Must be Santa… Must be Santa… Must be Santa, Santa Claus! It’s hard to imagine the Christmas season without everyone’s favorite jolly old elf. And just in case you drift off into your daydreams, kids are always there to remind you that Santa Claus is coming to town. Put your own little elves to work creating any one of these 37 special Santa crafts designed especially with small children in mind.

Even for older kids (or much, much older kids who might be grownups) there is plenty to choose from below: check out the Ethereal Santa In A Jar for a project worthy of giving away as a gift to friends and family. Or summon the spirit of those warm summer days with a beach-themed Santa craft like Santa Sells Seashells By The Seashore or Santa Under The Sea. Of course, Santa’s iconic beard steals the show for many crafts listed here.

Of course you can always keep it simple — something definitely welcome at this time of year — with trusty old craft sticks, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and googly eyes. Santa always look better with googly eyes!

You’d better watch out, you’d better get your crafting supplies, you’d better not pout, because listed below is a Santa craft for absolutely every kid and kid-at-heart.

1. Santa Sells Seashells By The Seashore

Santa Sells Seashells By The Seashore

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

Remember the summer when you and your kids collected seashells at the beach? If they’re still hanging around somewhere in your house, select the best ones for Glued To My Crafts’ entirely unique Santa project! These are cute enough to keep even after the season is over and use again for years to come; and each child can personalize their own. Make Santa faces or Santa’s big belly with the red suit and black belt. However your family does it, your holiday guests will certainly be pleasantly surprised to see a little bit of the beach at this time of year!

2. Up On The Housetop Moveable Santa Craft

Up On The Housetop Moveable Santa Craft

Image source: Simple Everyday Mom

For an interactive take on a cool Santa craft, head over to Simple Everyday Mom for this clever project. You’ll have to have the free printable template emailed to you if you want it. This craft absolutely requires adult help, but it’s still got plenty of stuff for your tiny elves to do: they can paint, they can glue, and they can definitely move Santa up and down the chimney when it’s all done! And that’s what’s so extra special about this craft — even when you are finished putting it together, the fun part is only just starting.

3. Curly Beard Santa Craft

Curly Beard Santa Craft

Image source: Arty Crafty Kids

One of Santa’s most iconic features is his big, bushy white beard. Arty Crafty Kids has this wonderful idea to use curled strips of white paper instead of the usual cotton balls for this clever little paper plate Santa. For toddlers, preschoolers, and children with limited fine motor skills you may need to curl the paper yourself; for an entire classroom activity, curl enough strips to fill a giant bowl and let the kids pick out as many as they need to glue on to the paper plate face. Kindergarteners and first graders might be able to do the paper curling themselves, and you can always step in if necessary. It’s amazing how Santa will just pop right off the plate now that his beard is fully 3D!

4. What’s New(s), Santa Claus?

What’s New(s), Santa Claus?

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

While you are upcycling everyday household materials for crafts (see #1, above), keep some newspaper out of the recycling bin for this Santa craft from I Heart Crafty Things. By clicking on the link you have the option to buy the Santa template to use (proceeds benefit Teachers Pay Teachers), or you can draw out the sections by hand. You can make Santa’s beard curl by rolling the strips around a pen or pencil, just like the curly-bear Santa in #3, above. This unique take on a traditional Santa craft makes an excellent gift for the grandparents!

5. Handprint Bear Santa Craft

Handprint Bear Santa Craft

Image source: Glued To My Crafts Blog

While you’re looking for more ways to make a Santa craft with a unique beard, Glued To My Crafts Blog has one that uses your child’s handprints. Trace your child’s hands a few times to give Santa a full, bushy white beard! With big round eyes and a big red nose, Santa is so adorable that you’ll want to make more just to hang around the house. If you’re throwing a holiday party, gather the kids together to make this project as a take-home gift; make sure to have plenty of shades of tissue paper so everyone can personalize their Santa’s.

6. Down The Chimney Santa Craft

Down The Chimney Santa Craft

Image source: Sight And Sound Reading

Push Pops may seem more like a summer treat, but go ahead and invest in a box to enjoy in the winter so that you and your children can make this craft over at Sight And Sound Reading. This project finishes as an interactive toy for your child, allowing them to help Santa go up and down the chimney. If you have toddlers you can use this craft to help them learn about up and down, in and out. For preschoolers and kindergarteners it’s just a fun way to play with Santa!

