Butterflies are small, delicate creatures packed with a lot of symbolism and meaning. For centuries, cultures around the world have viewed butterflies as symbols of rebirth, transformation, spirituality, love, and beauty. It’s no wonder, then, that children are fascinated by these lovely creatures.

To make a craft with wings as delicate as a real butterfly, scroll down to #1, 11, or 30. These projects result in butterflies with soft wings that children of almost all ages will love to touch. Want butterflies with plenty of colors? Try #5 or 28 to really brighten up your day with a rainbow of colors that will catch the sun.

Of course, most school children already know that butterflies used to be caterpillars, so they’ll love crafting #24 and 25. (Just don’t let them know they’re educational!)

There are butterfly crafts listed below that are suitable to give out as valentines or as special tokens of love for friends and family: #2, #8, and #20. And, for kids who can’t get enough of outer space, there’s even an intergalactic butterfly craft (#22) that’s both fun to make and absolutely stunning!

So whether you’re hosting a spring gathering, teaching your class about life cycles, or your family just loves butterflies, one of these crafts listed below will make your children spread their wings and soar as high as their imaginations can go.

1. Butterflies With Tulle Wings

Butterflies With Tulle Wings

Image source: Mas & Pas

For a sweet but simple butterfly craft that kids of all ages can make, click on over to Mas And Pas. Over there, you’ll find the inspiration and super simple instructions for crafting these tulle-winged butterflies. Kids can really let their imaginations take flight by making different patterns on the clothespins, or by using a variety of tulle pieces for the wings. Fun tip: any extra tulle you have leftover can be instantly turned into a matching bow for the crafters to wear in their hair!

2. I Heart Butterflies

I Heart Butterflies

Image source: I Heart Arts And Crafts

If you heart butterflies, then bookmark this craft from I Heart Arts And Crafts! This simple and colorful butterfly project is super easy to personalize, customize, and make in great big batches — qualities that will come in handy if you want to make these for your child to give out to the class on Valentine’s Day, or if you want to make a whole bunch for the special caregivers in your life. Encourage your child to write sweet notes on the wings for that something extra that will melt hearts.

3. Fluttering Wings Butterfly Craft

Fluttering Wings Butterfly Craft

Image source: Fireflies And Mudpies

The template for these stunning butterflies can be found for a very small fee at Fireflies And Mudpies. Once you have them saved and printed, you are ready to create some truly beautiful butterflies. And with the help of Kid Power, the wings can really flutter! Before starting this craft, make sure you leave plenty of time for both the paint and the glue to dry because as soon as it is ready your child will want to see it soar on the breeze.

4. Fly Off The Page Butterfly Craft

Fly Off The Page Butterfly Craft

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

For a fantastic-looking — and fantastically easy — classroom craft, check out I Heart Crafty Things. These butterflies are not only beautiful, but they positively pop off the page! Making this butterfly craft will keep students busy for a while, as they line up the circle stickers for the body, cut and color the wings, and then assemble the whole thing together. If you need a quick spring craft, this is one to bookmark and save. Just don’t let the butterflies fly away!

5. Free Butterfly Suncatcher Template

Free Butterfly Suncatcher Template

Image source: Simple Mom Project

Butterflies and sunshine go together so well, it’s only natural to want to make a butterfly suncatcher for your windows. Thanks to Simple Mom Project you can download and print a free template for getting started on this sweet craft with your children. Whether you want to celebrate spring with colorful butterflies in your front room windows, or you want to hang these up in your child’s bedroom to add a little color to the winter doldrums, this craft is sure to make everyone smile!

6. Easy Beadsy Butterfly Craft

Easy Beadsy Butterfly Craft

Image source: One Little Project

What to do with all those leftover beads from other craft projects? Head on over to One Little Project for some inspiration! Whether your children color-coordinate their butterflies or make fully unique ones from all types of colors, this craft is sure to impress. If you’re feeling educational, have your children make a specific pattern with two, three, or even four colors and make sure the patterns match on both wings. Preschoolers can use this to learn the ROY-G-BIV order of colors. Or simply set out two or three colors that match a party theme for an instant activity-slash-take home gift.

