Unicorns have almost always been a hit with young children and tween girls, but these days they are seeing a massive surge in popularity. From backpacks to tea sets, anything you can think of that a child might want or need has an option for a unicorn design on it.

With so many products to choose from, which one is right for the unicorn-lover in your life?

The 30 products listed below promise unicorn joy for kids from toddlers to tweens. Whether the child you are buying for is artsy and creative (see over 40 amazing unicorn crafts for kids here); scared of the dark; likes imagination games with interactive toys; writes stories and keeps diaries; or just wants to snuggle up with as many unicorns as they can; you will find the perfect gift somewhere in this list. A few of these items are wintery and best given as Christmas gifts, but most of them work well year-round too!

So whether you need to stock up on gifts for the many birthday parties your child has been invited to, you want memorable and winning goody bag loot for your own party guests to take home, or you need something for that very special unicorn-lover in your life, check out the 30 unicorn-centric products below and enjoy!

1. Unicorn Slippers

On cold days, there’s no need for kids to have to freeze their little piggies off with bare feet. Give them a pair of these super-plush, ultra-warm unicorn slippers to wear around the house. The “unicorn pink” color comes with sleepy little unicorn faces and floppy ears; the “rainbow” version has a sweet smile, extra fluffy collar, and a little tail. And of course, both styles come with magical silver horns that no unicorn should be without. With sizes for 3-year olds to 12-year olds, every unicorn lover in your family can keep their tootsies warm all winter long!

2. Flippy Sequin Unicorn Pillow Cover

For unicorn fans who are on-trend with flippy, color-changing sequins, this pillow cover is an absolute must-have. Run your hand one way across the sequins and you get a colorful unicorn surrounded by leaves, stars, and hearts; run your hand the other way and the pillow becomes shiny silver. Write your name across the bottom of the pillow cover, or color the unicorn’s mane silver. The back of the pillow is soft suede, perfect for little unicorns to rest their weary heads after a long day of being magical. Head’s up: this is just a pillow cover and does not come with a pillow insert.

3. Unicorn Coloring Book

With 48 pages and 24 designs, this unicorn coloring book will keep budding artists busy for hours! Each design is featured twice, so your child can keep one and give the other to a best friend — or start over without (too many) tears. There aren’t a lot of tiny details in the images, making this ideal for younger kids who are still mastering fine motor skills. The overall size of the coloring book is approximately 8 x 11 ½ inches, so it will travel well in diaper bags, backpacks and carry-on luggage.

4. Hooded Bathrobe

Dry off after a bath or shower, snuggle up on the couch, or cover up at the beach or pool with this rainbow unicorn hooded bathrobe. With a selection of unicorn-themed colors and styles, as well as sizes ranging from 2 to 11 years, each of your unicorns can sport their very own signature style. The robe is designed to be super soft for delicate skin, and comes with a sash for tying and a button to close at the top. These also make great gifts for your child’s first slumber party!

5. StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Interactive Toy

Everything about this plush, interactive toy is designed with the most unicorn-obsessed children in mind. The horn lights up in different colors; the wings flutter; StarLily dances; she responds to voice and touch; she has a long pink and purple mane ready for braiding and brushing over and over again. The toy even comes with a “sugarberry” that your child can feed to StarLily when she’s hungry! StarLily is big enough to be cuddled but small enough to be carried around. The recommended age for this unicorn friend is 4 and up, and it does require four C batteries to work.

6. Unicorn Squishy Toy

Squishy toys are the hottest fad right now amongst the pint-sized set. Kids love to play with them, collect them, trade them, and show them off. This sparkly-maned unicorn will be an instant favorite for your little grade schooler! Squishies make great stress relievers for anyone with a compulsive need to keep their hands busy. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: this unicorn weighs less than 3 ounces and is small enough to fit in a child’s hand. Between the sparkles in the mane and the golden horn, this is one beautiful unicorn that will love being squished!

