The magical wizarding world of Harry Potter isn’t just an incredible storyline for books and blockbuster films. It’s also an excellent theme for a kid’s birthday party.  If your child’s a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, then choosing this theme is a no-brainer. But it’s also ideal for fans of magic and fantasy, opening the door to all sorts of whimsical possibilities for decorations, food options, and more.

Turn your home into a replica of the Hogwarts Great Hall, showcasing the colors of your kid’s favorite house, like red and gold for Gryffindor or green and silver for Slytherin. Or focus on your son or daughter’s favorite Harry Potter character. Invite guests to dress up like their favorite witch or wizard.

Perhaps your son also loves trains, in which case the Hogwarts Express can be the main feature of his birthday celebration. You can even go with griffins, dragons, or unicorns, adding a bit of fantastic beasts to the festivities. Whichever way you decide to shine the spotlight on this versatile theme, you can’t go wrong with these incredible ideas for a Harry Potter birthday party.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Every great party starts with a memorable invitation. The invitation you choose not only gives your guests important information about your event but also sets the tone for the birthday vibe. It provides clues about the party theme and color scheme and a sneak peek of what people can expect.


When you choose a popular theme, you can likely find ready-made invitations to buy. However, it’s also easy to design your own with various online tools. But if you want to save time and score an amazing invite, check out sites like Etsy. You’ll find downloadable options from various sellers.

Personalized Harry Potter Invitations On Etsy

Personalized Harry Potter Invitations On Etsy

Personalized Harry Potter Invitations On Etsy

Etsy is loaded with tons of downloadable invitations for Harry Potter themed parties, like this creative one from NVMeDesignCo. From classic character invites to ones that look like tickets for the Hogwarts Express, you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for. Personalize an invite with your party info, download it, and print it to send to friends and family. Other sellers will make the changes for you and send your finished version. If you plan to distribute digital invites, you’ll even have numerous animated and video options available.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies

Turn your party room into Gryffindor Hall or Platform 9 ¾ for an epic Harry Potter birthday party no one can forget. Using banners, props, and décor that reflect popular items and characters from the movies will help you set the stage for a magical celebration. You can use themed tableware, balloons in red and gold, scene setters, and more. Depending on your chosen decorations, you can create a Harry Potter party geared more toward younger or older kids.

Harry Potter Swirl Decorations

Harry Potter Swirl Decorations

Harry Potter Swirl Decorations

These fun swirly decorations feature various images and characters from Harry Potter, including Harry himself and his faithful owl Hedwig. There are also signs for Platform 9 ¾ and Wizard School, the Sorting Hat, Golden Snitch, and the TriWizard Cup. The designs are made with felt, making them sturdy as they swing and sway from shiny swirls. They’re perfect for adding a magical and festive touch to any room, easy to hang from the ceiling, door frames, and more.

Birthday Decoration Kit For Harry Potter

Birthday Decoration Kit For Harry Potter

Birthday Decoration Kit For Harry Potter

This colorful decoration kit has everything you need to set the stage for an epic Harry Potter birthday party. When you can get all the basics and more in one place, decorating for your celebration is a breeze. The set includes one birthday banner, a tablecloth, 16 cups, 16 napkins, 16 large plates, and 16 small plates. It also has 12 candles and one birthday pin for the guest of honor. The napkins represent every house in Hogwarts, and the plates and cups show off popular images from the film.

Harry Potter Birthday Banner

Harry Potter Birthday Banner

Harry Potter Birthday Banner

A birthday banner is a classic addition to party decorations, sending a special message to the birthday kid. You can hang it across the party room’s entrance, use it to decorate the cake table or incorporate it into your party backdrop. This Harry Potter birthday banner features two parts, each with durable felt letters that measure 5.5 to 8.5 inches. Each banner is approximately 7 feet long, and the two pieces make it easy to create one long banner or hang one above the other.

Character Party Balloons

Character Party Balloons

Character Party Balloons

Balloons are a favorite addition to every kid’s party, and these latex balloons are perfect for a Harry Potter birthday. Each 12-inch balloon highlights a famous character or image from the story. Will you get Harry, Ron, or Hermione? Or perhaps you’ll pick Hedwig or Harry’s Patronus, the white stag. There are 24 balloons in all, and they feature iconic Gryffindor colors of red and gold mixed in with black and white. You can use them as decorations or favors. Or go with a balloon garland kit to create a real statement piece.

