Before you know it, another year flies by, and you’re planning yet another birthday party for your kid. By the time your daughter or son is nine, you might start wondering if you can come up with any original ideas to celebrate. After all, by 9, you might assume you’ve done every kid’s party idea in the book, and you’re likely running out of steam.

We get it. Planning a kid’s party is no small feat. And when your child’s nine, they likely have a lot of personal opinions about what their party should be like. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up tons of different options for your 9-year-old’s birthday bash.

You can go with a theme-based party if that’s still your go-to. Or you can center the party around a specific activity, like bowling, swimming, or visiting a local museum. Ask your child their preferences, and let them participate in the planning process. You’ll also find lots of great ideas for party favors, games, and food, so you can make this your one-stop shop for your party-planning needs.

Activity-Based Birthday Party Ideas For 9 Year Olds

Choosing a fun activity for your child to do with friends is a great option for a 9-year-old’s birthday party. You can have guests meet up at a favorite restaurant, the movie theater, or plan to have people over to your house for games or an epic spa day.

1. Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars

Image source: Crissy’s Crafts

Crissy’s Crafts celebrates with cupcakes galore with an epic cupcake wars party. Gather all the ingredients to make some tasty cupcakes and stock up on tons of decorating supplies. Get lots of icing, sprinkles, candy, and anything else that can make the ultimate cupcake. Let young guests battle for the title of cupcake master as they bake and decorate their unique cupcake creations. You can also have pre-baked cupcakes ready to go and let guests stick to decorating.

2. Design And Create Party

Design And Create Party

Image source: Alena Shekovtsova

Invite guests to channel their inner artists and inventors at a design and create party. You can rent a venue specializing in painting pottery, a sip and paint shop, or a similar location. Or, you can do your own thing at home by setting up multiple tables and various supplies for making unique creations. Some ideas would be a station with paints and canvases, another with strings and beads for making jewelry, or another with clay for sculpting.

3. Party Animals

Party Animals

Image source: FamVeld

If your son or daughter is an avid animal lover, consider having their birthday at the zoo or a local farm. Ask the venue about packages they might offer or if they can put together some special activities for your guests. For example, if going to a local farm, they could do a tour, milk the cows, feed some of the animals, or ride horses. Make sure to plan ahead, as not every place will offer what you’re looking for. There are also companies that will bring a small petting zoo to you, as long as you have suitable yard space.

4. Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon

Image source: andresr

Dim the lights, pop the popcorn and start the show for a movie marathon that features your kid’s favorite films. If you’re doing a marathon, you might want to consider doubling this party as a sleepover and keeping the guest list small. If a sleepover isn’t for you, stick to one film as the main attraction, and then play some movie trivia or charades. Or have the party at a local movie theater and see if you can rent a room for cake and food.

5. Swim Party

Swim Party

Image source: Sergey Novikov

Is your kid’s party in the summer? Let everyone beat the heat with a pool party. If you don’t have a pool, you can look into renting some time at a local rec center or your local YMCA. Make sure there are designated pool watchers or a lifeguard and have swim vests for any guests that can’t swim. It’s also a good idea to keep some extra towels on hand for people who forget.

6. Go To A Bowling Alley

Go To A Bowling Alley

Image source: pixelshot

Rent a couple of lanes at your local bowling alley for guests to bowl some games together. You can probably even book specific party packages that designate a few tables for your use and include food. Typically, they allow you to bring in your own cake. It’s a fun way for kids to have fun with friends, let loose, and celebrate. If there’s an arcade, the party packages might include a certain number of tokens or tickets per kid.

7. Book Birthday Party

Book Birthday Party

Image source: WaveBreakMedia

If your kid’s a bookworm, check with your local library about hosting your child’s birthday. Many libraries have a room they use for storytime, meetings, and other special events. You can set up a book swap, where everyone brings a book to trade with a friend, have snacks and cake, and even set up some fun games. For example, challenge kids to find certain books within the library (quietly, of course,) scavenger hunt style.