7. Stick This Santa On Your Christmas Tree

Stick This Santa On Your Christmas Tree

Image source: The Resourceful Mama

Craft sticks and pipe cleaners are essential art supplies for any household with small children, or any classroom and daycare. And you won’t need a whole lot of other fancy materials to make this Santa craft from The Resourceful Mama. By cutting out the pieces for the belt ahead of time, as well as gluing the small white pom-poms onto the red pipe cleaners, you can make these as a class activity during your holiday party. It’s also a great project for those at-home snow days when you can’t run out to buy special materials for crafting.

8. Ho Ho Hello Santa Card

Ho Ho Hello Santa Card

Image source: The Best Idea For Kids

Share the Christmas cheer with those special people in your child’s life — teachers, care givers, classroom aides, babysitters — by making them The Best Idea For Kids’ sparkly Santa card. If you sign up on the website they will email you a free template, or you can simply trace the triangle hat and circle face yourself. Glittery red cardstock help add an especially festive detail! The card opens up to any message your child wants to write, draw, or scribble for their special someone.

9. Ethereal Santa In A Jar

Ethereal Santa In A Jar

Image source: How Wee Learn

How Wee Learn has an absolutely eye-catching, original Santa craft that is sure to start conversations at your holiday parties. Definitely click on this link to learn how to make that soft, fuzzy look on a regular mason jar. For grade school holiday parties, this is a super fun way to send the kids off for Christmas break with something parents will absolutely want to keep forever. At home, these can be used to give away holiday cookies or just to light up your fireplace mantel during those dark winter nights.

10. Cheerful, Free Printable Santa Craft

Cheerful, Free Printable Santa Craft

Image source: Our Kid Things

Paper bag craft plus free printable template equals this adorable project from Our Kid Things! Here is something much more than your average paint-and-draw paper bag. With cardstock, big hole punches, and googly eyes, you and your children or students will make something destined to become an instant family favorite at the holidays. Besides the usual red, white, and black cardstock, make sure you grab some pink sheets for Santa’s rosy cheeks. (Keep the extra pink for Valentine’s Day coming up!)

11. No Peeking!

No Peeking!

Image source: The Craft Patch

The Craft Patch has a darling way to keep your sneaky little elves from peeking at their gifts this Christmas! With their free printable template, it’s super easy to put together this Santa with the watchful eyes; make plenty of these ornaments to hang all over the tree so no present goes unguarded. The littlest hands in your family can help paint the craft sticks, while older kids can cut and glue it all together. This project also makes great teacher gifts as your child says goodbye until January!

12. Spin A Yarn About Santa

Spin A Yarn About Santa

Image source: Happy Hooligans

What to do with all those leftover red yarn scraps? Click on this link to Happy Hooligans for an absolutely adorable Santa craft! Paint sticks are a nice alternative to craft sticks, as they are much bigger with curvy sides. And although this looks complicated, it’s actually quite easy, with plenty of places where preschoolers and kindergarteners can help out and feel included. The best part is that these are easily customizable with tiny sequins or jewels for Santa’s belt, different shades of red yarn, and varying sizes of googly eyes.

13. Santa Ballerina

Santa Ballerina

Image source: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Maybe you’re helping a loved one prepare for a Christmas wedding and you have tons of leftover white tulle; maybe you’re using bolts and bolts of tulle for your Christmas wrapping this year. And if you don’t happen to have white tulle just laying around, click on the affiliate link at Glued To My Crafts Blog to order some online for their sweet and delicate Santa craft. Instead of gluing on the tulle you’ll be tying it into holes punched into a paper plate, which makes this a great craft for older grade schoolers.

14. Warm And Fuzzy Santa Craft

Warm And Fuzzy Santa Craft

Image source: Easy Peasy And Fun

Nothing says winter like some warm and fuzzy socks! Pick up a pair of red ones and then check out this adorable Santa craft from Easy Peasy And Fun. And though there’s no sewing necessary, kids will definitely need some grown-up help to make this. Don’t fret: there’s plenty for kids to do, from pouring in the rice so Santa can stand up, adding Santa’s hat, or gluing on Santa’s fluffy white beard. This one is a keeper that your family will adore taking out of storage every year to stand up on windowsills and fireplace mantels!

