Planning a toddler’s birthday party can feel like juggling in a circus. You have so many different things to focus on at one time without letting anything fall through the cracks. Luckily, by three, your little angel can probably give you some good ideas about what they’d like at their party.

Your child might tell you they really want a superhero party or a princess extravaganza. They might even offer suggestions for what they want to do, like playing games and having a big cake. Unfortunately, these general suggestions can only get you so far in the planning process.

You need to figure out decorations, how to entertain a bunch of three-year-olds for a couple of hours, and what everybody’s going to eat. It sounds like a lot (because it is), but we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve rounded up the top ideas for themes, games, food, and party favors for three-year-old birthday parties to make this your one-stop planning shop.

3rd Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Boys

Toddlers will likely squeal with delight just because they get a whole day to celebrate with their pals. But choosing a fun theme that your kid adores makes things even better. These are some of the most popular birthday themes for three-year-olds. You’ll find that lots of them work whether you’re planning a party for a boy or girl.

1. Blippi


Image source: Toddler Time with Mama Baydoun

If you’re the parent of a toddler, then you’re no stranger to the world of Blippi. Toddler Time with Mama Baydoun centered the whole birthday party around the energetic character, with a blue and orange color palette and bow-tie decorations to match his famous outfit. Sing Blippi songs, play games, and bring out toy Vehicles. And if you want, hire a Blippi to mingle, do activities, and take photos with everyone.

SHOP: Blippi Birthday Decorations

2. Three Ring Circus

Three Ring Circus

Image source: Crazy Little Projects

Everyone loves a circus, and you can do so many things with a circus birthday party, like Crazy Little Projects. Choose a colorful palette, decorate with banner flags and stripes that evoke images of the big top tent, and create fun, themed signs. Add some special touches like a popcorn machine and cotton candy maker, and play circus games. For added whimsy, dress your little man up like the ringmaster or their favorite circus animal.

SHOP: Circus Birthday Decorations

3. Third Times the Charm

Third Times the Charm

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

This classic saying gets a twist by making it the catchphrase for a magic-filled birthday. Kara’s Party Ideas features glittery decorations with iconic magician objects like white gloves, black top hats, and magic wands. You can also decorate with colorful magicians’ scarves, hoops, and more. Hire a magician to perform at the party or convince a willing family member to do some tricks for young guests.

SHOP: Magic Birthday Decorations

4. Three Rex

Three Rex

Image source: Ahead of Thyme

Dinosaurs make quite a few appearances at young children’s birthday parties, but you can always do a little more to fit your child’s age. For example, Ahead of Thyme focuses their dino efforts on a Three Rex theme, with the king of the dinosaurs front and center. Use jungle leaves, various greens, and other dino pals to decorate. Have an erupting volcano (chocolate fountain or fizzy punch), and set up a fossil dig. For more dinosaur birthday party ideas, head over here!

SHOP: Dinosaur Birthday Decorations

5. Dirty 3rd-ty

Dirty 3rd-ty

Image source: Baubles and Backdrops

If you’re into puns or wordplay and your kid loves construction vehicles, this party from Baubles and Backdrops is for you. You can showcase all things construction, including hard hats, diggers, bulldozers, and shovels. Crush up chocolate cookies to make the perfect mud for on top of the birthday cake. Open up a sandbox with tons of digging tools and toy vehicles. Pass out hard hats and construction vests. Decorate with toy traffic cones and work zone signs. You get the idea.

SHOP: Construction Birthday Decorations

6. A Pirate’s Life for Three

A Pirate’s Life for Three

Image source: Lique’s Antics

If your son loves pirates, check out this awesome, swashbuckling party from Lique’s Antics. You can create treasure map table runners, show off a giant pirate ship cut-out, and hand out eye patches and pirate hats. Dress up the birthday boy as his favorite pirate and give him a proper mustache with face paint. You can do a general pirate theme or highlight Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Peter Pan.

