Remember the good old days when you were a kid and you had all these arts and crafts projects to spend your time doing, making, and creating? Nowadays, kids usually resort to screens whenever they feel like doing something fun. Well, it’s time you introduce some real fun to your kid’s spare time. In this article, we list 42 of the best most creatively stimulating art gifts for kids.

With these fun art gifts, your kid will not even be thinking about their iPad or their on-screen games. The games, projects, and crafts here will introduce your kid to a world of real fun and creativity which they’ll surely fall in love with.

We’ve included something for everyone! Whether your kid enjoys drawing, coloring, or painting, or whether they enjoy crafting fun little accessories to hang up in their room or use. From building cars to modeling clay, we found something for all interests.

Paying attention to your kid’s budding creativity can help enhance it and help them embrace it so they can work on it too. And who knows, you may be raising the next Picasso or Zaha Hadid.

And even if your kid is not the artsy type or you’d like to introduce them to the world of art, we’ve also included some basic introductory art gifts that will surely help your kid unleash their creative potential.

We’ve also included a few art kits that are travel-friendly and are super easy to pack for your kid to stay productively busy during road trips.

All the gifts listed here have easy guides and instructions that make them simple to understand. Using some of them, however, your kid may need your help or supervision. But don’t worry, none of the following gifts will cause a non-manageable mess; we’ve got you covered too.

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

This tracing board from Crayola gives your kid a chance to grow their drawing skills with any of the 100 included traceable drawings. All they have to do is place the sheet with the drawing they would like to replicate on the board and turn the lights on. From there, this evenly lit board allows them to trace the shapes on the sheets wherever and whenever they are. Perfect for budding artists.

Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

This art set comes in a fine wooden box that adds a touch of professionalism to your little aspiring artist. It includes coloring pencils, crayons, pastels, and even watercolors making this a complete and comprehensive set for any type of drawing. The colored pencils come in rich pigments that can be drawn or colored with. The oil pastels are also great for coloring. Your kid can also use the included brushes to blend in some of the watercolors or use any of the 60 different shades of crayons to add their final touches.

STENZTIME Ultimate Stencil Set

This stencil set includes 15 stencil sheets that are made out of malleable plastic so they don’t break that easily, 20 sticker sheets with tons of stickers, 20 plain drawing sheets, 12 coloring pencils for your kid to draw all the stencil shapes, a sharpener, and bonus: a pair of scissors; and it all comes it a portable clear plastic case. With this 70-piece set, your kid will learn to draw over 260 shapes, including ones relating to animals, plants, and even space. So this will not only keep your kid creatively busy, but it will also teach him about the alphabets, numbers, and more.

Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio

Your kid will learn all about pottery with this kit that takes them from A to Z. This mini pottery studio has everything your kid – or you – may need to create beautiful pottery pieces; starting of course with a battery-powered pottery wheel, clay, and all the tools you need to sculpt the clay. This set also comes with colors, brushes, and the instructions to finish off your creations. As for moms’ concerns, the kit also comes with an apron and a tablecloth, keeping both, your kid and your furniture clean while your kid goes crazy over this amazing set.

4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art

If your kid goes crazy over fridge magnets, this one is definitely the art gift for them. This is a kit that includes 2-inch tiles and colors that your kid can use to create wonderful drawings on said tiles. Next, you attach one of the included magnetic strips to the back of the tile and voila! You’ve got yourself a custom and homemade fridge magnet that your kid can proudly place on your fridge or their school locker so that they can rave about it to their school friends.

Crayola Rainbow Inspiration Art Set

Same same, but different. This Crayola set, unlike the first one, has markers! This set includes 64 Crayola crayon, 20 coloring pencils, 20 fine tip washable markers, and 20 pipsqueak markers. All this is organized into a vibrant rainbow carrying case that makes transporting your kid’s favorite coloring set super easy.

Cool Maker Pottery Studio

This mini pottery studio has all the sass. In addition to the included playbook that teaches your kid how to make cool stuff like a pencil holder or a phone speaker using the tools in the set and the clay, this set includes bright metallic colors for your kid to paint their creations in the boldest colors once they’re finished.

Crayola Create ‘N Carry

Keep your kid busy during long road trips with this portable Crayola lap desk art kit. The case; in which your find colored pencils, crayons, gel markers, and fine tip markers, can be transformed into a desk that your kid can place on their lap no matter where they are. To make things even more convenient, this set comes with its own variety of colorful construction paper for your kid to draw and color on.

