Super Mario Brothers has been a staple in the video game world in households worldwide for years. What started as a video game soon became an animated television series, big-screen movies, and more. Today, Mario is still going strong in new and exciting games on various platforms. The feisty plumber and his brother Luigi battle Goombas, Piranha Plants, King Boo, Bowser, and many more foes with friends Toad, Princess Peach, and Yoshi.

When you have a franchise that includes so many classic and unforgettable characters, it’s easy to come up with the perfect theme for your birthday. You can focus everything on Mario, have all the characters, or go with a strictly Princess Peach vibe. Ask your kid their favorite part about Super Mario, and let that be your starting point.

Another option is to model your theme after your kid’s favorite Mario game, like Mario Kart, or perhaps they’re a fan of the original. Depending on your child’s age, you can make this theme more little-kid-friendly or work for an older or pre-teen kid. Let these fun ideas for a Mario birthday party be the first place you start your planning.

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

After spending your time, creative talents, money, and energy planning an amazing party, you want people to show up to enjoy it. Grab people’s attention with an eye-catching invite that tells them what they can expect from your celebration. You can find Mario invites at party supply stores since it’s a popular theme. But most people today look for more customized designs they can print or even send digitally. You can create your own unique invite or let someone else design it for you.

Super Mario Birthday Invitations

Super Mario Birthday Invitations

Super Mario Birthday Invitations

Etsy is a great place to find tons of options or party invitations in one convenient place. Type in any theme you can think of, like Super Mario, and you’ll get lots of possibilities, like this one from PixelDeStudio. Choose your favorite, plug in your unique party info, and then download and print after your purchase. For some sellers, you purchase the invitation first, send them your information, and they handle all of the work for you. They’ll send you the finished product so you can download it, print it, etc.

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

When you go to a party, the odds are high that one of the first things you notice is the atmosphere. The decorations at a party help set the mood and overall vibe, make things fun and festive, and add an extra-special touch to the event. How little or much you want to decorate is up to you, of course. You can DIY some fabulous décor items, buy everything you need, or hire someone else to handle it for you. As you figure out the details, check out these ideas for setting the stage for your child’s Mario party.

Mario Dinnerware

Mario Dinnerware

Mario Dinnerware

Every party has food, which means every party needs some basic tableware, like plates, napkins, and utensils. If you plan to serve drinks out of two liters or pitchers, you’ll also need some cups for your guests. This dinnerware set features Mario and his pals and has everything you need for eight guests. You can pick up multiple packs or mix and match them with solid colors. There are 16 napkins, eight plates, and eight cups.

Super Mario Brothers Balloons

Super Mario Brothers Balloons

Super Mario Brothers Balloons

Add some large, shaped balloons into your party decoration plan to ramp up the festive flair. This 12-piece balloon set features letters that spell “Power Up,” two stars, the birthday kid’s age, and Mario and Luigi. You can choose from several ages, from 1 to 9. The letter balloons are roughly 13 inches tall, and Mario and Luigi stand an impressive 27 inches tall. The number balloon is 28 inches, and each star is 17.7 inches.

Super Mario Decorations Pack

Super Mario Decorations Pack

Super Mario Decorations Pack

Super Mario Bros. is a colorful game, so your decorations should follow suit. This decoration party pack is full of colorful, vibrant decor pieces that help you create a Mario party in minutes. It has 20 red, yellow, green, and blue balloons, a birthday banner, 16 cupcake toppers, a birthday flag, and a cake topper. It’s a great way to decorate a party on a budget and with minimal effort.

Mario Brothers Happy Birthday Backdrop

Mario Brothers Happy Birthday Backdrop

Mario Brothers Happy Birthday Backdrop

A large backdrop is an easy way to make a big statement with one decoration. It also serves as the perfect background for your cake table, in a photo booth, or just as a general scene setter. It features Mario and Yoshi making their way through a classic game scene. The backdrop is approximately 6 feet by 4 feet and is made of durable polyester fabric. You can reuse it for another party or even let it double as a tablecloth.

