Does your kid love the movie, Toy Story? Are they constantly wearing their prized Woody hat or Buzz Lightyear costume from last Halloween? Or maybe they always want to play Space Rangers or pretend to be a cowboy or cowgirl. If any of this sounds familiar, then a Toy Story birthday would be a no-brainer for your kid’s upcoming big day.

Bring Woody, Buzz, Bullseye, Jesse, and all their friends to your kid’s birthday party with colorful decorations, fun snacks, and engaging activities. It’s all about recreating some of the key moments from the films or highlighting your child’s favorite character. You can pull color inspiration from character outfits or the Toy Story logo.

Whether you focus on all the films or narrow it down to your favorite of the four, you can put together an unforgettable birthday. Boys might want a Buzz-centered party, while girls want a Bo-Peep or Jesse inspired celebration. Or, vice versa! Ask your child what they envision for their Toy Story birthday and then use these ideas as inspiration.

Toy Story Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Sending out birthday invitations is a significant aspect of any party prep since it’s how you spread the word. Once you choose your party theme, colors, and specifics, it’s time to decide on the invites. You can find some ready-made options at party stores or online, and then you typically need to fill in your information. Today, most people choose downloadable invitations that they can edit on their computers, print, or send digitally. This digital format undoubtedly makes it easier to create multiple invitations, plus it allows you to give them a personal touch.

Toy Story Birthday Invitations

Toy Story Birthday Invitations

Toy Story Birthday Invitations

Searching online for Toy Story invitations to download will likely lead you to Etsy. The website features tons of options for birthday invitations, in pretty much any theme you can imagine. When it comes to Toy Story, you’ll find lots of colorful and fun choices, like this one from JVMvector. Some showcase a particular character, while others feature multiple Toy Story elements. Enter your party info and let the seller edit the invitation for you. Or find styles that allow you to download them instantly and edit yourself.

Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

A party would be pretty boring if you didn’t have any decorations. And there are some basic supplies that are necessary when you’re planning an event, especially if you’re serving food and drinks. Sure, you don’t have to go over the top or spend tons of money on elaborate décor. But it’s a good idea to have some key items that add festive flair and personality to your party atmosphere. Check out these ideas for some Toy Story decorations and supplies that make a statement without breaking the bank.

Toy Story Hanging Swirl Decorations

Toy Story Hanging Swirl Decorations

Toy Story Hanging Swirl Decorations

Add some Toy Story pizzazz to your ceiling, under door frames, in archways, from trees, and under party tents. These hanging swirl decorations feature a variety of characters from the popular film, including Woody, Buzz, Jesse, Bo-Peep, and Bullseye. The swirly décor is lots of fun and a great way to create a vibrant atmosphere all around your guests. The kit includes 12 pieces in bright red, yellow, and blue, which works well for a popular Toy Story color scheme.

Party Supplies For Toy Story

Party Supplies For Toy Story

Party Supplies For Toy Story

If you’re stressing about how to decorate for your Toy Story birthday, start with an all-in-one party pack. These decorations and supply packs make it super simple to set the mood for your party. You get all the basics in one spot, which also helps keep costs low. This colorful set includes 167 pieces of Toy Story fun, including tableware. You get a birthday banner, tablecloth, stickers, balloons, a cake topper, and much more. Plus, there are enough plates, napkins, cups, and utensils for 10 guests.

Toy Story Backdrop And Balloons

Toy Story Backdrop And Balloons

Toy Story Backdrop And Balloons

Make a huge impact in your party space with a large, bright banner and oversized, vibrant balloon arch. This banner is specifically for someone turning two, paying homage to the popular movie catchphrase “to infinity and beyond.” But you can find other Toy Story banners in various styles that can work for any age birthday kid. The balloon garland kit comes with a ton of balloons in red, blue, yellow, cow print, and more. Keep in mind, you need to assemble the balloon arch, so plan enough time to do so and get some friends to help.

Toy Story Aliens Honeycomb Decorations

Toy Story Aliens Honeycomb Decorations

Toy Story Aliens Honeycomb Decorations

Some of the most popular and favorite characters from the Toy Story franchise are the little green aliens from the claw machine. These three-eyed cuties are an excellent addition to a Toy Story party, and they can even hold their own if your kid wants to make them the main focus. These honeycomb decorations set up in minutes and add a quirky touch to your celebration. The set includes three alien hanging decorations in various sizes.

