From rocket ships to aliens, from our own sun to stars millions of light years away, space inspires children and adults of all ages. There’s so much to love and learn about with space!

With the 22 crafts listed below, you can explore almost every aspect of space that your child or students might be into. Keep it educational with #3, “Reach For The Sky,” which will help give children a sense of our own solar system and the relative proportions of the planets and sun. Have a ton of messy fun with #21, “All The Colors Of The Universe,” or with #17, “Marbles In The Sky.”

Looking for a more tactile project that kids can hold in their hands, squish, and stretch? Check out #13, “DIY Space Play-Dough,” or #1, “It Came From Outer Space Slime.”

For future engineers, there is no shortage of rocket ships to make here, starting right below at #1, “Keepsake Rocket Craft.”

All of these crafts are designed to ignite your child’s already star-filled imaginations. You might be amazed at the types of planets they come up with as they draw, color, and paint!

1. It Came From Outer Space Slime

It Came From Outer Space Slime

Image source: The Soccer Mom

If you’re tired of the same old-same old green slime in your house, The Soccer Mom has some fantastic inspiration for you. Slime is already super trendy with kids, so if you’ve been dying to make your own at home, the blog has both a link to a slime recipe as well as a video on how to make this sparkly and beautiful space slime. It’s stretchy, it’s gooey, it’s glittery — what kid wouldn’t love this!

2. Moon Child

Moon Child

Image source: A Dab Of Glue Will Do

This lunar craft from A Dab Of Glue Will Do is absolutely inspired and totally creative. Since little kids love to make art out of unusual things, they’ll giggle with delight when they get to use an aluminum foil stamper to create the surface of the moon. The blog has a few tricks to help you get the foil into just the right shape for little hands to grip and stamp with. While the moon’s paint dries, give your child a piece of black construction paper and help them create a starry background. What a beautiful full moon!

3. Reach For The Sky

Reach For The Sky

Image source: Easy Peasy And Fun

Members of the crafting blog Easy Peasy And Fun can download the printable template for this 3D solar system mobile; otherwise, you can join the blog’s membership for a small fee. It’s well worth it in order to gain access to this stunning space craft that will fascinate older kids and provide a fun decoration for little ones. Use this in conjunction with a lesson about our solar system and show kids the colors of each planet before they get coloring. Or maybe just let them create a whole new solar system with all new colors!

4. 3-2-1 Blastoff!

3-2-1 Blastoff!

Image source: Simple Everyday Mom

At some point in their young lives, most children go through a phase in which they are obsessed with rocket ships. While they are watching live streams from Space X or old videos of space shuttles and moon landings, head over to Simple Everyday Mom to download and print a free rocket ship template. The rest of the pieces can be cut out ahead of time, or else let your child design their own rocket colors. Feeling ambitious? Print out a small photo of your child and add them to the rocket’s window!

5. Paper Scraps Space Craft

Paper Scraps Space Craft

Image source: 3 Dinosaurs

If you have lots of leftover colorful paper, this craft from 3 Dinosaurs will help you upcycle them into a delightful craft. Get the toddlers involved for this one, as tearing up paper is the first step in this project. Any bowl or plate that will fit onto a piece of black construction paper or cardstock will do just fine to trace a nice, big planet; or do several small- to medium-sized ones. It’s fine if kids don’t stay within the circle to make their planets because the important thing is that everyone has fun!

6. Treasure From The Moon

Treasure From The Moon

Image source: The Crafting Chicks

Sure, real rocks from the moon aren’t sparkly gold like these, but who cares? This space-tastic project from The Crafting Chicks is simple and fun for any child who is into space (or just likes to make a mess). These shiny gold “rocks” look gorgeous on tables as decorations for a space-themed party, and because there aren’t any fancy ingredients they can also be made as a last-minute activity at home on rainy days. Remember to set this project up in a shallow tray in order to contain all that glitter.

