Time flies by so fast, and before you know it, you’re planning your little one’s second birthday party. It probably feels like you just had their first birthday, right? And you want this one to be special too because now your son or daughter is starting to express themselves more.

You also likely have a better idea of what your kid is into, even if they aren’t telling you specifically. Maybe it’s a toy they’re obsessed with or a character they always talk about from their favorite movie. Both of these are great places to draw inspiration for your kid’s 2nd birthday theme and make it a success.

But if you’re still not sure what to do, no problem. You’ll find tons of great ideas right here, from popular characters to fun themes featuring a play on words, like Two Infinity and Beyond. Keep reading for the best birthday party themes for two-year-olds.

2nd Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Boys

If your little prince is about to turn two, you’re in luck because there are so many theme options to choose from. And you’ll find that many of the themes provide a myriad of different ways you can present them. They’re also great gender-neutral ideas, too, so make sure to check out our lists for girls and boys to double up on the ideas.

1. Two Infinity And Beyond

Two Infinity And Beyond

Image source: Katelyn Rose Harper.

Give the Pixar classic Toy Story a two-year-old twist with this cute theme, like Katelyn Rose Harper. The party showcases the movie’s star astronaut Buzz Lightyear and all things space. Grab your color ideas straight from Buzz’s space suit, going with light green and purple as your primary colors. You can add in any space-themed decorations you like, from rocket ships to stars and beyond. The little aliens from the movie also make a fun addition to a party that’s out of this world.

SHOP: Toy Story Birthday Decorations

2. Taco TWO-sday

Taco TWO-sday

Image source: Glutton for Chaos

Everyone knows about Taco Tuesday, and Glutton for Chaos decided to center the big day around this tasty treat. It makes for a very colorful palette, simulating a Mexican Fiesta with pinks, yellows, blues, greens, reds, and yellows. Grab a piñata and use balloon letters to display the theme. Of course, set up a killer taco bar with all the fixings. For younger guests, offer soft tacos and let them add some toppings of choice.

SHOP: Taco Twosday Birthday Decorations

3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Oh, Two-dles!)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Oh, Two-dles!)

Image source: Christina Lea Loves

Toddlers love the animated Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Mickey and the entire gang. If you know the show, then you know Mickey always calls on his pal Toodles to help him solve a problem. Christina Lea Loves uses a play on words to create a festive Mickey Mouse birthday with classic Mickey colors and patterns. Make sure to serve some Hot-Diggity Dogs to honor the show’s theme song.

SHOP: Micky Mouse Birthday Decorations

4. Sports Theme

Sports Theme

Image source: Harlow & Thistle

You can have all sorts of fun with a sports theme. You can focus on your favorite sport and put a catchy phrase with it, like “this birthday is a kick” for soccer or “this birthday hits it out of the park” for baseball fans. Or highlight all the sports like Harlow & Thistle, set up fun stadium snacks, string up themed paper plates for an easy garland, and use a Sharpie on oranges to create mini edible basketballs.

SHOP: Sports Birthday Decorations

5. TWOnado


Image source: fit_caker

Give your two-year-old a party that matches their vibrant personality with a tornado birthday like fit_caker. Pair different shades of grays and blues together against some pops of yellow lightning. Throw in fun weather-themed décor like clouds, raindrops, and lightning bolts. You can also grab some inspiration from The Wizard of Oz to take this idea in a whole new colorful direction.

SHOP: Tornado Birthday Decorations

6. Two Legit To Quit

Two Legit To Quit

Image source: The Untidy Tribe

If you’re a child of the 90s or just a big fan, then this party is a must. The Untidy Tribe uses 90s décor, music, and other fun memorabilia centered around the popular MC Hammer song. Black and gold with some sparkle are a natural choice and bonus points if your little man wears some parachute pants. Have a dance contest, pass out sunglasses as party favors, and grab a boombox piñata.

SHOP: Two Legit To Quit Birthday Decorations

7. Construction Party

Construction Party

Image source: Scratch and Stitch

Scratch and Stitch dig up a birthday party that every two-year-old boy would love. Kids love construction trucks of all kinds, from bulldozers to diggers and more, so a party that celebrates all things construction is a no-brainer. Use caution tape as streamers, small traffic cones as table decorations, and give out hard hats to your little builders. The go-to colors for this theme are lots of yellows, oranges, and black.

