By 8, your kid can definitely be a part of the party planning process. Before you start planning your kid’s 8th birthday party, sit down with your child and see if they have some ideas in mind. You can use this article, packed with all sorts of ideas for 8-year-old birthdays, as a springboard for your discussion.

Find out if they prefer to do a fun activity with a few close friends or if they’d like to have their party at a special location. You can go to an arcade, bowling alley, or even a local restaurant to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. Plan a cooking party or arts and crafts-making bash.

But, other kids might still like the idea of inviting all their friends over and putting on an incredible theme-based party. Whether featuring their favorite characters, hobbies, or other interests, we’ve rounded up many great options for 8-year-old party themes. You’ll also find tips for games, food, and party favors, so you can make your child’s birthday one to remember.

Activity-Based Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Year Olds

Does your daughter love to bowl? Or maybe your son has dreams of becoming the next MasterChef, Jr. or a famous magician. Any of these interests and goals can make a jumping-off point for a super fun 8-year-old birthday. Think about activities your kid enjoys, or check out this list and see which ones fit the best.

1. Go To The Skating Rink

Go To The Skating Rink

Image source: Gemutlichkeit

Book some time at a local skating rink for your kid’s birthday party and let them invite several friends. Many venues offer packages for two to three hours that include skate time and a designated place for snacks and birthday cake. They’ll provide skates for up to a maximum limit of people, which varies based on the package you choose. You can find a roller skating rink or ice skating rink, depending on your child’s preference.

2. Weekend Trip

Weekend Trip

Image source: Voyagerix

If your son or daughter would like to keep things a bit more low-key for their birthday, consider a weekend getaway. Sometimes, kids prefer to spend more quality time with family and perhaps a friend or two. Instead of throwing money at a big birthday bash, put it toward a trip to the beach, a nearby amusement park, or a camping excursion. Let your child participate in the planning and choose some of the activities you’ll do on your mini vacay.

3. Movie Night

Movie Night

Image source: vgajic

Host a movie night at home with all the fixings, like popcorn, concession-style candy, sodas, and comfy seating. If the weather’s nice, consider setting up your viewing area outside and use a large projection screen or inflatable screen. You can set out bean bag chairs, pillows, and lawn chairs and string LED lights for some ambient lighting. Another fun way to make outdoor seating is to throw comfy pillows and blankets inside of a few kiddie pools. If you don’t want to have things at home, you could always have the party at a movie theater.

4. Slumber Party

Slumber Party

Image source: filmstudio

Sleepovers are an option for both boy and girl parties. Everyone brings a sleeping bag and pillow, and you designate a place for everyone to set up camp inside the house. It’s up to you how many people you have your child invite, but this party works best for a smaller group. Order pizza for dinner and let kids play games, watch movies, set up a spa, have a video game marathon, etc. The next morning, have some breakfast options ready to go, like individual cereals or donuts.

5. Go Glamping

Go Glamping

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Want to have a camping experience without the full-on outdoor camping experience? Let your child have a glamping party. There are actually different businesses now that will come to your home and set up tents with all the trimmings. The setup can be outside or inside and include a variety of different activities catered to your specific party. If you don’t want to commit to an overnight endeavor, schedule an evening party that lasts for several hours and has a later pick-up time for guests.

6. Book A Hotel Room

Book A Hotel Room

Image source: Mommy Shorts

If you like the idea of having a sleepover but dread the thought of it happening in your home, rent a hotel room for the night. Find a local hotel that can accommodate you, the birthday child, and several friends. Opt for adjoining rooms, so you (the lucky chaperone) stays in one, and your child and their friends get the other.  Then, just leave the doors open between the rooms, and you’re good to go. You can bring games to play, swim in the hotel pool, watch movies, etc.

7. Go Bowling

Go Bowling

Image source: crystalsingphotos

Plan to meet up with birthday guests at a bowling alley and pay for everyone to play a couple of games. You can also check with the establishment to see what types of party packages they might offer. Typically you can reserve a few tables near your lane or lanes for your food and cake, etc. Kids can bowl, snack, and possibly even play some video games if there’s an arcade in the facility.

8. Take It To The Ice Cream Shop

Take It To The Ice Cream Shop

Image source: Grey Grey Designs

Check with some local ice cream shops to see if they’re willing for you to host a party at their place. Many actually offer different options for birthdays, including making sundaes or having a character performer pop in for a visit. You can bring in your cake or get an ice cream cake from the shop. Ask them what their rules are for outside food. If they don’t see food, they might be willing for you to have some pizzas delivered, etc.