7. You’re A Star, Kid

You’re A Star, Kid

Image source: Mess For Less

Mess For Less has a wonderful space craft that combines several features in one: it’s cool, it’s fun, it’s a great way for kids to spend time away from their screens, and it’s good for fine motor skills development. With a free printable template of stars varying in size, this project works for children from preschool all the way through second grade. Younger children, and those with fine motor challenges, can simply use the cotton swabs as paintbrushes, while older kids can dab paint dots until the stars are full. Any brightly colored paint that will show up on a black background will do.

8. Catch A Star…Or A Planet

Catch A Star...Or A Planet

Image source: Adventure In A Box

Paint that’s used specifically to make stained glass art is an actual thing, and if you don’t happen to have some at home you can order it online through the affiliated link at Adventure In A Box. The blog also has some excellent tips and tricks for getting started using stained glass paint in this incredibly beautiful project. Of course, children won’t be painting actual glass; clear paper plates or container lids are less fragile and lighter in weight. For teachers, have the entire class make these to hang up all over your classroom as a galaxy of your bright star students!

9. Watercolor And Crayon Space Craft

Watercolor And Crayon Space Craft

Image source: The Crafting Chicks

To get this cool effect, click on over to The Crafting Chicks for instructions and a materials list. The double-process coloring will amaze kids with how awesome it looks once everything is dry. Set out plenty of crayons in as many colors as you can, and give kids encouragement to draw not only stars and round planets, but spaceships, comets, asteroids — maybe even the International Space Station! When they’re finished, and as you’re helping them apply the black watercolor paint, ask them to tell you the story of what’s going on in their drawing and see how fantastic their little imaginations can get.

10. Calm Down With Falling Stars

Calm Down With Falling Stars

Image source: Preschool Inspirations

Parents and teachers of children with sensory or behavioral issues are probably already familiar with the concept of a calm-down jar, but this project works for pretty much all kids of any age or ability level. If you’ve never heard of a calm-down jar, or if you want to help your child make a very special one of their own, then check out Preschool Inspirations’ galaxy version. These are fairly easy to make, and children can absolutely help out by deciding what should go inside.

11. Upcycled Space Craft

Upcycled Space Craft

Image source: Easy Peasy And Fun

If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy a star-shaped hole punch, Easy Peasy And Fun has that reason for you. If you’d rather use star stickers for this project, that’s fine, too. However you do, this project is a fun one to make with preschoolers because you can hang it up pretty much anywhere afterword: over their beds, in a window, or in a doorway. If it’s not raining, take it outside and let your child run with it like a kite!

12. Pop Goes The Planet

Pop Goes The Planet

Image source: Heart Arts And Crafts

Balloons make wonderful planets, but not in the way you might be thinking! Fill up a few dishes with paint and show your children or students how to use balloons as stampers, as seen over at I Heart Arts And Crafts. Be sure to swirl a few colors together (only a little bit!) so that no two planets will look alike. Stamp these onto black paper to create a personalized solar system, or cut out the finished planets and hang them up to create an entire universe.

13. DIY Space Play-Dough

DIY Space Play-Dough

Image source: Kids Activities Blog

A simple homemade Play-Dough recipe, combined with glitter and swirly colors, makes for hours of fun for kids of all ages — including grown-ups! Click on over to Kids Activities Blog for the recipe and inspiration, as well as a cool project to try once your Play-Dough is ready. Most of the ingredients for the Play-Dough you probably already have at home, like flour, salt, and vegetable oil. Small glitter adds a deep space effect, while bigger silver stars make this as beautiful as the night sky.

14. Galactic Jewelry

Galactic Jewelry

Image source: Lil Blue Boo

If your little astrophysicists love learning about the planets of our solar system, then Lil Blue Boo has a fantastic project that they can wear. The blog has tons of genius inspiration for getting each planet just right, whether you can find a bead that’s ready to go or you need to paint some plain wooden beads. Best of all, there are absolutely no judgements at the blog if you feel like including Pluto on your solar system necklace.