8. Character Party

Character Party

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

Whether a princess celebration like this one from Hostess with the Mostess, a superhero bash, or just a festive get-together, hiring a character to make a special appearance adds a fun element to the party. Look into local companies that provide various performers and characters. Many of these places also offer other services, including face painting, magic shows, caricatures, or balloon animals.

9. Spa Day

Spa Day

Image source: Rain and Pine

Turn your house into a restful, glamorous spa for the day and pamper your guests like Rain and Pine. You can have a manicure and pedicure station, a face mask zone, and a hairstyling area. Make sure to have enough supplies for everyone to get their own; you don’t want kids sharing brushes and other supplies. You can even put together little kits that they use that can double as their party favors.

10. Gaming Party

Gaming Party

Image source: Guilio_Fornasar

For many 9-year-olds, video games are life, so why not let them celebrate their big day doing one of their favorite things? If the guest list is small, you could set up a few games at home, provide snacks, and let them play to their heart’s content. Have a bigger guest list? Look into local companies that offer video game trucks or buses. They come to you, and kids climb on board for some nonstop video game action right in your driveway (or on the curb).

11. Sleepover Fun

Sleepover Fun

Image source: FatCamera

For a smaller guest list, a sleepover is a great option that makes kids feel like they’re all grown-up. They get to stay up late, snack on junk food, watch movies, play games, and tell stories. You can organize a few activities earlier in the evening, then just let the kids do their thing. Be clear about rules from the beginning, and set clear expectations. If you’d rather not have the sleepover at home, book a couple of connecting hotel rooms. Let your child invite two or three friends to stay with her in one room while you set up camp in the adjoining space.

12. Dance Party

Dance Party

Image source: dotshock

Get some fun party effects like a mirror ball, color lights, and glow paint. Create an exciting dance space and provide everyone with fun accessories like sunglasses, glow bracelets, and streamers. Crank up their favorite tunes and let them dance the night away. Have a dance contest with prizes for the top three performers, break out the karaoke machine to let kids sing along, and serve tasty food and drinks so kids can keep their energy up.

13. Visit A Museum

Visit A Museum

Image source: Monkey Business Images

Look into holding a birthday party at a local museum that piques your child’s interest. It doesn’t have to be a children’s museum. If your kid loves art, consider visiting a nearby art museum. Are they into sports or science? Then check out nearby sports museums, a hall of fame, or your local science museum. Some places may host parties and let you bring in a cake, etc. If not, plan to have the kids visit the museum together and then take everyone to a nearby restaurant.

14. Go To A Carnival

Go To A Carnival

Image source: Yobro10

If you live near an amusement park, indoor play center, or there’s a circus or carnival in your area, make that your party destination. Depending on the place, you can go as a group and simply enjoy doing things together, or there might be a way to book a birthday package. Kids can ride the rides, test their skills at game booths, and eat fun, fair food. If there isn’t a party room, you can always snag a nearby picnic table for the cake or plan to do it afterward at a local ice cream shop or your house.

15. Attend A Performance

Attend A Performance

Image source: SDI Productions

For kids who love theater and the dramatic arts, seeing a play can become an enjoyable birthday experience. It’s also possible to get some fun add-ons. For example, you could let the theater or acting troupe know you’re coming with a group to celebrate your child’s birthday. Depending on the company, they might do a special shout-out, provide an autographed playbill to the birthday kiddo, or even arrange a meet-and-greet after the show with some of the performers.

16. Cook And Eat Party

Cook And Eat Party

Image source: photoguns

Instead of setting up a food table for your party, why not make it part of the fun? Let kids make several different snacks and items that become what they eat at the celebration. It’s a great idea if your kid is into cooking and aspires to be a chef one day. Or, you can look into local businesses that offer kid-friendly cooking classes and have the party there. Guests can learn techniques and cook under the watchful eye of a pro, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning your kitchen.