9. Arcade And Laser Tag

Arcade And Laser Tag

Image source: cottonbro

If your kid likes a little healthy competition, then a party that showcases laser tag is an excellent option. Kids can team up to battle each other in the arena, perhaps scoring some special prizes for those with the highest scores. Adults can get in on the action, too, depending on the party you select. Typically they’ll include up to a certain number of players and a specific number of games. Most likely, they also have food or a concession area at the facility that will provide food with certain birthday packages.

10. See A Magic Show

See A Magic Show

Image source: Mordolff

You can attend a performance with your child and their guests or hire a magician to come to your house. Kids can enjoy watching and participating in a magic show and perhaps even try a few tricks of their own. If doing it at home, you can always add a few other games and activities to fill in the whole party time. If you go to a show, consider eating at a restaurant before or after as part of the experience.

11. Mega Bounce House

Mega Bounce House

Image source: kali9

Bounce houses are birthday party superstars, giving active kids an outlet for their boundless energy. You can find different styles with slides, climbing walls, and even pools. They also have many designs that feature various characters or themes, from princesses to pirate ships. Rent a mega bounce house to set up in your yard or at a park. Depending on the company, you’ll either get the items you need to inflate the bounce house, or the company will come to your location to set up and take it down.

12. Find A Local Pool

Find A Local Pool

Image source: FatCamera

If your child has a summer birthday, a swim party can be lots of fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a pool at home. Or, maybe you have a pool, but you don’t like the idea of being responsible for a lot of kids in your personal swimming pool. You can seek out a community pool or a pool at a local rec center that allows you to rent it for a set time. Many of these places even offer swim party packages. The best part is that they will likely have a lifeguard on duty to make sure everyone stays safe.

13. Cooking Party

Cooking Party

Image source: photoguns

Bring out the mixing bowls, spoons, chef hats, and aprons, and have the ultimate cooking party for your child and their friends. You can host it in your own kitchen and walk kids through a simple recipe. Or, you can look into local cooking schools or companies that will come to you. A professional chef can teach kids basic cooking techniques, and they can whip up something tasty to enjoy at the party.

14. Go To A Water Park

Go To A Water Park

Image source: MaszaS

Splish and splash the day away for your kid’s birthday at a nearby water park or spray park. You might want to ask a few willing parents to stick around to help chaperone, depending on how big the park is. Make sure everyone knows to bring swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen, and have some extra sunscreen on hand just in case. You can see if the park has a party room available to serve some snacks and cake to your guests, or they might have picnic areas available.

15. Attend A Concert

Attend A Concert

Image source: Teddy from Pexels

Does your son or daughter have a favorite music artist that they’ve been dying to see in concert? Check out the performer’s schedule to see if they’ll be in your area any time soon. You can also check if they have any concerts planned nearby. Then, plan your child’s birthday around that dare, even if it’s not quite close to their actual birthday. Let your kid invite a few of their closest friends to attend the concert and go out before or after for dinner or dessert.

16. Party At The Aquarium

Party At The Aquarium

Image source: Leung Cho Pan

Take things under the deep blue sea with a party at your local aquarium. Kids can tour the facilities and see marvelous sea creatures and learn about the ocean world. You might even be able to score a special tour or behind-the-scenes adventure. Ask the aquarium if they have special packages for parties (many might even have party rooms where you can set up your cake, food, etc.). Others might also offer add-ons like a snorkeling activity or up-close animal encounters.

17. Take A Train Ride

Take A Train Ride

Image source: blizniak

Get tickets for your family and your child’s closest friends and take a train ride. Look into local schedules for a ride that might take about 30 minutes to an hour. Plan to do something fun at the destination, then return by train. Let the conductor know that you’re doing this for a birthday. You never know; they might do something special. Or, at the very least, you can see about getting a train car reserved for your group.

18. Build-A-Bear Birthday

Build-A-Bear Birthday

Image source: Sparkly Shiny Love

You might have already paid a visit to a Build-a-Bear at some point with your kid. The store allows children to design and create their own stuffed animal creations, and it’s lots of fun for 8-year-olds. Call the store and arrange to have your child’s birthday there, like Sparkle Shiny Love. Everyone gets to come and make an animal to take home, and typically they have specials for the birthday child. You can usually get a birthday bear and only pay your kid’s age.