Have You Seen This Wizard? Photo Prop

Have You Seen This Wizard? Photo Prop

Have You Seen This Wizard? Photo Prop

If you’re planning to have a photo booth at the birthday party, make sure to add this prop to the action. Kids will love getting their picture taken with this oversized “Have You Seen This Wizard?” poster. You can also use it to create decorations ahead of time. Snap a pic of the birthday star with the poster and print various sizes to hang up throughout the party space. It is 12.8 by 14.5 inches and made of high-quality, sturdy cardboard.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Activities & Games

Whether you’re having a party for your three-year-old or pre-teen, you better have a plan to keep everyone occupied. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a boring party or, even worse, bored kids (which is when they can get up to mischief). Having a few activities and games on the schedule ensures the party moves along at a nice pace and everyone stays engaged. Plan to do a few activities throughout the party. And make sure to have some backup options in case your original plan goes a bit off track.

1. Make Potions

Make Potions

Image source: Lovely Indeed

Set up your very own potions class in the middle of your party space for kids to experiment with different concoctions. You can do this in a variety of ways. Make it into an art project like these sand art jars from Lovely Indeed, or let kids blend and mix unique beverages. Another option is to do the classic science experiment of mixing baking soda and vinegar along with food coloring to create fizzing, bubbling potions.

2. Play Quidditch

Play Quidditch

Image source: Martha Shmartha

One of the most popular games in the world of Harry Potter is Quidditch. And while your party guests won’t be able to fly around on broomsticks, Martha Shmartha shows off how you can recreate the magical sport at home. You can also make cornhole boards or bean bag toss posters to look like Quidditch hoops. Another option is to play a game of capture the flag, but instead of the flag, players are vying to be the first to grab the Golden Snitch.

3. Pin The Scar On Harry Potter

Pin The Scar On Harry Potter

Image source: Cloira

You’ve heard of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but what about Pin the Scar on Harry Potter? You can adapt this popular party game to fit any theme. If you don’t want to buy it, you can easily make your own with a little bit of crafty skills and basic supplies. You could also do Pin the Letter on Hedwig, Pin the Glasses on Harry, or Pin the Sock on Dobby.

4. Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

Image source: More Than Thursdays

In the Harry Potter movies, the three main characters are constantly going on adventures and quests. Whether searching for the Sorcerer’s Stone or Horcruxes, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are always looking for specific objects. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for one of your birthday party activities to be a Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt. Get some inspiration from More Than Thursdays, or create your own wizarding adventure. You can also incorporate various challenges for guests to overcome and have prizes for the winners.

5. Dementor Piñata

Dementor Piñata

Image source: Pinterest

Perhaps one of the most frightful aspects of the Harry Potter films are the eerie Dementors. You can turn this spooky part of the franchise into a fun game for party guests by making a Dementor piñata like this one on Pinterest. Fill it with all sorts of goodies and let kids take turns whacking away until the Dementor breaks. Have some loot bags ready for kids to gather up some treats and trinkets to bring home.

6. Harry Potter Hedbanz Game

Harry Potter Hedbanz Game

Image source: Spin Master

For smaller party groups, a few rounds of Harry Potter Hedbanz will have everyone laughing out loud. Kids take turns guessing who or what they are by asking yes or no questions. They need to get as many as they can before time runs out to score the winning amount of cards. It’s perfect for kids 7 and up and designed for two to six players. But you could easily make it work for larger groups by having kids play in teams instead of one on one.

Food & Drink Ideas For A Harry Potter Birthday Party

No party is complete without some food and drinks for guests to enjoy. You don’t need to load up the food table with tons of options, but you want to make sure kids have something to nibble. The adults will appreciate some tasty bites, too. Choose a main food option, one or two snacks, and a couple of beverages. You can also keep things simple with juice boxes and water bottles, but personalize them with some Harry Potter stickers. Even basic snacks, like pretzel sticks, can get a makeover as “magic wands.”

1. Huffle Puffs

Huffle Puffs

Image source: That Mommy Blog

That Mommy Blog keeps things simple but effective with some clever and creative names for their snacks. Cheese puffs are a popular pick for kids (and adults), but when you rename them with a Harry Potter twist, they become Huffle Puffs. Hershey’s kisses on top of cookies can become witch hats, and mini pies can become pumpkin pasties. Just make sure to have some wipes or napkins handy because these treats will definitely create a lot of orange, cheesy fingers.

