Is your little girl begging you for a unicorn birthday party? Or maybe she wants a mystical, whimsical theme featuring rainbows, fairies, unicorns, and magic. Lots of children are fascinated by these mythical creatures, including toddlers to pre-teens, so there are plenty of options when it comes to throwing a unicorn birthday party.

You can opt for simple and sophisticated, sparkly and glam, or take things in a whole different direction. Will you use many colors or go with a white and gold color scheme? Other great color options are pink and purple, silver and gold, or rainbow. Talk with your child about their thoughts and visions of what their party looks like. Their ideas can help lay the groundwork for your specific unicorn party theme.

Whether it’s cartoon-inspired unicorns, something a bit more realistic looking, or just a subtle hint of a unicorn’s horn, you have several possibilities. To start gathering ideas and inspiration, check out these amazing unicorn party ideas we’ve rounded up to make your party planning easier.

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Your birthday party invitation has a lot of jobs to do. It tells people the logistics of your party, like where and when it is. Plus, the invitation gives clues about your party’s colors, theme, and any special occurrences guests can expect. Therefore, when planning a unicorn party, you understandably want to send out unicorn invitations, but what’s the best way to do it? You can opt for snail mail, hand them out in person, send everything digitally, or a combination. The most popular way to create invitations these days is by designing them online or buying downloadable invites from sites like Etsy.

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations

There are countless styles of birthday invitations on Etsy, including this pretty unicorn-themed one from JulieBluet. You’ll find various designs in a wide array of colors. Some sellers will take your personal party information and handle all the customizations, sending you the completed version to download or print. Other designs allow you to download instantly upon purchase and edit to your liking. You can even find animated, and video invites if you plan to keep everything digital.

Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

The decorations you choose for your party help set the entire mood of your event. When you hang garlands, banners, balloons, giant backdrops, and other festive items, you leave no question that there’s about to be a party. No matter what your party theme is, you’ll find lots of options for décor that fits your party plan. Unicorn decorations are no exception, with lots of balloons, plates, napkins, hanging swirls, and more featuring the magical beast and whimsical colors.

Ultimate Unicorn Party Pack

Ultimate Unicorn Party Pack

Ultimate Unicorn Party Pack

A comprehensive party pack makes it a breeze to start decorating for your party. You get a whole bunch of items in one convenient place, so you can cover your bases and make a fun statement. This set includes everything you need for 16 guests, with cups, straws, utensils, napkins, and plates. You also get a cake topper, cupcake toppers, a jumbo tablecloth, a birthday banner, balloons, and goody bags. There’s also a special unicorn headband for the birthday star.

Hanging Unicorn Swirl Decorations

Hanging Unicorn Swirl Decorations

Hanging Unicorn Swirl Decorations

Bring your party vibes up into the air with these pretty hanging swirl decorations. When you’re decorating for a celebration, pieces like these help you create a 360-degree party atmosphere. They look great hanging from the ceiling, under archways or canopies, below door frames, and anywhere else you want to add a festive touch. The set features 30 pieces showcasing various designs that include sparkling gold unicorns, rainbows, shooting stars, and more.

Giant Unicorn Balloons

Giant Unicorn Balloons

Giant Unicorn Balloons

Kids will absolutely love these giant unicorn balloons with bright colors and cute faces. Incorporate them into a larger balloon arch, or let them make a statement on their own. You get five different unicorns that are 3D and self-standing with tons of vibrant colors. The largest balloon stands at an impressive 46 inches tall, making it quite possible that it’s bigger than the birthday kid. The smaller balloons are also a nice size, measuring 34 inches tall.

Unicorn Backdrop

Unicorn Backdrop

Unicorn Backdrop

Do you plan to set up a special place for photographs at the party? Or maybe you want to create an incredible showstopper behind the cake table? A colorful, large backdrop is an excellent way to make either of these ideas come to life. This unicorn-themed drop comes in a variety of sizes, including 5 x 3, 6 x 4, 6 x 6, 7 x 5, and 8 x 6. So you should have no problem finding the perfect size for your party scene. It’s also full of sparkle, creating a big wow factor in your space.

