Mermaids have always fascinated people, especially children, so a mermaid birthday party makes perfect sense. And you have so many options to make it just right for your child’s unique personality and interests. It can be all mermaids, or you can mix in other sea creatures, or use beautiful, glittery scales to suggest a mermaid’s tail. Or go with Ariel and have a Little Mermaid celebration.

Whichever mermaid look you’re going for, you’ll need decorations, food, tableware, favors, and a birthday cake. You’ll also want an invitation that tells people exactly what they can expect when they come to the party. Lucky for you, a mermaid theme is a popular choice, so there are lots of options.

But party planning for your kid’s birthday doesn’t have to take forever. We’ve rounded up some of the most spectacular ideas for a mermaid birthday party and put them in one easy place. So get ready to be inspired and create the celebration of your kid’s dreams.

Mermaid Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

A great party starts with a great invitation. Your party invite does much more than simply tell folks when and where the party is. It also sets the mood for your event. You can match your invitations to your party theme and color scheme and tell guests about special happenings. (A visit from a mermaid?!) Instead of buying a pack of Invitations and filling out all of the info, many people today design them on their computers or even their phones. A quick peek on Etsy will reward you with tons of downloadable mermaid invitation options.

Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Colorful, fun mermaid invitations abound on Etsy, like this one from Chicfetti. You can also find more subtle options, those for babies, ones for older birthday kids, and more. Plug in your party info after purchase, download, or print, and you’re ready to send. Or, opt for a seller that will customize the invite for you and send it to you when ready. You can even choose from video invitations if you’re keeping things strictly digital.

Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

When you’re prepping for a birthday, your decorations can really help set the overall mood of the celebration. Party décor gives you an opportunity to transport your guests to a magical place. From glittering mermaid tails to seashells and beyond, you have plenty of choices with how you decorate for your child’s mermaid party. A beautiful backdrop can set the stage, along with colorful balloons, banners, and tableware. Throw in a few hanging decorations and table centerpieces, and you’re well on your way to a marvelously decorated mermaid birthday.

Mermaid Backdrop

Mermaid Backdrop

Mermaid Backdrop

A large backdrop is a great way to make a big impact at your kid’s party with minimal effort. It’s a great background for your cake table, or you can use it as a photo booth setting. This beautiful drop comes in either a seven by five foot or an eight by six foot size. The colors are vibrant, and sparkling detail adds an extra dash of magic to the piece.

Iridescent Mermaid Garland

Iridescent Mermaid Garland

Iridescent Mermaid Garland

This mermaid garland offers 40 feet of glittering, holographic under-the-sea beauty. You can hang pieces from the ceiling or string them up over door frames or across archways. There are starfish, seashells, mermaids, jellyfish, and bubbles that catch and reflect the light. The overall color scheme features blues, purples, pinks, and silver, making it versatile with lots of mermaid decorations. It’s made with durable materials, so you can reuse it for a future party or pass it along to a friend that’s planning a mermaid bash.

Mermaid Cupcake Stand

Mermaid Cupcake Stand

Mermaid Cupcake Stand

This mermaid garland offers 40 feet of glittering, holographic under-the-sea beauty. You can hang pieces from the ceiling or string them up over door frames or across archways. There are starfish, seashells, mermaids, jellyfish, and bubbles that catch and reflect the light. The overall color scheme features blues, purples, pinks, and silver, making it versatile with lots of mermaid decorations. It’s made with durable materials, so you can reuse it for a future party or pass it along to a friend that’s planning a mermaid bash.

Mermaid Tableware

Mermaid Tableware

Mermaid Tableware

Since you’re having food at your party, you’ll need some basics like plates and napkins. Set your party table with mermaid flair using these colorful pieces that draw their inspiration from a mermaid’s shimmering tail. You’ll get 96 pieces in all, including 24 9” plates, 24 7” plates, 24 napkins, and 24 forks. The bright colors add a vibrant touch to your tablescape and a smile to your guests’ faces.