2. Polyjuice Potion

Polyjuice Potion

Image source: Salt & Baker

You can pretty much make any type of colorful punch or drink a match for a Harry Potter party by calling it Polyjuice Potion. Salt & Baker puts a creepy spin on their mix, serving it in a container that looks like it came straight from a potion master’s table. Get creative and put your own unique touches on how you serve your version. You can make a sherbet punch, or simply use green Gatorade.

3. Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Image source: With Sprinkles On Top

Cake pops are a fun snack for parties that are easy to eat without having to stop the action. Golden Snitch Cake Pops just makes sense, after all, the snitch is a small, round ball. With Sprinkles on Top creates some pops with sparkle, along with chocolate wings that add an extra-tasty touch to this yummy treat. You can make these as an addition to your party food, to complement your birthday cake, or even to give out as party favors.

4. Hedwig Pizza

Hedwig Pizza

Image source: Meagen Heenan

Pizza is a no-brainer when it comes to kid’s party food, but it can get boring, especially if you want to match your Harry Potter theme. Meagen Heenan solves the problem with this Hedwig pizza. Overall, it’s mostly plain cheese, which works for most kids, but a few strategically placed extra toppings turn a regular pizza into Harry’s loyal pet owl. Add the olives after the pizza cooks, so they’re easy to take off for kids that don’t want them.

5. Basilisk Sub Sandwich PLatter

Basilisk Sub Sandwich PLatter

Image source: Tabetha Hein

The frightful basilisk is the main adversary of the second Harry Potter film, The Chamber of Secrets. When you turn the slithery serpent into a huge sub platter, like Tabetha Hein, it makes your party food lots of fun. Kids can conquer the basilisk and satisfy their appetites at the same time. Since it’s made up of individual mini-subs, you can offer different options, so there’s something for everyone.

Magical Harry Potter Birthday Cake Ideas

The birthday cake often becomes a major centerpiece of the party, playing a dual role as decoration and food. It’s common to create a showstopping cake that reflects the theme of the party. When it comes to Harry Potter cakes, there are tons of options. You can order a custom cake from a local bakery or cake artist, or many places will have some preset designs that you can choose from. Another option is to purchase a ready-made cake and simply add a festive Harry Potter cake topper or make your own showpiece if you have the skills.

1. Sorting Hat Cake

Sorting Hat Cake

Image source: Pinterest

One of the major characters in the Harry Potter franchise comes in an unusual form, the Sorting Hat. This cake on Pinterest puts the all-important chapeau front and center on a towering Harry Potter themed cake. Other highlights are the Hogwarts uniform, Golden Snitch, various school books, Harry’s wand and glasses, and more. Place it at the center of your food table to create a memorable focal point that looks so good, you might not want to cut it.

2. Golden Snitch Harry Potter Cake

Golden Snitch Harry Potter Cake

Image source: Maggie Cassel

Casa Cordial Cakes on Pinterest provides a bit more subdued cake that is still undeniably Harry Potter. The mostly white icing makes the perfect backdrop to show off the coveted Golden Snitch. It also makes the red and gold trim, Harry’s scarf, and the Gryffindor crest pop. The round spectacles and lighting bolt leave no doubt about who this cake represents. Harry’s wand provides the finishing touch, which you could make out of modeling chocolate. Or simply use a costume accessory to add the same look.

3. Unicorn Harry Potter Cake

Unicorn Harry Potter Cake

Image source: Well If She Can Do It

Don’t forget that there are mystical and fantastic creatures throughout the world of Harry Potter. If your daughter can’t decide between a Harry Potter or unicorn party, she doesn’t have to. The magical beast makes an appearance in the films and is a prominent part of the Potter universe. This cake from Well If She Can Do It meshes the two together into one cohesive cake. And when you cut into it, you’ll get a surprise, red and gold layers.

4. Hedwig Owl Cake

Hedwig Owl Cake

Image source: Jems HP Journal

Jems HP Journal makes a cute cake that looks just like Hedwig. It’s a different option if you want something that strays from Hogwarts, magic wands, and sorting hats. Hedwig is a significant character from the Harry Potter world, so she deserves a starring role in the birthday party landscape. Bake any flavor cake you want and use various candies, chocolates, and more to transform it into the fluffy, white owl.