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art

Gift your kid with this little art project and watch them create their own window art. This arts and crafts set includes 12 whimsical drawings mapped out on acetate paper that your kid can color with any on the included markers and then attach to their bedroom window. The set also comes with extra acetate paper for even more original creation by your kid. In the box, you will also find tiny suction cups which are used to stick your kid’s tiny creations to their window.

Made By Me Create Your Own Sand Art

Another fun arts and crafts project is this colorful sand art set. This set walks your kid through the steps it takes to pour differently colored sand into a clear container coherently to create beautiful patterns and shapes. Usually, sand art is performed inside a clear bottle – of which, four are included in this set – however, this set also includes two pendant bottles that allow your kid to wear their creations proudly around their neck.

Your Dècor Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit

This color-it-yourself art kit consists of a BPA-free bottle which comes with its own unique pre-printed design for your kid to color. This bottle can both be fun to create and beneficial to use as it will make your kid WANT to stay hydrated. It’s really a two-in-one deal here, giving you both – a bottle and an art project. The kit comes with everything you will need to color your bottle; including coloring markers.

Craft-tastic String Art Kit

This one may look complex but with Craft-tastic’s clear and kid-friendly instructions, this will become one of your kid’s favorite. The kit includes 3 sturdy foam canvases with 3 different designs that guide your kids as to where they should place the included push-pins so that you can start looping the string from one side to the other, eventually creating a beautifully intricate piece to hang up in their bedroom.

Melissa and Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit

The perfect set for your aspiring fashion designer, this Melissa and Doug kit includes 9 textured rubbing plates that have different fashion design your kid will enjoy replicating. All they need to do is pick any of the 18 fashion designs printed on both faces of the rubbing plates, secure it down in the kit, place a paper on top and start coloring the paper. Lo and behold, the fashion design printed on the rubbing sheet starts to appear on the paper they’re coloring.

Glitter Manicure Kit for Kids

Bringing back the sparkly nail art from the 70s! This nail art kit has everything your kid will need to create beautiful and dazzling nails at home. It includes 3 nail polish bottles, 6 glitter pots, confetti, and rhinestones. And worry not about the glittery mess, this kit also comes with a special glitter application station that promises to minimize the messiness. The nail polishes are kid-friendly too since they are non-toxic, water-based, and have less odor than normal nail polish.

Kahootz Spirograph Design Set

Inspired by the original Spirograph set that came out in 1965, this Spirograph design set comes with 7 different wheels and a ring for your kid to create mesmerizing spiraling designs. With its distinctive interlocking design, it’s super easy for anyone to use; simply place whichever wheel you’d like in the ring and with a pen or pencil start spiraling the wheel to create unique designs every single time.

Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Deluxe Combo Set

Another creation-inspiring set from Melissa and Doug, this introductory scratch art set comes with 16 scratch sheets with 4 different under-colors; rainbow, white-coated rainbow, light catcher, and silver holographic. All the sheets reveal beautiful colors and patterns right under the matte coating that your kid gets to scratch with the wooden tools provided and reveal what is beneath. With this, they can unleash their inner artist and create beautiful shapes in a new and creative way. And who knows, maybe it’ll spark their interest to further explore the world of scratch art.

Crayola Colored Pencils

Yet another Crayola set, except this time, this set has all the colors but is compact enough to take to school. It features 50 richly pigmented coloring pencils that can be used for drawing, coloring, and even writing. You can pack this set in your kid’s bag and have them take it with them wherever they go, whether it’s school, a friend’s house, or summer camp. It will definitely inspire your kid’s to start filling their coloring books with vibrant colors.

Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD Tablet

This tablet satisfies both ends, your kid will get their tablet and they’ll get to unleash their creativity along with it. This is not exactly a screen but it works like one; using the stylus pen that comes with this tablet, your kid can get to draw, scribble, and even write on the screen. And when they’re done creating, or want to start over, they can erase everything on the screen with a simple push of a button. Not to mention, this tablet never needs charging or plugging in, meaning it will always be available for your kid’s use. No need to waste paper, this tablet is also Eco-friendly as it saves all the paper your kid may have used from going to waste.

Melissa and Doug Drawing Paper Pad

This large drawing pad includes 50 premium heavyweight bond sheets where your kid can draw. The thick nature of these paper sheets allows your kid to use whatever medium they’d like to create their art; anything from pencils all the way to markers and crayons. The sheets can also be easily ripped out of the pad without any tears so that your kid can remove their drawing from the drawing pad and maybe hang them on their bedroom wall.

