If your kid loves superheroes, there’s no end to the birthday party ideas that you can find. Spiderman birthdays are especially popular, with the famous web-slinger showing up on plates, banners, napkins, party cups, balloons, and invitations. Whether you throw a party with a collection of superheroes or keep it strictly Spiderman, you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas.

Start with a general theme, narrow it down to a more focused vision, then start to build your party. You’ll need invitations, decorations, food and drinks, a birthday cake, and entertainment for your guests. You don’t have to spend tons of money to throw a memorable party (but you can if you want to). It’s all about how much you want to DIY and what you want to hand over to somebody else.

No matter how you decide to plan your party, it starts with an idea. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some fantastic ideas for a Spiderman birthday party and put them all in one place. So you can use this as your jumping-off point, find some great inspiration, and start planning an unforgettable celebration.

Spiderman Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

After you nail down the specifics for your party, like where, what, and when, it’s time to decide on your invitations. Coming up with an eye-catching invitation helps set the mood for your party and gives guests an idea of what they can expect. The perfect invitation might even be the deciding factor for guests on the fence about coming to the party. The popular trend nowadays is to design invites on your computer and print them or send them digitally. If you’re not much for graphic design or editing, check out sites like Etsy to choose from hundreds of downloadable designs.

Spiderman Birthday Invitations

Spiderman Birthday Invitations

Spiderman Birthday Invitations

Etsy features thousands of birthday party invitations in various styles, colors, and themes. You can even find digital versions that are animated or video options to email or text to guests. If you have some editing skills, you can opt for a design you can download and edit yourself. Otherwise, look for sellers that will gladly do the customizations for you. Then all you need to do is download or print. Look for fun options like this comic-strip style invitation from ClipzandSnipz, grab more dramatic designs, or keep things subtle with the Spidey symbol and webs.

Spiderman Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

You don’t just have to hang up a bunch of webs for a Spiderman party. (Although that could look really cool). DIY decorations are great for saving money and getting creative. But if you’re not up for it, many options are available at party supply stores and online. Spiderman is a popular party theme, so you can find many different decorations and party supplies to fit your specific Spidey style.

Spiderman Backdrop

Spiderman Backdrop

Spiderman Backdrop

This fun backdrop features comic book elements and Spiderman in action. He looks like he could come swinging out of the picture at any moment. The bright red and blue are eye-catching, and the pop of yellow makes sure the “Happy Birthday” message stands out. The backdrop is available in various sizes, including 5 x 3, 7 x 5, and 8 x 6. Choose the size that best fits your party space and set it up to create the ultimate photo booth background or make an impact behind the cake table.

3D Spiderman Balloon

3D Spiderman Balloon

3D Spiderman Balloon

What birthday kid wouldn’t want a giant Spiderman balloon at their superhero birthday? The balloon’s designed to crouch on the floor or tabletops (so keep in mind it won’t likely float). The package includes six different balloons that you fill and assemble to create Spiderman. Add him to your cake table for some extra pizazz, or have him greet guests at the door. Another option is setting him up near your party favor table so he can bid guests farewell as they grab their goody bags.

Spiderman Party Supply Pack

Spiderman Party Supply Pack

Spiderman Party Supply Pack

Party supply packs are great when you want to get a bunch of stuff you need without spending hours poking through individual items. This Spiderman supply set features everything you need to set the stage for 16 guests. You get 16 plates, cups, and napkins, one large tablecloth, 12 birthday candles, and a happy birthday banner. There’s also a birthday pin for the guest of honor and a sheet of Spiderman tattoos.

Spiderman Table Decorations

Spiderman Table Decorations

Spiderman Table Decorations

Set your tables in style using some themed table decorations featuring the famous web-slinger. Honeycomb table centerpieces are a classic party décor item that makes it easy to add a pop of color to your food table, cake table, and other areas. The set comes with seven pieces, each featuring a different Spiderman design and measuring six inches wide. The decorations sport a classic Spidey color scheme of red, blue, and black, with some pops of yellow.