Super Mario Door Or Porch Hanging Banners

Super Mario Door Or Porch Hanging Banners

Super Mario Door Or Porch Hanging Banners

If you’re throwing a party at home, don’t forget about your front yard, porch, entry door, etc. Let your guests know right away that this is where the party’s at, and they’re about to have some fun. These door and porch banners are a great way to create a vibrant entryway that invites guests into your home and sets the perfect first impression. Each banner features five Mario characters and bright colors. You can also use them inside or anywhere else you want to add a dash of Mario fun.

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Activities & Games

You might assume that since you’re throwing a birthday party with a video game theme, you can just fire up the Nintendo and let kids play. But unless you have a way for everyone to play at the same time (you could always rent a video game truck company), you’ll end up with bored kids. You can have a video game station set up as one option, but it’s important to plan a few other activities to keep kids busy.

1. Super Mario Question Cube Piñata

Super Mario Question Cube Piñata

Image source: YA OTTA PINATA

A themed piñata is an easy way to add an activity to your party that matches your overall idea. This question mark cube piñata from YA OTTA PINATA is perfect since Mario is all about punching the bright yellow mystery blocks. Fill it with lots of goodies and give kids a chance to take a whack or two. Not able to hit a piñata because of a small space or other restrictions? Go for a pull-string version. Make sure to have bags ready so kids can take home their loot.

2. Have A Mario Photo Booth

Have A Mario Photo Booth

Image source: 5wsech

Set up a photo booth with some video game style for kids to recreate some of their favorite Mario moments. This photo backdrop from 5wsech has Mario and Luigi’s bodies with cutouts for kids to put their faces. You can find other designs, make your own, add props (like stick-on mustaches) for kids to use, and more. Designate a volunteer to snap pics and, after the party, download them all to a Google Drive to share with guests.

3. Mario Pipe Warp Bean Bag Toss

Mario Pipe Warp Bean Bag Toss

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

A bean bag toss is always a success, and you can tweak the game to match any theme. Hostess with the Mostess gets clever with giant green buckets to represent the iconic plumbing pipes all throughout Mario’s world. Put character images on the front of the buckets to represent Team Luigi and Team Mario. Divide kids into teams, have them start tossing, and the bucket with the most bean bags after a certain time limit wins the game.

4. Stomp The Goombas

Stomp The Goombas

Image source: Joy in the Works

If you’ve ever played Super Mario Bros., then you know exactly what a Goomba is. The little creatures waddle around low to the ground, and Mario has to stomp them before they get him. Joy in the Works shows off a Stomp the Goombas game that uses balloons decorated like the classic Mario villain. You can draw the face, use a printable, or whatever is easier for you, and anchor the balloons to paper-plate feet with tape. Kids can either race to see how many they can stomp or set up an obstacle course and have them jump over the balloons.

5. Mario Pin On Games

Mario Pin On Games

Image source: Sunny Seat

Pin-on games, like the ever-popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey, are tried-and-true party games that have withstood the test of time. They’re fun for kids and adults, and today, you can find various versions or make your own to match your theme of choice. Sunny Seat has a collection of games that fit a Mario party, like Pin the M Insignia on Mario’s Hat and Pin the Nose on the Face. The set includes two blindfolds, a poster, and 24 stickers for pinning.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party

You’ll find endless options for food and drink ideas for a Mario party. There are so many different things you can do, ranging from super simple to extravagant and involved. The broad spectrum is great because you can choose how you want to style your party menu and food table. Even a bowl of chocolate coins wrapped in gold paper fit the Mario theme. These ideas will give you a good mix of easy-breezy options and a few requiring a bit more work, so you can decide which works with your party-planning schedule.

1. Cheese Wheel Mario Hats

Cheese Wheel Mario Hats

Image source: Dolled Up Design

Cheese is always a food favorite when it comes to kids, and Babybel cheese wheels are great because they’re easy for kids to eat. Dolled Up Design turns the red-wrapped cheeses into Mario hats. How clever is that? Lay them on a piece of red paper, and add Mario’s insignia, and you’re good to go. If you don’t have the bandwidth to turn them into hats, you could do cheese cubes instead. Label the cubes “Mystery Blocks,” and you’ve matched them to your theme.