Scentco Sweetheart Smencils

Smelling like tasty fruits and desserts, these pencils come in a set of 5 and smell like strawberry, blueberries, cookies, marshmallows, and more. The pencils release their scent while your kid uses them to draw, doodle, or write and the scent supposedly lasts for 2 years. These pencils are not only a fun addition to your kid’s art set, but it will also motivate them to do their school work because let’s all be honest, school work is more fun when it smells like cookies.

Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit

This is a fun game for all the family that your kids will surely enjoy. This rock painting set includes 8 waterproof paints for your kid to paint little rocks with. It also includes transfer designs and tracking stickers that make decorating rocks a whole of a lot easier. After decorating their rocks, your kids can then hide them all over town for a fun scavenger hunt for them, their friends, and family.

Ohuhu 40 Color Dual Tip Permanent Markers

This marker set includes 40 vibrant colored markers that come with a broad tip on one side and a fine tip on the other. These markers are fast drying and smudge proof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a mess being made while your kid uses these markers to draw, paint, or even study. The markers are also long-lasting and are supposed to create beautiful lines without fading. And an added bonus, each marker has a color-coded cap that helps your kid find the colors they need right away without fidgeting around their pencil case.

Do A Dot Art

With this set of 6 bright markers, your kid can create beautiful dot art. All they need to do is simply twist the cap and start dotting on any paper. The markers have a spongy tip that releases color when pressed down onto, so it never dries out. The colors are fast drying and mess-free, allowing your kid to layer dots on top of each other and play around with mixing colors without ever needing water cups, brushes, or napkins.

Wikki Stix

Build your kids imagination skills with this endlessly fun sticky stick set. The Wikki Stix are basically pliable and sticky sticks that virtually stick to any surface, including themselves. Give this to your kids and watch how they get creative and start making 3D objects out if this kit. The sticks are really easy to manage too; easily cut and easily peeled off, meaning that your kid will find it super easy to adjust any of their designs if they happen to change their minds.

Etch A Sketch Classic

This classic game teaches your kid eye-hand coordination whilst allowing them to draw and sketch different items. Simply operated, your kid turns the right knob to draw horizontal lines, the left knob to draw verticals ones, or both knobs together to draw smooth curves. And when your kid is done with their drawing, they can simply shake the board to erase the screen and start over with another creation.

Conthfut Water Doodle Mat

Innovative as ever, this mat lets your kids unleash their creative energy without having to worry about crayon or pencil marks all over your walls. Using the water markers provided, you can simply fill the cap up with water and hand it to your kids so that they can start doodling on the mat. The colors on the mat are activated by water, so the water released from the cap creates colored lines that disappear again 3 to 5 minutes later when the mat dries up.

SunWorks Construction Paper

This set contains 100 heavyweight groundwood construction sheets. These colored sheets are hefty and durable making them perfect for any arts and crafts project. Your kid can cut, trim, or fold these sheets to create wonderful 3D art like decoupage or origami. And due to the ruggedness of these sheets, they do not crack when folded nor do you have to worry about them folding unevenly. The set includes 10 different colors for your kid to mix and match in their creations.

Crayola Washable FingerPaints

Nothing says fun more than painting with your fingers. These non-toxic paints come in bottled sets of 6, 8, or 16 and include an assortment of fun colors. The paint bottles have caps and you can easily squeeze the paint out for your kids to use. And you don’t even have to worry about the mess, all the colors can be peeled off the skin and are easily washed out of clothing.

Crayola Model Magic Deluxe Craft Pack

This modeling clay pack includes 14 colors of modeling clay for your kid to get creative with. You kid can use this pack to create beautiful clay objects and then the clay can also be restored at the end of each play session by simply packing it back in the single plastic bags, keeping it away from air. If, however, your kid has modeled something out of the clay and they want to preserve it, all they have to do is let it air dry until it’s solid and they can keep it virtually forever.

Crayola My First Safety Scissors

Perfect for toddlers and youngsters, this safety scissors pack includes 3 round-ended scissors that are safe for kids’ use. Each pair of scissors has a differently shaped plastic blade that can be used to cut paper in different patterns; one cuts straight lines, one cuts wavy lines, and one cuts zigzags. This can be the perfect addition to your kid’s school bag where they can use their scissors for all the arts and crafts they like.

Perler Fuse Beads

This huge jar contains over 22 thousand tiny Perler beads of 30 vibrant colors. These beads can be arranged next to each other on a pegboard to create fun items, like a sunflower, or a cat face, then with your assistance, your kid can then place ironing paper over their creation and you get to iron the beads down to fuse them together so you can preserve your kid’s art. The creations are endless, not only can you make colorful bead art with this kit, but you can also help your kid make their very own custom coaster.