7. Unicorn Jewelry Box

This three-for-one gift will make a truly special keepsake for the older unicorn-lovers in your family. It’s an old-fashioned music and jewelry box that comes with a necklace and bracelet for your special person. Open the box, and the unicorn inside spins around to the melody of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” There are cushions for rings, a large compartment for bracelets and necklaces, even a secret drawer at the bottom. The necklace and bracelet are adjustable and come with unicorn charms, of course. If you don’t already have a musical jewelry box to pass down in your family, start a tradition with this beautiful unicorn one.

8. Sparkles The Dancing Unicorn

Here’s another interactive unicorn toy (see #5), but this one is smaller and suitable for ages 3 and up. Sparkles has a horn that lights up and will nuzzle your child when she’s pet. She comes with a brush for grooming her extra long flowing mane and tail, and a cupcake for feeding time. She even dances and plays music with just a touch of a button! With so many things your child can interact with, here’s something harmless and sweet that will keep them busy for hours. In fact, this toy will be so beloved that you’ll need to make sure you get one for everybody!

9. Unicorn Scratch-And-Sketch Activity Book

Your little unicorn enthusiast will have so much fun with this activity book that encourages reading and creativity! Follow along the adventures of Polly, a little girl on her way to a magic land full of unicorns, castles, and other fairy tale dreams. By using the included stylus, kids can trace the white outlines of each image to uncover all sort of different colors Polly sees on journey. Or, you child can scratch out their own colorful image from the black pages; there’s even a blank sketch pad at the end for crayons, markers, or coloring pencils!

10. Paint Your Own Unicorn

For kids who love lots of bright colors, give them this white polyresin unicorn that comes with a set of paints and a paintbrush, and then watch their imaginations come to life! This is a truly beautiful way for children 7 and up to express their love of unicorns. Kids can get creative with the colors and create their own patterns, designs, and color themes. This craft also makes a great birthday party activity, sleepover craft, or gift for party guests to take home. Put the finished product in a place of honor for the painter to see every day!

11. Unicorn Tutu And Headband Set

What better way to celebrate a love of unicorns than by dressing up as one — especially one this pretty? With a colorful tutu and a unicorn headband to match, your child can not only play with unicorn toys but can dress up as the sweetest rainbow unicorn in the world. With 11 designs to choose from, your kid can have one for each day of the week. Or buy a whole set for play dates and special occasions! The sizes range from 2-8 years, so get them now while your children are still little enough to enjoy this colorful costume.

12. Unicorn Stationery Set

This unicorn-themed set of papers, pens, and stickers is DEFINITELY not to be used to pass secret notes back and forth at school! However, as it comes with a 15” lapboard, it is perfect for doing unicorn art on the couch when your child is home sick, for taking on long car rides, or for airplane travel. There’s even a journal for kids to write down their favorite unicorn names or create fantastical unicorn stories. Stickers make the postcards to friends extra special! This one is better suited to older kids rather than the very youngest unicorn fans in your household.

13. Unicorn String Art Kit

String art is a wonderful craft for kids who are ready to move on from coloring or scribbling. Or maybe you know a child who doesn’t particularly like drawing but still wants to express themselves creatively. This string art unicorn kit includes TWO crafts to make! The kit comes with absolutely everything your tween or teen needs to make both a unicorn and a rainbow heart-star. No hammer and nails required: simply stick pins into a foam base to start the project. It’s creativity without the mess or complicated instructions to follow, a perfect gift for all unicorn fans ages 10 and up!

14. Six-Project Unicorn Craft Kit

For crafty and creative kids ages 7 and up, this kit is a wonderful gift that will keep them busy and entertained for hours. There are six unicorn crafts to choose from: a headband, a necklace, a stuffed animal, a charm, a garland, and a costume tail. Included in the kit are detailed instructions and all the materials you need for each craft. Keep one of these tucked away for sick days, snow days, and rainy weekends when your unicorn-lover needs some cheering up. Or give one to your child and one to their BFF so they can make gifts to exchange with one another!

15. Unicorn Night Light

Even the bravest unicorns can sometimes be afraid of the dark. Banish all the monsters with this battery-operated (no plugging in!) unicorn night light. Set this beautiful guardian of sweet dreams up on dressers or nightstands to help your child fall asleep without fear. The piece has a pre-drilled hole on the back for easy wall hanging. And the colors, wow! When the unicorn is lit up, the bulbs create a gorgeous rainbow effect on the unicorn’s body, making this ideal for spaces where you don’t want harsh, bright plug-in night lights. Sleep tight, rainbow unicorns!