2. Goomba Cake Pops

Goomba Cake Pops

Image source: Just Add Confetti

Here come those pesky Goomba’s again, although this time in a form that everyone will love. Coned-shaped cake pops decorated with some Goomba faces, like these from Just Add Confetti, are deliciously devilish looking. You could also do this with brownies, or any flavor cake pop you want, covered in chocolate. Another option would be chocolate-covered strawberries, served upside-down and with the same Goomba faces.

3. Piranha Plant Fruit Kabobs

Piranha Plant Fruit Kabobs

Image source: Des Moines Parent

Remember the frustrating piranha plants that would pop out of the pipes when Mario tried to jump over them? Get revenge on the chomping plants by turning them into tasty fruit kabobs that kids can gobble up. Des Moines Parent threads several green grapes, followed by strawberries, onto wooden skewers to turn the fresh fruit into instant Piranha Plants. It’s an easy way to mix in some healthy bites on the table while sticking to your overall theme.

4. Mario’s Fireballs

Mario’s Fireballs

Image source: Bless this Mess

You can’t get much easier than this snack from Bless this Mess for a Mario birthday party. Fill a bowl with regular cheeseballs. No alterations required. Just add a label that says “Mario’s Fireballs” or “Fire Power,” and you’re set. Coming up with creative food and drink names is the perfect party hack when time is short, and you need something quick for guests to nibble. Keep a stack of napkins near the bowl because we all know how cheesy fingers can get.

5. Princess Peach Punch

Princess Peach Punch

Image source: Jessie

Mix up a big punch bowl of peach tea with some fresh peach slices, and you have the perfect Princess Peach Punch, like this one from Jessie. A cute label with the princess on it seals the deal. If you aren’t sure about tea, try a peach lemonade, or get creative and experiment with some soda and peach sherbert, etc. The key is something peachy and refreshing, so put on your thinking cap and test out your drink-making skills.

Creative Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake Ideas

What kind of birthday cake will you have for your kid’s big day? Will you go with a towering, tall, tiered confection or something more simple? A sheet cake with fun décor on top works well, or maybe you don’t want to deal with cutting a cake. In that case, you could go with fun cake pops or a pull-apart cake that requires no knife. If you love to bake, test out your skills and place a festive cake topper on top of your creation. Or, pick one of these Mario cake ideas to inspire you.

1. Toad Cake For Mario Birthday

Toad Cake For Mario Birthday

Image source: Elegant Cakery

This colorful cake from Elegant Cakery features one of the most popular and coveted Mario items, the mushroom. A giant mushroom takes center stage on the top of this playful cake. Other highlights are 3D piranha plants, some Koopa shells, and classic scenery from the Mario video games. The top mushroom tier adds some decent height to the cake, making it a great centerpiece for your main party table.

2. Super Mario And The Gang Cake Topper

Super Mario And The Gang Cake Topper

Image source: Best Hope

This two-piece cake topper set from Best Hope makes it easy to turn any cake into a Super Mario birthday cake. It has one piece that showcases Mario at the center of some of the favored characters in the franchise The other topper is a happy birthday banner. Together, the two pieces make a big impact. You can put them on a homemade creation or a store-bought cake or hand them over to your cake maker to add the final touch.

3. Mario In The Pipes

Mario In The Pipes

Image source: Cake Central

If you’re going for more of a subdued color scheme for your Mario party, this cake from Cake Central is a good choice. The color scheme is mainly green and brown, with a few pops of red and yellow. It shows off some of the more popular parts of Mario’s world, including Goombas, mushrooms, stars, and gold coins. But the main feature is the green pipe. All throughout the game, Mario jumps in and out of pipes and warps to other lands. Atop the cake, you can see the plumber’s hat peeking out as if he just jumped in or is about to pop out.

4. Mario Kart Cake

Mario Kart Cake

Image source: DecoPac

Mario Kart is one of the most popular additions to the Super Mario Bros. franchise. If your kid loves racing around the different tracks, going for the win, or just loves race cars, style your cake accordingly. You can create any race scene you desire, then place this cake topper set from DecoPac on top. It features Mario and Luigi in their racers and two checkered flags.

5. Mario Pull-Apart Cake

Mario Pull-Apart Cake

Image source: Boing Boing

For a more retro vibe, consider this pixelated cake that inspired Boing Boing. It features over 100 cupcakes, so unless you’re having a ton of party guests, plan to have some leftovers. But it looks really cool. It’s all about frosting the cupcakes with the appropriate colors, then placing them in the right spots. After everyone sings Happy Birthday, they just grab a cupcake. The good news is, with this many, you’ll have more than enough for seconds, maybe even thirds.