17. Selfies And Photo Shoot

Selfies And Photo Shoot

Image source: Syda Productions

It’s no secret that selfies are pretty much a way of life for most kids these days. If your child’s into snapping pics and creating various images, center their birthday around some photography fun. Set up a photo booth will all sorts of fun props and let kids take selfies to their heart’s content. Alternatively, you can hire a photo booth company to handle all the technical stuff. Create a digital album every child gets as a memento of the occasion.

18. Picnic In The Park

Picnic In The Park

Image source: Zurijeta

Pack up some sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and outdoor play items, and head to the park. Bring some blankets to spread out for kids to lounge and eat between playing soccer, badminton, tag, or anything else that floats their boat. You can also organize classic outdoor games like limbo, tug-of-war, and relay races. Your local park might have shelters available for rent, and you can also look into renting a bounce house during the party.

19. Birthday On The Beach

Birthday On The Beach

Image source: Honeykids

Give your child the option of going away on a beach trip instead of a big birthday bash. Let them invite a friend or two to come along and set up a special celebration on the shore. You can take some inspiration from Honeykids for a beach party. Let kids splash in the waves, build sand castles, eat picnic-style on a beach blanket, and grill out if there are designated areas.

20. Rock-Climbing Party

Rock-Climbing Party

Image source: lovro77

Do you have a kid that loves to be active and stay in shape? Giving them a challenge for their birthday and a chance to have a little friendly competition might be just what they need to celebrate turning 9. Look into hosting their party at a local rock-climbing gym, or check into local companies that come to you and set up a rock-climbing wall. Kids can learn the ropes from a pro, practice their skills, then try to race to the top.

Birthday Party Themes For 9 Year Old Boys

Building your kid’s birthday around a specific theme is still a great way to plan an incredible party. It’s about picking the right theme that makes your son smile and excites him and his pals. It might be his favorite movie, book, or hobby; he probably already has an idea of what he wants his party theme to be. If not, here are some popular ideas for 9-year-old boys’ birthdays.

1. Camping Theme

Camping Theme

Image source: Joyfully Treasured

You can forgo the big birthday party for a weekend camping trip, especially if your kid is into nature and the great outdoors. But, if they still want a party with their friends, why not have a camping theme instead, like Joyfully Treasured? Set up some tents and hammocks in your backyard, eat at picnic tables, and have a fire pit for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Make s’mores, and cook on the grill. Have a contest to see who can tell the best ghost story around the campfire, and if you’re willing, make it a sleepover and let kids camp out.

2. Ninjago


Image source: Celebrations at Home

For the LEGO lover in your life, a building birthday fits the bill to a tee. If your kid is really into LEGOs, they might have special series that they enjoy, like LEGO Ninjago. Celebrations at Home opts for a more detailed LEGO party, focusing on the Ninjago theme with Japanese accents, colorful décor, paper lanterns, bamboo, and of course, lots of opportunities to build LEGO creations. Let kids build unique sculptures, and give them mini-kits as favors.

3. Birthday Beware, Time For A Scare

Birthday Beware, Time For A Scare

Image source: Pinterest

You might remember the popular Goosebumps books and TV show from when you were a kid. Well, thanks to new movies and a resurgence of the show on Netflix, a whole new generation has discovered this spookily fun series. If your son’s a fan, you’ll want to check out this Goosebumps-inspired party on Pinterest for inspiration. Go with a purple and neon green color scheme, capture some of the classic scenes from the stories, and have the show playing on TV in the background.

4. Mario Party

Mario Party

Image source: Pinterest

This Super Mario party on Pinterest is a colorful and fun way to celebrate a video game fan’s birthday. Whether your son loves Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., Mario Party, or any other game starring the famous Nintendo plumber, it’s sure to be a hit. Decorate with characters and images from the games, set up a play space for kids to test their video game skills, and play some Mario trivia.

5. Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Image source: Crafts by Courtney

If your son’s into aliens, UFOs, robots, futuristic cars, and anything else that falls under the sci-fi umbrella, throw him a science fiction birthday.  Crafts by Courtney focuses on the concept of aliens and Area 51, but you can cater your son’s party to whatever his favorite things are. It could even be Star Wars, outer space-themed, or a mixture of the above. Serve snacks with a sci-fi twist like planetary pizza and alien’s blood (a raspberry sherbert and ice cream punch).