7. Moveable Butterfly Craft

Moveable Butterfly Craft

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

Crafts that become a toy for kids to play with are the best kinds of craft out there. So check out this moveable butterfly from I Heart Crafty Things, which will have your little ones giggling with delight. After all the cutting, coloring, and gluing are done and dried, children will be able to fly their butterfly over a field of flowers. For teachers, this easily combines with any lesson on ecosystems, life cycles, or local flora and fauna.

8. Hearts That Soar

Hearts That Soar

Image source: Hello Wonderful

You’ll definitely want to invest in a heart-shaped hole puncher for this craft! And while you’re at the craft store, make sure you stock up on construction paper in plenty of colors. If your children are old enough, they can have a blast punching out paper hearts over and over again. Or, if you’re hosting a party, punch out as many hearts as you can ahead of time and have them ready to go in dishes separated by color. Hello Wonderful has the printable template to get you started on this butterfly craft that’s full of love.

9. Upcycled Butterfly Craft

Upcycled Butterfly Craft

Image source: I Heart Arts And Crafts

Dig out some old newspapers and get to work with your children or students making this awesome butterfly craft! The lovely creative guru at I Heart Arts And Crafts shows you how to fold the painted (and dried) newspaper just so in order to get the butterfly wings effect. The result is a fun and green way to make a sweet craft that doesn’t require a long list of special materials or a separate trip to the craft store. Mount these on a separate piece of paper, or hang them up as-is.

10. Butterflies On A Plate

Butterflies On A Plate

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

Keep things simple with this butterfly project from Glued To My Crafts that requires just one paper plate to get you started. Cut it in half and encourage your child or students to glue on pieces of tissue paper; toddler siblings can help by tearing up pieces of tissue paper to be used. Make sure the colors of the tissue paper overlap a bit so that your child winds up creating a lovely mosaic effect for the wings. A little glitter cardstock for the body and some shiny glitter pipe cleaners, and you’re good to go!

11. Sweet As Cupcakes Butterfly Craft

Sweet As Cupcakes Butterfly Craft

Image source: The Joy Of Sharing

If you have plain white cupcake liners in your kitchen, grab a handful and click over to The Joy Of Sharing to learn how to turn this ordinary piece of paper into a gorgeous butterfly craft. Mix or match pom-poms with the colors on the wings — get creative! Googly eyes or sticker eyes will add a special touch of cuteness to the butterflies. These are great for students to swap in class, or to make as a birthday party activity in the spring.

12. Fine Motor Skills Butterfly Craft

Fine Motor Skills Butterfly Craft

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

This butterfly puppet craft from I Heart Crafty Things is as clever as it is creative. And, thanks to the generous free printable template, it’s also a cinch to make! This is a good project for parents, teachers, and other professionals to use with children who might need some extra fine motor skills help because it requires “weaving” a straw through the paper. The finished product looks so ready to fly that kids will feel ready to take off!

13. Wearable Butterfly Craft

Wearable Butterfly Craft

Image source: One Little Project

Kids who really want to show their love for butterflies will absolutely need to craft these rings from One Little Project. They are quite simple to make, even for the crafting-challenged. Like friendship bracelets, this project will be one that besties will love to put together and then swap amongst themselves. Or, make some ahead of time and lay them out for guests to take and wear at a spring party, at home or in the classroom. Wear your butterflies with pride everywhere you go!

14. Fly Away Butterfly Craft

Fly Away Butterfly Craft

Image source: Crafts By Ria

If you love fluttering butterfly crafts (see #3, above) or you have leftover cupcake liners (see #11, above), this is another one that’s not to be missed. Thanks to Crafts By Ria you now have options when it comes to helping children make butterfly crafts with wings that will really flutter when you move them. With all the cupcake liner options out there, you have an infinite variety of butterflies to make. So let your child’s imagination soar as high as it can go!