SHOP: Construction Birthday Decorations

8. Noah’s Ark (Two By Two)

Noah’s Ark (Two By Two)

Image source: Catch My Party

This cute theme is the perfect party for your two-year-old little animal. Catch My Party uses colorful and cartoon style animal pictures like lions, elephants, and more to decorate. You can set up a Noah’s Ark backdrop or, if you’re handy, build a 3D ark for kids to take pictures with and play on. Hand out animal masks and play games like animal charades and matching activities, and don’t fall off the ark (balance beam).

SHOP: Noah’s Ark Birthday Decorations

9. TWO-rannosaurus Rex

TWO-rannosaurus Rex

Image source: The Social Tumbleweed

Bring back the time of the dinosaurs with this fun twist on a dino-themed birthday party. The Social Tumbleweed celebrates the big day with all things T-Rex and other popular dinos against a jungle green color palette. Dress the birthday boy up in his T-Rex best and decorate with fossils, footprints, dino silhouettes, banana leaves, and a giant “2” balloon. You can set up a fossil dig in shallow storage containers outside using sand. Or use beans or rice inside and lay everything out on a large drop cloth (it’s a lot easier to clean up).

SHOP: Dinosaur Birthday Decorations

10. Rescue Vehicles

Rescue Vehicles

Image source: Allison Carter Celebrates

Calling all party guests! It’s time for the ultimate rescue-themed birthday party with police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and helicopters. You can use red, white, and blue as your color palette, the classic siren, and flashing lights of many rescue vehicles. Allison Carter Celebrates has fire hats ready for guests and adds in pops of gold. You can also hand out badges and use some of your kid’s toys as decorations.

SHOP: Rescue Birthday Decorations

11. Scooby Dooby TWO!

Scooby Dooby TWO!

Image source: Chica and Jo

Scooby Doo is a cartoon character that has endured for decades, still a popular choice for kids of all ages. The groovy Scooby gang opens doors to all sorts of possibilities. Chica and Jo pull their party colors from the famous Mystery Machine, using vivid oranges, greens, and blues, and go for an upbeat vibe with Scooby front and center. You can also add in a few fun ghosts and ghouls; bonus points if your party is around Halloween.

SHOP: Scooby Doo Birthday Decorations

12. Under The Sea (In-TWO The Deep)

Under The Sea (In-TWO The Deep)

Image source: Brown and Bella

Take a dive into the deep blue sea with this vibrant under-the-sea theme, done beautifully by Brown and Bella. Decorate with varying shades of blue, wavy patterns, and lots of colorful seashells and sea creature imagery. You can use large mesh over tables to look like fishing nets, let blue and white balloons double as giant bubbles, or even suspend paper lanterns. Small umbrellas and party streamers can become big jellyfish, and you can fill a kiddie pool with blue balls for an ocean-themed ball pit.

SHOP: Under The Sea Birthday Decorations

13. Paw Patrol Party

Paw Patrol Party

Image source: Crazy Life with Littles

If you have a two-year-old, then you’ve probably had the privilege of watching Paw Patrol on a perpetual loop. Ryder and his rescue squad of furry friends are favorites of many young children, making them an obvious party theme choice. Crazy Life with Littles keeps things simple yet fun with Paw Patrol décor, balloons, and a colorful cake. Character cups filled with treats add to the décor and double as party favors for when it’s time to say goodbye.

SHOP: Paw Patrol Birthday Decorations

14. Little Superhero

Little Superhero

Image source: Bebeh Blog

Bebeh Blog goes all out on fun-filled ideas with their superhero birthday party. They have a silly string for web-slinging, large cardboard blocks for Hulk smashing, a bounce house for leaping tall buildings, and much more. Showcase your favorite heroes or celebrate with them all, give out hero masks or make some, and set up a Superhero toddler-approved obstacle course. Invite kids to dress up as their favorite hero and turn it into a costume party.

