When you’re a parent, it always seems like you blink, and another year flies by. Before you know it, you’re planning a birthday for your four-year-old, even though it seems like you were just decorating the nursery. But unlike when your kid was a newborn, when they’re nearing four, they start to get their own opinions.

If you ask your son or daughter what they want to do for their birthday party, you might get all sorts of suggestions. Some may be great ideas, like dinosaurs or rock stars. But others might be a bit harder to wrap your brain around — like a magical anteater party. You gotta love kids’ imaginations, but sometimes it can make it difficult to decide on a theme for their birthday.

Instead of racking your brain and stressing about what to do, you can relax. We’ve checked out a ton of four-year-old favorites to put together some fantastic ideas for your kid’s upcoming birthday party.

4th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Boys

Whatever your little boy is into, you can find the perfect party ideas here. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular birthday themes for four-year-old boys, like pirates and Star Wars, with some unique options thrown into the mix. Use them as inspiration for your son’s special day.

1. Jump Four Joy

Jump Four Joy

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

The odds are good that you’ve probably already been to a couple of birthday parties with the classic bounce house or ones held at a trampoline park, like Sky Zone. Kids love to jump and be loud, which is exactly what you can do with a birthday like this. Kara’s Party Ideas hosts a birthday centered around a whole jump theme. It’s also a great way for active kids to blow off steam and give tired adults a quick break.

2. He’s Turning Fore!

He’s Turning Fore!

Image source: Anders Ruff

Watch out; he’s turning four, with a fun golf-themed birthday from Anders Ruff. Change up the spelling to match the golf term, and you’re all set for a fun-filled birthday. You can decorate with golf flags and greens and dress the birthday boy in a cute golfer’s ensemble. Serve cake pops that look like golf balls, call pretzel sticks golf clubs, and get creative with other fun food names. You can also set up a putting green and let guests take turns trying to make a hole-in-one.

3. Stars And Stripes Four-ever

Stars And Stripes Four-ever

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

Show off your patriotic pride like Hostess with the Mostess with an All-American birthday complete with flags and lots of red, white, and blue. Serve things like hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie fritters, and other American classics. Dress the birthday boy as Uncle Sam for some super cute and comical photo ops. Hand out small American flags to guests and have a birthday parade. If the party is during a warmer season, consider having an outdoor shindig and make it a barbecue.

4. Trans-4-mers


Image source: Jessica Etcetera

Many people pull their ideas for birthday themes from popular characters and TV shows or movies their kids love. Jessica Etcetera features Transformers, using robot toy figures and lots of bright colors inspired by the characters. You can also find party supplies that feature the main characters, including plates, cups, napkins, and décor. A table runner that looks like a street runs the length of the table, so Transformers can “roll to the rescue.”

5. Four-Wheelin’ Fun

Four-Wheelin’ Fun

Image source: Simple, Practical, Beautiful

Monster trucks are a big hit with young kids, and lots of boys love how the big trucks jump, flip, and do stunts. You can give your birthday boy a party he won’t soon forget with an exciting monster truck theme like Simple, Practical, Beautiful. Decorate with pictures of monster trucks and flags, feature stunt-performing trucks on top of a dirt cake, and have kids do an obstacle course. You can hand out toy trucks as favors for the perfect reminder of all the fun.

6. Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers

Image source: Cupcake Diaries

Another character that’s withstood the test of time is Mario from Super Mario Bros., probably one of the most famous plumbers around. Cupcake Diaries puts together a birthday featuring the classic Nintendo character, with decorations that show off some of the popular objects and scenes from the video games. Bright colors are an excellent fit for this theme, and you can choose from your favorite Mario games. For example, Mario Kart is a no-brainer if your son loves racing cars.

7. Four-ever Wild

Four-ever Wild

Image source: Amazon

Your son will let out a big roar of approval with this party that takes things for a walk on the wild side. It’s no secret that four-year-olds are full of energy and pep, so they truly are “four-ever wild.” Decorate with hanging leaf garlands, gold and white balloons, and a lot of animal images or animal prints. Let kids wear animal ears, play “Name That Animal,” and serve yummy snacks like “Rabbit Food” (veggie tray) and pigs in a blanket.