5. Gryffindor Tie Pull Apart Cake

Gryffindor Tie Pull Apart Cake

Image source: Dessert Style by Lauren

Pull apart cakes are a popular option for kids’ parties because they make serving the cake so easy (and quick). This cupcake masterpiece from Dessert Style by Lauren turns cupcakes into an oversized Gryffindor tie, with Harry’s glasses added for extra flair. This is an easy one to do yourself if you have some baking and decorating skills. You can also make different flavored cupcakes so your guests can have some options. Frost the sides of the tie, or use red and gold cupcake liners.

Party Favors For A Harry Potter Birthday

Let your guests know how much you appreciate them with some special themed party favors. Favors are a great way to tell your birthday guests thank you and that you appreciate them celebrating with you. A simple party bag filled with treats, Harry Potter-themed trinkets, or homemade goodies are all excellent options. You can find an assortment of ideas on Amazon and similar sites, making finding the perfect party favors for your Harry Potter birthday party a breeze.

Wands And Glasses

Wands And Glasses

Wands And Glasses

Let everyone dress up as the popular wizard with Harry’s famous glasses and a magic wand. Everyone can put on their new spectacles, wave their wands, and create some magical photo opportunities at your party. They can also pretend to be daring wizards and let their imaginations soar. This set includes 12 magic wand pencils, which is a pleasant surprise, and 12 pairs of glasses. Depending on how many people you invite, you can buy multiple sets.

Harry Potter Squiggly Straws

Harry Potter Squiggly Straws

Harry Potter Squiggly Straws

This set of 24 squiggly straws gives party guests a fun and useful souvenir to take home with them after the festivities. You can also present them in special cups at the party to double up on your favors. The straws feature fun Harry Potter designs like the Sorting Hat, Hedwig, Harry on his broom, and more. They also are tons of vibrant colors, which will add a vivid splash to your party décor.

Assorted Harry Potter Items

Assorted Harry Potter Items

Assorted Harry Potter Items

An easy way to match your favors to your party is to find various trinkets and objects that represent the characters or other components of your theme. This 86-piece party set includes 12 pins, 12 key chains, 12 bracelets, and 50 stickers, all highlighting various parts of the Harry Potter universe. You can purchase as many as needed for your number of guests and mix and match them to create party favor packs.

Self-Inking Harry Potter Stamps

Self-Inking Harry Potter Stamps

Self-Inking Harry Potter Stamps

These self-inking stamps can be a favor on their own, or you can add them to an assortment of other items. The set includes 24 stamps (featuring 12 different designs) in a variety of colors. Since they’re self-inking, there’s no need to buy separate ink pads, making them easy for kids to enjoy. They also make great fillers for your party piñata. Or use the stamps to add some Harry Potter flair to plain paper bags that can become themed loot bags.

Harry Potter Loot Bags

Harry Potter Loot Bags

Harry Potter Loot Bags

If you don’t want to make your own themed loot bags, you can buy some, like this 12-piece set. They feature colors, images, and phrases from the Harry Potter film and can hold an assortment of treats. Fill each bag with candy, stickers, and other goodies to make a fun grab bag for kids. They’ll love opening them up to see what’s inside. You can also bake or make some DIY treats and package them in the bag to instantly have a themed party favor.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How much should I spend on a Harry Potter birthday party?

How much you spend on your child’s birthday party is a personal choice, depending on your budget and priorities. On average, parents spend approximately $400 on their children’s birthdays. But you can undoubtedly spend more if you want an extravagant celebration. You can also keep things more affordable by making some thrifty and creative choices. It’s your kid’s special day, so it’s understandable you want to spare no expense. But be honest with your budget, then challenge yourself to stick to it.

What kind of music should I play at a Harry Potter birthday party?

You can always play music from the film’s soundtrack, and of course, the Harry Potter theme should make an appearance. But kids also want some fun tunes (the adults do, too). Look for music that mentions magical things to match up with your wizarding theme. For example, “I Put a Spell on You,” “Do You Believe in Magic,” “Magic Carpet Ride,” “Love Potion No. 9,” etc. A quick Google search will give you tons of titles to add to your party playlist.

What should I wear to a Harry Potter birthday party?

Tell guests to come as their favorite Harry Potter character or dress as any wizard or witch they want to be. They could also wear the colors of their favorite Hogwart house or recreate the Hogwart’s uniform. If you plan to make it more of a costume party, just make sure your guests know what to expect so they can plan accordingly. A quick note on your invitation will do the trick.

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