SHOP: Pirate Birthday Decorations

7. Three Agent

Three Agent

Image source: Darleen Meier

This theme takes the phrase “free agent” and gives it a makeover into a suitable three-year-old birthday. Darleen Meier shows off their party game face with tons of sports-themed decorations, food, and fun. You can pick some of your favorite sports or work them all in; it’s up to you. You can hang sports ball balloons, string up pennants and banners, and pass out pom-poms to cheer on the birthday boy.

SHOP: Sports Birthday Decorations

8. Three-esta


Image source: Amazon

Get ready to throw a fabulous fiesta — or, should we say, “three-esta?” With tons of decorations and supplies, Amazon makes it super easy to pull off this colorful, Mexican-inspired theme. Make sure you have a piñata as one of the activities and use lots of bright, vibrant colors. Other ideas for decorations are maracas, paper flowers, and sombreros. Set up a taco bar as part of the food spread and make a sangria punch for the adults to enjoy. You can mix up a non-alcoholic version for the kiddos.

SHOP: Fiesta Birthday Decorations

9. Play-Doh Party

Play-Doh Party

Image source: Pinterest

What kid doesn’t love squishing and rolling and crushing Play-Doh? It’s so much fun and an excellent way for little hands to build strength and work on their motor skills too. Pinterest shows you how to throw a Play-Doh-inspired party, using bright colors and the iconic canister taking center stage. Give out small tubs to guests as party favors, and set up a Play-Doh play station as one of your activities during the festivities.

SHOP: Play-Doh Birthday Decorations

10. Minions


Image source: The Suburban Mom

The Suburban Mom gets inspiration for their birthday party ideas from some beloved movie characters, the Minions. You’ll see the fun-loving characters throughout the decorations and even on the birthday cake. Large yellow balloons with the right touches turn into cute minion faces. Lots of yellow and blue round out the color palette. And how much fun would it be to dress up the birthday boy as the infamous Gru from Despicable Me?

SHOP: Minions Birthday Decorations

11. Batman


Image source: Jessica Giselle

Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da–Happy Birthday, Batman! Or, should we say, “Holy three years old, Batman!” in the style of Robin? Jessica Giselle goes all out for her son’s birthday using modern Batman décor and shades of black, gray, and bright yellow. Use a city skyline or the bat signal as the perfect backdrop. Let the birthday boy don the Dark Knight’s cape, and hand out Batman masks to the guests. Other decorations can be bat silhouettes, the bat symbol, and Batman figures.

SHOP: Batman Birthday Decorations

12. Monster Bash

Monster Bash

Image source: Karo’s Fun Land

Although this party theme is absolutely perfect for an October birthday (Hello, Halloween), it works any time of year. Karo’s Fun Land puts a cute and quirky spin on the monster theme, using vivid colors and funny monster faces. Your little monster will love being the center of attention and scaring up some fun. You can play monster-themed games and nibble on themed snacks like a monster mix and eyeball cake pops. You could also go with a Monsters, Inc. vibe.

SHOP: Monster Bash Birthday Decorations

13. Swing Into Three

Swing Into Three

Image source: Pretty My Party

Here’s a fun name for a Spiderman-themed three-year-old’s birthday party. The comic-strip-covered number three is a unique touch that makes a great memento for the day. Pretty My Party uses webs, superhero signs, and red and blue to create the ultimate Spidey celebration. There’s even a typewriter to recognize Spiderman’s secret identity, Peter Parker. You can keep things subtle or go all out with this theme, so use your imagination.

SHOP: Spiderman Birthday Decorations

14. All Aboard The Three Train

All Aboard The Three Train

Image source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

Is your little boy into trains? A choo-choo party is just the ticket, whether going with all trains or something like Thomas the Train for your theme. Have your son wear some overalls and an engineer’s cap and make a food train for the main focal point on the snack table. Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons makes several small cakes that become one large cake train. You can also decorate with railroad crossing signs, signals, and train tracks.

SHOP: Train Birthday Decorations

15. Stealing Third

Stealing Third

Image source: Dora’s Sweet Creations

What a fun way to name a baseball-themed birthday, and you can showcase your favorite team or the sport as a whole. Go with a vintage-baseball look like Dora’s Sweet Creations, or opt for a more modern take. Serve finger foods you’d find at the stadium or let them inspire the names of your menu items. Set up a tee-ball game in the backyard or play “catch the ball in the catcher’s mitt” (pin the tail on the donkey).