Spiderman Yard Signs

Spiderman Yard Signs

Spiderman Yard Signs

Your party decorations don’t have to start at the door. Bring them out into the front yard to start putting guests in the party mood before they even cross the threshold. The colorful signs are also a great way to make it easy for guests to spot your house. The set includes eight yard signs featuring different Spiderman characters standing approximately 14 inches tall. They’re durable and waterproof, so no worries if you get a little rain.

Spiderman Birthday Party Activities & Games

You can get really creative when it comes to activities for a Spiderman party. String up pretend webs for kids to navigate through, do balancing activities, or try to shoot targets with web shooters. There are also lots of Spiderman games and entertainment options you can purchase. Decide on your budget and how many activities you need to fill your party time, and consider how many kids will be there. These factors can help you choose the perfect series of events for your Spiderman birthday.

1. Pin The Spidey Game

Pin The Spidey Game

Image source: TICIAGA

Line kids up to take a turn playing Pin the Spider on Spiderman or a similar version of the popular party game. You can find a bunch of different games at party stores or online, all featuring a different spin on the classic. It’s also easy to make your own if you’re artsy. Paint Spiderman on poster board and then get some spider stickers for guests to try to stick to a particular spot.

2. Spiderman Piñata

Spiderman Piñata

Image source: Ya Otta Pinata

Hang a large Spiderman piñata from a tree, grab a blindfold, and you have an instant party game that will make everyone laugh and smile. There’s something about watching people try to blindly swing at something they can’t see that just makes you giggle. You can also opt for a pull-string style if you must keep the activity indoors or work with little kids. Don’t forget some loot bags so everyone can take home the treats they get during the mad scramble.

3. Spiderman Bingo

Spiderman Bingo

Image source: Fireflies and Mudpies

Everyone loves to play bingo, and the great thing about Bingo is it’s a suitable activity for many ages. This Spiderman Bingo from Fireflies and Mudpies uses pictures, so even very young children can play and have a blast. Hand out cards to your guests, start showing the pics or calling out squares, and see who gets five in a row first. Or, for a more challenging game, play black-out Bingo or four-corners. You can run several different games and offer small prizes for the winners.

4. Web Maze

Web Maze

Image source: Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Here’s a fun Spiderman-themed game from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. Use painter’s tape to string up a web of party streamers that kids need to navigate through as they make their best Spiderman impressions. Use streamers that match your specific color scheme and make it as simple or complicated as you want based on the overall age of your guests. The idea is for kids to get through without knocking down any webs. If you’re going to up the competition, time participants and the kid with the fastest time can get a prize.

5. Make Spiderman Masks

Make Spiderman Masks

Image source: Kids activities

An arts and crafts station is always a good idea to have at a kid’s party because it’s something that typically takes a bit of time. Kids get engaged and focused on their work; some will hang out at the table for a while, making their masterpieces. Kids activities shows how to make an easy Spiderman mask out of paper plates. But you can find all sorts of different ideas for Spidey art projects.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Spiderman Birthday Party

Whether you plan to make the party food yourself, enlist the help of friends and family, or use a caterer, you need something to eat at your party. Typically, people like to match their snacks and drinks to the party theme, but how you do it is up to you. You can create Spiderman-themed bites or simply give things creative names. If you need some inspiration, check out these ideas for some Spiderman party food.

1. Spiderweb Fruit Platter

Spiderweb Fruit Platter

Image source: Sunday Supper Movement

A fruit platter is a popular snack on a party food table. And lucky for you, it’s easy to tweak to fit a lot of different party themes. Sunday Supper Movement turns a delicious berry platter into a Spiderman-approved snack with this fun web effect. Arrange the berries in the design of your choice (the strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are perfect for a Spiderman color scheme). Then, pipe on the web using vanilla frosting. Spiderman’s eyes on a strawberry provide the finishing touch.

2. Mini New York Pizzas

Mini New York Pizzas

Image source: Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful keeps things easy and delicious (and on theme) with New York pizzas. You can’t go wrong with kids and pizza. Order pizza, make your own, or serve bagel bites like these. Pizza making can even become one of your side activities. Have some cheese pizzas ready, and let the kids add their preferred toppings. A label claiming them to be NYC’s best slice instantly turns them into a menu item fit for a Spiderman party.