6. Despicable Me

Despicable Me

Image source: Amazon

Another great place to pull some theme ideas from are the latest movies that have kids buzzing. The Despicable Me and minions franchise, with its recent hit, The Rise of Gru is a popular film many kids love, so it makes sense to turn it into the backdrop for your son’s birthday party. You can find supplies to help decorate for a Despicable Me birthday on Amazon or at party supply stores. Use a yellow and blue color scheme, decorate with characters from the films, and have a movie viewing.

7. Jurassic Celebration

Jurassic Celebration

Image source: Catch My Party

Another popular film franchise that has become the focus of many kids’ parties is Jurassic Park. It’s a great pick if your son is dinosaur-obsessed. Catch My Party shows off a mix of greenery for a jungle-like vibe, dinosaur images and sculptures, and the film’s classic logo. Use tableware and décor that feature images from the movie or your kid’s favorite dinosaurs. Set up a fossil dig excursion with bins of sand and let kids keep the fossils they find. For an extra fun twist, hide a dinosaur “egg” in the sand that holds a special prize for the lucky finder.

8. Slime To The Nines

Slime To The Nines

Image source: Sunshine Parties Blog

Kids are obsessed with slime, no matter what age they are. Sunshine Parties Blog embraces the love for slime and centers an entire birthday around the squishy, gooey stuff. Let kids make their own slime with either a DIY recipe or you can get a slime-making kit for them to use. Make sure to have containers for everyone so they can take their slime home. Keep colors bright and vivid, a neon-color scheme is an excellent fit, or you can mix it up with outer space and do galaxy slime.

9. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a popular kid’s book that spawned more books and multiple movies. If your child’s a fan of the series, you can get some inspiration from Kara’s Party Ideas for a book-based birthday celebrating the main character Greg Heffley and all of his interesting situations. Use the books as decorations, give some as favors, and have kids share some of their favorite parts.

10. Baseball And Birthday Cake

Baseball And Birthday Cake

Image source: Cupcakes, Kisses ‘N Crumbs

Check out this fun baseball-themed party from Cupcakes, Kisses ‘N Crumbs. It’s got ballpark favorites to munch on, baseball memorabilia and décor, and other fun sport touches. A chalkboard scoreboard makes a delightful backdrop to show off a tasty food spread or the birthday cake. Set up a game in the backyard for kids to play some ball, or if possible, take everyone to a baseball game in your area.

Birthday Party Themes For 9 Year Old Girls

If your daughter wants to plan her party around a fun theme, her hobbies and interests make great jumping-off points. You can turn her favorite activity into a themed party. For example, if she loves to dance and sing, then a dance or karaoke party can get a boost with a rockstar theme. Here are some fun birthday themes for 9-year-old girls to help you start brainstorming.

1. Around The World Party

Around The World Party

Image source: Angelic Scalliwags Homeschool

If your daughter loves learning about the world or dreams of traveling to far-off places, check out this party theme from Angelic Scalliwags Homeschool. It features all sorts of travel-related memorabilia, like a suitcase cake, passports, maps, and more. You can showcase some of your child’s favorite places and decorate with famous landmarks from other states and countries. Serve food and snacks inspired by global cuisine and label them with flags based on where the recipe comes from.

2. Birthday On Cloud Nine

Birthday On Cloud Nine

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

What better way to celebrate a 9-year-old’s birthday than on Cloud Nine, like this idea from Kara’s Party Ideas? You can decorate with fluffy cotton clouds, rainbows, bright colors, glitter, sparkles, and dreamy décor. It’s an uplifting party theme that will have your daughter smiling and feeling her best. You can also keep the look softer, using pastels and softer shades of rainbow colors. Serve fluffy marshmallow treats and cotton candy to reinforce the cloud theme.