15. A Santa Craft That Really POPS

A Santa Craft That Really POPS

Image source: The Inspiration Edit

Need a craft and a snack in one? The Inspiration Edit’s got just the thing! Definitely monitor your children or students as they make this one so that they manage to keep at least some popcorn out of their mouths! The rest of the craft is pretty straightforward, using construction paper, googly eyes, and glue. But the popcorn beard really makes this craft a lot of fun! (Be absolutely sure that toddlers and preschoolers don’t try to pick off the popcorn and eat it once it’s been glued on.) Crafting sure is hungry work!

16. Soft, Flowy Beard Santa Craft

Soft, Flowy Beard Santa Craft

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

While you’re knitting or crocheting winter sweaters, socks, and mittens for your loved ones, save some white yarn for a Santa craft from Glued To My Crafts. The yarn adds a special and creative touch to an ordinary craft stick and construction paper craft so that your kids won’t get bored. Older kids with well-developed fine motor skills can tie the yarn on to make the beard; littler kids can practice scissor skills by cutting the yarn into individual strings. No one needs to feel left out!

17. Curly Beard Santa Craft

Curly Beard Santa Craft

Image source: Buggy And Buddy

Sometimes having fun with children means making a big ol’ hilarious mess. Click on over to Buggy And Buddy for a super fun Santa craft that is guaranteed to keep kids entertained. Definitely lay down plenty of newspaper under your craft to keep the mess (somewhat) contained; otherwise, let your children or students go absolutely wild with the roller, yarn, and pipe cleaners to make Santa’s beard! These look fantastic hanging up around a classroom or taped to a refrigerator door. Don’t be surprised if the kids beg to do this one over and over again!

18. Simple Santa Hat Craft

Simple Santa Hat Craft

Image source: The Simple Parent

Not all crafts need to be complicated or outside-the-box. Sometimes the simple, traditional projects are the best ones — especially for toddlers and preschoolers. True to the blog’s name, The Simple Parent has a straightforward Santa craft that will hit the spot when you can’t handle one more complicated project, or when your children want to make something quickly. Kids can paint and cut; adults can glue. What a great way to impress upon children the philosophy of keeping it simple!

19. Giant Cones Of Santa

Giant Cones Of Santa

Image source: One Creative Mommy

Christmas trees are kind of shaped like upside-down cones, so why not make a Santa craft that reflects this? Over at One Creative Mommy you’ll find a free printable template to help you along, making this easy craft look like you spent hours putting it together. Kids of all ages can use glitter glue, pens, markers, and stickers to customize their Santa cones either to give as gifts or to decorate the house. Place a row of these guys on your windowsill for instant Christmas cheer!

20. Easy Santa Finger Puppets

Easy Santa Finger Puppets

Image source: Kids Craft Room

Just when you need *something* to be easy and smooth this holiday season comes a straightforward, nothing-fancy, free printable from Kids Craft Room. The shapes from the template don’t require a lot of complicated cutting, so this is a great project for kindergarteners and first graders who are still mastering scissor skills. The folding, gluing, and drawing are also easy enough to make this one just right for class holiday parties. Have kids work in this during those times when you are up to your eyeballs in holiday chores and need something cute, simple, and fun for the kids to entertain themselves with.

21. Upcycled DIY Santa Tree Ornament

Upcycled DIY Santa Tree Ornament

Image source: Crafts By Ria

If you save empty toilet paper rolls for crafting, you will absolutely love this one! Click on over to Crafts By Ria for a totally adorable little Santa craft that will become an instant family keepsake. Once a grown-up cuts all the parts and pieces, it’s fairly easy for preschoolers and kindergarteners to assemble it all together with glue sticks. Pro tip from the clever minds at the site: securing the bottom of this together allows you to turn it into a little candy holder!