19. Enjoy Brunch With Friends

Enjoy Brunch With Friends

Image source: noblige

Meet up with some of your kid’s friends at a local restaurant that serves brunch. If your kid’s into the idea, have everyone dress up and order some sparkling cider. You can let them decorate pancakes, try different toppings, and enjoy the experience. Going to breakfast or brunch is also a fun option in the morning after a sleepover. You can arrange for parents to pick up their children at the restaurant instead of your house.

20. Paint The Pottery

Paint The Pottery

Image source: Famveld

You might have a local venue that hosts paint parties for kids where kids can paint various pottery pieces. Make sure to arrange when you have to pick up items, as many need to be fired in a kiln before you can take them home. If you want people to be able to bring things home that day, ask the artist for some options. You might be able to paint on canvas instead. You could also set up a similar party at home with kits that contain paintable sculptures.

Birthday Party Themes For 8 Year Old Boys

Often, every party planning endeavor starts with a great theme. Once you nail down your theme, you can start to generate ideas for food, decorations, party favors, and games. Theme parties are especially great if you plan to host your son’s birthday at home or rent a party room somewhere.

1. 8 Is Wheely Great

8 Is Wheely Great

Image source: Box of Balloons

This is a fun phrase to use for a bike-themed birthday like this one from Box of Balloons. If you want to go all-out, keep the invite list on the smaller side and have kids bring their bikes for a birthday bike ride. Make sure to remind everyone to bring their helmets too. This theme could also work with motorcycles or any other type of vehicle that your son is into.

2. Ninja Fun

Ninja Fun

Image source: Amazon

Whether your son is obsessed with ninjas, is into karate, or just likes to watch American Ninja Warrior, this party fits the bill. Decorate with Japanese-inspired décor and ninja accents, and set up an obstacle course in the backyard. You can also order involved ninja warrior courses online or buy them at sporting goods stores. Another option is to consult with companies that can come to you and set up a course, or you can go to their gym and host your party there.

3. Sports Mania

Sports Mania

Image source: Catch My Party

Why choose just one sport when you can showcase them all, like this birthday bash from Catch My Party? If your son plays a particular sport, he might prefer to highlight just one, but if he loves sports in general, you can do it all. Feature some more popular options like football, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. You can also decorate with some of your child’s favorite sports teams and set up some opportunities to do various drills outside.

4. NERF War


Image source: Made It Ate It Loved It

Made It Ate It Loved It chooses a popular kid’s toy as the focus of this birthday party — NERF blasters and guns. Decorate with NERF’s iconic colors of blues and oranges, have blasters ready for guests, and set up some targets. If it’s summertime, make it water guns and have a splash zone. You can let guests take home their NERF guns as party favors and also have fun accessories like headbands and sunglasses.

5. Minecraft


Image source: Midwestern Mama

Minecraft is a popular game that encourages kids to design and build pretty much anything and everything that they can imagine. It’s a favorite of many kids, and if your son is a Minecraft fiend, then take some inspiration for his birthday from Midwestern Mama. Use different shades of green to decorate, pull images from the game as décor, and make some DIY Minecraft swords for party favors. You can also set up some time for kids to play the game.

6. Secret Agent Party

Secret Agent Party

Image source: Birthday Express

Turn your son’s birthday into the ultimate secret mission with a spy-themed party like this one from Birthday Express. You can set up coded messages for guests to decipher, have a scavenger hunt, create an escape game, and so many other ideas for this party. Give out magnifying glasses, sunglasses, decoder kits, or other secret agent accessories. For some added fun, play the song Secret Agent Man and let your son make a special entrance before cutting the birthday cake.

7. Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

Image source: The Bewitchin Kitchen

The Bewitchin Kitchen puts on a mad scientist party that lets kids explore their inner Einstein in fun and creative ways. You can decorate with science and laboratory accessories, like beakers, microscopes, and test tubes. Plus, arrange to do a few simple experiments with your guests. You can even hire an outside company that specializes in hosting kids’ science-based birthdays. They’ll come to you with everything necessary to run an exciting experiment. Lab coats and safety goggles are fun party favors for this one.