SHOP: Baseball Birthday Decorations

16. Turning Three Is Music To Me

Turning Three Is Music To Me

Image source: Amazon

Celebrate his special day with lots of music, whether it’s a specific genre, like rock-and-roll or country, or all musical styles. You can display silhouettes of instruments and performers, musical notes, and other fun shapes. Hang balloons, toss sparkly confetti, and pass out toy microphones. You can also set up toy instruments for little guests to put on a concert or have a sing-a-long or dance party. Amazon has music-themed party décor, like cake toppers, banners, and other cut-outs if you don’t want to make your own décor.

SHOP: Music Birthday Decorations

17. Yippee! I’m Three!

Yippee! I'm Three!

Image source: Love of Family and Home

Lasso the perfect birthday celebration with a cowboy theme, like Love of Family and Home. Boots, spurs, cowboy cut-outs, horses, red bandanas, and sheriff stars are all options for decorations. You can have cowboy hats for guests and even do pony rides if you’re so inclined, or highlight Woody from Toy Story. Or, use this same theme name and have a birthday theme about celebration. Concentrate on the “Yippee” and have lots of fun colors, confetti, and streamers.

SHOP: Cowboy Birthday Decorations

18. Three Trips Around The Sun

Three Trips Around The Sun

Image source: Ann Le Do

Here’s the perfect way to name your three-year-old’s party if you want to do an outer space theme. Ann Le Do shows off a sophisticated space style with grays and silvers and subtle astronauts and rocket ships. You can also go with blues and purples if you want a bit more of a color pop. Space aliens, Buzz Lightyear, NASA, and planets are all fair game for this galactic celebration. No matter which one you choose,  it’s sure to be out of this world.

SHOP: Space Birthday Decorations

19. Puppy Dog Pals

Puppy Dog Pals

Image source: Big Bear’s Wife

This popular kid’s cartoon features two cute puppy stars that toddlers love. If your son’s a fan of the show, or you just love dogs, this could be a great party idea for your little tyke. Big Bear’s Wife uses ready-made Puppy Dog Pals decorations and mixes in some special touches. Serve snacks in dog dishes, make bone-shaped cookies, and set up a play dog house with animal costumes for little pups to take pictures.

SHOP: Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Decorations

20. The Three Bears

The Three Bears

Image source: Frog Prince Paperie

The classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears comes to life in a creative and elegant party from Frog Prince Paperie. You can have a lot of fun with food and décor for this party, making things in small, medium, and large sizes for different guests. You can pick any colors you want, although using brown as an anchor can help with the bear theme. Have a story time activity and tell the famous tale or let guests act it out as you narrate.

SHOP: Blippi Birthday Decorations

3rd Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Girls

Your little princess will undoubtedly take center stage on her 3rd birthday, but will she wear a tiara, a cape, or a safari hat? She likely has all sorts of ideas for her big day. But these themes can help you find just the right one to make her smile.

1. Three-I-E-I-O


Image source: Catch My Party

Reimagine the lyrics to Old MacDonald for your daughter’s birthday with a farm theme. This idea from Catch My Party goes one extra step and adds a color theme to the mix, making it a purple party. The cow print makes you think farm and serves as a great pattern to help anchor the décor. Give out animal masks as party favors, set up a glitzy barn backdrop for some cute picture moments, and turn a wagon into a hay ride.

SHOP: Old MacDonald Birthday Decorations

2. Adios Dos

Adios Dos

Image source: 100 Layer Cake-let

Say goodbye to the twos and hello to the threes with this cactus-themed birthday. 100 Layer Cake-let shows off some fun and colorful touches with bright green cacti taking center stage. You can keep it subtle or go full-on color blast with tons of bright reds, oranges, blues, greens, pinks, and yellows. Hang up paper lanterns and streamers, serve churros, and decorate with brightly-colored flowers. You could also incorporate characters from Coco and make the main shape guitars instead of cacti.