22. Barber Shop Santa Craft

Barber Shop Santa Craft

Image source: Kids Craft Room

Who has a beard that’s long and white? Santa has a beard that’s long and white! With this Santa project from Kids Craft Room, your children or students can not only make something Christmas-y, but they can have fun trimming the beard after it’s assembled. You’ll need plenty of white yarn for this, especially if you are making it as a classroom or daycare activity. Get softer, lighter-weight yarn (DK weight or lighter should be fine) that’s easy for small hands to cut with safety scissors. As a bonus, you can simply keep tying on more yarn so that the kids can get creative with Santa’s beard shapes!

23. “Wood” You Be My Santa Craft?

Wood You Be My Santa Craft?

Image source: The Country Chic Cottage

Keep things clean and natural with a wood slice Santa craft like the ones at The Country Chic Cottage. It’s an incredibly simple project with a great big payoff in how awesome it looks by the end. Make sure you use paint that’s meant for wood — the site as an affiliate link to some. Cut a hole through the top and loop some twine for an instant Christmas tree ornament. Hanging wood from wood is so meta, you’ll feel like you’re back in the pioneer days!

24. Advent Calendar Santa Craft

Advent Calendar Santa Craft

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

One thing kids absolutely LOVE as December rolls around is counting down the days to Christmas. No need to buy a chocolate-filled advent calendar from the supermarket: get creative with this one from I Heart Crafty Things! Each child can make one of their own so that there’s less fighting about who gets to cut off the link every day. The idea takes a traditional construction paper chain and turns it into Santa’s beard so that every day leading up to Christmas there is a link in the chain to cut. So simple, and so much fun for everyone!

25. Popsicle Stick And Cotton Ball Santa Hat Craft

Popsicle Stick And Cotton Ball Santa Hat Craft

Image source: Buggy And Buddy

Not only do the creatives at Buggy And Buddy have a fantastic idea for a simple but adorable Santa hat craft, but they have tips and tricks to help you make this project more fun for your children. So while this craft may seem pretty self-explanatory at first, there are actually several other ways to do it so that your children or students can let their creative sides run free. The long and short of it is that there are pretty much no wrong ways to do this one, so set up the red paint, the glue, the craft sticks, the cotton balls, and the pom-poms; then let the kids put their own spin on Santa’s hat!

26. Santa Slime In A Jar

Santa Slime In A Jar

Image source: The Best Ideas For Kids

Santa Claus is absolutely not exempt from the slime craze that’s currently got children in its grip. But with a little inspiration from The Best Ideas For Kids, at least you can add a holiday twist and turn all that slime into something a little more festive. By making red slime and adding it to a jar decorated to look like Santa’s suit, you’ve just leveled up your family’s slime game! And if you want to give these away as holiday party treats or to your child’s classmates, the blog has some great ideas for keeping the slime from going all flat and un-fun.

27. Looking For Santa

Looking For Santa

Image source: Natural Beach Living

Where’s Santa? Help your children find him with these special Santa binoculars! In order to craft these, make sure you get everything from Natural Beach Living’s materials list: most of these items are not things you will necessarily have laying around the house. Also, make sure to save up enough empty toilet paper rolls for everyone in the family who wants to make one — each project requires two (or one paper towel roll cut in half). And then have fun watching your kids scan the skies for flying reindeer pulling a sleigh through the night!

28. Upcycled Wire Hanger Santa Craft

Upcycled Wire Hanger Santa Craft

Image source: Kid Friendly Things To Do

When your coats and holiday dresses come back from the dry cleaners, keep the wire hanger for this creative and unique Santa craft from Kid Friendly Things To Do. With just a few other materials you and your child can put together this sweet Santa with a heart-shaped face that’s absolutely destined to become the showstopper of your Christmas tree. Or, make a whole bunch of these and hang them up as a mobile in your child’s room! Whatever you decide to do with them, these crafts will have everyone at your holiday party wanting to know: just how did you do that?

29. Lantern Santa Craft

Lantern Santa Craft

Image source: Red Ted Art

If your kids are a little bit too old for craft sticks and pipe cleaners, Red Ted Art has this adorable paper lantern Santa. There’s even a free printable template to make your life a little bit easier during these rush-rush pre-holiday days. Kids still little? No problem! With a bit of grown-up help, toddlers and preschoolers can still get in on the fun by decorating Santa with markers. Please note, these are not real lanterns and won’t light up, but they are still fun to make and string up in a row!