8. Army


Image source: Little Farmstead

Maybe your son already dreams about joining the army, or you or another family member is in the army. Perhaps, it’s just because he recognizes and appreciates some of our nation’s greatest heroes. No matter the reason, an army-themed birthday has become a popular choice for many young men. Little Farmstead sets up a vintage-inspired military birthday with classic decorations and items reminiscent of the era. You can also do a more modern spin on things, use camouflage patterns and drapes, and set up some activities like an obstacle course for kids to participate in “boot camp.”

9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Image source: Printable Crush

Star Wars and all of the franchise’s characters have endured for generations, and it’s very likely that your son is a fan too. Printable Crush hosts a Force Awakens party, featuring decorations that showcase the characters and various elements from the film. Character face cut-outs make fun props for a photo booth. Have light saber fights, a make-your-own light sabers activity table, or bring in some LEGO Star Wars for some hands-on building excitement.

10. Goosebumps


Image source: Play Party Plan

If your child likes the spookier side of things, they might have already read the Goosebumps books. Or, maybe they’re into the television series, especially since the release of the latest movies based on the books and shows. Play Party Plan bases their birthday party on the franchise, with eerie decorations and scenes from some of the classic stories. For added fun, send everyone home with a copy of one of the books.

Birthday Party Themes For 8 Year Old Girls

It’s true that 8-year-old girls still love things like mermaids, unicorns, and rainbows. And these things make excellent party ideas. But, understandably, by 8, girls have a whole new set of interests and fads that turn their heads. If you’re looking for a unique theme for your daughter’s birthday, check these out for inspiration.

1. Glow Party

Glow Party

Image source: Pinterest

Here’s a party idea from Pinterest that will make your daughter glow, literally. Turn down the lights and hand out glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark decorations, black light effects, and similar décor. It’s lots of fun and opens up the door to lots of activities. You can set up a designated canvas and Day-Glo paint for kids to create a glowing masterpiece. Make some glow-in-the-dark jewelry, and crank up the music for a dance party.

2. Squishmallow Fun

Squishmallow Fun

Image source: Fawn Handcrafted Celebrations

Squishmallows are a huge fad that’s likely to stick around for a while since kids and adults love the squishable creatures. Many kids have started collecting them, and if your daughter is one of them, then this birthday from Fawn Handcrafted Celebrations makes a lot of sense. Decorate with her squishies, and serve marshmallow kabobs and other gooey treats. It’s a fun theme to tack onto a sleepover, and everyone can bring their own squishmallow.

3. Arts And Crafts

Arts And Crafts

Image source: Dimples and Tangles

Get crafty at the birthday party like Dimples and Tangles, and plan several things that guests can make. You can set up a few stations so guests can make things like bracelets, picture frames, hats, sculptures, and anything else you can think of. Or set up a couple of tables with a hodge podge of crafting materials and supplies and let their imaginations go wild. To add an extra challenge, set crafting missions. For example, “create an accessory for your room that serves a function and includes pom-poms and glitter.”

4. Emojis


Image source: At Home with Zan

You don’t have to look too far these days to find emojis everywhere. They aren’t just on the computer or your cell phone anymore. Emoji images have found their way onto throw pillows, notebooks, and, yes, lots of party supplies. There are even kids that want parties that highlight the poop emoji(hey, to each their own). At Home with Zan focuses on the more polite emojis, with lots of happy faces and hearts.

5. JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa

Image source: Zuly G

JoJo Siwa first gained popularity from her appearance on Dance Moms but skyrocketed to fame through her various YouTube channels and social media presence. She dances, sings, and acts, and her iconic colorful bows and personality are well-known among young girls. You can even find JoJo Siwa merchandise in the toy aisles (and party aisles). If your daughter’s a fan, set up a party with lots of colors like Zuly G. Have everyone wear their biggest bow, and rock out to her favorite tunes.

6. American Girl Tea

American Girl Tea

Image source: Olivia Michelle

Many girls absolutely go gaga over American Girl dolls. They come with tons of accessories and enable girls to create a doll that matches them to a tee. For example, if your daughter loves horseback riding, you can get an equestrian accessory set for her doll. If your daughter loves getting dressed up and doing fancy things, check out this American Girl Tea Party from Olivia Michelle. Invite your daughter’s guests to bring their dolls along if they want.