8. All Aboard For Year Four

All Aboard For Year Four

Image source: The Party Teacher

Trains are an obsession that sticks with many boys well into adulthood. If your son loves choo-choos, steam engines, and anything else that goes on tracks, then focus your party on all things train. The Party Teacher picks a palette of red, white, and light blue, with train decorations and vintage suitcases as décor. It creates a put-together, unified theme that looks great. You can serve food in small containers lined up to look like a train and let the birthday boy wear overalls and an engineer’s cap.

9. Four-ky From Toy Story

Four-ky From Toy Story

Image source: Keep Up with the Jones Family

The plastic fork from Toy Story Four that turns into an unexpected toy quickly becomes one of the favorite characters in the film. Keep Up with the Jones Family decided to center a whole Toy Story birthday party on the funny fork, changing it to Four-ky. You can’t get easier with decorations; you just need to jazz up some plastic utensils. Pull your colors from the character, so light blue, red, and white, and feel free to add in some of the other Toy Story folks, like Woody and Buzz.

10. Dino-Four-as/Roar, I’m Four!

Dino-Four-as/Roar, I’m Four!

Image source: Pinterest

Give a dinosaur party a four-year-old spin by changing up the name of the theme. You can choose Roar; I’m Four, Dino-four-as, TyrannoFOURas Rex, and any other clever tweaks you can come up with. Set up a dino dig or let kids chip away at dino eggs to reveal a surprise inside. You can serve prehistoric-themed treats, like deviled dino eggs or volcano punch. And don’t forget to leave some dinosaur tracks that guests can follow to reach the birthday cake.

11. Flying Into The Fours

Flying Into The Fours

Image source: Amazon

Is your son into jets, planes, helicopters, or anything else that flies through the sky? Put together a party that goes above and beyond with a flying theme. You can focus on whatever flying vehicle your son likes the best or showcase them all. Get a fun, colorful backdrop, put a plane topper on the cake, and use toy vehicles to decorate. You can also give out airplane gliders or kites or toy helicopters as party favors, depending on which way you go with the theme.

12. It’s 4th Down!

It's 4th Down!

Image source: TOMKAT

This birthday party scores a touchdown since TOMKAT goes all out with a festive football theme. Get things game-day ready with sports banners, little footballs, trophies, referee flags, and other themed décor. The colors come straight from the football field, with greens, whites, and browns, creating the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled event. Serve football party favorites like chips, dip, pizza, and sweet treats that look like footballs. Serve drinks out of Gatorade beverage coolers for a clever touch.

13. Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

Image source: Innelyss

Another popular character for kids is Sonic the Hedgehog, thanks to recent movies featuring the video game star. Innelyss celebrates a birthday with Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, using red, blue, and gold as the color palette. Decorate with Sonic’s famous gold rings, and let kids have a racing contest to see who can get up to supersonic speed. You can dress up the birthday boy as Sonic, or for a fun twist, let him don a mega mustache and be Dr. Robotnik.

14. May The 4th Be With You!

May The 4th Be With You!

Image source: A Darling Daydream

You’d be hard-pressed to find a kid that doesn’t know anything about Star Wars. The odds are high that most boys have some Star Wars toys, Legos, or a light saber hanging out in their toy box. A Darling Daydream creates a sophisticated party with Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters front-and-center. Use LED lights to add a galaxy glow, and go with lots of black, white, silver, and a fun pop of color mixed in.

15. The Rise of Gru

The Rise of Gru

Image source: Cupcake Diaries

What do you get when you combine bright blue, yellow, and a quirky vibe? You get this minions-themed birthday party by the Cupcake Diaries. It’s perfect since the recent movie is such a hit. You can decorate yellow balloons to look like minions, hang blue and yellow paper lanterns, and decorate with minions figurines. Let the birthday boy dress as Gru to take center stage on his special day.

16. Octonauts


Image source: Stitch & Pink

The Octonauts are the stars of a Netflix show that has become crazily popular with young children. Even many adults will tell you they love to watch the Creature Report at the end of each episode. Stitch & Pink features the characters from the show amid a colorful under-the-sea theme. So you can also decorate with starfish, sharks, and other sea creatures, using various shades of blue as your primary color. Another fun addition is a bubble machine to provide an underwater effect.

17. Made Four Adventure

Made Four Adventure

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Kara’s Party Ideas takes this theme name and goes with a camping vibe, with s’mores, bears, a tent, and a camper, just to name a few. You can tell campfire stories, roast marshmallows, and host the ultimate outdoor birthday party for youngsters. You could also take the adventure theme in another direction and do an explorer theme, safari, or any other adventurous ideas you can come up with. It’s a great party to feature a scavenger hunt or nature walk, too.