SHOP: Superhero Birthday Decorations

15. TWO Cool For School

TWO Cool For School

Image source: Just a Mamma

Here’s a fun, unique party theme, especially if your little guy’s birthday is in the summer or near the back-to-school time of year. Just a Mamma decorates with chalkboards, blocks, books, and every teacher’s favorite –shiny red apples. Hand out personalized snacks or party favors disguised as brown bag lunches and have story time with the kids. Primary colors are a fun choice for this theme, but if most of your young guests attend the same school, you can use your school’s colors.

SHOP: Two Cool For School Birthday Decorations

16. PJ Masks

PJ Masks

Image source: Lou Lou Girls

PJ Masks is a popular superhero show for littles, focusing on friends that fight crime at night to keep the day safe. The super trio wears red, green, and blue costumes, which become an instant color palette for your party. Lou Lou Girls uses balloons, themed tablecloths, and character figures as bright decorations, with the PJ Masks Headquarters taking center stage as a truly tall cake. Let your birthday boy dress up like his favorite character and invite others to do the same.

SHOP: PJ Masks Birthday Decorations

17. Growing Up TWO Fast (Race Cars)

Growing Up TWO Fast (Race Cars)

Image source: Sugar Moon Bloom

Little boys love race cars, and you would likely agree that they also grow up way too fast. Sugar Moon Bloom puts these two things together in a party theme that makes perfect sense, adding some police cars into the mix too. Decorate with any colors you like, including the classic black-and-white checkered flag, and use your son’s toy cars as instant décor. Set up a ramp using a piece of wood or cardboard for kids to race their cars. Or take it outside and let the kids race and run as fast as they can.

SHOP: Race Car Birthday Decorations

18. LEGO Birthday

LEGO Birthday

Image source: Bren Did

Even adults love LEGOs; the toy bricks have been around for ages and provide tons of fun. Bren Did decided to take a favorite toy and build a party around it, with primary colors and loads of LEGO fun. You can set up build stations, give out small kits to your guests as the ultimate party favor, and make a cake that looks like a giant LEGO brick.

SHOP: LEGO Birthday Decorations

19. Two At The Zoo

Two At The Zoo

Image source: Posh in Progress

Here’s a theme you can really go wild with, like Posh in Progress. Use animal prints to decorate, feature animal faces on cupcakes, and set up a fun photo booth with a zoo cage cutout and animal masks, ears, and other props. If you’re willing and able, look into getting a company that brings animals to you or visit a local zoo. You can also set up a craft table to decorate animal masks or make paper plate animal creations. And play zoo chase (tag with everyone acting like animals and the person who is “it” is the zookeeper).

SHOP: Zoo Birthday Decorations

20. Boo TWO You!

Boo TWO You!

Image source: SendintheClownsLA

If your son has an October birthday, get into the Halloween spirit with this fun idea from SendintheClownsLA. You can go with a black and white theme to mimic classic ghosts or try out a Ghostbusters theme or any other creative spin you can think of.  Serve up some creepy treats like fried spider legs (chicken tenders), witch’s brew (an ice cream punch in a cauldron), and monster brains (dye Mac ‘n cheese with food coloring).

SHOP: Halloween Birthday Decorations

2nd Birthday Party Themes & Decorations For Girls

Does your little girl love animals, a certain food, or a TV show she can sing the theme song to over and over again? Think about all of her favorites as you check out our list of birthday themes to find the best fit for your daughter’s big day.

1. Totally Two-bular

Totally Two-bular

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Kara’s Party Ideas takes the birthday celebration back to the ‘80s in a totally tubular 1980s bash. Use plenty of purple, hot pink, glitter, and glitz to make this party fabulous, and play some music hits your adult guests will enjoy remembering. You can do so many things, like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” rock and roll, or take it into a whole other decoration and go with a surfing and beach theme.

SHOP: 80’s Birthday Decorations

2. Tea For TWO

Tea For TWO

Image source: Bits of Bri

If you’re looking for a charming and dainty way to celebrate your little girl’s big day, check out this precious party from Bits of Bri. It’s a pink and gold tea party featuring the epitome of posh, Miss Minnie Mouse. Set up a complete tea party spread with finger sandwiches, cheese, and fruit on tiered serving trays, teapots full of pink lemonade, and lots of cute cupcakes. Add a costume trunk full of fancy hats, feather boas, pearls, and long gloves for everyone to dress up for tea.