3. Hello, Kitty

Hello, Kitty

Image source: The Little Big Company

If your daughter loves Hello, Kitty, then gather up tons of red, white, and pink party supplies to put on a party like this one from The Little Big Company. This theme is bright and colorful, with lots of opportunities for flashy fun. Use the colors throughout and decorate with the popular kitty’s image. Give your guests kitty cat sleep masks, make it a spa party, and tell everyone to wear their best pink bow, ala Hello, Kitty style.

4. Unicorn Bash

Unicorn Bash

Image source: Amazon

It wouldn’t be surprising if your 9-year-old girl still adored unicorns. Unicorns are simply one of those things that remain a favorite of young girls and adults, perhaps because of their beauty and mysteriousness. Put on a unicorn bash for your birthday girl, featuring lots of colors and glitz, unicorns (of course), flowers, rainbows, and more. You can find lots of party supplies featuring this mythical creature online or at party supply shops.

5. Party Like A Rockstar

Party Like A Rockstar

Image source: Jasmine Nichole

Want to put on a flashy and fun party worthy of the biggest star? Jasmine Nichole does just that with lots of feathers, vivid colors, hot pink cheetah print, Mylar fringe, and more. Deck out your table as if you’re about to serve dinner to the most star-studded of guest lists, crank up the rock music, and hand out microphones (even fake ones will do). Let girls sing, dance, and live it up in style at a rockstar birthday.

6. Paint And Pancakes

Paint And Pancakes

Image source: Confetti and Bliss

A popular party idea for young girls is a paint and pancake party featuring, you guessed it — painting and pancakes. Let girls paint a picture, either on their own or guided by an artist sip-and-paint style. Then, mix up colorful batter using food dye or sprinkles to enjoy some funfetti-style pancakes like these from Confetti and Bliss. This is also a great sleepover option, with painting in the evening and pancakes in the morning.

7. Dressed To The Nines

Dressed To The Nines

Image source: Hostess with the Mostess

This famous phrase becomes the perfect backdrop to a young fashionista’s birthday bash. Hostess with the Mostess invites guests to dress their glamorous best, do each other’s make-up, accessorize, and show off their unique styles. Girls can come dressed in fancy clothes, or you can have a clothes rack with a variety of sparkly dresses and other items for them to choose from. Set up a photo booth with fun accessories for girls to complete their creative ensembles and let them put on a fashion show with fun music and lots of pictures.

8. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Image source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

One of the most powerful superheroes of all time is also an inspiration for young girls worldwide Captain Marvel. Mimi’s Dollhouse shows off a party idea for girls that celebrates this incredible hero and everything she stands for. You can make it a costume party inviting guests to dress as their favorite heroes, play games, show off their best superhero moves, and more. Or, turn it into a film screening and watch the movie if your daughter prefers to turn it into a more low-key event.

9. Neon Nines

Neon Nines

Image source: Amazon

Here’s a party idea that will leave her glowing with excitement featuring tons of Day-Glo neon party supplies. There are glow balloons, streamers, banners, and all sorts of things you can use for this kind of party. Use glow-in-the-dark and Day-Glo tape to create some interesting designs that will glow under blacklights or in the dark. Tell everyone to wear neon colors and use neon-colored food dye to give some of your menu items a funky twist.

10. Escaping Eight

Escaping Eight

Image source: Lock Paper Scissors

Does your daughter love mysteries, solving puzzles, or going to escape rooms? If so, then this might be just the party plan you’re looking for. You can create an escape room in your own home with various games and services from places like Lock Paper Scissors. Call it Escaping Eight and let guests attempt to wend their way through challenging puzzles and clues as they try to beat the clock and escape into a brand new year of being 9. As an alternative, if your guest list is small, you could go to an actual escape room, then carry the theme into your décor as you return home for cake and food.

Games & Activities For 9th Birthday Party

There’s no shortage of fun games for kid’s parties. But it can be hard to come up with some ideas when choosing decorations, food, invitations, and everything else that goes into planning a top-notch birthday celebration. Here are 10 games that will certainly have your guests laughing, smiling, and having a great time.