Fun Toy Story Balloons

Fun Toy Story Balloons

Fun Toy Story Balloons

This pack of Toy Story balloons comes with 28 colorful pieces featuring seven different styles in bright colors. They’re a great way to add pops of color throughout your party scape or you can even use them as favors. The balloons in this set feature Bullseye, Mr. Potato Head, Forky, Lotso, an alien, Buzz’s uniform, and Woody’s sheriff star. Each balloon inflates to approximately 12 inches and you get four of each style.

Toy Story Birthday Party Activities & Games

When you’re planning a birthday party around a movie about toys, people are going to expect lots of fun. Not to mention, kids’ parties come with lots of little guests. Make sure to plan a few activities for your guests that provide entertainment and keep everyone engaged. You can give the games a Toy Story twist so they match your party theme. Have a few options ready to go so you’re never at a loss for what to do with all the kids that are suddenly in your house.

1. Toy Story Bean Bag Toss

Toy Story Bean Bag Toss

Image source: Generic

A bean bag toss is a classic party game that many kids can play no matter what their age. It’s easy to adjust for different age groups since you can simply move the target or let younger kids get closer, etc. Using a target that features images from your theme is a great way to incorporate the game into your party. You can also create your own version of the game using specially decorated boxes or buckets and letting kids toss bean bags or balls.

2. Play Midway Mania Games

Play Midway Mania Games

Image source: Play Party Plan

If you’ve been to Disney, your kids likely rode on Toy Story’s Midway Mania ride. It’s lots of fun and involves the concept of playing a bunch of games you would see on the midway or walking on the boardwalk. Play Party Plan recreates some of the popular games from the ride, and guests get to rotate through and try out their skills. Have some prizes for the different activities, and offer an overall prize for the guest with the highest score.

3. DIY Claw Machine Game

DIY Claw Machine Game

Image source: Pinterest

Here’s a cute idea for a Toy Story party game. Or you could even combine the activity with handing out your party favors. Set up a DIY claw machine using a cardboard box. This one features the aliens that Woody meets in the claw machine in the first Toy Story film. Then, kids can use a toy claw to try and grab a goody from inside the box. To add a challenge, have participants take their turn blindfolded. Each kid gets a limited number of tries to score their prize. If you’re letting kids choose their favors this way, make sure everyone gets one.

4. Get A Toy Story Piñata

Get A Toy Story Piñata

Image source: Unique Store

Piñatas are a classic standby for birthday parties that people have enjoyed for decades. You can find lots of different styles of piñatas that work for Toy Story, whether it’s cowboy boots, a rocket ship, or even one or the characters. Find a Woody, Jesse, or Buzz Lightyear piñata and fill it with all sorts of goodies. Then let guests take a swing or pull a string, depending on what type of piñata you use. Don’t forget to pass out bags so they can gather up their treats.

5. Pin The Tail On Bullseye

Pin The Tail On Bullseye

Image source: Eazyco

Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, it’s time to play Pin the Tail on Bullseye. Kids play the game exactly like the classic, trying to get Bullseye’s tail in just the right spot while wearing a blindfold. The kid that gets the closest wins. Other options for this game would be Put the Alien in the Claw, Get Woody and Buzz in the Car, or any other idea you can imagine inspired by the films.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Toy Story Birthday Party

Another important part of a party is the menu. You don’t want to end up with hungry and thirsty guests. If you do, you’ll end up with antsy guests that are itching to leave so they can get something to eat. And when kids get hungry, they get cranky (even adults get a little hangry). So serve a few snacks, and have something more substantial if the party is during a meal time. It’s also essential to have something for guests to drink so they stay hydrated, even if it’s just bottled water.

1. Toy Story Alien Deviled Eggs

Toy Story Alien Deviled Eggs

Image source: Simply Today Life

Simply Today Life makes deviled eggs inspired by the Toy Story aliens. All it takes is your favorite deviled eggs recipe and some blue and green food coloring. Serve them on a rocket ship plate or platter for a special touch. Deviled eggs are great party snacks since you can easily pick one up and pop it in your mouth. They’re tasty and pack a protein punch, too. Kids will love the alien look, and adults will appreciate that not every snack on the table is sugary sweet.

2. Slinky Dogs

Slinky Dogs

Image source: Spot of Tea Designs

Instead of pizza or sandwiches, serve another party classic, pigs in a blanket. But these mini hotdogs wrapped in dough get a do-over as Slinky Dog. Spot of Tea Designs simply adds a cutout image of Slinky’s head and tail to each end of the mini sausage using toothpicks. It’s so easy and yet super effective and a great way to incorporate this popular party bite into your Toy Story theme.