Unicorn Table Decorations

Unicorn Table Decorations

Unicorn Table Decorations

Add some pizzazz to your party tables with colorful, festive decorations that you can set up within seconds. These classic honeycomb table centerpieces are great for adding some unicorn flair to your food table, cake table, gift table, and more. They’re a popular party decoration that makes it easy to liven up the celebration. You get nine pieces, each showcasing a different design, with bases in blue, white, and pink. Some of the featured designs are unicorn silhouettes, rainbows, flowers, shooting stars, and unicorn horns.

Unicorn Birthday Party Activities & Games

Planning a few games and activities to entertain guests during the party is a must. It’s a party, after all, and people expect to have some fun. When it’s a kid’s party, you definitely want some structured things planned, so everyone stays engaged and doesn’t get bored. (Bored kids are a recipe for mischief and mayhem.) You can plan some arts and crafts projects, host a story time or sing-a-long, hire a performer, play basic party games, or do anything else you can imagine to match your theme. For starters, you can use these ideas to plan a fun-filled celebration.

1. Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

Image source: WERNNSAI

You can never go wrong with a classic. There’s a reason games like this one have been around for ages. They’re fun, challenging, and make everyone smile. Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is one of many variations on this timeless party game. You can purchase one that comes with everything you need or make your own. Other options are Pin the Tail on the Unicorn or Add a Rainbow, etc. You can tweak the game to match your specific theme.

2. Create Unicorn Scratch Art Masks

Create Unicorn Scratch Art Masks

Image source: MALLMALL6

If you’re planning a rainbows and unicorns party, scratch art is a great option since it features so many colors. Plus, it’s just cool when kids reveal the bright pinks, greens, and other shades hidden beneath the black. These unicorn scratch art masks are a great addition to your party activities. Not only are they something fun for your guests to do, but they also set up some great photo ops. And kids can take their masks home, so it’s like getting an extra party favor.

3. Unicorn Ring Toss

Unicorn Ring Toss

Image source: Joliyoou

Ring toss is another classic party game that’s been around for ages. This unicorn version is a no-brainer, with kids trying to get their rings around the unicorn’s horn. You can find several versions, including wearable unicorn horns and inflatable rings, making the game even more entertaining for both participants and onlookers. But if you’re looking for a different way to play, use a large stuffed unicorn or have kids hold a unicorn horn, or use unicorn horn lollipops.

4. Paint A Unicorn

Paint A Unicorn

Image source: KMUYSL

A unicorn party and an art party can easily work together since you see a lot of rainbows accompanying both themes. It’s a match that makes sense, using tons of vibrant colors and some sparkle for good measure. If you want to incorporate some art into your unicorn theme, set up a painting station with some paintable unicorns. You can find kits online or at arts and crafts stores. Kids will love to design their own magical creatures and take them home as a special memory.

5. Unicorn Piñata

Unicorn Piñata

Image source: FRENZ

Piñatas are always a party favorite. Kids love trying to be the one that releases all the treats, and parents love watching their children try to take a swing. If you’re not up for giving little kids a stick or bat (and who could blame you), you can always go with a pull-string version instead. Kids can fill up loot bags with all the fun fillers that pour out after the lucky hit or pull. A unicorn piñata is a great way to squeeze in an extra activity and create instant goody bags for your guests.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Unicorn Birthday Party

Party guests expect to find a food table when they come to a birthday. It doesn’t mean you have to have an elaborate spread, but a few basics are typical. If the party is during dinner or lunch, you want to at least serve some pizza or chicken tenders, etc. A good rule of thumb is to have a main meal item, a sweet snack, a salty or savory snack, and a few drink options. Depending on your time and budget, you can get creative or keep it simple. When planning a menu for your unicorn-themed party, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

1. Unicorn Poop Muddy Buddies

Unicorn Poop Muddy Buddies

Image source: Mom Dot

You might not think a snack with poop in the name would be appetizing, but think again. This sweet snack from Mom Dot turns the popular muddy buddy recipe using Chex Mix into a perfectly pink nibble that’s just right for a unicorn party. Throw in some colorful sprinkles or edible glitter for extra sparkle, and you get unicorn poop. Kids will giggle with delight when they hear the name, and they’ll love the taste even better.

2. Unicorn Horn Pretzel Sticks

Unicorn Horn Pretzel Sticks

Image source: A Bajillion Recipes

Chocolate-covered pretzel sticks are popular party snacks that deliver the perfect blend of sweet and salty. A Bajillion Recipes gives this classic a unicorn do-over with different bright colors of chocolate, candy pearls, and fun-shaped sprinkles. Now, instead of regular pretzel sticks, they’re magical unicorn horns. They add a vivid pop to your food table and are super easy for guests to snack on as they mingle. If you wrap them up to go, they also can double as tasty party favors.