18. A Need Four Speed

A Need Four Speed

Image source: Catch My Party

Race cars, Four-mula One, Nascar…any of these ideas fit with this theme idea. Catch My Party decides to showcase a four-year-old favorite, Blaze, from Blaze and the Monster Machines. Blaze and his pal AJ always say they “need blazin’ speed!” You can decorate with race tracks, black-and-white checkered flags, the TV show’s characters, and more. Or, keep things more general with race cars and set up a pit stop area where guests can grab food and drinks.

19. Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Image source: The Chickabug Blog

The Fantastic Four can be an excellent jump starter for an epic superhero party.  The Chickabug Blog keeps things open for interpretation, with décor that looks straight out of the comics. But you can imagine it going with any superhero. Or, go ahead and feature the actual Fantastic Four if that’s what your son is into; it’s all up to you. Invite kids to come dressed as their favorite superheroes or give out masks and capes to score some super-cute pictures.

20. A Pirate’s Life Four Me

A Pirate’s Life Four Me

Image source: Once Upon My Castle

Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me! Pirates are so cool, and little boys (and girls) love to hunt for treasure, walk the plank, and captain their pirate ships. You can set up a treasure hunt in your backyard, pass out Pirate Booty snack bags, and play “Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate.” Opt for a general pirate theme, feature Peter Pan and Captain Hook like Once Upon My Castle, or go with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

4th Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Girls

You’ll find all sorts of fun and creative birthday theme ideas for your little girl’s 4th right here. Whether it’s a sweet ice cream theme or a classic, like Frozen or My Little Pony, there’s something for every blooming personality. Put your own spin on any of these ideas to personalize it to your little princess.

1. Reach Four The Stars

Reach Four The Stars

Image source: Shellsbelles

Here’s an inspirational take on an outer space theme from Shellsbelles. Let your daughter know she can accomplish great things and reach for the stars with a posh out-of-this-world party. Rose gold, pink, and white create a sophisticated palette, along with silver and gold stars. Create a planetary punch (sherbert punch), serve Mars and Milky Way bite-size candy bars and other other-worldly named treats. You can pass out star sunglasses, hang star shapes from the ceiling, and feature a star piñata.

2. Four The First Time In Four-ever

Four The First Time In Four-ever

Image source: Courtney M Browning

If you’ve seen Frozen (and what parent of a four-year-old girl hasn’t?), you likely sing the soundtrack from memory. Of course, Let It Go might be the number one hit from the movie, but Princess Anna’s song, For the First Time in Forever, is equally popular. Courtney M Browning turns the “for” into “four” in this song title to highlight a magical, Frozen-themed birthday party with soft colors and sparkling snowflakes. Need more Princess party inspiration? No problem! Check out our full list here.

3. Four-ever Young

Four-ever Young

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

We all wish we could stay forever young, just like the Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart songs suggest. When your little girl turns four, it can be hard to think about how she’s growing up so fast. So why not celebrate the idea of her staying “four”-ever young with this party theme featured on Kara’s Party Ideas? It makes a great title for a Boho-inspired party, with pastels, flowers, and pretty garlands all around.

4. Score! She’s Four!

Score! She’s Four!

Image source: Anders Ruff

Sports aren’t just for boys, so don’t count them out as a theme when it comes to planning your little athlete’s party. Showcase her favorite sport, whether it’s baseball, soccer, or even figure skating, like this idea from Anders Ruff. Silhouettes of athletes, trophies, and other iconic items from your daughter’s sport of choice all make excellent decorations. Jazz things up with vivid colors, sparkles, and lots of confetti. If your family has a favorite sports team, using the team’s colors is another fantastic way to dictate your color palette.

5. Four And Fabulous

Four And Fabulous

Image source: Our Kerrazy Adventure

Is your daughter a little diva in the making? Does she adore all things sparkly and shiny and believe that more bling is always better? Then she deserves a super fancy, fabulous, four-year-old birthday complete with all the trimmings and tiaras she can handle. Our Kerrazy Adventure goes over the top with pink and purple, featuring the popular storybook character from the book series Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor. Nancy is all about being fancy, so it’s the perfect choice for a little girl who wants it all on her birthday.