SHOP: Tea For Two Birthday Decorations

3. Off TWO The Races

Off TWO The Races

Image source: She’s Kinda Crafty

This is an adorable party idea, especially if the birthday girl loves horses. She’s Kinda Crafty jazzes things up with a turquoise and pink theme, but you can go with any colors that work for your little one. Use pony silhouettes and banner flags to decorate, along with balloons and colorful confetti. Encourage guests to wear their fanciest hats, just like they would if they were attending a race at Churchill Downs.

SHOP: Horse Birthday Decorations

4. Unicorns And Rainbows

Unicorns And Rainbows

Image source: Stuff Moms Like

Little girls adore unicorns, rainbows, and anything that sparkles, so why not put them all together like Stuff Moms Like? A glittery gold flying unicorn silhouette is a showstopping centerpiece on a beautiful rainbow backdrop. The multi-colored ruffled table skirt is stunning, and you can go as big or as simple as you like. Use cotton batting in your backdrop for 3D clouds, pass out unicorn headbands, and use lots of sprinkles on cupcakes and treats. We absolutely love this unicorn birthday!

SHOP: Unicorn Birthday Decorations

5. We Love You TWO The Moon And Back

We Love You TWO The Moon And Back

Image source: Etsy

This popular phrase became even more beloved by parents everywhere with the 1994 children’s book, Guess How Much I Love You? You can draw inspiration from the book’s characters, two loving hares, or go with a soft and sweet space theme. Choose a subtle color palette and hints of silver, moons, and stars, and a stunning cake topper like this one from Etsy. If you want to go a bit bolder, then go all-in with the outer space idea, adding rockets, astronauts, and some quirky aliens.

SHOP: Two The Moon And Back Birthday Decorations

6. TWO Wild

TWO Wild

Image source: Brie Bemis Rearick

Is your little girl a true wild child? Then what better way to celebrate than with a jungle-themed adventure birthday like Brie Bemis Rearick? Take your guests on a wild safari full of cute animals, bright colors, and festive decorations. Use lots of greens and golds along with pops of animal print for the perfect accents. Animal-shaped balloons are tons of fun, and colorful tassels add a playful twist to the overall look.

SHOP: Two Wild Birthday Decorations

7. Ballerina Birthday

Ballerina Birthday

Image source: The Party Darling

Break out the tutus (or should we say Two-Twos)? It’s time for a ballerina birthday bash full of tulle, roses, and ballet shoes everywhere. The Party Darling chooses white and pink, but you can opt for the colors of your choice and decide to keep things soft or go more vibrant. Carry your colors throughout your decorations, treats, and even your drinks to achieve a classic and sophisticated look. Make sure to have tutus for little dancers to try on and have a ballet session during the party.

SHOP: Ballerina Birthday Decorations

8. You’re TWO Sweet

You’re TWO Sweet

Image source: Sierra L Miller

Here’s a party theme you can really sink your teeth into, especially your sweet tooth. Sierra L Miller goes all out with a sprinkle theme, adding the festive dessert topping to the cake and cupcakes and using the idea on tableware and decorations. If you’re looking for a super colorful birthday, this one is for you. It’s a perfect theme for decorating cookies and sweets or creating little take-home decorating kits as your party favors.

SHOP: Two Sweet Birthday Decorations

9. Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Image source: Lone Star Looking Glass

This theme will work inside, but if your party takes place during a lovely time of year, consider bringing things outdoors. You can create an enchanted garden setting with lots of greenery and flowers, or if you’re lucky, use a greenhouse like Lone Star Looking Glass. Depending on your surroundings, the environment might be the perfect backdrop. But you can always recreate the look with a greenery wall and lots of colorful plants and flowers.

SHOP: Fairy Birthday Decorations

10. Frozen Theme

Frozen Theme

Image source: Josefina Flores

Anna and Elsa are some of the most famous princesses around, so your little girl will likely love having a Frozen-themed birthday. You can highlight her favorite character or use them all, with lots of blues, lavenders, and silvers as your colors. Josefina Flores sets up an artificial white Christmas tree as part of the décor, along with a character backdrop and lots of balloons. Large snowflakes add to the look and make this party a magical winter wonderland.