3. Unicorn Toast

Unicorn Toast

Image source: Culture Trip

Culture Trip takes something as simple as a slice of bread and turns it into an excellent unicorn-themed snack. It’s almost too pretty to eat, looking more like a mini work of art than a kid’s party snack. You can make Unicorn Toast in a variety of ways depending on your budget and timeline. They use cream cheese or yogurt and natural coloring like beet juice for this one. But you can also simply use food coloring to create various shades of frosting. Spread it on the toast and add sprinkles for a finishing touch.

4. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Image source: Amanda’s Cookin’

Skip the pizza party and serve another kid’s favorite — grilled cheese. Amanda’s Cookin’ gives the American classic a colorful makeover with ooey-gooey melted cheese in a rainbow of colors. All you need is food dye to turn an ordinary grilled cheese into a delicious, melty masterpiece. Make the sandwiches just like you would a regular grilled cheese (just with some added color). Kids will love stretching the pieces apart to see the vivid colors.

5. Unicorn Lemonade

Unicorn Lemonade

Image source: Midget Momma

Serve your guests something refreshing to go along with their snacks and meal by mixing up some unicorn lemonade like Midget Momma. You can make homemade pink lemonade or use store-bought. For added unicorn magic, freeze different colored water in ice cube trays to create pink, purple, and other color cubes. These make a fun addition to your lemonade glasses. Rim the glasses with sprinkles and edible glitter to create the perfect finishing touch to your party beverage.

Unbelievable Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas

In addition to your party menu, people also expect a birthday cake or some kind of equivalent. You might have a showstopping cake, cupcakes, cake pops, or offer a combination of these. However you decide to serve your cake, it’s usually something that stands out from the rest of the menu and features your party theme and colors. Bake your own if you’re into the DIY scene, or order a custom creation to wow your guests. You can also pick up a cake at your favorite bakery and ask them to add some unicorn décor or pick out a fun cake topper to turn it into a party showpiece.

1. Unicorn Cake Topper Set

Unicorn Cake Topper Set

Image source: MOVINPE

If you prefer to keep your party prep simple or you’re working with a small budget, you can save a lot of time and money by simplifying your cake choice. But simplifying doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style or cuteness. You can still have a themed cake by using a unicorn cake topper set which you can put on any cake you wish. Grab a store bought cake from your favorite bakery or make your own, then let colorful toppers handle the decorating side of things.

2. Classic Unicorn Cake

Classic Unicorn Cake

Image source: Frost Me Sweet

You’ve likely seen various versions of the classic unicorn cake, like this one from Frost Me Sweet. You start with a pale pink or white frosted layer cake and add tons of colorful pipe work for a rainbow-inspired mane. Create a glittering, gold horn out of fondant or modeling chocolate, pipe on lines for the eyes, and add embellishments as you see fit. You can attempt to make your own cake, or check out local bakeries or cake artists. They likely offer unicorn cakes among their design options, so you won’t need to pay extra for a custom creation.

3. Use A Unicorn Cake Pan

Use A Unicorn Cake Pan

Image source: Target

If you have a few skills when it comes to baking and decorating cakes, consider using a unicorn-shaped cake pan to create a themed birthday cake. The pan makes it easy to get the unicorn shape, and the rest is up to your piping skills. You can spread on frosting, pipe rosettes, or add a ton of dots with a star tip. Add a dash of edible glitter to the horn for an extra wow factor.

4. Zombie Unicorn Cake

Zombie Unicorn Cake

Image source: Hayley Cakes and Cookies

If you’re looking for a really unique take on a unicorn cake, check this one out from Hayley Cakes and Cookies. This is an excellent option if you have an older kid whose birthday is around Halloween or they want to do something with a monster theme too. If anything, it certainly shows you that you can think outside the box no matter what your party theme. If a zombie unicorn isn’t your style, you could do a bookworm unicorn with glasses, a princess unicorn wearing a tiara, etc.