3. Easy Toy Story Cupcakes

Easy Toy Story Cupcakes


Every party can benefit from some cupcakes. You can serve them as a side dessert or arrange them in a special way to act as your main birthday cake. No matter your theme, you can tweak a basic cupcake recipe so your creations match. An easy-breezy way to make themed cupcakes is to use toppers. Bake or buy tasty cupcakes and frost them in colors that match your theme, then use cute Toy Story cupcake toppers to blend your treats with the rest of your decor.

4. Mr. Potato Head Fruit Platter

Mr. Potato Head Fruit Platter

Image source: Get Your Holiday On

Another popular party snack is fresh fruit. Even kids love to nibble on grapes, strawberries, and other sweet, juicy bites. This Mr. Potato Head fruit platter from Get Your Holiday On is a perfect way to add some healthy options to your party menu. Use potato head accessories to turn a carved out cantaloupe into the famous potato. It makes the cutest themed bowl for extra fruit or a whipped fruit dip. Then surround the base with other bits of kid-friendly fruits.

5. Toy Story Bottle Wraps

Toy Story Bottle Wraps

Image source: Best Hope

Many people mix up a colorful beverage to go with their theme, creating sherbert punch or flavored lemonade. These are excellent ideas, but if you want to keep things simple, bottled water is another easy and sought-after drink at a party. You can easily turn water into a themed beverage using Toy Story bottle stickers that wrap around the bottle. You can find some online or at party supply stores, or print your own on appropriately-sized labels.

Terrific Toy Story Birthday Cake Ideas

The birthday cake is often one of the most important parts of the celebration. After deciding on the day and time for the party, the theme, and the guest list, the cake tends to take priority. People love to see what the cake looks like, take pictures, and of course, eat it. You might decide to bake your own masterpiece or purchase a custom design from your favorite bakery. Either way, the cake should reflect the theme in some way and honor the birthday kid by displaying their name.

1. Tiered Toy Story Cake

Tiered Toy Story Cake

Image source: Hayley Cakes and Cookies

If you’re all about going big when it comes to your birthday cake, a tall, tiered style is an excellent option. Tall cakes are also a great choice if you plan to have a lot of party guests. Hayley Cakes and Cookies creates a three-tiered cake featuring some character favorites. The bottom layer represents Woody, the middle layer reflects Buzz Lightyear’s space suit, and the top layer shows off the ever-popular three-eyed alien. The tiers come together to create a super colorful sweet confection that’s sure to please your guests.

2. Woody And Buzz Cake

Woody And Buzz Cake

Image source: I Love Cakes

A half-and-half cake is a fun way to show off the Toy Story franchise’s two most popular friends, Buzz and Woody. I Love Cakes decides to not favor one character over the other and splits it right down the middle. Buzz on one side, Woody on the other, with a cake topper on top to tie everything together. You can use this concept with whichever characters you like. For example, maybe your child wants a Woody and Bullseye cake or Bo-Peep and Jesse, etc.

3. Toy Story Four And Forky Cake

Toy Story Four And Forky Cake

Image source: Cakes Decor

If Toy Story 4 is your child’s favorite, then check out this cute creation from Cakes Décor. It features several of the movie’s main characters, with Woody and Forky hanging out on top. These layers are just the right color to make the decorations pop. Custom cakes can undoubtedly cost a pretty penny, but you can often make some small changes to help it fit in your budget. For example, here, instead of using modeling chocolate or other ingredients to build the characters, you could make the base layers and use toys or cutouts to add the finishing touches.

4. Buzz Space Cake

Buzz Space Cake

Image source: Legacy Cakes by Megan

For a child that loves outer space and Toy Story, it’s super easy to blend the two themes into one by focusing your efforts on Buzz. Legacy Cakes by Megan designs a fantastic planet cake with stars and a deep blue to represent the space sky. Buzz proudly stands on top, watching over the galaxy and protecting it from invaders. If you want to add a bit more Toy Story flair, this is a perfect place to add a few of the aliens, Zurg, or Buzz’s ship.