30. Lace Face Santa Craft

Lace Face Santa Craft

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

You don’t necessarily need leftover doilies from your latest holiday party to make this craft: you can buy them at almost any craft store, supermarket, or online. Once you have some, click on this link to Glued To My Crafts for a cutesy little Santa project! With a red pom-pom nose (of course) and big googly eyes, this Santa will melt hearts all through the cold holiday season. Kids will get such a kick out of Santa’s frilly face, and you’ll have something extra special to hang up on the fridge!

31. DIY Doily Santa Craft

DIY Doily Santa Craft

Image source: A Blog From The Pond

Speaking of doilies (see #30, above), while you are stocking up on those be sure to check out this other Santa craft as well. A Blog From The Pond folds the frilly paper coasters and adds a cotton round for the moustache. The result is a craft that makes it look like Santa’s beard — the lace part of the doily — goes all the way up to his hair! It’s definitely adorable and will be tons of fun for all your little elves to make as they gear up for the season of lights, parties, and presents.

32. Quick And Easy Paper Plate Santa Craft

Quick And Easy Paper Plate Santa Craft

Image source: Arty Craft Kids

If your house is more hodge-podge of crafting supplies than well-organized art center, but you want a fun Santa craft to do with your kids, you’re in luck: Arty Craft Kids has a project that absolutely does not require anything too unique or hard-to-find. In fact, you likely have all the materials already at home, and if you don’t have white pom-poms they are easy enough to find at a store near you. The site has step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions for how to paint the paper plate before you and the elves get to work decorating Santa’s face and beard. So simple!

33. Santa Under The Sea

Santa Under The Sea

Image source: Crafts By Courtney

Tropical beaches and warm ocean breezes may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Christmas, but with this project from Crafts By Courtney they soon will be! No need to dredge the bottom of the sea for starfish to paint; a quick online search will result in entire bags of crafting starfish you can buy. After that it’s simply a matter of painting and waiting. Santa comes to life in layers, so this is not a craft to do if you are in a hurry. Your patience will be rewarded, though, with a completely original Santa craft!

34. Rock N’ Roll Santa Craft

Rock N’ Roll Santa Craft

Image source: Easy Peasy And Fun

Bet you never thought of Santa as a rock star before! Well, here he is, all set to rock n’ roll thanks to this paper plate craft from Easy Peasy And Fun. The ease of this project means you won’t stress out over having enough time to get everything done, and the interactive nature of rocking paper plate crafts means that this one will entertain your toddlers and preschoolers for at least a little while. Rock on, Santa!

35. Instant Santa Keepsake Ornament

Instant Santa Keepsake Ornament

Image source: Messy Little Monster

Messy Little Monster’s salt-dough Santa ornaments are a two-step process to get started, but both steps are super easy and quick. If you click on the link and scroll a bit you’ll find the recipe and instructions for making the could-not-be-simpler salt-dough. Once that’s done, you’re ready to make sweet little handprints with your kids to decorate as Santa. Add a festive holiday ribbon and you’ve got yourself a brand new tree ornament to keep forever! (There’s also video instructions at the site if you need a teensy bit more help.)

36. Santa Says Hi

Santa Says Hi

Image source: Kids Craft Room

For friends, family, neighbors, or other loved ones, don’t bother with boring old store bought Christmas cards this year. Head on over to Kids Craft Room for something much more original and fun! Santa’s round little belly, which looks like a tree ornament, opens up to reveal any personalized message you wish to write (or your children wish to scribble). It’s a truly heartfelt way to express your love and appreciation for all the special people in your life. Even more special: the link contains a free printable template!

37. Santa’s A Crafty One

Santa’s A Crafty One

Image source: Easy Peasy And Fun

If you are STILL up to your eyeballs in craft sticks (see #11, above), here’s another Santa craft you can use them for. Easy Peasy And Fun has this project that is so darling and precious you’ll want to make tons of them and place them all over your house. In fact, gluing a magnet onto the back turns these into instant gifts. Loop a ribbon and stick it to the top for a tree ornament or wall hanging. The joy of a craft this simple is that it is endlessly versatile!

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