6. The Four-cast Looks Bright

The Four-cast Looks Bright

Image source: Meaningful Mama

Here’s a cute way to celebrate your daughter’s special day in a cheery and bright way. Tweaking the word forecast to “fourcast” is a creative way to present a weather-themed birthday with a sunny flair. Meaningful Mama goes with yellow, white, and all things sun, with a You Are My Sunshine motif. You can hang paper suns, string up yellow banners, serve lemonade, and whip up some yellow cupcakes. For some extra sparkle, throw in some gold.

7. Rock And Roll Four-ever

Rock And Roll Four-ever

Image source: Cake Central

Do you have a rock-and-roll queen in your midst? Cake Central uses neon pinks, purples, and bright colors to create an awesome rock-and-roll cake that is the perfect showpiece when Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Go all-out 1980s rock on this totally fab party idea, play 80s music, and dress up the birthday girl in her best Cyndi Lauper duds. Cut-outs of guitars, records, and music notes all make fabulous decorations.

8. Bonjour To Four!

Bonjour To Four!

Image source: Marcela Oliveira

This elegant and sweet theme from Marcela Oliveira is absolutely adorable and so, well, French! The painted bike is a great touch, and fresh flowers create a beautiful, colorful display. The aqua and pink colors are feminine and charming and keep the whole look bright and happy. You can serve French macaroons and other sweet pastries and set up the party like a Parisian café. Feel free to make a champagne toast to the birthday girl, too (using sparkling cider for younger guests, of course).

9. FOUR-ever Groovy

FOUR-ever Groovy

Image source: Style Me Pretty

This theme can go in so many different directions. You could go with bright, psychedelic colors, peace signs, and big flowers. Or opt for a more subdued, 1960’s laid-back hippie vibe, using softer colors and understated icons from this groovy era. Style Me Pretty creates a focal point with a revamped camper van, but if you don’t have one handy, you could create the illusion with a backdrop. A low table with cushions and oversized pillows makes the perfect place for younger guests to gather for cake and ice cream.

10. Enchanted Four-est

 Enchanted Four-est

Image source: The Social Tumbleweed

This theme gets a sweet re-telling by The Social Tumbleweed, complete with flower crowns and pretty décor. Set up an enchanted forest vibe with greenery, fresh or artificial flowers, butterflies, and twinkle lights. Mix in some animal cut-outs of cute forest creatures and use rustic touches like tree bark and branches. You can also get even more magical by incorporating fairies or showcasing Tinkerbell if your daughter’s a fan. If the weather’s nice, take the party outside and set up a garden party.

11. My Little Pony

My Little Pony

Image source: The Gray Ruby Diaries

The famous toy from the 1980s has made a recent comeback thanks to a slew of movies, cartoons, and updated toys. The colorful, magical ponies are a favorite among little girls, and if your daughter’s one of them, then go for a pony party like The Gray Ruby Diaries. You can feature the pony characters, unicorns, rainbows; you name it. The essential aspects are lots of colors and whimsical touches like unicorn masks, sparkly confetti, and lots of sprinkles on the dessert table.

12. Diamonds Are Four-ever

Diamonds Are Four-ever

Image source: Paper and Cake

Move over James Bond; the famous theme song is getting a makeover into the ultimate luxurious birthday party. Paper and Cake puts on a gemstone birthday with diamond pictures and sparkle. Use lots of gold, silver, shimmery fabrics, crystals, and anything else you can find that adds some glitz. Make diamond-shaped cookies, use metallic sprinkles and luster dust on the cake, and give out toy diamond rings to all your guests.

13. Four The Love Of Sugar

Four The Love Of Sugar

Image source: Giggles Galore

If you have a sweet tooth, then this party from Giggles Galore will have you positively drooling. It celebrates all things sweet, from cotton candy to ice cream and everything in between. The idea of a sweet shop makes perfect sense for a birthday — it’s colorful, cheery, and makes you want to have a great time. Consider a pull-apart cupcake cake and set up a candy bar as part of your menu. You can also provide bags for people to visit the candy bar for some to-go treats before they head home.

14. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

Image source: My Nerd Nursery

If you like things a little spooky or your daughter has an October birthday, check out this Hocus Pocus birthday theme from My Nerd Nursery. The second film is coming out in 2022, and it’s sure to become a popular hit with lots of girls. A great color theme is bright green, purple, and black, with some sparkle for extra pizazz. Serve witch’s brew (ice cream punch), eye of newt (cake pop eyeballs), and critter cookies. Decorate with fake spiderwebs, pumpkins, and images of the film’s famous Sanderson Sisters.