Made By Me Build And Paint Your Own Wooden Cars Kit

For budding car enthusiasts, this kit will be the dream! With this kit, your kid gets to build 3 cars from an assortment of 42 wooden pieces and wheels. After gluing the pieces together, your kid can then paint each car with the included acrylic paints to create unique designs on each toy vehicle. This kit is great because it gives your kid a chance to build their own custom car from A to Z. Just watch them bloom with pride when they’re done.

Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

Like the Melissa and Doug fashion kit, this design kit works by placing a drawing sheet on top of a rubbing plate and coloring the paper to imprint the fashion design and have it magically show up. This set includes 15 rubbing sheets with different designs and on the other side of the plates, are textured engravings, allowing your kid to add their preferred texture to their fashion designs. The kit also comes with its own coloring pencils, crayons, and is packed inside a fashionably designed purse kit.

Crayola Mini Markers Set

This tiny travel-friendly set fits nicely into your kid’s backpack so that they can conveniently take it wherever they go and always have something to do. The set includes 25 pipsqueak markers and 40 drawing sheets all neatly organized inside. The markers are non-toxic and are washable, so you don’t have to worry about anything; you can easily wash the color marks off of your kid’s skin and out of their clothing.

Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stamp Pad

This stamp set is designed especially for Melissa and Doug stamp sets, however, your kid can use various objects to stamp their papers with; including their fingers and fun shaped sponges. The set includes 6 colored stamp pads, including both primary and secondary colors. The ink in these stamps is also completely washable, making clean up super easy for both kids and parents.

Bassion Art Smocks

These BPA-free smocks are made for your kid to wear during their arts and crafts time. They are made out of waterproof polyester, are comfy, and fully protect your kid’s clothing from getting dirty. The best thing about it is that you can simply chuck it in the washing machine to clean it; paint and dirt slip right off. The smocks come in one size that fits most 2 to 6-year-olds because of the adjustable Velcro straps that fit the smocks around your kid’s torso. The three pockets at the front will also be handy for your kid to carry their brushes, pencils, and all other art supplies.

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Multi-use Art Easel

Very easy to use and assemble, this art easel includes so much! It includes a locking paper roll clip with a simple paper cutter so your kid can go on and paint as much as they want. It also includes both, a dry-erase board and a chalkboard as well as two removable plastic trays for your kid to place all their art supplies right under the board. Plus, it also comes with cute little plastic clips so your kid can clip their inspirational drawings on the board while they replicate them.

Tulip One-step Tie-dye Kit

With this kit, your kid can customize their own t-shirts and create mesmerizing tie-dye designs. The kit includes 18 bottles of paint that can be easily squeezed out through the nozzle. All you will need in addition to the paint and a t-shirt is water – these paints are activated with water, no need to pre-soak your t-shirt in soda ash. The kit also includes an instructional guide that demonstrates how to create various colorful designs. All colors are machine-wash friendly and stay bright through several washes.

Smitco Scrapbook Craft Kit

This horse-themed scrapbook is a great gift for kids that love to keep their scraps, drawing, and writing all in one secret place. This scrapbook comes with a fancy lock and includes 60 scented pages, stickers, jewels, and more. It even has its little pink pen with a feather. Kids can use this as a journal or a scrapbook and stick all their treasured memories – like tickets to the fair or a lollipop wrapper – inside.

Illustory Book Making Kit

Help bring the budding illustrator to light by buying your kid this make-your-own-book kit. This new version of the award-winning book-making kit includes even more instructions, guides, and ideas than the last. It also includes its own colorful markers. Using all of this, your kid will be guided through creating and illustrating the whole 20-page book by themselves and even get themselves featured in the “About The Author” page as the publishing artist.

My Tissue Art Kit

This kit will teach your kid how to create beautiful art out of virtually anything. With this kit, you get a ton of small, square, and colored tissues that your kid can crumble and stick to cards to make beautiful shapes and patterns. The kit includes 6 sticky-back cards that make the creative process much easier for kids and a guide that will help them make a fish, a butterfly, and much more with just tissue paper. Imagine that!

Shrinky Dinks Frosted Ruff N’ Ready Creative Pack

This fun little set will help your kid create little trinkets that they can attach to a keychain or gift to their friends and family. The set includes 10 drawings on sheets that your kid can color, cut out, and then bake and watch shrink. The sheets shrink in the oven to eventually look like little frosted glass trinkets. The kit also includes a few blank sheets for your kid to design their very own custom trinkets from scratch, making them even more special.

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