SHOP: Frozen Birthday Decorations

11. Cock-a-Doodle Doo, She’s Turning Two!

Cock-a-Doodle Doo, She’s Turning Two!

Image source: Party Doll Manila

A barnyard or farm theme is a popular idea for young children’s birthday parties. You can recreate a farm scene, set up hayrides using small wagons, or even do pony rides. Party Doll Manila goes with a pink barn instead of the classic red for a little girl’s birthday, with a fun rhyming theme. Set up blocks of hay and have animal accessories to make a fun photo booth. You can also play classic party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Duck, Duck, Goose.

SHOP: Farm Theme Birthday Decorations

12. Birthday Butterfly

Birthday Butterfly

Image source: Crowning Details

Butterflies are the perfect theme for a little girl’s party because they’re sweet and colorful and a little magical too. So you can create a beautiful setup that everyone is sure to remember, just like Crowning Details does, with vivid colors and lots of butterfly shapes. You don’t need to get too complicated with the theme. All of the different colors coming together are enough to make a big impact.

SHOP: Butterfly Birthday Decorations

13. Trolls


Image source: The Keeper of the Cheerios, LLC

The Trolls movies are a family favorite for all ages and make an excellent setting for a festive birthday. Thanks to their colorful personalities and fluffy hair, you can choose any color you want or go with them all. Celebrate with all the trolls or focus your efforts on one star, like The Keeper of the Cheerios, LLC does with Queen Poppy. Multi-colored tassels, streamers, artificial flowers, and tulle all come together to create a vibrant and bright birthday backdrop.

SHOP: Trolls Birthday Decorations

14. TWO-tti Frutti

TWO-tti Frutti

Image source: Catch My Party

This one is a super fun birthday theme idea, especially for a summertime party. Catch My Party shows off a super bright version with tons of fruit shapes and colorful treats spread across the main table. Serve lots of fresh fruit, add fruit-shaped cookies, rainbow sherbet, and much more. Play pin the banana on the banana tree or any other version you can think of, and don’t forget to play Little Richard’s famous song.

SHOP: TWO-tti Frutti Birthday Decorations

15. Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies

Image source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

If you’re a parent of a toddler, then just reading the words Bubble Guppies is enough to start the theme song playing in your head. It’s a great kid’s show and makes an even better birthday theme. Mimi’s Dollhouse shows off the main characters along with some under the sea décor. Crank up a bubble machine to add to the ocean atmosphere. You can use colors inspired by the show and characters or find Bubble Guppy party supplies on Amazon or at a party supply store.

SHOP: Bubble Guppies Birthday Decorations

16. Two Cool Popsicle Party

Two Cool Popsicle Party

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

Are you planning a pool party or an outside spring or summer bash for your little one’s birthday? Hostess with the Mostess decides to have some refreshing fun with popsicles for her two-cool theme. Cardboard tubes become an easy and instant popsicle streamer, and you can decorate with tons of different colors. Don’t want to deal with a pool? No problem, set up a splash pad or sprinkler, or mimic the idea with a kiddie pool ball pit.

SHOP: Popsicle Birthday Decorations

17. Two Scoops Of Fun

Two Scoops Of Fun

Image source: Cristin Cooper

Another great idea for warm weather birthdays is ice cream. You know what they say, you scream, I scream…you get the idea. Everyone loves ice cream, and this birthday can be two scoops of fun for your little one. Cristin Cooper uses a confetti print on her decorations and pastel colors, reminding you of a quaint ice cream shop. Other options for this theme are, Here’s the Scoop; She’s Turning Two or Two Scoops Are Better Than One.

SHOP: Ice Cream Birthday Decorations

18. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

Image source: Ashley Brooke Nicholas

There’s something special about Peppa Pig because kids are obsessed with the show and characters. So if your little girl is one of the many that adore this precious pink piglet, then take some inspo from Ashley Brooke Nicholas for a Peppa Pig birthday celebration. You can get character-themed tableware and décor, pass out pig noses, make pink cupcakes, or anything else your heart desires. Rainbows make a fun, colorful addition to the primarily pink palette.