Mermaid Balloon Garland

Mermaid Balloon Garland

Mermaid Balloon Garland

Balloons are always fun for a party, and you can do a lot of amazing things with them. When it comes to a mermaid party, you can use balloons to represent beautiful, multi-colored bubbles and create a stunning showpiece. This balloon garland kit makes it possible to add a big show stopping impact to your party décor. It’s full of different colors, sizes, and shapes, including two mermaid tail ends, so the entire arch looks like one giant mermaid’s tail.

Mermaid Birthday Party Activities & Games

Don’t forget to plan a few games or activities to keep kids busy and engaged during the party. It’s customary to have a few things for your guests to do during the celebration. Some examples are science experiments, making crafts, scavenger hunts, various games, dance parties, and more. It’s important to provide kids with some structured activities during the party so things stay on track and nobody gets bored (or into mischief). These ideas for a mermaid party are a great place to start.

1. Pin The Tail On The Mermaid

Pin The Tail On The Mermaid

Image source: WERNNSAI

The classic games always seem to go over big at kid’s parties. This version of the famous Pin the Tail on the Donkey game from WERNNSAI features completing a mermaid’s tail. Kids take turns trying to pin the colorful tail ends on the mermaid, all while blindfolded. You get one 24 by 28 inch poster, a blindfold, and 24 reusable tail stickers. As a fun incentive, you can give prizes for first, second, and third place.

2. Mermaid Treasure Dig

Mermaid Treasure Dig

Image source: Pinterest

Think about Ariel in her grotto, surrounded by all of her treasures from the human world. That’s what this Pinterest user did when they came up with this fun mermaid party game. Fill a kiddie pool or sandbox with sand and hide a bunch of trinkets in it. You can put toy gems, jewelry items, and even quirky things like spoons, sunglasses, and other things that a mermaid might find fascinating. Give kids a toy shovel to start digging and find their treasures. You can also give them special cards with pictured items, so they have specific things to find.

3. Mermaid Piñata

Mermaid Piñata

Image source: Suilung

Piñatas are always a winner at parties, especially since they’re filled with fun goodies. This cute mermaid piñata from Suilung is eye-catching with its vivid colors and whimsical style. But, if your birthday kid doesn’t feel right about taking a whack at a mermaid, you can find various other options. Look for giant seashells, jellyfish, or similar under-the-sea objects. If the party is for younger kids, consider using a pull-string piñata instead. These types are also a good option when you need to do the activity indoors.

4. How Many Fish In The Sea?

How Many Fish In The Sea?

Image source: DISTINCTIVS

Fill a large jar with goldfish or Swedish fish and give all the party guests a card to write their names and guess how many fish are in the jar. You can use printables and similar aids like these from DISTINCTIVS, or you can make your own. The person with the closest guess without going over wins. If anyone happens to get the exact number, you could have an extra special prize for them since it would be pretty amazing (and unlikely) if that happened.

5. Make Mermaid Necklaces

Make Mermaid Necklaces

Image source: FLYINGSEEDS

Crafts and making jewelry are also some great ways to spend time at a party. And for a mermaid party, making jewelry is especially perfect. These necklace kits from FLYINGSEEDS make it easy to set up a craft station at your party for kids to create their own unique necklaces. To make things go smoothly, portion out materials beforehand so each child gets their own set of supplies. The great thing about this activity is kids can take home their necklace, so it also doubles as a party favor.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Mermaid Birthday Party

Feeling hungry? Your guests most likely will be, and they’ll be looking for some fun party food to go along with your mermaid theme. If the party’s during lunch or dinner time, it’s nice to have some sort of meal option, like pizza, hot dogs, or sandwiches. You can fill in the menu with snacks and drinks, and you’re good to go. If having a morning party, donuts are always a crowd pleaser.

1. Mermaid Dip

Mermaid Dip

Image source: About a Mom

Kids won’t be able to resist digging into this sparkly, shimmering mermaid dip from About a Mom. It’s sweet and perfect for dipping cookies, featuring cream cheese, whipped topping, and more. If you’re feeling extra creative, bake up some mermaid-shaped sugar cookies to serve alongside the dip. You can select sprinkles that match your party colors, and you can even throw in a dash of edible glitter for some extra glitz.