1. The Beach Ball Game

The Beach Ball Game

Image source: FatCamera

Sit kids in a circle with one beach ball. The person with the ball says a person’s name and tosses the ball to them. Easy enough, right? But once they get going, add another ball into the mix, and then another. If you have ten kids playing, aim for four balls. 20 kids? Try 8 or 9 balls at once.

2. Water Relay

Water Relay

Image source: Rock Chapel United Church

Divide kids into teams and line each team up behind a container with water. Set an empty container several feet away. Give the person in front something to hold water (but make it a challenge), like a spoon or small cup with holes in the bottom.  Rock Chapel United Church uses sponges. Each player gets water from the bucket and runs to put it in the empty container, returning to their team for the next person to take a turn. The first team to fill their container wins.

3. Hula Hoop Over And Under

Hula Hoop Over And Under

Image source: Tip Junkie

Here’s a fun party game from Tip Junkie, and all you need is a couple of hula hoops. Line kids up in two lines and have them take turns passing the hoop over and under. Once it reaches the end of the line, that person runs ahead and starts again. After the person who started is back at the front of the line, the whole team sits. The first team to sit wins.

4. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Image source: Imgorthand

Hide a treasure chest with various surprises and treats and create a map to its location. You can have everyone work together and split the reward. Or, make copies of the map and give them to guests so they can figure out where the hidden chest is. The first person or team to find it gets a special treat, but everyone still shares the chest’s contents.

5. NERF Target Practice

NERF Target Practice

Image source: Invite and Delight

Have NERF guns for guests to use and set up some target practice in the backyard like Invite and Delight. Have different stations and challenges, like cups, hanging paper plates, or buckets to knock over or land targets in. You can also set up some places for kids to hide behind if they want to have a NERF battle.

6. Timed Obstacle Course

Timed Obstacle Course

Image source: SolStock

Set a timer and let each child make their way through an obstacle course you set up ahead of time. Use different items like hula hoops, balance beams, and even picnic tables to create the ultimate challenge. Provide opportunities for kids to climb, crawl, jump, and run as they try to beat the clock or each other.

7. Backyard Putt-Putt

Backyard Putt-Putt

Image source: A Small Snippet

You can create your own version of a mini-golf game in your backyard like A Small Snippet or hire an outside company that specializes in at-home putt-putt courses. Either way, kids are sure to have a blast working their way through the course and trying for that coveted hole-in-one.

8. Water Balloons

Water Balloons

Image source: Onfokus

If you’re celebrating outside, help guests beat the heat with water balloon games or an epic balloon battle. Have the balloons filled and ready to go so you don’t waste valuable party time prepping them. Play water balloon dodgeball or line kids up facing each other. They toss the balloons back and forth, getting farther away from each other with every toss. The last team standing with an unpopped balloon wins.

9. Bucket Toss

Bucket Toss

Image source: Organize and Decorate Everything

Set up several buckets or pails in a row like Organize and Decorate Everything. Number them from lowest to highest the farther away they are. Kids take turns tossing a bean bag or ball, trying to get it into the buckets. They score whatever number is on the cup. Give each kid three tries and total up the scores.

10. Stack Attack Cups

Stack Attack Cups

Image source: SDI Productions

Kids compete to see who can stack the cups the fastest in this minute-to-win-it party game. Use some heavy-duty plastic party cups for premium stacking capabilities. You can challenge them with different cup configurations and time them as they play. The fastest wins.

Food & Drink Ideas For 9th Birthday Party

For many, they can tell a great party by the food. If you serve a variety of tasty menu items, you’ll have many satisfied guests. Label items so everyone knows what’s what and provide plenty of napkins. You’ll have trouble dragging kids away from the food table with these yummy ideas for snacks and drinks.

1. Chicken And Tot Kabobs

Chicken And Tot Kabobs

Image source: b-Inspired Mama

Chicken nuggets and French fries are a classic go-to when it comes to kids. You’d be hard-pressed to not find it on a restaurant’s kid’s menu. b-Inspired Mama puts together a version of the classic that makes it a breeze to eat at a party. Chicken and tater tot kabobs make this kid favorite easy finger food.

