature dinosaurs to give to guests as a goodbye gift. They can trade for their favorites, set up their own dinosaur kingdoms, or create a dino dig when they get home. This set includes 82 dinos, but it’s super affordable. You could get a few sets so everyone can take home a handful of their favorites or mix them up with other treats.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is a Three Rex Party?

If you’re searching online or asking around about dinosaur party ideas, you might see the term Three-Rex come up a lot. This isn’t a secret code or some weird trend; it’s basically a dinosaur party for a three-year-old. So if your kid is about to turn three, this theme could work for you. It’s just a play on words, similar to Two-rannosaurus and DinoFOURus. T-Rex typically takes center stage at a Three-Rex party, but it doesn’t need to be the only dino in on the action.

What colors work well for a dinosaur birthday party?

Green is the color most often seen at a dinosaur party, usually in a mix of various shades ranging from light to dark green. Fun colors to pair it with are metallics like gold and silver or yellows, browns, and vibrant blues. For a younger kid’s birthday, you’ll usually see lots of bright colors, like reds, oranges, blues, purples, and greens. Older kids will usually go with a more subdued palette, like darker green, black, and various browns. A good rule of thumb is to pick three main colors for your party palette, and if you want more color, you can pepper in a few extras in small amounts.

Is a dinosaur birthday party expensive?

A dinosaur birthday party doesn’t have to be any more expensive than any other themed party. When it comes to your budget, you can keep things on a shoestring or go hog wild; it’s up to you (and your wallet). On average, parents spend between $400 and $500 on their kid’s birthdays. That said, you can definitely throw a fun dino party at an affordable price. Decoration and supplies are plentiful for this theme, keeping costs low. You can also come up with a lot of DIY activities and games that can double as your party favors (like digging for dinos and keeping what you find).

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