5. Unicorns And Rainbows

Unicorns And Rainbows

Image source: A Little Cake Bakery

A Little Cake Bakery goes all out with the idea of a unicorns and rainbows theme, incorporating both elements into one showstopping cake. The tall cake makes a perfect backdrop for a cute and colorful unicorn. Then a rainbow made out of fondant or modeling chocolate tops the cake, adding lots of extra height. You can use fondant to create the clouds at the end of the rainbow, or use mini marshmallows. If you don’t want to make a rainbow you can use a cake topper instead.

Party Favors For A Unicorn Birthday

Let your guests know how much you appreciate them by giving them a special souvenir before they leave the party. Party favors are a great way to say thank you to people for celebrating with you. You can offer some homemade goodies, loot bags filled with special trinkets, or plan an art project that guests get to take home after the event. To add a personal touch attach a little thank you note to each favor or a special message.

Unicorn Bubbles

Unicorn Bubbles

Unicorn Bubbles

These colorful bubble wands are a great favor idea for a colorful birthday theme like unicorns. Each stick is 5.5 inches tall with a cute unicorn on the lid. The kit includes 24 bubble sticks in a variety of colors, along with 24 heart shaped thank you tags. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your party favors and give kids something they’ll enjoy. The colors are pink, purple, yellow, and a pretty shade of green.

Unicorn Sunglasses

Unicorn Sunglasses

Unicorn Sunglasses

Your guests will look and feel snazzy in these stylish and funky unicorn-themed sunglasses. They feature a fun assortment of designs, including unicorn cupcakes and rainbows, in vivid colors that make them pop. One set includes six pairs of sunglasses, all different styles. Hand them out before the party starts so kids will wear them throughout the festivities and create memorable photo opportunities.

Squiggly Unicorn Straws And Tattoos

Squiggly Unicorn Straws And Tattoos

Squiggly Unicorn Straws And Tattoos

Here are some useful favors that are also lots of fun. You can put these squiggly straws in your party beverages and let guests know they get to take one home. Plus, since they’re reusable, they’re better for the environment than disposable straws. The set of squiggly straws features an assortment of bright colors and cute unicorns, with 24 straws altogether. It also comes with six sheets of unicorn temporary tattoos that you can put on guests at the party as a fun side activity.

Unicorn Party Favor Pack

Unicorn Party Favor Pack

Unicorn Party Favor Pack

If you can’t decide what kind of party favors to give your guests, consider buying a favor pack like this one. It features all sorts of fun unicorn trinkets that you can mix and match in unicorn themed treat boxes or loot bags. Kids will love getting a variety of surprises to discover. The pack includes enough for 12 guests, featuring unicorn rings, bracelets, necklaces, and tattoo sheets. It also comes with unicorn gift bags, so you have everything you need.

Unicorn Squishies

Unicorn Squishies

Unicorn Squishies

Oh, the irresistible squeezability of little squishies. These trendy toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so finding some to match your party theme is pretty easy. Kids will love to add these unicorn squishies to their collections, trade them, and play with them. They’re great for relieving stress, too, so don’t be surprised if some of the adults want some. You get 24 brightly colored unicorns, all perfectly suited for squeezing and squishing.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What’s the best age for a unicorn birthday?

Unicorn parties work for kids of all ages because you can style them in so many different ways. It’s easy to throw a party with cute unicorns for babies and toddlers. Older kids might want My Little Pony or colorful unicorns with vivid purples, reds, blues, and more. Pre-teens might lean more toward a rainbow theme with unicorns thrown into the mix or a more elegant unicorn party with silver and gold and subtle imagery.

Can you have a unicorn party without balloons?

Balloons are not a requirement for a party. Some people prefer not to have balloons for several reasons (they can’t stand when they pop, or they’re worried about pets getting a hold of them). Sometimes, buying large foil balloons can get pricey if you need to take them to a store to get inflated. Whatever the reason, if you choose to not have balloons, no problem. There are more than enough decoration options available to make an incredible statement at your child’s unicorn party.

Are there companies that offer unicorn rides at birthday parties?

Of course, you know there are no real unicorns. (At least not that we’ve seen, right?) But look into local party companies that offer pony ride packages. Several of them feature ponies that wear a frilly tutu or ribbons and a unicorn horn. If this is something that seems like it’s a good fit for your child’s party, know that it’s an option. The prices vary based on how long you want to book the horse, how many kids you have, the age of the kids, etc. Every company is different, so you’ll need to get specific quotes or check out the business’s website for exact pricing.

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