2. Emoji PIzzas

Emoji PIzzas

Image source: Rhodes BakenServ

You’ll always hit a home run with pizza at a kid’s party, but plain old pizza can get boring. Kick it up a notch with this idea from Rhodes BakenServ. Create personal pizzas that resemble some classic and popular emojis. Or let kids make their own. Either way, it’s sure to be a delicious and quirky way to satisfy your guests’ appetites.

3. Banana Sushi

Banana Sushi

Image source: My Fussy Eater

Some kids love sushi, and some, well, not so much. But no matter where your kid stands, these banana sushi bites from My Fussy Eater are sure to be a crowd pleaser. The best part is they’re easy to make, and you can even let kids make their own (perfect for a cooking party activity). Have lots of chopsticks ready as a fun way for kids to eat their treats.

4. Grilled Cheese Pops

Grilled Cheese Pops

Image source: Tastemade

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a longtime favorite food for kids. You just can’t go wrong with hot, melty cheese on buttery bread. But it can be hard to eat a sandwich and keep mingling at the party. So, serve up these grilled cheese pops from Tastemade instead, so kids can take their snacks on the go.

5. Pancake Skewers

Pancake Skewers

Image source: BuzzFeed

Here’s an easy and fun breakfast option for the morning after a sleepover. It’s also great for a camping party, paint and pancakes gala, or similar events. BuzzFeed puts together pancake and fruit skewers along with tasty syrup to drizzle on top. You can make your own or buy silver-dollar pancakes to make things even easier.

6. Ice Cream Tacos

Ice Cream Tacos

Image source: Taste of Home

You’ve likely heard of a taco bar, complete with tortillas, taco meat, cheese, and all the fixings. But, give your taco bar a sweet spin like these dessert creations from Taste of Home. Cinnamon and sugar shells with ice cream and fun sundae toppings let kids make their own dessert masterpieces.

7. Rainbow Jell-O Cubes

Rainbow Jell-O Cubes

Image source: Must Have Mom

These treats from Must Have Mom feature one of America’s classic jiggly desserts with a vivid twist. The colorful cubes add lots of pop to your food table, and kids will have a blast eating them. It’s an excellent option for a rainbow theme, unicorn party, art party, or any other theme that calls for lots of colors.

8. Fruit And Marshmallow Dip

Fruit And Marshmallow Dip

Image source: Taste of Home

Slice up some tasty fruit to create a colorful platter for your food table, and place some yummy marshmallow dip at its center. Try out this recipe from Taste of Home, or you can buy a pre-made dip. Have some toothpicks on hand so guests can grab their fruit hands-free or make some fruit kabobs.

9. Soda Floats

Soda Floats

Image source: Lady Behind the Curtain

Ice cream and soda come together to make a tasty dessert beverage that kids will love. Lady Behind the Curtain offers a few different recipes to try, or you can stick with classic root beer floats. Or, have a few ice cream and soda flavors available for guests to select their own combinations.

10. Flavored Lemonade Bar

Flavored Lemonade Bar

Image source: Alex Daynes

Here’s a super flavorful idea for your party drinks from Alex Daynes. A self-serve lemonade bar complete with various flavored syrups and add-ins allows kids to create their own refreshing concoctions. You can also set out some fruit garnishes and fun twisty straws that kids can keep as a party favor.

Party Favors For 9th Birthday Party

It’s always a nice gesture to give guests a small token of thanks when it’s time to say goodbye. Party favors are a longstanding tradition that can be anything from a homemade treat to a store-bought toy, plant, or snack. Here’s a mix of creative and easy favors you can give your guests.

1. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Image source: The Dancing Soap Dish

Bath bombs are a pretty common fad among kids, especially when they come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors. But you don’t have to break the bank buying expensive bath products. Instead, make your own, like The Dancing Soap Dish, to give as gifts, or let kids create the bath bombs during the party. You can make them in various shapes to match your theme or use them as favors at a sleepover or spa party.