16. Flippy Sequin Unicorn Drawstring Backpack

Give your child the ability to take a shiny unicorn with them wherever they go, with this flippy-sequin drawstring backpack. The strings are padded to keep from digging into delicate shoulders, making this particular bag ideal for school, play, or travel. When the sequins are in one direction they show a beatific rainbow unicorn sleeping among colorful stars; when the sequins are the other direction the entire design turns silver. At 14” x 18”, the size of the bag is perfect for older kids, but might be too big for preschoolers. It’s so beautiful, trendy unicorn lovers definitely won’t let it get lost or left behind!

17. Unicorn Piggy Banks

A penny saved is a penny earned. Kids are never too young to start learning lessons about money and saving. For all those cash gifts from grandparents, weekly allowances, or coins found while out and about, give your child a piggy bank they will be happy to use. With so many unicorn styles to choose from, there’s bound to be one that’s exactly right for the child in your life who can’t get enough unicorns: shiny or matte; big or small; full-bodied or just the head; colorful or monotone; wooden, ceramic, or plush; even a uni-pig! And who knows: maybe your child can save enough to buy a real life unicorn of their very own some day!

18. Sleepy Unicorn Pajama Suit

Why should your child stop being a unicorn just because it’s bedtime? A unicorn is a unicorn, day or night! Tuck your child in for sweet dreams, in this fleece unicorn onesie pajama suit. It zips right up the front for simple on and off and comes with a be-horned hood for extra coziness. The soft material is machine washable and will keep your child toasty warm all winter long. There are six colors to choose from, and sizes ranging from 4 to 10. And for places where it’s already cold at Halloween, this can double as a trick-or-treating costume!

19. Fancy Unicorn Handbag

Whether dressing up at home or on-the-go, all lovers of unicorns need something fancy for carrying a stuffed unicorn friend. With this handbag you get both in one: a shiny purple purse and a fluffy plush unicorn. The purse is small enough for toddlers but works for older kids who don’t want to haul around something big and cumbersome. And because of its size, it travels well in cars or airplanes, and can be quickly stowed in a grown-up bag to take along to restaurants and play dates. It also makes a fantastic party favor or first sleepover gift!

20. Grow My Own Unicorn Garden

Budding gardeners absolutely need this kit that includes soil, seeds, gardening tools, and decor. There’s even a rainbow over the magical fairy landscape! As a STEM activity, children can learn how seeds grow into flowers and plants; as a play set, they can add their own pebbles, jewels, or other items for the fairies and unicorns to enjoy. It’s like an entire fairy tale in one kit, which children can create themselves and play with for days. Educational fun with fairies, unicorns, and indoor flowers? Parents and kids alike approve!

21. Nine-Pair Unicorn Earring Set

For children with pierced ears, this earring set gives them nine different options to celebrate their love of unicorns and unicorn-adjacent themes. There’s plenty of glitter and gold to be had so that there will never be a lack of sparkle in your child’s ears! Whether they want to go minimalist with just a gold star, or they want to party it up with unicorn cakes and cupcakes, these designs are colorful and fun enough for school or for special occasions. The backing is designed to stay on without being too tight on sensitive earlobes. Look how fancy!

22. Tea Party With Unicorns

This gift will take imagination play to the next level! When your young unicorn-obsessed child invites their equally unicorn-obsessed friends over, there will inevitably be a tea party going on. This tea set for four fits the occasion absolutely perfectly! It comes with a tray, a teapot, four plates, four teacups, and four saucers, all with the same bright rainbow and prancing unicorn design. Even toddlers can enjoy playing make-believe with this set and invite all their imaginary or stuffed animal friends to join them for tea. Or set up a child-size picnic table outside and fill the teapot with water — a fun way to cool off on hot days!