15. She’s UnFOURgettable

She’s UnFOURgettable

Image source: Etsy

Your daughter is one in a million, so why not choose a theme that shows everyone just how special she is? This banner from Etsy sets the stage for a truly unforgettable birthday that’s sophisticated and enchanting. Fresh greenery and lots of white create an elegant look, and you can also incorporate a tea party into this charming setting. Decorate with some pics of the birthday girl and set up a photo booth with flower crowns, tiaras, and other props.

16. FOUR-nado!


Image source: Belleroni Bakery

The idea of a sweet, dainty little girl is excellent, but we all know she can also be a whirlwind of activity. Belleroni Bakery celebrates the playful side of four with a tornado-themed birthday. This “four”nado can be general, with blues, silvers, and wind tunnel shapes. Or, you can bring in a more colorful spin with the Wizard of Oz, focusing on the tornado that brings Dorothy to the magical land.

17. We All Scream Four Ice Cream

We All Scream Four Ice Cream

Image source: Middle of Somewhere

Ice Cream is so good it can be a theme all by itself. Make ice cream treats, hang colorful decorations, and serve an ice cream cake. Middle of Somewhere goes with primarily pink and white, but you can choose from so many different colors thanks to all of the flavors. Play fun games like “pin the cherry on the sundae” or “toss the ice cream into the cone” (a tweaked version of a bean bag toss). And sprinkles are a must to tie everything together.

18. Wheel Of FOURtune

Wheel Of FOURtune

Image source: Pinterest

Wheel of Fortune might be one of the most popular game shows of all time. Your daughter may or may not be familiar with it, but the adult guests surely will. This party theme on Pinterest borrows its ideas from the famous show, complete with the iconic wheel, money signs, and other décor. You can play your own version of the game and have kids try to guess basic words to win prizes.

19. Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Image source: Coffee and Confetti Mom

This theme is an excellent pick if your daughter’s birthday falls in March around St. Patrick’s Day. Decorate with shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, a pot of gold, and lots of green. Ask guests to wear something green and create a stunning rainbow drape backdrop using plastic tablecloths like Coffee and Confetti Mom. A tiered cake with different colors inside can be a fun surprise, or you can decorate the outside to create a stand-out centerpiece on the table.

20. Cali-Four-nia Dreamin’

Cali-Four-nia Dreamin’

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

Beach lovers will go gaga for this birthday from Hostess with the Mostess, featuring surfboards, bright colors, and all things beachy. It’s great for a summer or springtime birthday so you can set things up outside. Serve cake pops that look like sharks, trim tables in a grass skirt, and set up a bamboo backdrop. Invite guests to bring their swimsuits and towels so they come prepared for water fun, whether splashing in the pool or running through a sprinkler.

4th Birthday Party Games & Activities For Boys & Girls

When you have a room full of four-year-olds, you undoubtedly want multiple options to keep them focused and entertained. You can hire a performer, like a princess, superhero, or magician. Or you could opt to work some of the following surefire successes into your games and activities schedule.

1. Do The Hokey Pokey

Do The Hokey Pokey

Image source: oksanasufrych

By four, most kids know how to do the Hokey Pokey, so it can be a fun activity that gets them moving. You can change up things to match your theme. For example, if you’re doing an animal party, it could be putting your right paw in, your tail in, etc. If you also hire a character to come to the party, they can run the activity and do it with the kids.

2. Make A Guessing Box

Make A Guessing Box

Image source: Tinkergarten

Check out these tips from Tinkergarten to create a discovery box for your little guests. It’s a fun sensory activity that will make kids giggle. Have them take turns trying to guess what’s inside by touch. You can have prizes for the brave participants and those that guess correctly.

3. Birthday Parade

Birthday Parade

Image source: kate_sept2004

Gather up toy instruments or household items that can double as drums and other things. You can also set up a craft area with cardboard tubes so kids can decorate their own flutes and trumpets. Then have kids march and dance around the room in a special parade in honor of the birthday star.

4. Bounce House

Bounce House

Image source: kali9

This classic is a big hit with little kids and big kids, making it a good option if you have a few older siblings at the party. You can rent a bouncy house from a company or purchase your own if you think you’ll use it for various events. Another option is renting a large one for the bigger kids and a smaller one for little guests.

5. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Image source: kali9

Line up chairs and crank up the music for this timeless party game. Have the grown-ups give a quick demonstration (the kids will get a kick out of it). Then let the fun begin. You can play for kicks or give out little goodies to the participants and a special treat to the winner.