SHOP: Cactus Birthday Decorations

3. It’s Good To Bee Three

It’s Good To Bee Three

Image source: Julia Jane Kids

She’ll be the cutest little bumblebee around at this buzzing party. Julia Jane Kids goes with a yellow on yellow palette that makes you think of tasty, sweet honey. Dress up the birthday girl as the queen bee, decorate with flowers and honey pots, and create a honeycomb backdrop. Give bee antennae to the guests so they can all be honorary bees in the hive.

SHOP: Bee Birthday Decorations

4. Three Little Kittens

Three Little Kittens

Image source: Modern Glam

This cute storybook favorite can make a great birthday theme for a little girl. Modern Glam goes with a rainbow kitty theme, with lots of colors and cat ears for all. You could also go more literal and center the décor around the actual story of the three kittens who lost their mittens. Read the story to guests and have pie on the dessert table. Other options are Hello, Kitty or making the birthday girl the “Cat’s Meow.”

SHOP: Three Little Kittens Birthday Decorations

5. Fancy And Three

Fancy And Three

Image source: Pizzazzerrie

Instead of fancy and free, she’s fancy and three with a lot of glam, pink, and gold in this Princess birthday party from Pizzazzerie. Anything fancy works; you can’t go too big with a theme like this. Ramp up the sparkles, ruffles, glitz, and glam, and dress your daughter in her birthday finest, complete with a tiara. Gold or silver serving ware, delectable treats, and more all add to the overall elegant vibe of this party.

SHOP: Fancy Birthday Decorations

6. Three As A Bird

Three As A Bird

Image source: Catch My Party

Here’s another play on words that ends up making a fun and unique birthday theme, like this idea from Catch My Party. Free as a bird becomes three as a bird, with all kinds of bird décor and sweet touches,  like elegant bird cages and delicate tree silhouettes. Mix up bird seed (trail mix) for guests and serve some yummy punch in a bird bath (punch bowl). Play different bird sounds and see if young guests can guess the name of the feathered music maker.

SHOP: Free As A Bird Birthday Decorations

7. Little Miss Threenager

Little Miss Threenager

Image source: Amazon

It definitely seems like they were just born, and then suddenly they’re teenagers overnight. At the very least, your three year old might think she’s a teenager with an attitude to match. Check out the link below for some fun décor for this theme. It’s all about keeping things sophisticated and posh. You can do a particular color palette, use lots of flowers, and dress up the birthday girl in a fancy dress.

SHOP: Little Miss Threenager Birthday Decorations

8. Swinging Through The Threes

Swinging Through The Threes

Image source: Catch My Party

Celebrate your little monkey with a swinging party like this one from Catch My Party. It’s a monkey-themed bonanza with bananas, monkey faces, green leaves, trees, and vines. Play pin the tail on the monkey, serve banana pudding, and set up a toddler obstacle course.  Dress up the birthday girl like a cute monkey, a zookeeper, or a safari adventurer. You can also set up a photo booth with monkey masks and various other props.

SHOP: Monkey Birthday Decorations

9. Land Of The Three

Land Of The Three

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Celebrate your daughter’s birthday while honoring America with this red, white, and blue party from Kara’s Party Ideas. You can decorate with American flags, stars, and all things Americana. Serve classic all-American fare like hot dogs (cut lengthwise for little guests), hamburgers, and French fries. Let your daughter dress up in a cute sailor dress or even as the Statue of Liberty. You can use flowers, balloons, streamers, confetti, and anything else you can think of, letting the colors be your unifying theme.

SHOP: Red, White & Blue Birthday Decorations

10. Wild And Three

Wild And Three

Image source: Stumbling Grace

If she’s an animal lover and a ball of energy, then this theme from Stumbling Grace puts them together perfectly. You can decorate with animal cut-outs, use a jungle theme, or choose your favorite animal print. Other options are little explorers or forest animals. Set up a table with animal ears and masks for some fun photo ops, and have a wild charades contest to see who can name the animal.