5. Toy Story Logo Pull Apart Cake

Toy Story Logo Pull Apart Cake

Image source: Butterstick Bakery

Pull-apart cakes make it amazingly easy to serve birthday cake to a bunch of hungry, eager children. Butterstick Bakery recreates the Toy Story logo with cupcakes and frosting, substituting the movie title with the birthday kid’s name and age. The bright blue sky background is bright and provides a great backdrop for the vivid yellow and red words. Bake your favorite cupcakes, arrange them in a circle, and start frosting. After singing Happy Birthday, everyone can grab a cupcake and keep the fun going strong.

Party Favors For A Toy Story Birthday

Before your guests leave and the party comes to an end, pass out a few special mementos. Party favors are an excellent way to tell your guests thank you for coming. Bake a few goodies or whip up some treats. If you don’t want to DIY your favors, you can order custom creations or find various trinkets to purchase. If you need a few ideas to get you started, check out these party favors for a Toy Story birthday party.

Toy Story Inspired Gift Bags

Toy Story Inspired Gift Bags

Toy Story Inspired Gift Bags

Parties are supposed to be fun, and even the host should get to enjoy themselves. So don’t stress out when you’re planning your kid’s party. You can find lots of ways to tie your theme into various aspects of the party without overthinking or stressing. For example, these Toy Story themed gift bags make party favors a breeze. Fill them with simple candies and surprises, and let the bag do all the work.

Toy Story Lollipop Rings

Toy Story Lollipop Rings

Toy Story Lollipop Rings

Candy is a popular go-to when it comes to party favors for kids’ birthdays. These rings are super cute and colorful, with all sorts of Toy Story characters taking center stage. The box includes 18 rings, showing off Rex, Hamm, and Buzz. The rings come individually wrapped, making it easy to hand out to your guests or toss into a goody bag They also make great fillers for a piñata or prizes for party games.

Toy Story Party Favors Pack

Toy Story Party Favors Pack

Toy Story Party Favors Pack

Another easy way to make party favors for your guests is to get a mega party pack like this one that features your theme. This Toy Story pack comes with 83 pieces of movie flair, including bracelets, pins, key chains, and tons of stickers. You also get ten themed treat boxes so you can assemble your favors and add extra goodies if you want to. These small trinkets also make great piñata fillers or game prizes.

Toy Story Activity Kits

Toy Story Activity Kits

Toy Story Activity Kits

Activity kits are a fun favor because they give kids something to do after the party’s over. They can color, create sticker pictures, etc. You can also use them as a party activity, adding them to an art station or coloring area. The set includes 24 packs, each featuring a coloring book, crayons, and Toy Story stickers. As a fun extra, it also has a cool Toy Story door hanger for the birthday kid.

Squiggly Toy Story Straws

Squiggly Toy Story Straws

Squiggly Toy Story Straws

Reusable straws are useful and friendly to the environment, which are perks for parents. But the kids will love the squiggly shapes, bright colors, and fun characters. Add a straw to your guests’ party beverages or hand them out with drink cup favors. They’ll look great on the party favor table with all the bright reds, yellows, purples, and more. The set comes with 24 straws and 8 designs. Included characters are Hamm, Buzz, Potato Head, Alien, Rex, Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How long is too long for a birthday party?

Typically, a birthday party for school age children is between two and three hours. This provides enough time for the kids to play, eat, have cake, and enjoy some entertainment. If you’re throwing a party for toddlers, an hour ½ works well, two hours tops. If the party’s for a one-year-old, usually, this means it’s lots of family.

You can gauge how long you think is best based on the typical length of your family celebrations. For example, if you have relatives that love to gather and mingle, you might end up with a three hour event. Otherwise, sticking to the hour and a half might be a better option.

What does the average parent spend on a birthday party?

On average, parents spend about $400 for a kid’s birthday party. This usually covers food, cake, some decorations, and simple entertainment options. If you plan to have the party at a play place or the zoo, etc., the rental for the party space will boost your budget.

Likewise, if you hire professional entertainment, this can add $100 to $200 to your bottom line. Of course, it’s possible to spend more or less than the average, depending on how simple or extravagant you want the party to be. (And if you plan to DIY a lot of food and décor, buy everything pre-made, or go with custom creations.)

What are some good color schemes for a Toy Story party?

One of the most popular color schemes for a Toy Story party is red, yellow, and blue with the white and black cow print. These colors come mostly from Woody’s outfit and the film’s logo, as well as Jesse’s clothes. Another Toy Story color scheme is bright green, purple, blue, and white. This color palette is usually when your child chooses a party focused more on Buzz and the aliens.

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