23. Make Your Own Unicorn Pillow

This no-sew, no-cut, DIY unicorn pillow is as simple to make as it is soft and cuddly when it’s finished. Everything is included in the kit, from the fabric for the cover, to the filling, to the decorations. Recommended for ages 6 and up, kids can use their fine motor skills to knot the pillow sides together while they learn to follow the instructions. The 12” x 12” fabric results in a pillow just the right size for grade schooler heads or for hugging and snuggling. And the sense of accomplishment your child will feel after creating such a beautiful project will boost their confidence and self-esteem!

24. DIY Stained Glass Unicorn Kit

Here’s an easy-peasy unicorn craft for children ages 4 and up that looks like it took a long time and a lot of steps to make. The secret is in using translucent stickers that match up to the shapes in the “glass.” By making this project a simple one, even preschools can enjoy putting together something beautiful that can hang in the windows of their bedrooms. (The kit includes a string and suction cup for easy hanging.) Or maybe your child wants to make something they can give as a gift when it’s done; nothing says “I love you” like something made with their own two little hands!

25. Unicorn Bath Bomb

Turn bath time into unicorn time with this scented surprise bath bomb! This one little sphere contains multiple surprises for the bather: it creates a bubble bath; it releases a grape scent; it contains hydrating oils for dry skin (great for winter!); it’s vegan and phthalate-free; it colors the water; it contains a surprise unicorn necklace; and it won’t stain or ruin your bathtub! This gift is basically perfect for unicorn lovers of all ages. Finally, your kids will BEG to take their baths…only now, they might not want to ever get out!

26. Make Your Own Unicorn Slime Kit

Slime, poop, and unicorns: three things kids can’t get enough of. Indulge their fascination with all of these by gifting them this kit. (No, it’s not real poop.) This fluffy, non-toxic slime comes with four colors — pink, blue, purple, and green — that kids can mix and match to create their very own glob of rainbow-colored “unicorn poop.” Stretch it, squeeze it, even add foam beads to create a whole new texture. These kits will be a massive hit at birthday parties, either as a mid-party activity or as a gift for guests as they leave. Who knew poop could be this non-gross?

27. A Sky Full Of Unicorns

Another great way to incorporate unicorns into bedtime (see #15, #18) is with this unicorn-themed light projector for dark bedrooms. The globe-shaped night light transforms your child’s room into a unicorn wonderland by casting starry and unicorn-shaped lights onto the ceiling and walls. Choose red, green, blue, amber, multi-colored, or white light. The projector can be powered by batteries or by being connected via USB to a power source. Little ones will finally be excited for bedtime! With the sweet, soothing shapes and colors, no monsters will be getting underneath your child’s bed tonight.

28. My Unicorn Castle

So your child has dressed up like a unicorn, made a houseful of unicorn projects, sleeps with unicorn pillows and stuffed animals, wears unicorn jewelry, and even has unicorn tea parties. What can you possibly get the unicorn aficionado who has everything? A place of their very own to celebrate unicorns! This 41” x 53” tent is easy to assemble and comes with a carrying case for taking it along on family vacations. The set even includes a golden unicorn horn headband for more magical playtime! And since the tent is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it makes a great sleepover play area on warm nights.

29. Barbie Unicorn Styling Head

If you know a child who likes to play with hair, then give your own locks a break from the rough brushing and well-intentioned braiding with this styling head shaped like a unicorn. The set comes with barrettes, hair ties, and a brush so that children can spend hours tending to the long, luscious pink, gold, and aqua mane. With a proud golden horn and matching collar, this unicorn is designed for children to work on their fine motor skills while indulging in their desire to create something beautiful! (Because of the choking hazard of the hair accessories, this gift is not recommended for children under 3.)

30. Interactive Unicorn Friend

Never lose your unicorn friend again with this sweet creature that clips to your finger! Available in purple, pink, or white, this adorable unicorn hugs your child’s finger, or mug handle, or anything else it can grab onto. The toy will respond to noise, music, and touch: blow it a kiss and it will kiss back. Pet its back and it’ll fall asleep in your child’s hand. The long mane and long tail are designed for brushing and twirling. Collect all three and start a unicorn family, or buy some to give away to best friends!

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