SHOP: Wild And Three Birthday Decorations

11. Mermaids


Image source: Amazon

Fantasy-inspired birthdays are a popular pick for young kids, including unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. You can also mix in some under-the-sea or ocean décor with this theme. Shimmering scales create a stunning backdrop or table setting. And colorful Mylar drapes, balloons, and other mermaid decorations create a magical vibe. Add a bubble machine for a whimsical atmosphere and lots of blues, pinks, and purples, too. You could also do The Little Mermaid and feature characters and images from the movie.

SHOP: Mermaid Birthday Decorations

12. Turning Three With Minnie

Turning Three With Minnie

Image source: Jillian Harris

Minnie Mouse remains a popular birthday favorite among little girls, thanks to her sweet disposition and ladylike charm. You can model your party after Minnie’s classic red dress with white polka dots and bright yellow bow. Or you can put your own spin on it, like Jillian Harris, and go with all shades of pink. Incorporate the polka-dot pattern into your décor and place Minnie in the center of things, on the birthday cake or the main backdrop.

SHOP: Minnie Mouse Birthday Decorations

13. Encanto


Image source: Live Like You Are Rich

Encanto is one of the most popular Disney movies to come out, with music you can’t get out of your head. (But we don’t talk about Bruno, so let’s move on). Live Like You Are Rich celebrates using characters from the movie, as well as vibrant colors and an upbeat mood inspired by the movie’s art and music. Have the best Encanto birthday party and play the movie’s Sing-a-long, dance, decorate with colorful paper lanterns and flowers, and take turns with a piñata.

SHOP: Encanto Birthday Decorations

14. Bluey Birthday

Bluey Birthday

Image source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

If you’re not familiar with this popular Australian kid’s show that took the USA by storm, then you’re one in a million. Bluey and her stay-at-home dad, Bandit, mom Chili, and sister Bingo have become one of the most famous pup families in kids’ cartoons. The show helps show us all how to slow down and remember to enjoy time with our family. Mimi’s Dollhouse throws a Bluey birthday bash, using colors inspired by the TV show and highlighting all of the main characters.

SHOP: Bluey Birthday Decorations

15. Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

Image source: Project Nursery

Project Nursery takes a famous children’s story and turns it into the ultimate pink birthday party. You can use pink and white, decorate with images from the classic tale, and reimagine pink paper lanterns into cute pig faces. Let guests wear pig noses and ears and have a building station to make houses for the wolf to blow down. Kids can use blocks and then a handheld fan to test their structures. You can also work Peppa Pig into this theme.

SHOP: Three Little Pigs Birthday Decorations

16. Rainbows


Image source: Katherine Hallberg Design

A popular party theme for girls is simply rainbows. Katherine Hallberg Design shows off her take on the theme, but you can work it any way you like. Use actual images of rainbows, miniature rainbow piñatas, fluffy cotton batting as clouds, or just decorate with tons of colors. Hang colorful streamers in the order of the rainbow’s colors, use lots of confetti, and feature a five-layer rainbow cake covered in sprinkles. If the birthday is in March, throw in some St. Patrick’s Day fun along with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

SHOP: Rainbow Birthday Decorations

17. Camping In The Threes

Camping In The Threes

Image source: Freutcake

Freutcake puts together a charming camping theme with tons of cute touches. The different plaid fabrics make a colorful backdrop, tablecloths, and more. You can have a smores-making station, set up a play tent, and go on a nature walk. If the birthday is during cooler months, set up a fire pit and let kids toast marshmallows (with supervision and long skewers, of course). Other fun decorations are camper cut-outs, pine trees, and forest animals.

SHOP: Camping Birthday Decorations

18. Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market

Image source: Mindy Weiss

This is a different theme you might not think of for a three-year-old, but it’s super cute. Mindy Weiss went with it because her daughter wanted her theme to be fruit. This was a great way to make that happen. You can set up a cute farmer’s market stand as your food area, decorate with farm animals, have a petting zoo come to you, and play all sorts of fun games. Think bean bag toss, horseshoes, and other classic outdoor games.