3. Web Cupcake Toppers

Web Cupcake Toppers

Image source: Reading Confetti

Reading Confetti throws a Spiderman party with lots of DIY flair, including these tasty chocolate cupcakes with bright red web toppers. You can pipe the toppers using melted chocolate, let them cool, then pop them on top of some delicious cupcakes. It’s simple yet effective, and you can use various colors to create an eye-catching display. Not sure about your chocolate skills? Use store-bought toppers or pipe a web shape on top of the cupcakes using a different colored frosting.

4. Spiderman Daily Bugles

Spiderman Daily Bugles

Image source: By the Cup

If you’re not the DIY party food type or don’t have the bandwidth to make a bunch of clever treats, no problem. You can still serve up some Spiderman snacks that are simple but very clever, using a bit of creativity. For example, Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) takes pictures for The Daily Bugle (the same newspaper that’s always trying to figure out Spiderman’s identity). So why not throw a bunch of Bugle corn chips in a bowl and label them “The Daily Bugles?” By the Cup

5. Spiderman Special Drink

Spiderman Special Drink

Image source: The Worthey Life

The Worthey Life makes some brightly colored blue and red beverages using Hawaiian Punch Blue Berry and Cran-Cherry juice. The trick is to put some ice and the first color drink in a glass or container of your choice and freeze it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove the drinks from the freezer and top them with the other color drink. These are best to make right before your party, so you can pull them out of the freezer, top them off with the second juice, then serve with a straw. Make sure whatever vessel you serve them in can go in your freezer. You don’t want to end up with any cracked glasses.

Super Spiderman Birthday Cake Ideas

If you’re an avid baker, you might already have a plan for your kid’s Spiderman birthday cake. Perhaps you’ve already planned it down to the very last fondant-covered detail. You know exactly what colors to use, how many layers, and what pieces and parts you need to create your masterpiece. Or…maybe you have no clue what to do and hope to find some fantastic cake artist to handle it for you. No matter where you stand on the spectrum of birthday cake planning, these ideas will help steer you in the right direction.

1. Spiderman Age Cake

Spiderman Age Cake

Image source: Kermaruusu

This cake concept from Kermaruusu can work for any birthday kid; you just change up the age. The skyline trim to represent NYC stands out against the light blue background. Then the vivid red top with black webbing leaves no doubt about this party theme. A Spiderman figure adds an excellent finishing touch, whether you make one out of modeling chocolate or simply use an action figure.

2. Spiderman Web Cake

Spiderman Web Cake

Image source: Pastries by Randolph

If you want to go with a more subtle cake design, check out this spiderweb cake from Pastries by Randolph. Although the design might be simple, don’t be fooled. This piping work is meticulously done, creating a perfectly symmetrical web. Of course, you can make any web design you want; the idea is to go with Spiderman’s colors to keep it within your theme. If you want a little more, you could always add a cake topper, but this cake looks fantastic, just like it is.

3. Spidey Cake Topper Set

Spidey Cake Topper Set

Image source: Ekate

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on a custom birthday cake, especially if you need to serve many guests. Going with a store-bought cake or making your own can ease the blow to your budget. A colorful Spiderman cake topper set makes changing any cake into a Spiderman party masterpiece a breeze. A simple layer cake turns into an exciting superhero show with these comic book bubbles, spiderwebs, skyscrapers, and Spiderman front and center. Lots of little spiders all over the cake add to the effect — hopefully, no one has arachnophobia.

4. Spiderman Cake Ball Cake

Spiderman Cake Ball Cake

Image source: Cake Bites

Cake pops are a fun twist on a birthday classic, but why not turn them into a cake? Cake Bites creates cake ball cakes featuring tons of individual cake balls that come together to create one cohesive design. Put cake pops in a simple cake, or to save some money, use a styrofoam base. Decorate the cake balls however you like to fit your theme and add embellishments as needed.