2. Crab Croissant Sandwiches

Crab Croissant Sandwiches

Image source: All That Glitters

Sandwiches are always a hit at kids’ parties because they’re easy to eat, and you can put different things on them to add instant variety to your menu. To match a simple sandwich to your mermaid theme, try these crab croissants from All That Glitters. All you need are toothpicks and large googly eyes; how simple is that? Serve up some turkey sandwiches, ham and cheese, grilled cheese, tuna fish, or whatever you want. You’ll end up with a tray of cute crabs that kids will love.

3. Pretzel Mermaid Tails

Pretzel Mermaid Tails

Image source: Ever After in the Woods

Sometimes, you can’t beat that perfect mix of sweet and salty. And that’s exactly what these tasty treats from Ever After in the Woods do. The giant pretzel sticks get an upgrade with white chocolate, food coloring, and of course, lots of sprinkles. Make them all the same, or create different colors; it’s up to you. You can easily alter the look by changing up the food coloring and sprinkles you use.

4. Clam Shell Cookies

Clam Shell Cookies

Image source: MomDot

These clamshell cookies from MomDot are super cute and colorful. The best part is they’re also easy to make. You just need vanilla wafers, frosting, and large pearl sprinkles or Sixlets. Make the frosting yourself or buy premade frosting and portion it out to create different colors. This makes it incredibly easy to match this snack to your unique color scheme. Pipe frosting onto the cookies, and you’ll end up with a colorful sweet snack for your party food table.

5. Mermaid Lemonade

Mermaid Lemonade

Image source: Jasper and Willow

A colorful bluish-green punch is a perfect fit for a mermaid-themed party. This Mermaid Lemonade from Jasper and Willow features, you guessed it, lemonade! But it gets its mermaid flair from a dash of food coloring, some vivid shades of sanding sugar, and colorful ice cubes. For an extra fun touch, get some fish-shaped ice cube molds and freeze cubes in different colors, so it looks like you have fish floating in your drink.

Magical Mermaid Birthday Cake Ideas

The birthday cake is typically the finale of your party. Everyone checks out how it looks when they arrive. They ooh and aah, and then right before the party ends, it’s time to cut the cake. The cake reflects the party theme and is often also a main centerpiece, doubling as décor in a way. You’ll find lots of ideas when it comes to birthday cakes for a mermaid party, so you should have no problem finding something your child will love.

1. Mermaid Cake Toppers

Mermaid Cake Toppers

Image source: Ercadio

The great thing about cake toppers is you don’t have to be a master baker or cake artist to create a themed cake for your party. This cute cake topper pack from Ercadio features a precious mermaid and various sea creatures and other items that help you create an underwater scene on top of any cake. So bake your own masterpiece or buy one at your favorite bakery, then simply add a few embellishments for a festive and fun cake.

2. Mermaid Doll Cake

Mermaid Doll Cake

Image source: Betty Crocker

You’ve probably seen the famous doll cake at some point. You know the one, where the top half of a doll sticks out of their dress made of cake. This simple cake from Betty Crocker features a doll, but instead of putting it in the cake, it simply sits on top. If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to go, because the cake itself is relatively simple in terms of decorating. But once you add the doll, it really looks like a mermaid sitting atop her rock on the beach or in her grotto.

3. Mermaid Scales Cake

Mermaid Scales Cake

Image source: Delish

Here’s a more subtle take on a mermaid cake if you don’t want to go too big or too obvious. The piping work on this cake from Delish represents the scales on a mermaid’s tail. The key is to use bright colors (no matter which colors you choose) to present that magical, fanciful feel. If you want to add a bit more sparkle, finish it off with a dusting of edible glitter or sprinkles.

4. Mermaid Tails Layer Cake

Mermaid Tails Layer Cake

Image source: Love and Confections

Love and Confections creates a stunning cake with beautiful piping work, bright colors, and tall layers. Two mermaid tails coming out of the top to make it look like they’re diving below the ocean’s surface. If you have mad piping skills but are unsure about your sculpting, this is a great way to create a DIY masterpiece. Once again, colors are easy to change, so you can go with the same idea and simply mix up different shades to fit your decor.