SHOP: Peppa Pig Birthday Decorations

19. Guess Who’s Two

Guess Who's Two

Image source: Bless this Mess

You can do a few things with this Guess Who theme. Bless this Mess makes it an owl-themed birthday, using brightly colored owls and lots of fun owl-themed treats and forest décor. But you can also go in a different direction and play detective. Let guests solve a little mystery or go on a kid-friendly scavenger hunt. Use magnifying glasses and question marks as decorations, or go vintage with some Sherlock Holmes-inspired memorabilia. It’s a perfect theme for mystery lovers.

SHOP: Guess Who Birthday Decorations

20. Princess Party

Princess Party

Image source: Our Blessed Life

Princess parties will be a contender for many years when it comes to birthday theme ideas for young kids. But, the excellent part is you can do so many different versions of a princess party. Choose your favorite royal or celebrate with a bunch like Our Blessed Life. Or go with a general princess theme and center your decorations around a unique color palette. Create a castle backdrop, set up a princess dress-up zone, and have a dancing area for a mini ball.

SHOP: Princess Birthday Decorations

2nd Birthday Party Games & Activities For Boys & Girls

Party games are a must when it comes to kids’ birthdays, especially when they’re for younger children. And it’s always essential to have a few activities planned so you don’t end up with a bunch of bored kids. Luckily, you can entertain two-year-olds pretty easily, so you have a bunch of possibilities.

1. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance

Image source: skynesher

Any activity that allows kids to burn up some energy is a must-have at a toddler birthday party. But you want to keep the rules simple so you can start the fun right away. Freeze Dance fits the bill, with only one rule — dance until the music stops. You can choose music that goes along with your party theme or just play some of your kid’s favorite tunes.

2. Chalk Art

Chalk Art

Image source: encrier

If you’re having an outdoor party, then this activity can be lots of fun for everyone. Place out a few buckets of sidewalk chalk and have guests draw and create a collection of masterpieces. Make sure to make it clear ahead of time if there are any chalk-free areas. Or, to help little ones remember, use tape to outline the drawing area.

3. Name That Animal

Name That Animal

Image source: Tiero

Let kids channel their inner performers and their natural desire to play with a game of animal charades. You can play different versions, one where kids act out the animal and one where they can only make the sound. Another version could be having an adult make the animal sound and have the kids try to guess.

4. Walk The Plank

Walk The Plank

Image source: The Podunk Librarian

Here’s a cute activity for a pirate-themed birthday from The Podunk Librarian builds balance and is lots of fun. You can also simply set up a balance bar on a blue tarp to represent the ocean. If you have older kids at the party wanting more of a challenge, use an elevated bar for them.

5. Pop The Bubbles

Pop The Bubbles

Image source: RawPhoto1

Turn on a bubble machine and watch the fun begin. Tell kids to try and pop all of the bubbles before they touch the ground. If you have a lot of kids at the party, get two machines and divide everyone into two groups. You can also have older kids blow bubbles for the younger kids.

6. Have A Sing-A-Long

Have A Sing-A-Long

Image source: Sura Nualpradid

If you have some music that fits well with your theme, play the songs and host a sing-a-long. If not, choose any kid favorites that most of your young guests will know. You can pass out prop microphones for fun and even put on a pretend concert.

7. Decorate Cupcakes Or Cookies

Decorate Cupcakes Or Cookies

Image source: pixelshot

This activity is lots of fun (and yes, a little messy — but worth it). It’s easy to clean up, though — just place a disposable tablecloth on the floor under a long table and another on top. Let kids go to town with canned frosting, sprinkles, etc., and then just wrap up the remains in the table cloth when you’re done.

8. Parachute Games

Parachute Games

Image source: oksanashufrych

Let kids gather around a toy parachute and play some of the classics like keep the ball on the parachute, or bounce the balls. Children will squeal with delight as the plastic balls go flying everywhere. You can call out names to signal which kids must chase after the runaway balls.

9. Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose

Image source: FatCamera

Here’s a classic that everyone knows. You can keep the name the same or change it up to match your theme. For example, taco, taco, burrito for a Taco TWO-sday party or Sven, Sven, Olaf for a Frozen theme. If you’re worried about little kids getting upset if they have to go in the middle, have that person be in charge of holding something special.

10. Get A Piñata

Get A Piñata

Image source: Blue Panda

A piñata is a popular party activity with which kids of all ages can have fun. Make sure to fill it with some age-appropriate goodies. Amazon has all sorts of piñatas, so you can find one that fits your theme. You can let the little ones try to whack it, but if not, opt for one with a pull-string option just in case.

Food & Drink Ideas For 2nd Birthday Party

It’s not really a party without food, right? And the top picks for a little one’s birthday are small bites and finger foods. The adults will enjoy grazing, and the kids will take a few bites and go back to playing. But having food people can nibble on throughout the party is the perfect option when you’re running after lots of active toddlers.

1. Donut Holes

Donut Holes

Image source: Kid BAM

Asking a kid if they want a donut is like asking a parent if they need a break. Donut holes are an excellent option for a toddler party since they keep the serving size small. You can buy them in tons of flavors from your favorite donut shop. Or make your own classic cinnamon and sugar donuts like these from Kid BAM.

2. Cheese Cubes

Cheese Cubes

Cheese is a hit with pretty much everyone on the planet. It’s also a staple at most parties and a classic toddler snack. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it would make its way onto this list. You can do cheese cubes, cheese slices, and cheese squares, then serve it solo or with crackers.

3. Fruit Salad Cones

Fruit Salad Cones

Image source: My Fussy Eater

Little kids love fruit (it’s like they don’t realize it’s healthy yet). Especially strawberries, blueberries, oranges, bananas, and other easy to eat sweet bites. You can cut up some favorites on a tray or have a big bowl of fruit salad. My Fussy Eater makes it even more fun to eat fruit with these cute cones.

4. Vegetable Tray

Vegetable Tray

Image source: Eating Richly

You might not think two-year-olds and vegetables go together. But serve them up in a cute way like Eating Richly does with this lion veggie tray, and you might think differently.  Talk about a fun way to encourage toddlers to eat their veggies. Plus, the cuts are just right for little mouths to nibble.

5. Finger Sandwiches

Finger Sandwiches

Image source: Magone

A go-to for all kinds of parties is undoubtedly finger sandwiches. They’re easy to eat while you mingle and move about and you can choose from tons of options. Some must-haves for a kid’s party are peanut butter and jelly, cheese, and turkey. You can serve the classic crustless triangles or use cookie cutters to make different shapes.

6. Macaroni And Cheese Cupcakes

Macaroni And Cheese Cupcakes

Image source: Chocolate Covered Katie

What kid doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? It’s a classic dish that most adults gravitate to as well. But this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie makes it super easy for little ones to serve themselves. You can leave each mac ‘n cheese cupcake in its own cupcake sleeve to keep it mess-free.

7. Mini Pizzas

Mini Pizzas

Image source: VesalovaElena

Pizza is a staple at every kid’s party, but for little ones, why not go with little pizzas to match tiny fingers? Make mini pizzas using English muffins or large crackers. If you’re extra daring, you can even let kids make their own (with supervision) in a preset pizza zone.

8. Frozen Yogurt Drops

Frozen Yogurt Drops

Image source: Plays Well with Butter

When serving little guests, finding age-appropriate foods that are also healthy is a bonus. Plays Well with Butter makes tasty frozen yogurt drops that are kid-approved, but the grownups will like as well. You can also simply freeze some yogurt in an ice cube tray for a quick, frozen treat.

9. Juice Pouches

Juice Pouches

Image source: Capri Sun

Kids and juice pouches go hand in hand. They’re just easy and certainly limit spills when you’re hosting several children. You can buy some in bulk from places like Amazon if you think you’ll need a large amount. Toss a whole bunch in a tub of ice for guests to grab as needed.

10. Small Water Bottles

Small Water Bottles

Image source: All Things Dear

Water might not sound like the most exciting thing on the beverage table, but it’s a must at any party. For little kids, though, big waters are a waste. Opt for the small 8-ounce bottles instead, and give them a personal touch like All Things Dear. You can always serve some larger ones too for your adult guests.