15. Tactile Butterfly Craft

Tactile Butterfly Craft

Image source: Happy Hooligans

Children who are very tactile will love this butterfly craft over at Happy Hooligans. It is easily a full sensory experience as children tear up bits of tissue paper and then practice their hand-eye coordination by gluing them into place on the butterfly’s wings. The blogger even generously provides a free printable template to get you started. If glue messes are an issue in your home or classroom, either use glue sticks or pour the glue onto the template yourself. Perfection is less important here than having colorful fun making a 3D, textured butterfly craft.

16. Easy 3D Butterfly Craft

Easy 3D Butterfly Craft

Image source: Our Kid Things

Cutting paper into strips is a good activity for kids just starting out with scissors. They have no lines to follow and no complicated curves to do. So let them practice to their heart’s content, and then use those paper strips to make this butterfly craft from Our Kid Things. Each butterfly requires eight strips of paper, so encourage your child to really use their imagination when choosing colors — the two wings don’t even have to match each other!

17. Accordion Fold Paper Butterfly Craft

Accordion Fold Paper Butterfly Craft

Image source: One Crazy Mom

Free printable templates plus colorful paper equals a super easy yet truly beautiful butterfly craft. One Crazy Mom has your back with the printables; you supply the colorful paper, glue, and pipe cleaners. This particular craft is ideal for decorating a classroom bulletin board, a home chore board, or setting up around your house for a party. Hang some from the ceiling to create an interactive butterfly garden. For a fun activity, write clues on the backs of several butterflies and hide them to make a scavenger hunt!

18. Vivd Pastel Butterfly Craft

Vivd Pastel Butterfly Craft

Image source: Preschool Mom

As your child spreads their wings and flies off into the great big world ahead, so, too, will this butterfly craft nearly fly off the page. This ethereal craft comes from Preschool Mom, where you’ll find a free printable template to trace and then color. Surprise your child with a special message on the first or last day of school, their birthday, or any time they need a message of encouragement. It’s a craft that will create memories for years to come and an instant keepsake to treasure forever. Bonus: no messy paint!

19. Roly-Poly Butterfly Craft

Roly-Poly Butterfly Craft

Image source: The Inspiration Edit

These chunkle-bunkle butterflies are perfect for preschool classrooms! With their bright colors, round shapes, smiley faces, and big eyes, they are sure to capture the attention of the 3- to 4-year old set. They can be as colorful as you like, or they can celebrate the colors of the next holiday, the current season, or your school’s colors. Write each child’s name on one and stick them to the rug for circle time, or have your students practice writing their names on a special butterfly. Students can identify colors, and even count how many circles they can spot on the butterfly.

20. Special Keepsake Butterfly Craft

Special Keepsake Butterfly Craft

Image source: The Best Ideas For Kids

For special days coming up — Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays — nothing quite compares to a homemade, unique gift featuring your child’s own handprints. These butterfly cards from The Best Ideas For Kids are meant to be saved for years to come as a reminder of that sweet and innocent time in your child’s life. They are super easy to customize in any way that might inspire your child, whether it’s with glitter, pom-poms, or sweet scribbles. The special grown-ups in your child’s life will love this “just for you” craft made more personal with lots of love.

21. Bowties & Butterflies

Bowties & Butterflies

Image source: Crafty Morning

It’s “pasta-ble” to make butterflies out of bowtie pasta. Just let Crafty Morning show you how! In fact, bowtie style pasta can also be cut in half to make the grass underneath the butterflies’ flights. It’s so creative and clever! If you make this with very little ones, make sure you watch them carefully so they don’t put any dry or painted pasta into their mouths. Make this craft as a fun and colorful addition to family pasta night!

22. Intergalactic Butterflies From Space

Intergalactic Butterflies From Space

Image source: Buggy And Buddy

Although “space crafts” and “butterfly crafts” may not seem to go together, you’ll change your mind after helping your children or students make a butterfly that’s truly out of this world. This fantastic mash-up comes from the genius at Buggy And Buddy, where you’ll find all the instructions you need to pull this off. They even include a free printable template to get you started! Bonus: it’s not nearly as messy as it may look in the photo, so no worries about splattering paint all over the house. (Though you may still want to lay down some newsprint or towels under the crafting area.)