7. Donuts


Image source: Davis and Scott

Everybody loves donuts. They’re delicious, sweet, colorful, and a perfect birthday theme. Davis and Scout decorate with the pretty treats and lots of pastel colors. You can set up a donut-decorating station where kids can select their donut of choice and frost it, add toppings, and of course, eat it. Serve milk, including strawberry and chocolate milk, to help wash it all down, and use playful donut décor to complete the vibe.

8. Wizards And Witches

Wizards And Witches

Image source: Lay Baby Lay

Harry Potter is a top-rated series for young kids (and even adults). They love the tales of Harry and his friends going to Hogwarts and battling Voldemort. Lay Baby Lay makes the birthday girl the star, with a Hermione-esque look and lots of fun, magical touches. Set up the main room of the party like the Great Hall and let kids nibble on treats themed to the books and movies. For example, Bertie Bott’s Flavor Beans, Pumpkin Pasties, and Cauldron Cakes.

9. Puptastic Paw-ty

Puptastic Paw-ty

Image source: Inspired by This

If your daughter loves dogs, or you have a family pup that’s her best friend, she’ll love this party idea from Inspired by This. This puptastic party celebrates all things dog, and it’s super cute. If you’re willing, and your dog’s well-behaved, invite a few close friends and welcome their behaved pups too. Serve doggy-shaped cookies, decorate with cute pup pics, or even pictures of your own dog. If you do invite some four-legged guests, make sure to have some water bowls and treats for them too.

10. Beach Blast

Beach Blast

Image source: Pink Peppermint Design

Take it to the beach with this charming and sophisticated take on a beach-themed party from Pink Peppermint Design. The cake takes center stage, looking like a real sandcastle you just made on the beach. You can go with this look with soft pastels, pinks, and delicate seashells. Or go more tropical and vibrant with bright colors, paper umbrellas, and surfboards. If your daughter is a beach bum, ask her which style she prefers.

Games & Activities For 8th Birthday Party

It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a party inside, outside, at home, or a local rec hall. You need to plan something for your young guests to do that keeps them entertained and having fun. To make your kid’s party one to remember, consider having some of these games and activities as part of the celebration.

1. Play Pictionary

Play Pictionary

Image source: sergilmostovyi

Let kids channel their inner artists as they compete in a classic game of Pictionary. Set up a large easel with a sketch pad and have kids take turns drawing pics for others to guess. Split the group into teams and for added fun, choose pics that have to do with the theme.

2. Cornhole


Image source: Lokibaho

Set up a cornhole game in the backyard for guests to play. It’s a great game for an outdoor party. If you don’t have cornhole boards, you can set up a similar idea using bean bags and buckets. Or play a simple game of bean bag toss.

3. Balloon Bullseye

Balloon Bullseye

Image source: Kate Leigh

If you ever went to a carnival, you probably ran across this popular fair game. It’s a bunch of balloons on a board, and the kids take turns trying to pop them by throwing darts. You can find different styles of this game for sale online or make your own.

4. Sidewalk Chalk Mural

Sidewalk Chalk Mural

Image source: Your Modern Family

Your Modern Family shows off a great activity for an art-based party, outdoor event, or rainbow theme. Grab a bunch of colorful sidewalk chalk and some painter’s tape. Let kids tape off a pattern on the ground, then fill the various sections with chalk. When you remove the paint, you get a stunning stained glass effect.

5. Climb The Ladder

Climb The Ladder

Image source: Alisha Gray

Here’s a twist on another famous carnival game, knocking over bottles. Alisha Gray sets up score levels on a ladder to track kids’ progress. Set a bottle on the bottom rung and have a player try to knock it over. If they succeed, the bottle moves up one level, and so on, until they hopefully reach the top.

6. Three-Legged Race

Three-Legged Race

Image source: SolStock

This activity isn’t only fun to play, but it’s hysterical to watch. All you need are some log scarves or strips of fabric. Pair kids up to participate in a three-legged race to the finish line. They’ll have to work together and match each other’s pace to succeed.

7. Twister


Image source: Amazon

Twister might be one of the most famous party games of all time for kids and adults. You can purchase the game at any toy store or places like Target or Wal-Mart or online. Or, you can even make your own using an old canvas drop cloth and paint to create the playing board.

8. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

Image source: Amazon

Make sure you have some room to spread out for this game of Giant Jenga because, eventually, everything will come toppling down. It’s so much fun, and kids will squeal with delight when the blocks come tumbling to the ground. But, it’s also a fun challenge to try and make it stand upright as long as possible.