SHOP: Fruit Birthday Decorations

19. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Image source: Covet by Tricia

If your little girl is a princess in the making and loves wearing dresses and all things sparkly, this is such a cute idea. The classic Audrey Hepburn movie becomes an ideal birthday party setting for your little lady. But replace Tiffany’s with your daughter’s name, like Covet by Tricia did. The color palette is the classic Tiffany Blue, along with white and some black accents for a sophisticated look.

SHOP: Tiffany’s Blue Birthday Decorations

20. Let’s Par-tea, She’s Three!

Let’s Par-tea, She’s Three!

Image source: Chandeliers and Champagne

Set up a proper tea party with lemonade tea, finger sandwiches, and sweet cakes served on tiered trays. Chandeliers and Champagne uses swans and pink roses as some of the décor highlights for this three-year-old tea. Let girls dress up or set up a costume trunk with dresses, fancy hats, pearls, and other accessories so they can look the part. Test their skills with a manners quiz before serving the tea; pinkies up!

SHOP: Tea Birthday Decorations

3rd Birthday Party Games & Activities For Boys & Girls

It’s always a good idea to plan a few activities for a party, especially when you’re hosting lots of littles. You can put together a variety of games and fun that will appeal to a wide range of guests. Here are some things to help get your wheels turning so you can plan a fun-filled celebration.

1. Hire A Character

Hire A Character

Image source: Trusty Chucks

You can enlist the services of a character or party company to have a performer come to your party. Trusty Chucks threw a princess party, so Cinderella became a special surprise visitor. But you can find all sorts of popular characters, including superheroes, cartoon favorites, and more. Ask friends or family for recommendations or scope out Google for highly-rated options.

2. Set Up A Craft Table

Set Up A Craft Table

Image source: Roberta VanPatten Abreu

It’s essential to find ways to keep young guests occupied during the party. Setting up a craft table like Roberta VanPatten Abreu gives little hands something to do, and it’s fun too. You can do coloring sheets, finger painting, or have a craft ready for guests to make, like a picture frame or magic wand.

3. Get An Inflatable Toddler Yard

Get An Inflatable Toddler Yard

Image source: Amazon

You can purchase a small, toddler-friendly bounce house or playhouse like this one on Amazon. Or, look for companies that come to you and set up a toddler yard, then take it down when the party’s over. You don’t have to do anything but write the check.

4. Play Egg On A Spoon

Play Egg On A Spoon

Image source: kali9

This classic game is the epitome of concentration and focus (and a lot of falling eggs). You don’t have to use real eggs, though; plastic ones will do. For extra fun, put a surprise in each egg and let kids open it up when they reach the finish line.

5. Hunt For Seashells

Hunt For Seashells

Image source: Balazs Toth

Setting up a seashell dig is a great idea if you’re having a beach-themed party. But you can use the same concept for a dino dig, construction site, garden party, etc. Use small bins filled with sand or beans and let guests use shovels, pails, and other tools to find hidden treasures.

6. Do A Puppet Show

Do A Puppet Show

Image source: pixelshot

Kids love to watch puppet shows. Look for a puppet performing company that will come to you for the special day. Many offer several stories to choose from, so you can find one that matches your theme. Some places even offer additional activities like face painting or a meet and greet with the puppets after the show.

7. Build A Cookie

Build A Cookie

Image source: Treehouse Threads

Let young bakers make their own treats using premade or pre-baked cookies. Treehouse Threads sets up a cookie decorating station at their party as one of the activities. You can have everything ready to go using disposable plates, tablecloths, spoons, etc. Let kids have a blast decorating their cookies, making a mess, and then eating their creations.

8. Make A Designated Play Zone

Make A Designated Play Zone

Image source: pixelshot

If you’re trying to keep things simple, you don’t have to look much further than your kid’s toybox. Set up a designated play zone for young guests and place several toys in it for free play. Include puzzles, blocks, a coloring station, etc. It doesn’t have to be a separate room. Use tape to designate the play space; then, you can keep an eye on things too.

9. Have A Dance Party

Have A Dance Party

Image source: Liderina

Crank up the music and let the kids cut loose to their favorite songs. Get a disco ball or color wheel to make things extra fun and add some more excitement with a little Freeze Dance. You can also demonstrate different dance moves and have the kids copy you. Or, let them freestyle as long as their feet will let them.