6. Set Up A Maze

Set Up A Maze

Image source: Our Curious Home

Let kids take turns or work with partners to find their way through a maze. You can create mazes in all sorts of ways, using panels, or try this super easy idea from Our Curious Home, which uses caution tape. This style is a great option for younger kids because they remain visible and won’t get nervous because they can’t see what’s around them.

7. Whack A Piñata

Whack A Piñata

Image source: Amazon

Kids will have a blast taking turns hitting a piñata. By four, they can really get into it and give it a good whack, and they’ll go wild when all the treats finally spill out. Have some empty treat bags ready for guests to put their goodies in after the mad scramble.

8. Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Image source: So Easy Being Green

Prepare some lists of basic items or natural materials for kids to look for inside or outside like So Easy Being Green. Give them each a list and a pencil or crayon to check things off as they find them. You could also do a treasure hunt and give kids directions or a map to follow to find your pre-hidden treasure.

9. Jumbo Ring Toss

Jumbo Ring Toss

Image source: Your Therapy Source

Ring toss is a popular game that works well for a four-year-old party. It’s also an excellent fit for a circus theme, or you can change the name to match other ideas. Your Therapy Source uses hula hoops for a Jumbo version of the game, making it easier for little ones to get a win.

10. Limbo


Image source: Jarek Tuszyński

You can easily set up a limbo game like in this photo by Jarek Tuszyński with just a rope or jump rope; just have two people stand apart, and each holds an end. You can also find limbo games with stands or do a reverse limbo where participants jump over the pole or rope. Each time they take a turn, you raise it slightly higher instead of lowering it.

Food & Drink Ideas For 4th Birthday Party

Keep everyone in a good mood with some delicious food and drink options at the birthday party. No matter what you’re serving, you can get creative with names and presentations to help it fit your theme. But make sure to include a mix of kid-friendly options with things the grown-ups would like too.

1. Brownies


Image source: eddieberman

Ooey-gooey brownies are irresistible and make a delicious sweet treat for kids and adults at a party. Make your own or pick some up from your favorite bakery. If you decide on homemade, cut them small to make brownie bites or use a cookie cutter to make fun brownie shapes.

2. Cake Batter Dip And Cookies

Cake Batter Dip And Cookies

Image source: Pure Wow

This cake batter dip from Pure Wow is yummy and so easy to make. Toss some sprinkles on top for a colorful garnish and serve alongside vanilla wafers or shortbread cookies. It’s like chips and dip for your sweet tooth. Place a spoon in the dip to encourage guests to put some on their plates and discourage double-dipping.

3. Sandwich Bites

Sandwich Bites

Image source: Anze Furlan/pstgproductions

These tiny sandwich squares are the perfect size for little mouths and appetites but are also a hit with grown-ups. Make a few different options, including some kid-friendly favorites, like PB&J and ham and cheese. You could also make sandwich roll-ups instead. Simply roll up your ingredients in a tortilla and slice them into bite-size pieces.

4. Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls

Image source: Lauri Patterson

Everybody expects pizza at a kid’s party, but serving pizza rolls is a refreshing change of pace and makes it easy for little ones to nibble. You can make your own or keep it super simple and purchase Frozen pizza rolls that you can toss in the oven.

5. Mac ‘n Cheese Bites

Mac ‘n Cheese Bites

Image source: The Pioneer Woman

Kids seem to naturally love macaroni and cheese, so serving it at your four-year-old’s party makes sense. However, getting a bunch of kids to stop playing to sit and eat something with a spoon or fork can be challenging. That’s why these mac ‘n cheese bites from The Pioneer Woman are a brilliant idea.

6. Colorful Deviled Eggs

Colorful Deviled Eggs

Image source: Headwaters Farmstead

Hard-boiled eggs are a protein-filled snack that many kids love. You’ll see deviled eggs at lots of parties, but these colorful ones from Headwaters Farmstead are the perfect addition to a kid party’s food spread. It makes a vibrant addition to the menu that guests won’t be able to resist.

7. Fruit Pops

Fruit Pops

Image source: The Decorated Cookie

Fruit is a popular snack for kids, and adults love that it’s a healthy option. Use cookie cutters to create different shapes out of fruits like watermelon or pineapple. Put the shapes on the end of a stick like The Decorated Cookie for easy-to-eat fruit pops. You can also place the shapes on skewers with things like strawberries, grapes, or blueberries in between.