9. Dodgeball


Image source: Amazon

Play classic dodgeball or variations of the game if you’re having an outdoor party or are in a large space. It’s a fun activity for small and large groups, and it gets kids moving around and active. It’s always a plus when you can keep kids engaged and let them blow off some steam too.

10. Classic Outdoor Games

Classic Outdoor Games

Image source: Anthony Rosenberg

If you’re having a birthday party outside, whether at a park or in your backyard, organize a bunch of classic outdoor party games. Some examples are limbo, ring toss, tug-of-war, and spoon relays. You can have everyone play through games in a certain order or have them going on simultaneously and let guests rotate through (a better option for very large groups).

Food & Drink Ideas For 8th Birthday Party

Nobody’s happy if they’re hungry and thirsty. If you want your party guests to keep having a good time, ensure you provide some tasty snacks and drinks. If your party is during a popular lunch or dinner time, you should include some more substantial menu items so guests can satisfy their appetites.

1. Marshmallow Kabobs

Marshmallow Kabobs

Image source: Planning with Kids

Here’s a tasty, sweet, squishy treat that would be a perfect fit for a Squishmallow party, tea party, or sleepover. Planning with Kids makes pretty marshmallow kabobs with pink marshmallows and juicy strawberries. It’s a fun snack to eat and easy to take on the go, so kids can keep the fun going.

2. Birthday Cake Fudge

Birthday Cake Fudge

Image source: Taste of Home

Taste of Home whips up some super tasty fudge fit for a birthday party, complete with sprinkles and lots of yummy flavor. You can use this recipe or create any type of fudge you choose that would work well with your party theme. Even classic chocolate fudge is a winner; it’s just so delicious.

3. Cheeseburger Cups

Cheeseburger Cups

Image source: Delish

Give kids something satisfying without having to slow down the party fun. These cute cheeseburger cups from Delish are the easiest way to eat your burgers on the move. All you need are a few ingredients and a muffin tin. They’re filled with cheesy goodness that you can eat in a few bites.

4. Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

Image source: The Organised Housewife

The Organised Housewife shows off how to make some deliciously appetizing sausage rolls with beef and veggies (shhh…they’ll never know). It’s a great party food that keeps kids and adults returning for more. Pile them up on a festive platter and provide toothpicks or plastic forks for people to snag some hands-free.

5. Apple Donuts

Apple Donuts

Image source: Hello, Wonderful

How are these colorful snacks for a donut-themed party? (or any theme, really!) Hello, Wonderful puts a healthy spin on the idea of a sweet donut. Slice up some apples, use flavored cream cheeses, or dye cream cheese in different colors to create your spreads. Then add sprinkles or top with chopped-up nuts.

6. Taco Bar

Taco Bar

Image source: Thriving Home

Let guests put together their own food with a designated taco bar that offers all the fixings. Thriving Home sets out some soft tortillas, a bowl of taco meat, then all sorts of toppings. Include shredded cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and some sour cream and guacamole. You could also offer some chicken as an option.

7. Veggie Bites

Veggie Bites

Image source: Healing Tomato

It’s always nice to offer a few healthier options on your food table. Grab a bag of Tostitos Scoops or similar chips and create these tasty veggie bites from Healing Tomato. Talk about a great way to get kids to eat their veggies. Plus, the presentation makes it easy to grab one and pop it in your mouth.

8. Pizza Shapes

Pizza Shapes

Image source: Pillsbury

Planning a kid’s party seems to always end up including pizza. But you don’t have to be like everyone else and just call up Domino’s (although there’s nothing wrong with that). Instead, you can create some fun pizza shapes like these from Pillsbury. Use cookie cutters or freehand with a knife to make shapes that match your theme.

9. Drink Creation Station

Drink Creation Station

Image source: Fun Squared

You always need something to drink at a party, and setting out some sodas and water is perfectly fine. But why not turn your party drinks into one of your activities like Fun Squared? Set up a drink creation station with various flavor add-ins, ice, fresh fruit, and other items with a note encouraging kids to create their own unique drinks.

10. Themed Juices

Themed Juices

Image source: Pinterest

If you prefer to serve some ready-to-go drinks in bottles or pouches, you can still line them up with your theme. Give juice bottles a little facelift by making them look like different characters or objects. You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest. Or, you can print out customized labels to attach to your drinks.