5. Mermaid Pull Apart Cake

Mermaid Pull Apart Cake

Image source: Dessert Now Dinner

When you have a bunch of kids ready to eat cake, sometimes it’s just easier to skip the cutting. That’s why pull-apart cakes are such a great idea. This one from Dessert Now Dinner features a bunch of cupcakes that come together to form a beautiful mermaid’s tail. Frost them in any colors you’d like to match your party scheme, and add some edible glitter or sparkly sprinkles for added flair.

Party Favors For A Mermaid Birthday

It’s always sad when a party’s over, and it’s time to say goodbye to your guests, But when you give them fun party favors to take home, it makes the farewell a little easier. Party favors are also a nice way to tell your guests thanks for coming and that you appreciate them celebrating your special day. Let your child help pick out what they’d like to give to their friends, or you can make a DIY goodie or bake some sweets.

Mermaid Party Favor Pack

Mermaid Party Favor Pack

Mermaid Party Favor Pack

A mega party favor pack is a great way to get all the favors you need in one place. You can use these trinkets to fill loot bags or treat boxes or even as fillers for a piñata. You get 80 pieces, including slap bracelets, keychains, bubbles, notebooks, stickers, and more. You can create party packs for your guests or dump everything in a mermaid’s treasure chest and let guests pick two or three items before they go home.

Mermaid-Themed Glasses

Mermaid-Themed Glasses

Mermaid-Themed Glasses

These favors are super fun and sure to make everyone giggle and smile. Instead of giving these glasses out after the party, you might want to hand them out as guests arrive. They can wear them during the festivities, and you’ll snag some super cute photos. The set includes 24 pairs of glasses in 8 different snazzy styles. They’re bright and whimsical and sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Mini Mermaid Notebooks

Mini Mermaid Notebooks

Mini Mermaid Notebooks

Give your guests a gift they can use with these sweet mermaid-themed notebooks that also feature an assortment of sea creatures. There are seahorses, starfish, mermaids, and more, perfect for drawing and writing. The set includes 24 notebooks in 8 different styles. Each notebook is 2.36 by 3.94 inches. Another option is to give each guest a notebook along with a mermaid-themed pencil and eraser to create a mini activity pack.

Mermaid Tail Coin Purses

Mermaid Tail Coin Purses

Mermaid Tail Coin Purses

These shimmering mermaid coin purses are festive and bright, and guests are sure to love how they sparkle. They measure 6.3 by 4 inches, making them a nice size to carry small items and zip closures keeps everything safe and secure. The set includes 30 purses featuring 15 different styles and sturdy construction. The shiny sequins come in various colors, including green, blue, purple, red, pink, silver, and many more.

Mermaid Loot Bags

Mermaid Loot Bags

Mermaid Loot Bags

In a pinch, treat boxes or bags that match your party theme are always a great way to go. This pack of 20 mermaid loot bags is perfect for a party. Fill them with candy, stickers, tattoos, and other trinkets to give your guests a goody bag with special surprises. They feature bright colors, mermaid tails, and also showcase two different styles. They’ll look great lined up on your party favor table, adding a splash of color and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How much does it cost to throw a mermaid party?

Kids’ parties can range in price significantly depending on how elaborate you make them. If you’re crafty and creative and decide to make a lot of decorations, food, and favors, you can certainly save some dough. On the flip side, you’ll pay a heftier price if you plan to hire entertainment and purchase most of your food. The average cost of a kid’s party is roughly $400. But add in an entertainment company or character, and you can easily bump this up to $550 or $800 or more.

Can you hire a mermaid to come to your kid’s birthday party?

Nowadays, it seems like you can pretty much hire any character you want to come to your child’s birthday party. Many party entertainment companies provide a wide array of characters, often resembling some very famous princesses, mermaids, and superheroes. Although you might not get Ariel to make an appearance, you could get the Mermaid Princess, who bears a striking resemblance. Characters might mingle with guests, play games, tell stories, sing songs, help serve cake, etc.

What are some good color schemes for a mermaid party?

A popular mermaid party color scheme uses shades of pink and purple. Another fun one is teal, purple, blue, and green. You can also throw in some silver or iridescent pearl for some extra sparkle. Scope out various mermaid décor options to help inspire you and spark the color scheme for your event.

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