Party Favors For A Super Mario Brothers Birthday

Don’t forget to add some party favors to your cake table or on a special table near your party exit. Not only is it a nice way to say thank you to your guests, but it also adds to your décor. Typically, favors match the party theme in some way, but they don’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can buy favors, make them, bake them, or assemble a combination of store-bought and DIY goodies. In a pinch, tossing several trinkets and candy into a Mario loot bag works well too.

Mario Brothers Party Favors All-In-One Kit

Mario Brothers Party Favors All-In-One Kit

Mario Brothers Party Favors All-In-One Kit

If you don’t want to spend a lot of brainpower coming up with a party favor, go with a multi-pack. You get tons of fun, themed trinkets in one place, and you can toss them into a treat box or loot bag. Other options are to put items in a themed drawstring bag, cup, or similar container. This all-in-one pack already comes with 20 loot bags. So if you have 20 guests or fewer, this is everything you need in one pack. More than 20? No problem, just grab two packs, etc. You also get noisemakers, masks, bracelets, stickers, and six mini-toy figures, which could double as cake toppers.

Super Mario Self-Inking Stamps

Super Mario Self-Inking Stamps

Super Mario Self-Inking Stamps

Stamps are always a fun addition to a party favor goody bag. Kids can stamp their hands, create pictures, and more. The set includes 24 self-inking stamps featuring various Mario characters and symbols. Some of the designs include Mario’s face, King Boo, a mushroom, a star, a mystery block, Goomba, and Yoshi egg. They come in many bright colors, and the ink color matches the outside of the stamp.

Mario Brothers Party Loot Bags

Mario Brothers Party Loot Bags

Mario Brothers Party Loot Bags

You can create your own party bags with these Mario gift bags featuring Yoshi, Mario, a mushroom, and a star. The bright red, green, yellow, and blue colors are in keeping with a classic Mario color scheme. Place them in rows on your party favor table to add a colorful splash to the décor. The bags are sturdy and can hold a good amount of candy, small trinkets, or some baked treats.

Super Mario Slap Bracelets

Super Mario Slap Bracelets

Super Mario Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets are fun to wear and also fun to play with. Lots of kids know how to do all sorts of tricks with them and even collect them. This set comes with 40 bracelets featuring a variety of colorful designs. You also get 50 stickers with Mario-themed characters and images. They make great additions to a party favor bag; you can give them as-is or add them to a piñata. The bracelets are about 8.3 inches long, and the stickers are large, measuring two to three inches.

Mario Brothers PEZ

Mario Brothers PEZ

Mario Brothers PEZ

Character PEZ make an excellent favor for older kids, especially if your kid and their friends love to collect the classic candy holders. PEZ has been around for decades; today, many children still have collections and like to trade different ones. This 12-pack includes characters from Nintendo, including Peach, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Luigi, and Mario. Each holder is individually wrapped and comes with two packs of PEZ candy.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Can you have Mario come to your birthday party?

Depending on local party entertainment companies near you, you might be able to find one that features a Mario option. Mario can come to the party and help lead games, serve cake, mingle with guests, or do other activities. If you have a willing family member and the party is for a younger kid, you could convince them to wear a Mario costume and add a little special touch to the festivities. When hiring professional characters, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to over $200 an hour.

What are some good color schemes for a Mario birthday party?

The most popular color scheme for a Mario party is red, green, yellow, and blue. But you can pull colors from different aspects of the game to create any detailed theme you desire. For example, your daughter might want to focus more on a Princess Peach theme party, where Mario only makes a small appearance in the décor. So you could use a pink, peach, and yellow scheme, or pink and gold, etc.

What are the best ages for a Mario party?

Super Mario Bros. resonates with people of all ages. Parents remember it from their childhood, so they might pick the theme for a child’s first birthday party. Young kids will enjoy it too, especially if they like the movies. Older kids into the Mario games could ask for a Mario-themed party as old as 9 or 10. Since it offers so many flexible options, you can make this theme go as young or old as you want with how you decorate and plan for it.

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