23. Wake Up! Butterfly Craft

Wake Up! Butterfly Craft

Image source: The Simple Parent

Coffee filters aren’t just for coffee anymore! If you have some to spare — despite all the coffee you need to keep up with a house full of little ones — spread them out on your crafting surface to make this butterfly project from The Simple Parent. The trick to the ethereal watercolor effect is to let children use markers to color the coffee filters, then spray them with water. This is a perfect craft to bookmark for rainy days indoors, snow days home from school, or sick days when your children are feeling better enough to tell you they’re bored since this project doesn’t require a whole lot of fancy materials.

24. From Caterpillar To Butterfly

From Caterpillar To Butterfly

Image source: Buggy And Buddy

You can’t teach children about butterflies without also teaching them about caterpillars, right? This craft from Buggy And Buddy is a fun and creative way to show children and students how caterpillars turn into butterflies. There are plenty of fun little things that kids can do to “help” their pipe cleaner caterpillar turn into a tissue paper butterfly, including going outside to find a small twig to use with the chrysalis or cocoon. This can easily become an all-day project as you let each phase of the life cycle dry and read some books together about caterpillars and butterflies.

25. A Butterfly Emerges

A Butterfly Emerges

Image source: Modern Small Town Mama

If your kids and students loved the caterpillar-butterfly life cycle craft above (#24), then they might also like this one from Modern Small Town Mama. For this craft you’ll need some empty toilet paper rolls, so don’t throw them out or recycle them when your family is done. With this craft, kids get to roll the caterpillar up into its chrysalis and then help it emerge into a beautiful butterfly that they made themselves! This is one of those activities that will keep them amused long after they are done making a butterfly.

26. The Masked Butterfly

The Masked Butterfly

Image source: Meraki Mother

What’s better than learning about and crafting butterflies? Being a butterfly! And these masks from Meraki Mother are so beautiful, you and your child will each want one, and want to save it forever. Ready to get started? The generous blogger has a free printable template you can download and use on cardstock. After that, the sky’s the limit when it comes to colors, glitter, and fancy designs. These masks not only work for spring parties, but for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Purim, or just for fun!

27. Windsock Butterfly Craft

Windsock Butterfly Craft

Image source: Easy Peasy And Fun

Butterflies and wind go hand-in-hand, so why not make something that celebrates that delicate relationship with a windsock? Easy Peasy And Fun has a great one that starts with an empty toilet paper roll and some paint. You really can hang this one up to ruffle in the breeze like a butterfly in flight! No outlines needed here; this blog has a few hacks you can use to make your own symmetrical butterfly shape. Cut the pieces out ahead of time and encourage your children or students to make a butterfly as unique as they are.

28. Rainbow And Pasta Butterfly Craft

Rainbow And Pasta Butterfly Craft

Image source: Hello Wonderful

Want more pasta-related butterfly crafts? (See #21, above.) Click on over to Hello Wonderful for a rainbow-colored butterfly that uses a piece of short pasta for the body! Kids absolutely love painting things that don’t normally get painted, and they will have a wonderfully messy time painting the pasta for the butterfly bodies here. And with the marbled effect wings, this project is sure to become an instant favorite that kids ask to do again and again.

29. Butterfly Wall Craft

Butterfly Wall Craft

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

Since your kids are going to try to make a mess on your walls anyway (…right?), you might as well get some art from their efforts. Enter I Heart Crafty Things with this genius craft that actually requires children to stick things to the wall! The trick is to use sheets of contact paper with a big butterfly traced into the middle. After that, children can tear up pieces of tissue paper and stick them on. That’s it! Need a classroom activity that will teach students the importance of teamwork and taking turns? This project is perfect!

30. Ethereal Butterfly Craft

Ethereal Butterfly Craft

Image source: About A Mom

Watercolors are the perfect medium for crafting butterflies. The watercolor effect is as delicate and soft as real-life butterfly wings. About A Mom has a free printable template you can download and use to get started making a sweet and delightful butterfly craft with your sweet and delightful children. A craft stick in the center makes the perfect-sized body; paint it to match or contrast the wings. As far as beautiful spring crafts go, this one will have your children oooh-ing and aaah-ing all day long.

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