15. Planet Craft

Planet Craft

Image source: Rainy Day Mum

Sometimes it may seem like children — even yours — are from a whole other planet. With this colorful and creative craft from Rainy Day Mum, now your children can show you what their home planet really looks like. Encourage the children to really use their imaginations to make swirls, patterns, and random designs so that each planet is unique. Then ask them to tell you all about the creatures that live on that planet: what they eat, what they look like, how they talk. You might be surprised at how far out they can get with their descriptions!

16. To The Moon And Back

To The Moon And Back

Image source: Crafts On Sea

In order to get that cratered, textured effect of a full moon, Crafts On Sea has a cool idea: use pom-poms! Use a flipped-over white paper plate and some grey paint, and this craft instantly becomes a fine motor skills project for toddlers, or an activity to go along with a lesson about earth’s one moon. While the paint dries, children or students can decorate a sheet of black cardstock with gold paint or stickers to make stars. They’ll love this project to the moon and back!

17. Marbles In The Sky

Marbles In The Sky

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

You’ll definitely want to copy or print I Heart Crafty Things’ materials list for this one, but it’s totally worth it. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, and maybe even toddlers will have so much fun rolling marbles around to make these swirly, colorful planets! For preschoolers and kindergarteners, this is a wonderful way to introduce a lesson on how other planets look so different from our earth. It’s good, messy fun that results in a fridge-worthy piece of art. Gold glitter on black cardstock makes a background that really looks like a star-filled night sky.

18. Eat The Stars

Eat The Stars

Image source: Play Teach Repeat

For your star-gazers out there, check out this easy peasy constellation craft from Play Teach Repeat. If you have toddlers or preschoolers around, you’ll want to make sure they don’t hurt themselves with the toothpicks; otherwise this is an extremely straightforward craft to make. Once kids learn about constellations in the night sky, they can copy some of the more famous ones that are easy to spot (click here for a star chart), or they can make their own unique constellations. Just make sure none of the “stars” disappear into the black hole of a child’s mouth once they are painted!

19. DIY 3D Space Shuttle Craft

DIY 3D Space Shuttle Craft

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

Even though NASA no longer launches them into space, space shuttles are still cool. Maybe you’re lucky enough to live near one of the four locations that has a retired shuttle and your kids get to see one up close. Or maybe your kids are addicted to shuttle launch videos on YouTube. Whatever the case, it’s worth clicking over to I Heart Crafty Things for this easy and fun 3D space shuttle craft. The printable template comes with a very small cost, but the money goes directly to the Teachers Pay Teachers, an online marketplace that directly helps teachers around the country. Helping teachers while making a cool craft with your kids? It’s a win-win!

20. Awesome Planets Craft

Awesome Planets Craft

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

Even older kids will want to make this amazingly gorgeous space project from I Heart Crafty Things. It’s that cool! Black glue is super easy to make; no need to buy it special. And the blog has a free printable template to get everyone started, so the only limits to this craft are your children’s great big imaginations. Glitter glue makes everything better, of course, so have some on hand for planetary rings or swirly colors. When it’s done and dried, you’ll have yourself a gorgeous space craft that’s truly out of this world!

21. All The Colors Of The Universe

All The Colors Of The Universe

Image source: Mama Of Littles

Over at Mama Of Littles, you’ll find a great way to do arts and crafts outside — perfect for those summer days when camp is over, but school hasn’t started yet. Kids of all ages will love this one, as it encourages them to aim and shoot paint! If your backyard fence or outside walls have just been cleaned, you’ll likely want to hang up a tarp, newspaper, or other disposable backsplash before the kids go anywhere near it with paint. Give the kids one color of paint each and encourage them to work together as a team, or let each child make their own galactic work of art.

22. Keepsake Rocket Craft

Keepsake Rocket Craft

Image source: The Inspiration Edit

Get your children or students fired up for a trip to space with this creative rocket ship from The Inspiration Edit. Using handprints as the fiery blast from the ship adds a very special and very personal touch to an already colorful and fun project. Be sure to have paints in as many colors as you can find, so kids can make their rockets extra special just for them or for a loved one. Maybe they can make rockets in holiday colors: how about a black and orange rocket for Halloween?

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