10. Go Fishing

Go Fishing

Image source: Karmen Melton

If you’re having an outdoor party, set up a fishing game using a kiddie pool like Karmen Melton. You can use toy fishing rods and fish sets, make your own using magnets, or let them try to scoop a fish with a net. For a bonus thrill, give them a corresponding prize for whichever color fish they catch.

Food & Drink Ideas For 3rd Birthday Party

Whether you’re planning to provide a meal or simple finger foods, the right menu really makes a party. Put together a mix of adult favorites and kid-approved bites to satisfy everyone’s appetite. You can tweak almost any food and drink idea to match your chosen theme too.

1. Pizza


Image source: simpics

You’ll probably find pizza at every kid’s party because it’s a crowd favorite, and it’s super easy. Order several pies or bake up your own for the big event. It’s the perfect food option for afternoon and evening birthdays that fall during kids’ mealtimes. For the little kids, cut slices in half.

2. Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

Image source: KPS

Another kid favorite that adults will love to nibble on is chicken nuggets. It’s a classic and the perfect finger food for hungry party guests that want to keep moving and mingling. Have a selection of popular sauces like ketchup, BBQ, and honey mustard available to perk things up.

3. Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes

Image source: dcdp

Bite-size cupcakes are easy-peasy for little fingers and mouths to handle. Adults will also enjoy the sweet tiny treats, especially if they don’t want a slice of cake. Little cupcakes are just enough for some, and those with a big sweet tooth can chow down on several.

4. Fruit Cups

Fruit Cups

Image source: Engin Akyurt

Fruit is a popular party food and a little-kid favorite. Create a few cups with soft fruits like strawberries, bananas, etc., that are easy for little hands to grab and eat. The cups help create individual portions, so little fingers don’t keep touching all the fruit.

5. Sandwich Shapes

Sandwich Shapes

Image source: Learn with Play at Home

Finger sandwiches are a quick and easy food at any party that kids and adults love. Give them some extra zing with a shape to match the party theme, like Learn with Play at Home, using sandwich or cookie cutters. Include some kid classics like PB&J and turkey and cheese.

6. Cookie Dippers

Cookie Dippers

Image source: Design Eat Repeat

Move over chips and dips; here come these amazing cookie dippers from Design Eat Repeat. They’re the perfect shape for dunking in some ice-cold milk or a frosting dip of your choice. You can also find dunkable cookies ready-made at bakeries and certain grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s.

7. Grilled Cheese Rollups

Grilled Cheese Rollups

Image source: Spend With Pennies

Ask any kid what one of their favorite sandwiches is, and you’ll probably get a lot of grilled cheese responses. Serve up this melty, cheesy favorite with a twist by making these grilled cheese roll-ups like Spend With Pennies. It makes it easier to eat, and it’s just a fun idea.

8. Fancy Punch

Fancy Punch

Image source: The Country Cook

You have to have some tasty drinks to go along with all of the delicious food. And at a kid’s party, you want to keep things extra fun. Whip up this tasty sherbert punch from The Country Cook and give it your own flair to match the theme. For example, you can create a witch’s brew, magical fairy potion, or space alien soup.

9. Ready-To-Go Drinks

Ready-To-Go Drinks

Image source: The Chirping Moms

Kids are always on the move, and at a party, they’re pretty much unstoppable.  The easiest way to get them to take a sip and stay hydrated is a drink that’s quick and ready to go. So have some juice pouches, boxes, or water bottles. The Chirping Moms turns juice boxes into miniature hula dancers to match a colorful island theme.

10. Flavor Ice Popsicles

Flavor Ice Popsicles

Image source: Amazon

You were a kid once, which means you likely ate a bunch of these iconic popsicles. Whether you grab a bundle from the grocery or Amazon, they don’t have to take up room in your freezer till a couple of days before the party. Kids love them, and they’re the perfect way to cool off at a summer party or warm-weather outdoor celebration.