2. Beach Balls

Beach Balls

Image source: Catch My Party

Having a summertime birthday bash, beach bonanza, or pool party? Favors that kids can use throughout the summer or when they head to the beach are a welcome treat. Beach balls provide a fun surprise and are easy to get. You can also pair them up with a beach towel, a water bottle, a pair of flip-flops, sunglasses, etc.

3. Colorful Click Pens

Colorful Click Pens

Image source: Amazon

These colorful pens are lots of fun and give kids several color options in one. With a quick click, they can switch from one shade to another. You can pair them up with a notebook or put them in a pencil pouch with other school supplies to make a cute favor.

4. Art Kits

Art Kits

Image source: Catch My Party

Catch My Party assembles kits for budding artists, including paintbrushes, paints, smocks, or aprons, all in a convenient carrying case. You can create your own or buy pre-made art sets for your guests. They can be as straightforward or as extravagant as your budget will allow.

5. Sunglasses


Image source: Tomkat

Costumes and accessories are always a fun party favor that’s easy to do. You can typically buy what you need in bulk online or at party supply stores. Tomkat gives guests fun-shaped sunglasses, which are a great fit for a summertime birthday or pool party. They also work well for rockstar, fashion, or dance themes.

6. Personalized Buckets Of Sidewalk Chalk

Personalized Buckets Of Sidewalk Chalk

Image source: One Day At A Time

One Day at a Time uses small clear plastic paint buckets personalized with guests’ names to give out colorful sidewalk chalk as favors. It’s a fun favor for an art party, rainbow theme, summer fun or outdoor birthday, and more. Another option is to let guests personalize their own buckets as an activity.

7. Seed Packets And Pots

Seed Packets And Pots

Image source: The Hallway

Give guests a party favor that helps them celebrate nature and do something good for the environment. You can place seed packets in a small flower pot for guests to take home, like these from The Hallway. It’s great for a springtime bash, gardening party, or even an art party. You can have guests decorate their flower pots as part of the birthday fun.

8. Homemade Trail Mix

Homemade Trail Mix

Image source: The Denver Housewife

Give your guests a favor with a personal touch and lots of tasty goodness by making some homemade trail mix like The Denver Housewife. You can incorporate some of your kid’s favorite treats, like M&Ms, mini marshmallows, peanuts, raisins, etc. Package it up in a creative way that helps show off your party theme. Trail mix is also a great choice for a camping-themed party.

9. Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

Image source: Amazon

Want to give kids something fun and helpful? Fidget spinners help kids stay focused and calm and provide a way for them to channel anxious behavior. Add one into a bag of trinkets and treats for children to take home after the party. You can find them in lots of colors, and some that even light up.

10. Slap Sticky Hands

Slap Sticky Hands

Image source: Amazon

These colorful sticky hands are a favorite of many kids. They love trying to throw them against the wall and watch them travel back down. And when you have more than one, kids love to see whose sticky splat will last the longest before starting to fall. You can buy them in sets on Amazon, making it a super easy party favor or addition to a goody bag.

Birthday Gift Ideas For 9 Year Old Boys & Girls

When you get an invitation to a party, one of the first things you do after checking the date is trying to decide on the birthday gift. Or, if your own child’s big day is approaching, you undoubtedly want to find them a gift they’ll love. But when you have to go to the store, scouring the aisles trying to find that perfect gift can suddenly become extremely overwhelming.


There are tons of toys, games, sports gear, fashion accessories, and other items that claim to be what a 9-year-old wants. But will your kids think it’s cool? Will you, as a parent, approve of it? There are so many things to think about, but we’re here to help and take that stress out of the equation, so that you can find a unique gift that will be loved by all.


Check out our curated lists of the top toys and gifts below. Even the pickiest 9-year-olds want to get their hands on these! You’ll find ideas covering all categories, so we’re confident that you’ll find something that will be a winner. Head on over to our boys gift list here and girls gift list here. Cheers!

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