2nd Birthday Party Favors / Treat Bags

Send everyone home with the perfect way to say thanks for coming to the party. Kids always look forward to getting a goody bag when it’s time to go home. (And it can help them transition better when it’s time to leave.) Depending on your budget, you can keep it simple or get as detailed as you want.

1. Themed Goody Bags

Themed Goody Bags

Image source: Beyton

A tried and true party favor is a bag full of treats. Get some goody bags that match your theme on Amazon or a party supply store and fill them up with some kid-friendly favorites. You can add candy, crayons, costume jewelry, activity books, or anything else that suits your style.

2. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

Image source: Mighty Girl

Sidewalk chalk makes a great favor for springtime and summer birthdays. It gives kids something they can actually use that inspires creativity and imagination too. Mighty Girl dresses up her chalk like candy to match the party theme. But you can also simply wrap a few pieces up in a ribbon with a cute thank you.

3. Costume Accessories

Costume Accessories

Image source: Teehome

Little kids love playing dress-up, so a costume accessory makes a great party favor. You can also hand them out at the start of the party to snag some fun photos. You can find a bunch of options on Amazon or at party stores, including masks, sunglasses, hats, capes, magic wands, swords, and more.

4. Mini Pop-Its

Mini Pop-Its

Image source: LieKmei

You don’t have to look too hard to find pop-its these days; they’re the definite kid favorite. Even adults enjoy the stress-relieving qualities these toys deliver. Amazon has all sorts of styles, colors, and sizes, so you can choose a shape that works well with your party.

5. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

Image source: Midget Momma

You can’t go wrong with an edible party favor. Kids and adults love something yummy to take on the road after the festivities. Midget Momma whips up yummy pretzels with blue and white chocolate to go perfectly with a Frozen birthday. But you change up the colors and patterns to match the theme of your choice.

6. Coloring Books And Crayons

Coloring Books And Crayons

Image source: Double Trouble

Create some art sets or give out coloring books and crayons like DoubleTrouble. You can match the books to your theme, go with a hodgepodge, or get mini activity books. You could also print out a few coloring sheets and roll them up with a set of crayons for a more budget-friendly option.

7. Fun Cups

Fun Cups

Image source: Jessica Valarezo

You don’t have to go over the top or spend a ton of money on party favors. Sometimes, the simplest ideas can be the most exciting for kids. Jessica Valarezo fills themed plastic cups with an assortment of candy and trinkets for guests. But you can do the same with disposable cups if you’re working on a tighter budget.

8. Bubbles


Image source: GinaNFallon

The dollar store is a great place to find lots of favor ideas, including bubbles. Attach a special note that matches your theme to a thing of bubbles like GinaNFallon for an easy and fun party favor. Kids love bubbles, and they’re an especially great favor for springtime or summer birthdays.

9. Play-Doh


Image source: COVET by Tricia

Give your young guests something they’ll enjoy over and over again as a thank you for coming to the party. COVET by Tricia hands out small containers of Play-Doh with a special sticker note on top. They also look super vibrant on your table, making them a great favor for a colorful theme.

10. Cookie Characters

Cookie Characters

Image source: Martina Encheva Cakes Decor

Themed cookies are a popular favorite for party favors because they’re tasty, and parents love that they don’t add to the clutter. You can find character cookies like these awesome Paw Patrol beauties from Martina Encheva Cakes Decor or any other designs that match your party.

Birthday Gift Ideas For 2 Year Olds

If you’re not sure what to get the birthday boy or girl, you probably aren’t the only one. Two-year-olds are actually pretty forgiving when it comes to presents. They’ll pretty much get excited about any toy and might even end up loving the wrapping paper even more. But you want to get something that appeals to the child and mom and dad.


You can ask the parents for ideas, but then it won’t be a big surprise. You could give a gift card, but that’s pretty boring for a two-year-old to open. Instead, check out our lists for the best gifts for two-year-old boys and two-year-old girls. You’ll find tons of enriching, entertaining items, including puzzles, games, vehicles, musical toys, and many more.

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