3rd Birthday Party Favors / Treat Bags

When your kids are little, it’s still pretty customary to give out treat bags or party favors as a thank you to your young guests. Plus, kids love it and look forward to it. Goody bags or mementos don’t need to be extravagant, though. Even simple things like playdough or bubbles get children super excited (and party favors make saying goodbye a little easier too).

1. Toy Vehicles

Toy Vehicles

Image source: Fab Everyday

Three-year-olds love toys and any kind of vehicle is always a big hit. You can find toy cars and trucks at the dollar store and add a special message from the birthday boy or girl. Fab Everyday opted for toy diggers to match a construction-theme birthday.

2. Sunglasses


Image source: Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan puts a bunch of cute sunglasses in a bucket for guests to take a pair home. These are perfect for spring and summer birthdays, beach themes, and even rock and roll. Let kids grab a pair early to snag some super fab photos.

3. Costume Sets

Costume Sets

Image source: City Girl Gone Rural

Kids love playing dress-up during their toddler years and well beyond. Costume accessories like wands, swords, and masks make fun favors. But vest and hat sets are also popular favors for little kid parties. City Girl Gone Rural has their construction vests and hats hanging up, ready for guests to help themselves.

4. Homemade Treats

Homemade Treats

Image source: Crafting My Home

If you’re working with a tight budget, consider making your own favors. You can whip up some tasty cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, cupcakes, or other yummy treats and put together treat boxes like Crafting My Home. You can also bag your goodies and add a quirky message that goes with your theme.

5. Decorated Snack Pack Puddings

Decorated Snack Pack Puddings

Image source: Cutefetti

These decorated pudding cups from Cutefetti are a fantastic idea for a puppy dog or pet-themed birthday. You can use the same concept to make pudding favors for tons of themes. Turn them into bunnies, monsters, robots, and more, and choose a flavor that works best with your character. Or use paper to wrap the whole cup.

6. Bubble Wands

Bubble Wands

Image source: Amazon

Bubbles are a winner with kids of all ages, so they’re certainly a go-to when in doubt about what to get. Amazon sells multi-packs, making it easy and budget-friendly to get bubble Wands for all your eager guests. Bubbles are especially fun in the spring and summer and with under-the-sea themes.

7. Pop-It Bracelets

Pop-It Bracelets

Image source: Amazon

Need to relieve a little stress? Pop-its are all the rage for their irresistible textures that let you fidget and pop to your heart’s content. Kids love them, so grab a set of bracelets and add a fun note. The bracelet style means little guests will always have it nearby, and you won’t have to worry about it getting lost.

8. Activity Books

Activity Books

Image source: Gummy Bears and Pony Tails

Coloring is a favorite pastime for many children. And by three, lots of kids are starting to enjoy various activities like mazes or completing the picture. Gummy Bears and Pony Tails makes their own activity books with printouts to match the party theme. Give a few crayons with the kit too.

9. Loot Bags

Loot Bags

Image source: The Happy Scraps

Loot bags are an easy way to let kids leave the party with a bunch of goodies. The Happy Scraps uses bags that look like LEGO bricks to match their theme. But you can find loot bags to go with any party idea, from princesses to playdough. Fill the bag with an assortment of stickers, candy, and other fun trinkets.

10. Mini Puzzles

Mini Puzzles

Image source: Amazon

Here’s a favor that kids will love and parents will appreciate. Little puzzles are lots of fun and also provide an educational component. They help kids develop fine motor skills and shape recognition, and problem solving. Look for multipacks like these on Amazon to make things even easier.

Birthday Gift Ideas For 3 Year Old Boys & Girls

Whether you’re shopping for your own kids or buying a gift for someone else, navigating all of the options can get overwhelming. You want something they’ll love, but also want your gift to stand out and make an impression. So, where to start?


Do you go with an educational gift, a classic toy, a game, or maybe you should peek at those STEM toys everyone’s talking about? You can ask the birthday kid or mom and dad for suggestions, or just wing it and give your best guess. All of these choices, however, can make shopping for a birthday gift more of a chore than something fun.


Save yourself a ton of time and check out our expertly curated gift lists for 3 year old boys (and girls too!). We’re sure you’ll find a present that will be a hit with the birthday star and their parents. Enjoy!

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