8. Veggie Train

Veggie Train

Image source: Fooddecco

All aboard the vegetable train! This snack is a no-brainer if you’re having a train party, but the concept works at any kids party thanks to its fun serving style. Fooddecco serves up various veggies in foil containers to look like loaded train cars. You can also use this idea for other snacks and treats.

9. Fruit Punch Pouches

Fruit Punch Pouches

Image source: Amazon

Juice pouches are a must for a young child’s birthday. They’re an easy way for kids to drink and stay hydrated on the go without worrying about a bunch of spills. If you want to make them fit your theme more, you can wrap them in craft paper and add a personalized sticker or decorate them to match the party theme.

10. Colorful Smoothies

Colorful Smoothies

Image source: Sweet + Savory

Here’s a refreshing beverage for a warm weather party from Sweet + Savory that kids will love. It also adds lots of colors to your food and drink table and is a great way for both kids and adults to cool off. You can even add a fun, twisty straw as an extra party favor.

4th Birthday Party Favors / Treat Bags

The great thing about party favors is that they can be pretty much anything. You can find a particular toy or DIY a favor to match your theme or simply buy small toys, like an airplane glider or kite. With a bit of creativity, you can turn any of these favor ideas into something that makes sense for your child’s birthday.

1. Glider Airplanes

Glider Airplanes

Image source: Amazon

You can get glider kits so kids can assemble their planes after they leave the party. Or, if you’re having an outdoor affair, have them make their planes and do test flights and races as one of the activities. It’s a great match for airplane or flying themes, or you can include the kits in a goody bag with other surprises.

2. Cotton Candy Cones

Cotton Candy Cones

Image source: Crafty Morning

This favor from Crafty Morning is perfect if you’re throwing a carnival-themed party or ice cream or sweets party. It looks like ice cream, but you won’t have to worry about it melting. It’s ideal for a summertime party or any kid who loves cotton candy.

3. Toy Surprise Soap

Toy Surprise Soap

Image source: A Pumpkin and a Princess

A Pumpkin and a Princess makes unique soap for their birthday party favors. This DIY soap has a surprise toy inside, giving it an extra fun twist. Plus, it’s a useful favor since kids can wash their hands with it or take a bath. As they use it, they can look forward to eventually reaching the toy inside.

4. Monster Slime

Monster Slime

Image source: The Celebration Shoppe

You can buy ready-made slime and give them as solo favors or mix them with other surprises in a loot bag. Or, you can DIY some slime to match a theme, like this monster slime from The Celebration Shoppe. You can also do sparkly galaxy slime for a space party or various colors for a rainbow theme.

5. Kites


Image source: Amazon

Let’s go fly a kite! This is an especially great idea for a springtime or summer party since kids can enjoy flying kites on a beautiful day. You can find all sorts of kites in multi-packs from party stores or online. You can also find ones that come with colors for kids to decorate their kites to their liking.

6. Cake Pops

Cake Pops

Image source: Pinterest

Giving guests a delicious sweet treat as a thank you for coming to the party is always a great idea. Everyone loves a yummy snack, and cake pops are easy for kids to eat. You can also design them to work with tons of ideas, like baseballs for a sports party or planets for outer space.

7. Crayon Shapes

Crayon Shapes

Image source: My Frugal Adventures

Kids love art and coloring, so crayons make sense for a kid’s party favor. My Frugal Adventures recycles old crayons to create heart-shaped ones. Wrap them in a pretty little package and choose shapes that work well with your theme. You could also include some coloring pages or an activity book.

8. Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests

Image source: Amazon

Here’s a great favor idea for a pirate theme or under-the-sea party. You can fill small treasure chests with all sorts of things, from candy to gemstones or small toys and trinkets. Choose contents that make sense for your theme or include some homemade treats for a more personal touch.

9. Water Bottles

Water Bottles

Image source: Pinterest

A water bottle is a fun and functional favor for kids, and parents will enjoy getting something their kids can use. You can opt for personalized bottles if you know your guest list or ones that match your party’s theme. You can also fill bottles with goodies like candy, stickers, or tattoos.

10. Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks

Image source: Amazon

Sleep masks with fun patterns or character faces make a great favor for lots of different party themes. You can find animal ones for zoo or forest parties, sparkly styles for princess or , and even ones with outer space patterns. Although this might seem a better fit for a girl’s party, young boys think they’re cool too.

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