5. Spidey Skyline Cake

Spidey Skyline Cake

Image source: Cake Social

If you want to go all out on the birthday cake and create a showstopping effect at your cake table, then go with a tall, multi-tiered layer cake like this one from Cake Social. It showcases Spiderman hanging upside down from yet another building in NYC. The city skyline features prominently on this cake, as does a large spider. It also displays the birthday kid’s age and name. The cake’s predominantly black and gray color scheme really makes Spidey pop.

Party Favors For A Spiderman Birthday

Before your guests leave the party, make sure they have a chance to grab a great souvenir to remember the fun. Party favors tell your guests thank you and show them you appreciate them celebrating with you. You don’t have to go wild buying expensive items or creating extravagant treats. Often, a clever thing to match your theme will leave a great impression and make your guests smile. Check out these ideas for Spiderman party favors to help you decide which is the right way to go for your kid’s party.

Spiderman Party Favor Pack

Spiderman Party Favor Pack

Spiderman Party Favor Pack

Grabbing a party favor multi-pack makes creating fun party favors a piece of cake. This set has 70 pieces of Spiderman-themed goodies. You get masks, keychains, self-inking stamps, whistles, and wall climbers. And it comes with 12 Spiderman treat boxes for you to put everything in and hand out to guests. It’s everything you need for creating festive favors, all in one convenient pack.

Spiderman Lollipop Holders

Spiderman Lollipop Holders

Spiderman Lollipop Holders

These candy holders are like the PEZ dispensers of the lollipop world. They make it easy for kids to enjoy their suckers without having sticky, messy hands. This set includes 12 Spiderman holders, complete with lollipops, and is sure to put a big smile on your young guests’ faces. Pass them out on their own, add them to a goody bag, or you can even use them as piñata fillers.

Spiderman Loot Bags

Spiderman Loot Bags

Spiderman Loot Bags

Goody bags are a tried-and-true party favor option that makes it easy to assemble souvenirs for your guests. This pack comes with 30 Spiderman bags perfect for filling with stickers, candy, tattoos, and various trinkets and surprises. Attach a special thank you message to add a personal touch, and your favors are all set.

Spidey Pens And Notebooks

Spidey Pens And Notebooks

Spidey Pens And Notebooks

If you prefer to give kids a party favor that provides something useful, consider giving some pen and notebook sets. Kids can use them to jot down ideas, take notes, or draw pictures. This set has 12 mini notebooks highlighting various Spiderman designs and 12 ink pens. But wait, there’s more! The ink pens feature invisible ink and have a built-in UV light so you can reveal your secret messages or pictures.

Squiggly Spiderman Straws

Squiggly Spiderman Straws

Squiggly Spiderman Straws

Kids will love sipping on their beverage of choice when they get to use these quirky straws. These squiggly Spiderman straws are super cute and reusable, making them eco-friendly. The set includes 24 straws in 8 different colors and features various Spidey characters, including Ghost Spider. Pass them out with your party drinks, or fill a themed cup with Spiderman trinkets and top off with a snazzy straw.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How much does it cost to have Spiderman come to your kid’s birthday party?

Different party entertainment companies charge different prices, but on average, a character will come to your event for about $100 an hour. However, it depends significantly on what you expect the performer to do. This $100 price likely covers basics like mingling with guests, taking pictures with kids, giving autographs, and helping with the cake. If you want the performer to do more, like tell stories, perform tricks, or do a specific show, you can expect the price to increase.

What are the best colors for a Spiderman birthday?

The most obvious colors for a Spiderman birthday are red, blue, and black, courtesy of Spidey’s classic costume. Usually, the primary colors are red and blue, with a little bit of black to help ground everything. But you don’t have to stick with this scheme if you want to go in a different direction. You might want to focus more on one color over the other, or maybe you’re including one of the main Spiderman villains, like Green Goblin.

What are some different ways to throw a Spiderman party for girls?

If your daughter is the one asking for a Spiderman party, ask her if she has any particular ideas in mind. She very well might want a typical Spiderman party, complete with red, blue, black, webs, and Spiderman himself. Or maybe she’s a fan of Ghost Spider, in which case you can go with white, blue, and pink. There are also party supplies featuring Spiderman symbols in a pink color scheme. So see what your daughter has in mind, and then go from there to choose your décor and other items.

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