Party Favors For 8th Birthday Party

Party favors are a popular addition to kids’ parties. Even lots of adult gatherings like baby showers, weddings, and milestone birthdays feature mementos for guests to take home. Favors are a way of telling your guests you appreciate them and thank them for coming. Here are some fun favor ideas for your 8-year-old’s party.

1. Cereal To Go

Cereal To Go

Image source: Marla Workman

For many people, cereal isn’t just for breakfast. It has also become a popular snack. Putting together some individual cereal packs and spoons like Marla Workman does makes a cute favor for kids. It’s an especially good pick for a sleepover or brunch-themed birthday. Offer a variety of options so kids can choose their favorite.

2. Tattoo Soaps

Tattoo Soaps

Image source: Gluesticks

If you’re in a DIY mood for your party favors, check out these tattoo soaps from Gluesticks. You can personalize homemade soap to match your party theme by choosing compatible tattoos. They’re super easy to make, and you can even have the birthday child get in on the action. Or, make the soaps as a party activity and let guests take home their creations at the end.

3. Journals


Image source: Waldorf Moms Gather

Make some colorful journals out of basic store-bought notebooks like these tie-dye beauties from Waldorf Moms Gather. Adding a few colored pencils is a nice touch. This is another favor you could turn into a party activity. Kids can make their own and take it with them when they leave.

4. Themed Paint Sets

Themed Paint Sets

Image source: Amazon

Check out Amazon or craft stores for various paint sets that feature all sorts of different characters or sculptures. These kits usually feature an unpainted item and a bunch of paints and brushes, giving kids everything they need to get the job done. You can typically find pretty much anything from trucks to animals to movie characters.

5. Candy Kabobs

Candy Kabobs

Image source: Girls’ Life

These bright candy kabobs from Girls’ Life are excellent party favors for rainbow birthdays, sweet shop parties, summer fun, and more. Let your kid help you make them pre-party, or set up a candy bar area for kids to create their own. Simply put out a bunch of candy and skewers and let guests fashion their own delicious favors.

6. Puzzle Cubes

Puzzle Cubes

Image source: Amazon

If you just want to keep favors simple, you can find tons of trinkets and goodies at party supply stores or online. These puzzle cubes will give kids an exciting and engaging challenge, making them a fantastic favor option. You can find them in different sizes, too. So give out larger ones solo or incorporate mini ones into larger goody bags.

7. Mason Jar Treats

Mason Jar Treats

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Another option for an easy favor is to fill a container with all sorts of candy, stickers, and other goodies. You can use water bottles, simple loot bags, or decorate mason jar cups like these. It’s super easy to blend favors like this to your theme. You just need to find a container that makes sense and decorate them to match.

8. Books


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Give your party guests the gift of reading with a book to take home. You can buy books in bulk or visit your local library to see if they have an upcoming book sale. These are often a great way to snag lots of amazing books at incredible prices.

9. Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

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Slime’s always a winner, and it’s a fun addition to a party loot bag. But glow-in-the-dark slime is even better, and it’s especially fitting for a glow party or mad scientist theme. You can buy it ready-to-go or have kids make their own as some of the party festivities.

10. Donut-Inspired Goodies

Donut-Inspired Goodies

Image source: Kimspired DIY

If you’re throwing a donut, sweet shop, or similar party, check out these budget-friendly favors from Kimspired DIY. You can find simple tins at the dollar store and decorate them to look like donuts. Fill them with donut-flavored sweets or maybe even a coupon to your local donut shop.

Birthday Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys & Girls

You have lots of options when it comes to finding unique gifts for 8-year-olds. Besides all of the toys that overflow from the store shelves and online marketplaces, kids this age also ask for different items. Some kids prefer sports gear, while others want the latest electronics or gadgets, and some might want something really cool to decorate their room.


Books and games are other items that also get the green light, and you can’t go wrong with gift cards (although this is a last resort!). Having all of these options is great, but it can lead to decision paralysis, which nobody wants. So, before you start digging through all of the different possibilities, make sure to check out our gift lists first.


You can find our 8 year old girl toys and gifts list here and for boys, check out our newly updated list for this year here. We’ve curated only the most unique items for 8 year olds and we’re sure you’ll find something that fits their personality. We’d love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think of our selections!

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